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Sunday December 21, 2014

Gamer Guilty of Reporting Grand Theft Auto Shooting

This is another result of not having a lifeguard on duty in the gene pool. The latest in a long line of Darwin Award winners is the gamer in the UK who reported a real-life shooting to 911 (999 in the UK) while he was engaged in playing Grand Theft Auto. Please learn to distinguish between VR and real life and step away from the keyboard sir, we think you are done. big grin

The dispatcher sent two ambulances to Helens' house. What the ambulance personnel found was zero dead bodies, zero injuries and one apparent nincompoop.


Judge: It’s OK for Cops to Create Fake Instagram Accounts

For all the crooks out there that just have to have social interaction via Instagram: Beware who you boast to and what you divulge, your new best friend may just be the police. A Federal judge ruled this week that consensual exchanges between the police and unsuspecting felons needs no special search warrant to aid in nabbing a suspect.

No search warrant is required for the consensual sharing of this type of information, United States District Judge William Martini wrote in an opinion published last Tuesday.


Sony Hack Was 'Cyber Vandalism,' Not Act of War

We can now stand down the Armies, disarm the nukes and go back to DEFCON 5, condition Green for the foreseeable future. Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, President Obama stated that North Korea’s alleged cyber-attacks on Sony did not constitute a state of war, but may land North Korea back on the state sponsored terrorist list.

Hours before broadcast of the TV interview, North Korea’s powerful National Defense Commission issued a statement that again denied any link with the Sony hack but repeated praise for the action of the hacker group, which used the name "Guardians of Peace."


5 Waves of Tech Disruption That Are Just Getting Started

Every year about this time, the procrastinators come out of the woodwork predicting what will happen in the near future, technology-wise. How about a long-term vision of what will be taking place in 15-20 years from a think-tank professional that makes some real-world sense.


2014 Welcomes the Net's New Names

Ring out the old, ring in the new…… Internet top level domain names, and they are some real doozies. I never realized how many wang lovers there were in the world. big grin

With the GTLD expansion, people can identify themselves by profession -- for instance, .photography, .florist, .realtor, .pizza and .plumber. They can indicate where they live or do business -- for instance, .nyc, .paris, .london and .berlin. And they no longer have to rely on Latin-based alphabets and keyboards, which is why the very first new GTLDs that arrived were in Russian, Chinese and Arabic.


Fox News, Fox Business Removed from Dish

If you are a Dish Network customer and looking for a Fox channel, you’re not going to find it until negotiations resume. Talks have broken down between Fox News and Dish Network over disagreement on contract rates and terms. The failure of the negotiations has led to Dish pulling Fox News and Fox Business Network from the lineup. More squabbling over money and the viewers once again pay the price.

"Dish has had a productive relationship with Fox for many years," said Schlichting. "We regret the service disruption to our customers, and remain committed to reaching an agreement that promptly returns this content to Dish's programming lineup."


Technology Gone Terribly Wrong

An elderly couple were trapped inside their brand new Mazda 3 for 13 hours. The car was equipped with push button starting and keyless entry all controlled by a radio-controlled by a key fob, which was lost. The couple were rescued the next morning by neighbors when the couple was close to death, according to emergency services. Maybe this is a good time to remind senior citizens not to get all of the available bells and whistles on their new cars. big grin

The Otago Daily Times explains that a "series of unfortunate events" and "a combination of stress, night-time, and what they called a lack of information from the salesperson" conspired against the pair.


Latest Call of Duty DLC Stars Bill Paxton, John Malkovich

It’s getting to the point these days where you might choose a game or DLC not by its content, but for who it stars. Case in point: The new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC will star Bill Paxton, John Malkovich, Jon Bernthal and Rose McGowan in leading character roles.


Surface Pro 3 Review: Microsoft Proves It's Third Time Lucky

It’s still a shocker that Microsoft has hit on a winner with its Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has always had a reputation for being last to the dance and this is no different except in one major area: It clicked. If you are interested in a tablet, check out the in-depth review of Microsoft’s winning entry into the market.

By focusing the compromising of the Surface Pro 3 on the already weak areas from the previous Surface devices, Microsoft has created the first Surface Pro that I feel I could offer a general recommendation to the ‘average’ user.


Google Fiber Expansion into 34 New Cities Has Been Delayed

Without giving a reason, Google announced that the proposed fiber expansion into 34 new cities and 9 metro areas will be delayed into 2015. Google said it would be in contact with the areas with updates early in 2015.

While we were hoping to have an update for cities before the holidays, we have a bit more work to wrap up; we'll be back in touch sometime early next year.


Saturday December 20, 2014

Microsoft Plans a Virtual Reality Headset for Xbox One

Microsoft has been working quietly in the background developing a competitor for the Oculus Rift designed for the Xbox One. Reports have been circulating about the VR device, but precious few details have made it outside of the project. But now, rumors of a developer kit that has been distributed to game developers have been verified, so the possibility of gaining some information about Microsoft’s contribution to the world of virtual reality should be forthcoming.

While there's no information on the design of the headset or the type of games being developed, Microsoft is rumored to officially announce the VR headset at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June.


LinuxFest Northwest 2015

All of you Linux gurus need to mark your calendars for LinuxFest Northwest 2015 which was announced on Friday. The event will be running from April 25th-26th and as always, the event is free and open to the public. cool

LinuxFest Northwest strives to be a free and open community event. The goal of LinuxFest Northwest is to bring together fun, smart, open minds in the community to learn, teach and share.


10 Biggest Things That Will Happen With the Internet In 2015

We’re coming up on the New Year and as some people look to what has happened in the past, Business Insider contributor Ben Schachter, looks straight to the future of the Internet in 2015.


Dell's Announces New SonicPoint AC Wireless Access Point

This week Dell announced that the company will be launching its new series SonicPoint AC access point. The SonicPoint series is aimed for the small to medium sizes businesses looking for a lower cost solution to a more secure ‘enterprise-class’ network.

Dell cites research that claims prevalence of technologically superior 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points have increased from 8% to 45% since 2013, and the company says its new WAPs represent an "essential solution" as that continues to increase.


North Korea Wants Joint Probe into Sony Hack

The Sony hack left the corporation in shambles, the President of the US weighs in on not releasing the movie, the FBI declared North Korea is behind the hacks, and now North Korea wants to team up with the US to find the real culprit behind the hack…..or else. So where does that leave the US in options?

Moreover, Obama talked about a "proportional" response. What would that be in this case?


FCC Moves to Clear the Way for Online TV Providers

It seems like the FCC is making room for startups and the little guys as well as the mega-corporations with TV streaming over the Internet by making a slight change in the current law. It seems like Aereo just didn’t hold their mouth just right in asking for acceptance, maybe they are due for another bite at the apple soon.

Analysts have said that this shift could mean an influx of competition into the TV industry, as well as rapid growth for television delivered over the Internet.


Developers Warn of Plot to Cripple Tor Network

Just a heads up for any of you Tor Network users this weekend. Tor has received information that there may be a concentrated attack on the network in an attempt to bring it down over the weekend.

While the Tor Project has not said who could be behind the attack or what their motivation might be, some anonymous comments posted under the blog suggest a swoop could be related to the US government's investigation into the Sony Pictures mega-hack.


Staples: Hack May Have Compromised One Million-Plus CC’s

Staples has announced that customer data at 115 Staples’ stores across the US have been compromised and could have affected over a Million customers. When the breach was first discovered, Staples played down the extent and grossly underestimated the scope of the compromise.

The malware may have allowed access to transaction data including cardholder names, payment card numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes, for purchases made between Aug. 10 and Sept. 16, Staples said Friday.


Microsoft Apologizes for Broken Halo Multiplayer

When Microsoft is wrong, they know when are wrong and want to make things right with the fans. What better way to say you are sorry than to shower you Xbox Live perks and more cool stuff. cool

As a token of our appreciation and to thank fans for the continued support and understanding, we will be offering the following items, for free, to anyone who has played Halo: The Master Chief Collection online since launch (11.11.14) through (12.19.14).


Developers Making Progress Building Elon’s Hyperloop

If you thought the Hyperloop 800 MPH transit system announced by Elon Musk earlier was just a pipe dream, in fact, it’s not. While Musk himself handed off the project to a team of developers, progress is being made and plans are being drawn up for a nationwide system of transport tubes.

News Image


Ubuntu Phone Launch Delayed Until Early 2015

If you were planning on getting or giving one of the new Ubuntu-powered smartphones for the holiday season, you’ll have to get creative and wrap up a picture of it to give as a gift. Canonical announced that there will be a slight last minute delay on the rollout and they emphasize the slight delay part since it looks like the first Ubuntu phones will be introduced 1Q2015.

Canonical clearly underestimated the difficulties of launching a product in the mobile market and needed more time. But, it could be worse: Ubuntu Phone should hopefully be good and stable when it’s released.


Sims 4 to Get Game Pack in January

The developers of the Sims announced on their website Friday that the Sims 4 will getting its first game pack entitled The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat in January.

With a Game Pack, gamers will get new clothes, objects, and gameplay features that likewise revolve around a theme -- in this case, and outdoors-centric one.


Microsoft Windows Browser Ballot Removed in Europe

When the European Commission ruled that Microsoft was unfairly promoting its own browser back in 2009, Microsoft complied with the ruling by offering a choice of browsers for new installations of Windows. Fast forward five years and Microsoft has removed all vestiges of the ruling as soon as the five year ruling expired.

The obligations imposed by the decision have now expired and Microsoft will no longer maintain this website. Microsoft encourages customers who want more information about web browsers or want to download another browser to do so by visiting the websites of web browser vendors directly.


Friday December 19, 2014

[H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews

Today is Friday and you know what that means! It is time once again for the [H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews! For anyone that might have missed them, we like to take a quick look back on the hardware evaluations and articles we posted earlier in the week. We kicked the week off with our The Crew Performance Video Card Review, followed by our Corsair Hydro H80i Liquid AIO CPU Cooler Update Review article. Finally, we wrapped things up with our evaluation of the ASUS Maximus VII Impact LGA 1150 motherboard.

News Image News Image News Image

[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Lian Li PC-O5S TechSpot

Thermaltake Core V71 @ Technic3D

ETC.: Cougar 700K @ BmR

Intel Core i7-5960X @ HT4U

Pivos XIOS XS @ ThinkComputers

Motherboards: GIGABYTE X99 Gaming G1 WIFI @ PCPer

Storage: Silicon Power Marvel M70 @ MadShrimps

Tesla's First Battery Swap Station Opens Next Week

Just in time for Christmas, Tesla is opening its first Model S battery swap station.

The company announced today that it's ready to start a pilot program for invited Model S owners along the San Francisco to LA route, at a facility across the street from its Supercharger station in Harris Ranch, CA. Right now Tesla says the whole process can be done in under three minutes, but with changes to the vehicle design, it says cars could be ready to go in less than a minute.


Killing Floor 2 Developer Diary

Tripwire Interactive's latest developer diary focuses on the weapons of Killing Floor 2.


Sony Pictures CEO Claims 'We Have Not Caved'

Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please? I would like to announce that Sony's CEO has taken the position of Information Minister. big grin

While President Obama has joined the voices criticizing Sony Pictures for its decision to pull The Interview, its CEO claims he " In an interview with CNN set to air tonight during Anderson Cooper 360, Michael Lynton tells Fareed Zakaria that "We have not caved. We have not given in." In the pieces CNN has teased, he even says the company would still like for people to see this movie.


Flaw Discovered That Let's Anyone Listen To Your Cell Calls

Pretty soon we are all going to have to wrap ourselves completely in tinfoil to avoid being spied on. Well, that is if you aren't doing that already. big grin

German researchers have discovered security flaws that could let hackers, spies and criminals listen to private phone calls and intercept text messages on a potentially massive scale – even when cellular networks are using the most advanced encryption now available.


Judge Concerned Google Antitrust Lawsuit Too Vague

Remember that thing we talked about a while back that involved some stuff that people were suing that one company over? I guess the lawsuit was too vague.

A judge on Thursday said she would require consumers suing Google over its Android smartphone operating system to submit more factual details in order for an antitrust lawsuit to proceed, at a time when the Internet search company faces increased regulatory pressure.


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