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Wednesday September 02, 2015

YouTube Network "Deceived Customers" With Paid-For Xbox One Videos

Holy moly, forty five thousand dollars for four video reviews that barely broke a million and a half views between them?

A pair of YouTubers were paid $45,000 between them to publish two video reviews each, both of which beamed positive messages about Xbox One without stating that they were paid endorsements. "In a separate phase of the marketing program, Machinima promised to pay a larger group of influencers $1 for every 1,000 video views, up to a total of $25,000," it said. "Machinima did not require any of the influencers to disclose they were being paid for their endorsement."


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Warcraft Movie Director Responds to Leak @ GameSpot

Internet-Connected Baby Monitors Are Trivial To Hack

This seems like a perfect time to say "won't somebody please think of the children?" big grin

"Eight of the 9 cameras got an F and one got a D minus," says security researcher Mark Stanislav of Rapid 7. "Every camera had one hidden account that a consumer can’t change because it’s hard coded or not easily accessible. Whether intended for admin or support, it gives an outsider backdoor access to the camera."


Research: 34 Percent Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence

According to this article, 34% of the people surveyed said they are afraid of artificial intelligence. The other 66% are just stupid because everyone knows the machines are going to KILL US ALL!

It's been the subject of numerous sci-fi movies and books throughout the decades. It elicits fear and fascination because of the intelligent potential exhibited by machines and computer software. The idea of machines thinking on their own is a bit scary when the mind making the decisions has no concept of good versus evil.


Hulu Adds Commercial-Free Viewing

Hulu announced today that it is offering a commercial-free option to subscribers. Yay! The bad news is that it will cost you an additional $4 per month. Boo! frown

Today Hulu is offering a commercial-free option to subscribers. Viewers now have the choice to watch Hulu commercial free for $11.99 per month or with limited commercials for $7.99 per month. Current Hulu subscribers will maintain their existing subscription, but will have the choice to switch to the commercial-free option at any time for an additional $4 per month. For viewers who choose to watch content with limited commercials, Hulu will continue to show fewer commercials than scheduled television.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Thermaltake Suppressor F51 @ CowcotLand

ETC.: Creative T3250 Wireless Speakers @ Vortez

Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Keyboard @ Legion Hardware

Motherboards: MSI B150A Gaming PRO @ Modders Inc.

Storage: Crucial BX100 250GB SSD @ MadShrimps

Video: AMD Linux Graphics Test @ Phoronix

Google's Guide To Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Here's a few tips from Google on making sure your website is "mobile friendly."

News Image

Starting today, we’ll be updating the Mobile-Friendly Test to indicate that sites should avoid showing app install interstitials that hide a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page. The Mobile Usability report in Search Console will show webmasters the number of pages across their site that have this issue.


The ASUS ROG GX700 Has An Insane Liquid Cooling Dock

Windows Central got up close and personal with the upcoming ASUS ROG GX700 gaming laptop and its closed-loop liquid cooled docking station.

News Image

News Image News Image

Seeing as the dock is pumping liquid coolant through the laptop, you want a tight and secure fit to avoid any leakage, and in our time with the GX700 we saw just that. Pushing down on the latch slightly firmly the laptop in and connects the conduits, expanding the cooling loop to the large radiator and fans in the rear dock. If you're overclocking the processor, this seems to be a must, lest you start melting your keyboard in the process. Undocking is a two-step process: push down forcefully on the button close to the back of the laptop and then lift up on the latch. Seems kind of necessary to us that it be difficult — we wouldn't want to pick it up and have coolant pour out all over our desk.


Netflix Is Actively Becoming Just Another TV Channel

I can't tell if this article is saying Netflix is "becoming just like every other television channel" is a good thing or bad. wink

In that sense, Netflix is becoming just like every other television channel, albeit with the added bonus of owning its own distribution model: Netflix takes all of the money its subscribers pay each month, whereas regular television channels have to deal with complex cable company deals. Sarandos's comment hints that Netflix no longer wants to become a replacement for cable (or for Blockbuster, for that matter). Instead, it wants to be seen as more of a standalone content producer—a service you pay for regardless of whether or not you have a cable subscription. Netflix, it’s now clear, was running a long con the whole time.


Noctua NH-L9x65 Review

If you are looking for a low profile cooler, you might want to read this review of the Noctua NH-L9x65 at Overclockers Club this morning.

As far as performance goes, things got a little toasty in my testing, which was expected. But my testing is really outside the boundaries of what this cooler would normally be subjected. My testing did show that this little cooler that can almost fit in the palm of your hand still kept an overclocked 4770K a few degrees below 100 °C. While that is a bit on the high side, I hesitate to list the cooling performance as a Con, because if you use the cooler within the design intention, which is small form factor cases and HTPC environments, then you will have no problems. It does a fine job of cooling. If you try to cool an overclocked gaming system, well, Noctua has a variety of coolers that are better choices.


Lizard Squad Launches DDoS Against UK Law Enforcement Agency

This will end well. roll eyes (sarcastic)

The website of the UK's National Crime Agency was briefly affected by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack today, just a few days after the agency announced the arrest of six teenagers for using a paid DDoS service. Lizard Squad, the group behind the attack service, is claiming responsibility on Twitter—and turning it into an advertisement for the service's next version.


New My Book Pro Is WD's Fastest External Solution

WD®, a Western Digital company, today introduced the My Book® Pro storage device, providing professionals and enthusiasts who must efficiently manage large amounts of digital content with up to 435 MB/s transfer rates on WD’s fastest external storage solution yet. With capacity options including 6 TB, 8 TB, 10 TB and 12 TB1 , the power of two 7200 RPM WD drives with Intel’s Thunderbolt™ 2 technology and a hot-swappable hardware RAID controller, the My Book Pro device enables creative professionals and enthusiasts alike to focus on what they love doing by significantly cutting the time to transfer large videos, photos and audio files.


Intel Announces its 6th Gen Intel Core Processor Family

Today Intel Corporation introduced the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor family, the company's best processors ever. The launch marks a turning point in people's relationship with computers. The 6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver enhanced performance and new immersive experiences at the lowest power levels ever and also support the broadest range of device designs – from the ultra-mobile compute stick, to 2 in 1s and huge high-definition All-in-One desktops, to new mobile workstations.

The new 6th Gen Intel Core processor family enables a broad range of designs to fit virtually every need. Intel® Core™ M processors, which can offer twice the performance of leading premium tablets, will now include brand levels Intel Core m3, m5 and m7 processors to provide people with more clarity and choice in finding the Intel Core M processor-based device that best meets their specific needs. The Intel® Compute Stick lineup expands to include a version powered by the 6th Gen Intel Core M processor.

This new generation of Intel processors also includes several firsts for mobile designs: a mobile "K" SKU that is unlocked to enable overclocking with even more user control, a new quad-core Intel® Core™ i5 processor that offers up to 60 percent improved mobile multitasking, and the Intel® Xeon® E3 processor family now powering mobile workstations. The 6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver significant improvements in graphics performance to offer stunning visuals for gaming as well as compelling 4K content creation and media playback. New Intel® Speed Shift technology improves the responsiveness of mobile systems so people can, for example, apply a photo filter up to 45 percent faster.


Tuesday September 01, 2015

ASUS Announces H170, B150, H110 and Q170 Motherboard Series

ASUS today announced Signature and Pro Gaming motherboards based on the latest Intel® H170, B150, H110 and Q170 chipsets for 6th-generation Intel Core™ processors, and available in a variety of popular board sizes for maximum build flexibility — including ATX, mATX and mITX.

News Image News Image News Image

ASUS Signature motherboards span the four new chipsets, both DDR3 and DDR4 memory types, and all price ranges. They provide exceptional everyday computing, with advanced technologies including ultra-stable 5X Protection II, convenient USB Type-C connectivity, and beautiful LED-illuminated audio.

News Image News Image News Image

ASUS Pro Gaming motherboards appeal to today’s modern value-conscious consumers, who demand affordability and the very best technology. Every Pro Gaming motherboard features multiple ASUS-exclusive innovations to unleash full performance potential, including SupremeFX gaming audio with Sonic Radar II, gaming-optimized networking with Intel Gigabit Ethernet, GameFirst technology and LANGuard, plus Gamer's Guardian and smart DIY features for superb durability and easier builds.

News Image News Image News Image


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Is Coming Early October

Electronic Arts has just announced that the Star Wars Battlefront Beta is coming in early October for the PC and current-gen consoles. Here's the Walker Assault on Hoth multiplayer video from E3 to hold you over until next month. wink

Coming early October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC, the Star Wars Battlefront Beta* is a technical test and will feature Walker Assault on Hoth, a 40-player multiplayer battle featuring Rebels and the Empire. Walker Assault will also give you the chance to play as two of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars™ universe: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The Beta will also feature our Survival Mission on Tatooine, where you and a Rebel friend must fight back waves of Imperial forces.


Noctua NH-C14S CPU Cooler

The folks at Neoseeker have posted a review of the Noctua NH-C14S low profile CPU cooler today. If you need a cooler for a small form factor build, this review should be of interest to you.

Armed with a single NF-A14 PWM fan out of the box, the NH-C14S has a deeper fin stack for performance matching and quieter operation than the dual fan setup of its predecessor. With the ability to mount the NF-A14 fan either on top of the aluminum fin cooler stack for maximum memory module clearance or below for HTPC cases, the offset design will prove versatile with use on micro to full ATX size Intel and AMD motherboards."


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Fractal Design NODE 202 @ techPowerUP!

Memory: G.Skill Trident Z 16GB DDR4-3000 @ Hexus

Motherboards: ASRock N3150M mATX @ XtremeHardware

MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium @ Guru3D

Video: Colorful iGame GTX 980 Ti 6GB @ techPowerUP!

Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide @ TechARP

US Government Denies Responsibility for Megaupload’s Servers

This went exactly how we thought it would.

"…the government has already completed its acquisition of data from the Carpathia Servers authorized by the warrant, which the defendants will be entitled to during discovery. As such, there is no basis for the Court to order the government to assume possession of the Carpathia Servers or reimburse Carpathia for ‘allocated costs’ related to their continued maintenance."


Killing Floor 2: Incinerate 'N Detonate Released

Tripwire Interactive has released the Incinerate 'N Detonate free content update for Killing Floor 2. Watch the video below to get an idea what you can expect:


U.S. Judge Gives Uber Drivers Class Action Status

I think it is safe to say we all saw this coming. Now it's just matter of whether or not Uber drivers end up being classified as employees or contractors.

A U.S. judge said on Tuesday Uber drivers are entitled to class action status in litigation over whether they are independent contractors or employees, part of a case that could have wide implications for the sharing economy.


Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of Editors Who Extorted Users for Cash

Wikipedia has just banned 381 editors and removed over 200 articles that were all part of an elaborate extortion scam.

The scam is relatively straightforward. Using sockpuppet accounts, the fraudster editors would create complete but unpublished articles about anything from Bitcoin casinos to rock bands. They’d then approach the subject of the article and offer to publish it for a fee. If the subject agreed, the page would go live, and the Wikipedia editors would then offer the subject of the article an insurance policy of sorts. For about $30 a month, they’d "protect the article from vandalism and prevent its deletion." That’s kind of like how you can pay off the mafia so that you don’t get robbed.


Taming The Energy Use Of Gaming Computers

How much energy can you save by using more efficient components in your computer? The results are pretty surprising. Do you guys care about conserving energy? Probably not as much as 3-way SLI, 1500w power supplies and stacks of hard drives. big grin

We found enormous performance-normalized variations in power ratings among the gaming computer components available on today’s market. For example, central processing units vary by 4.3-fold, graphics processing units 5.8-fold, power supply units 1.3-fold, motherboards 5.0-fold, RAM 139.2-fold, and displays 11.5-fold. Similarly performing complete systems with low, typical, and high efficiencies correspond to approximately 900, 600, and 300 watts of nameplate power, respectively.


Seagate Develops World’s Highest Density Mobile Hard Drive Technology

Seagate Technology, a world leader in storage solutions, today announced it has achieved a major milestone in areal density with a new hard disk that can offer as much as 2TB of capacity in a slim 7mm package. This achievement is significant because in final product form it will give OEMs freedom to design a new generation of elegant mobile products that are extremely thin and stylish, light-weight, fast, power-efficient and cost-effective.


Tech Giants Teaming Up On Higher Quality Online Video

According to this press release, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Mozilla, Amazon, Netflix and Cisco are all banding together to create new video compression technology that will boost the quality of online video.

Seven leading Internet companies today announced formation of the Alliance for Open Media – an open-source project that will develop next-generation media formats, codecs and technologies in the public interest. The Alliance’s founding members are Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix. The new Alliance is committing its collective technology and expertise to meet growing Internet demand for top-quality video, audio, imagery and streaming across devices of all kinds and for users worldwide.


Manned Multi-Rotor Super Drone Flying Machine

Fast forward to the 2:20 mark and you'll learn everything you need to know about flying this thing. big grin


Google Has A New Logo

First there was that whole Alphabet announcement last month, now this logo change, it's like Google is an entirely different company now! wink Thanks to R Ke for the link.


Gaming [H]eadlines

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta In October @ Shacknews

ASUS GTX 980 Ti STRIX DCIII OC Video Card Review

Stop whatever it is you are doing right now and read our evaluation of the ASUS GTX 980 Ti STRIX DCIII OC. If you want a 980 Ti with a custom cooling solution and an exceptional factory overclock, this review is definitely for you.

News Image

Today we have the custom built ASUS GTX 980 Ti STRIX DirectCU III OC 6GB video card. It features a factory overclock, extreme cooling capabilities and state of the art voltage regulation. We compare it to the AMD Radeon R9 Fury, and overclock the ASUS GTX 980 Ti STRIX DCIII to its highest potential and look at some 4K playability.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Silverstone Kublai KL06 @ Hardware Asylum

ETC.: Creative SoundBlaster Roar SR20 @ CowcotLand

Motherboards: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero @ ocaholic

PSU: DeepCool Quanta DQ1250 1250W @ TechnologyX

Video: AMD R7 370 Crossfire Testing @ LanOC

ASUS Radeon R9 390X Strix @ XtremeHardware

Apple Eyes Move Into Original Programming

Apple is getting into the original programming business? I couldn't imagine what kind of shows they would come up with. eek! Then again, I said the same thing about Netflix and Amazon.

Sources indicate the Cupertino, Calif., colossus has held preliminary conversations in recent weeks with executives in Hollywood to suss out their interest in spearheading efforts to produce entertainment content. The unit putting out the feelers reports into Eddy Cue, who is Apple’s point man on all content-related matters, from its negotiations with programmers for Apple TV to its recent faceoff with Taylor Swift.


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