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Friday July 01, 2016

WTHDIJS Video of the Day

This is definitely the "what the hell did I just see" video of the day. The worst part about it? It doesn't show you how the illusion is created at the end. Is it two set of hands and a window? Magic? Aliens?


Start Folding With The [H] Today!

This is your end of the week reminder that joining the best folding team on the planet (Team #33) is now easier than ever. We don't give you money to join and we can't promise you prizes or other incentives, we do this simply because it is our passion and that is why we've had the best folding community around...for years. So, if you want to make a difference with a group of people that honestly care about what they are doing, join team Team #33 today.

Folding is a wonderful way to help your fellow man using your spare CPU cycles and now, thanks to the Quick Setup V7 Guide for Windows, it is easier than ever to get started. Remember to put the number 33 in the "team" field and you’ll be folding with the [H]orde in no time! Thanks to all our team members for the wonderful job they are doing.

Phanteks Announces Extension Cables Combo Set

Phanteks announced the immediate release of the Phanteks Extension Cable Combo Set. Phanteks’ Extension Cable Combo Set is made from premium materials and designed to be compatible with all power supply on the market. The kit includes 1x 24pin ATX cable extension, 1x 8pin (4x4) CPU extension, 2x 8pin (6+2) extension and cable combs. The extension cables are 500mm and individually sleeved to enhance the look of your build. The Combo Set will be available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Black/Red, and Black/White.

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Thursday June 30, 2016

Some Guy Owns 5,000 Games On Steam

If you thought you had an impressive collection of games on Steam, you've got to see this guy's collection. With 5,019 games owned (and 3,372 DLC), that means he owns over half of all the games on Steam. The cherry on top of the cake? He just hit level 1,049 as well. eek!

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[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Enermax Ostrog ADV LED Tower @ Hardware Overclock

Storage: Toshiba HK4R Enterprise SSD @ SSD Review

Plextor M7V 512GB SSD @ CDRLabs

Video: AMD Radeon RX 480 @ HT4U

AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB vs. 8GB @ Legit Reviews

EVGA GTX 1070 SuperClocked @ MadShrimps

AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card Review

The crew over at TechARP has posted a review of the AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card today. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here.

The AMD Radeon RX 480 is no beauty, with its slab-sided cooler. Neither is it the fastest kid on the block. But if you are a gamer on a budget, you are going to thank AMD for creating the Radeon RX 480. Yes, while AMD may tout 1440p gaming as the Radeon RX 480’s sweet spot, our preliminary results show that it is best used for 1080p gaming. You can use it for 1440p gaming if you are not fussy about achieving 60 fps.


U.S. Opens Investigation Into Fatal Tesla Crash

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Even though you should know better than to use the beta "autopilot" feature on the Tesla, someone didn't listen and now they are dead and the safety of the vehicles is being called into question. frown

The agency said the crash came in a 2015 Model S operating with automated driving systems engaged, and "calls for an examination of the design and performance of any driving aids in use at the time of the crash." It is the first step before the agency could seek to order a recall if it believed the vehicles were unsafe.


The World's First Robot Lawyer

Joshua Browder, a student at Stanford University, has created the world's first robot lawyer. Well, it's actually a chatbot that has successfully challenged parking tickets in New York City and London. Here's a video of it in action:


Spotify Says Apple Is Blocking Its App

You know, this sounds like something Apple would pull, even if it was at the expense of its own customers. The sad thing is, if you want to have access to Apple's App store, you have to play by their rules.

Spotify says Apple is making it harder for the streaming music company to compete by blocking a new version of its iPhone app. In a letter sent this week to Apple’s top lawyer, Spotify says Apple is "causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers" by rejecting an update to Spotify’s iOS app. The letter says Apple turned down a new version of the app while citing "business model rules" and demanded that Spotify use Apple’s billing system if "Spotify wants to use the app to acquire new customers and sell subscriptions."


How Deep Learning Plays Critical Role in Military Problem-Solving

The GPU is the engine of modern AI, NVIDIA solution architect Jon Barker Barker told a broad audience from the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities at the recent annual GEOINT Symposium. (See "Accelerating AI with GPUs: A New Computing Model") The event is hosted by the U.S Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, a nonprofit group promoting geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) work, such as mapping and charting.

Barker described how deep learning on embedded GPU systems can detect, classify and track objects in high-resolution aerial imagery with speeds and accuracy surpassing human ability. Enhancing military target recognition, infrastructure mapping, search-and-rescue missions and aid delivery during humanitarian crises gives the technology broad applicability, he said.


New Robot Mimics Vertebrate Motion

Don't let this cute salamander robot fool you into thinking it's not dangerous. Let that thing off the chain and it would go on a murderous robot rampage.


Gaming [H]eadlines

BioShock: The Collection Announced @ Blue's News

Destiny: Rise of Iron Interview @ VG24/7

Little Big Planet Server Shutdowns Coming @ GameSpot

Street Fighter V update hits July 1 @ Shacknews

Amazon's Prime Day Returns July 12th

In case you haven't heard, Amazon is going to give that whole Amazon Prime Day a shot again this year. Last year was a bit of a cluster with all those $100 40" HDTVs selling out in a matter of seconds so you should probably get ready ahead of time this year if you want to get in on the really good deals. wink

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Apple Wins Patent On Technology That Blocks Your Phone Camera

Apple was just granted a patent on technology that disables the photo and video recording capabilities of your iPhone using an infrared signal. Oddly enough, the patent image below shows a diagram of how your phone would be blocked from "illegally" recording at a concert. Since when was that illegal? Thanks to Graeme Thomson for the link.

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[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Phanteks Evolv Tempered Glass @ BmR

Cooling: Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 @ HardwareSlave

ETC.: Fnatic Gear Rush G1 @ CowcotLand

Storage: ADATA Premier Pro SP900 @ FunkyKit

Toshiba OCZ TR150 480GB @ Hardware-Mag

Video: AMD Radeon RX 480 @ Techgage

Google’s Offices In Spain Raided By Tax Authorities

I'm noticing a strange trend in the news lately and it's starting to bug me. In the past few years, there has been more raids on technology companies than on drug cartels and international crime syndicates. I'm not saying Google, Apple, Facebook and others didn't do anything wrong, I just think maybe some of these countries might want to reexamine their priorities. Just a thought. confused

Spanish officials raided Google's Madrid offices on Thursday in a tax probe, authorities said, barely a month after the internet company had its headquarters in France searched on suspicion of tax evasion. A spokeswoman for Google said in a statement the company complied with fiscal legislation in Spain just as it did in all countries where it operated. The company was working with authorities to answer all questions, the spokeswoman added.


Beer Pong + Roomba = Technology FTW!!

Holy crap, this looks like fun. The person that came up with this idea is a genius. I know what I'm doing this weekend! Now all I need to do is find a friend that also owns a Roomba and we'll be all set!


Now You Can Broadcast Yourself Eating On Twitch

This is already a big thing in Japan and South Korea. I guess it was just a matter of time before people on Twitch started doing it. Personally, I just don't get it. Would you watch a live stream of someone eating?

Twitch launched its social eating category officially last night, following the successful roll-out of other non-gaming sections such as music, art and crafts. Already this morning we've seen a British ex-pat living in Australia chomp down 10 Chicken McNuggets and a French Texan pretend to be a hamburger. What a world we live in.


Mystery File In Preview Hints At Windows 10 Subscriptions?

What would you do if you found out Microsoft was moving Windows to some sort of paid subscription service? Would you shell out monthly / yearly to use Windows? Stick to the tried and true "pay once and done" method or are you done paying for operating systems altogether?

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With the official launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update less than a month away, recent preview builds have been downright boring, with no new features to write about. But hold on a minute. What's this Windows Upgrade to Subscription tool? The presence of that file is certain to ignite speculation among conspiracy theorists who were convinced in the run-up to the initial release of Windows 10 that the year-long free upgrade offer would turn into some sort of paid subscription.


Why You Shouldn’t Share Links On Facebook

This is why you shouldn’t share links on Facebook...because it makes people hate you. Well, that and the fact that there is a big security vulnerability that Facebook has no plans on fixing.

Recently, security researchers at Checkpoint discovered a vulnerability that would have allowed attackers to change messages and links sent through Facebook Messenger. Facebook quickly patched the bug … but did you know links sent privately through Messenger can be read by anyone? Moreover, Facebook knows about this and has no plans to fix the issue.


Whacky Wheels Video of the Day

I have no idea what you would use tires like this for, except maybe get a set for friends and family that have a hard time parallel parking. I would probably just do crazy burnouts with them.


Winners of Cooler Master’s ‘Case Mod World Series 2016’

Since January, case modders young and old have been busy in their basements, driveways, kitchens and bathrooms, taking over just about any place they can find. Many spent hundreds of hours putting both craft and creation to the test in pursuit of a title in the world’s largest modding competition. We held events on four continents introducing people to local modders, gear, and training in the art. All of this culminated in over 120 worklogs and entries, of which 82 made the final submissions. Scratch-built demons, giant critters, cyborgs, orbs, and monsters roamed among the many high-class tower mods trimmed and dressed with the best materials and sharp designs. The scene’s biggest names – Peter Brands, Richard Keirsgieter, Richard Surroz, Ronnie Hara, Brian Farrell, Ermanno Bonandini, and Antony Leather – gave scores that came down to the decimal point. Over 21,000 votes also piled up in just a week for this year’s two People’s Choice Award winners.

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Luna Mobile And Microsoft Partner On Mobile Technology

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Luna Mobile announced a new patent partnership that will expand smartphone and tablet technology for customers around the world. This patent collaboration comes as Luna Mobile prepares to release a new line of smartphones and telecommunication services later this year. While the contents of the deal are confidential, the companies said Microsoft will receive royalties from Luna under the agreement. The patent agreement is another example of the important role intellectual property (IP) plays in ensuring a healthy and vibrant technology ecosystem. Since Microsoft launched its IP licensing program in December 2003, it has entered into more than 1,200 licensing agreements.


Wednesday June 29, 2016

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.6.2

AMD has released brand new Crimson Edition 16.6.2 drivers for all you Radeon owners out there. According to AMD, these drivers offer support for the new Radeon RX 480, Radeon WattMan, AMD Crossfire Toggle, HDMI Scaling, and a Crossfire profile for World of Tanks. Here's a list of known issues as well as resolved issues:

Fixed Issues

  • Flickering may be observed in AMD Crossfire mode configurations while playing Hitman™ in select gameplay missions.

  • Flickering may be observed in AMD Crossfire mode configurations while playing Heroes of the Storm™.

  • Intermittent or minor white flashing may occur on some web browsers when using Netflix™ and hovering over the UI or icons.

  • Minor stuttering may occur in AMD Crossfire mode configurations when playing Elite Dangerous™.

  • Flickering may be observed in AMD Crossfire mode configurations while using the inventory and character pages in The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt.

  • Flickering may be observed in AMD Crossfire mode configurations during the battle and tutorial loading screens in Star Wars™ Battlefront.

Known Issues

  • A few game titles may fail to launch or crash if the AMD Gaming Evolved overlay is enabled. A temporary workaround is to disable the AMD Gaming Evolved "In Game Overlay".

  • Radeon Pro Duo may experience a black screen in Total War™: Warhammer with the games API set to DirectX®12 and V-Sync enabled.

  • DiRT™ Rally may experience flickering terrain in some races when the advanced blending option is enabled in the games settings page.

  • Some Overdrive settings may not appear in Radeon Settings for Radeon Fury X when in AMD Crossfire mode.

  • Display may exhibit a minor flicker on Radeon RX 480 when Freesync is enabled on a games launch or exit.

  • Dota™2 may crash when using the Vulkan™ API and the user changes resolutions or quality settings.

  • Battlefield™ 4 may experience crashes when using Mantle. As a work around users are suggested to switch to DirectX®11.

  • Need for Speed™ may experience flickering on some light sources in AMD Crossfire mode.

  • Hitman™ may experience graphical corruption when the game is set to use DirectX®12 API and using zoom with weapons.

  • Frame Rate Target Control gaming profiles may fail to enable for some games.

  • Radeon Wattman may retain settings of an overclock after it has failed. If you have failed an overclock with a system hang or reboot make sure to use the "Reset" option in the Radeon WattMan settings page when the system has rebooted.

  • Low frame rate or stutter may be experienced Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood™ on Radeon™ RX 480.

  • Assassin's Creed® Syndicate may experience a game crash or hang when in game settings are set to high or greater.

  • Disabling AMD Crossfire mode on Radeon™ RX 480 may disable the device in Windows Device Manager. A workaround is to reboot the system to re-enable the device.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Phanteks Evolv Tempered Glass @ BmR

ETC.: Razer ManO'War Wireless Headset @ MadShrimps

Input: Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Mouse @ FunkyKit

Video: AMD Radeon RX 480 @ Neoseeker

AMD Radeon RX 480 CrossFire @ techPowerUP!

Radeon RX 480 8GB Reference @ Guru3D

Facebook's Political Influence Under A Microscope

Hmmm, I wonder why Facebook is going through all this effort to show that it is neutral when it comes to politics? Everyone knows that Zuckerberg and crew would never try to influence elections. roll eyes (sarcastic)

As the U.S. presidential campaign heats up, Facebook Inc is going out of its way to show its neutrality - an increasingly urgent matter for the social network as evidence of its power continues to emerge. Recent studies have shown the site has extraordinary influence. According to research scheduled to be published in August in the Journal of Communication, when people tagged their friends on Facebook in voting reminders, turnout increased by 15 to 24 percent.


Seagate To Cut 1,600 Jobs Amid Weak Demand

Frankly, it sucks any time you see a tech company cut this many jobs. The silver lining, if you can call it that after cutting 1,600 people, is that Seagate says it expects to save about one hundred million dollars a year thanks to the downsizing.

Seagate said that it will cut about 1,600 jobs, or 3 percent of its workforce, as part of a restructuring plan that should be complete by the end of September. The company added in a regulatory filing that it expects to take a charge of $62 million in its fiscal fourth quarter. Charges will cover employee termination costs. Meanwhile, Seagate said that it will save about $100 million a year.


AMD - Bankruptcy Or A Turnaround?

Anyone that has read our recent editorials knows what this article is saying is right on the money. Speaking of money, AMD has been in financial trouble for some time and, unless the company turns things around, bankruptcy is a very real possibility. For everyone's sake, let's keep our fingers crossed that AMD does eventually turn things around.

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) has been a financially distressed firm over the recent years and discussions about its future have often resulted in heated debates. While some believe the chipmaker is making the right moves to stage a successful turnaround, others are convinced that its bankruptcy is imminent going forward.


Judge Dismisses Piracy Case, Says IP Address Doesn’t Prove Anything

What the!?!? Common sense coming from the courts? This is unbelievable. Finally a judge that realizes anyone with access to the router in question could have downloaded the movie including family members, friends or someone across the street jumping on your open Wi-Fi connection.

In what's believed to be a first of its kind ruling, a federal court in Oregon has dismissed a direct infringement complaint against an alleged movie pirate from the outset. According to the judge, linking an IP-address to a pirated download is not enough to prove direct copyright infringement.


'Oddworld' Creator On How Customer Feedback Changed Gaming

This is a good interview but I'm not sure what Lorne Lanning is talking about when he says "there weren't internet news sites for games" back in 1998. Just off the top of my head there was Blue's News, Shacknews, VooDoo Extreme, Stomped, and many are still around today.

"Back in 1998 there wasn't YouTube, there wasn't Twitch, there weren't even internet news sites for games yet." (There were, but the fact that a 13-year-old me wrote for one should tell you all you need to know about their quality). "When we started Oddworld most people didn't know what 'www' meant."


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