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Tuesday June 30, 2015

Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Case

Case shopping? The fellas at Hardware Asylum have published a review of the Be Quiet Silent Base 800 case that you might be interested in.

Be quiet! has been a favorite brand around the labs for some time. Their focus on premium case cooling has produced some of the best heat sinks and fans on the market today. Now be quiet! is branching out into case design with their Silent Base 800 case.


Trend Micro Discovers New Android Vulnerability

Trend Micro has discovered a vulnerability in Debuggerd, the integrated Android debugger, that can be used to expose the contents of the device’s memory.

A specially crafted ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) file can crash the debugger and expose the memory content via tombstone files and corresponding logd log files. This information can be used in denial of service attacks, as well as to help bypass ASLR for arbitrary code execution. By itself, the vulnerability cannot be used for code execution. However, the information leaked here may be combined with other flaws for that purpose.


Mojang Closing Scrolls

Without warning, Mojang announced yesterday that the latest content patch for Scrolls will be its last, the company is closing down the game. The bright side is that the servers will continue to run for at least one year.

After much deliberation, we’ve come to an important decision that we’d like to share: Echoes will be the last major content patch for Scrolls. We won’t be adding features or sets from now on, though we are planning to keep a close eye on game balance. Scrolls will still be available to purchase for the time being, and our servers will run until at least July 1st, 2016. All future proceeds will go towards keeping Scrolls playable for as long as possible.


NVIDIA Quadro Brings Stunning Realism to Flight Simulators

Early flight simulators maneuvered a closed circuit TV camera above a physical terrain model to mimic flight. Today’s simulators are complex computer systems that render terrain databases ranging from hundreds to thousands of square miles. Systems such as NASA’s OBVA simulator use multiple 4K projectors to provide a scene with 20/10 visual acuity. These "virtual reality" training environments let pilots suspend their disbelief so they feel like they’re flying a real aircraft. With the stakes so high in learning to fly commercial planes, the last thing you want is to spoil the illusion. Yet visual scientists have shown the human eye can detect the slightest imperfection or dropped frame within a scene at ultra-high resolutions. That’s why so many flight simulators rely on professional-grade NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to create a perfectly synchronized image.


Intel Aids Full Cross-Play For LEGO Minifigures Online

LEGO® Minifigures Online, an online adventure for LEGO fans of all ages, is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and select Android devices. Intel worked with LEGO Minifigures Online developer and publisher, Funcom, to achieve full cross-platform play, which means everyone can play together no matter which Intel-based device they own. The result is an online game in which players can enjoy fast load times, snappy graphics and longer battery life. In LEGO Minifigures Online, players can collect over 100 Minifigures and build a team to journey through classic LEGO worlds with thousands of other LEGO fans around the globe. Get ready to play and learn more about LEGO Minifigures Online.


Monday June 29, 2015

PowerColor PCS+ R9 380

There is a review of the PowerColor PCS+ R9 380 posted at LanOC today that is certainly worth checking out. Here's a quote from the full review to get you started:

So today I’m going to check out the card from PowerColor and see what they have going on and along with that we can see if having the additional frame buffer is worth it in our benchmark suite. With these cards not exactly being focused towards higher resolution gameplay I’m not sure if we will see too much at 1080p but given the 1440p numbers we saw before I bet we see some improvement there!


In Wake Of Hack, No Federal Background Checks

It's a good thing those pesky little things called federal background checks aren't important. eek!

Three weeks after U.S. authorities determined foreign hackers may have stolen sensitive government records tied to tens of millions of people, the Office of Personnel Management has now shut down a system tied to the breach, essentially bringing to a halt background checks for new federal employees, contractors and others.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Fractal Design Define S @ TechReport

ETC.: Turtle Beach Impact 700 @ APH Networks

Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws4 DDR4-3000 @ techPowerUP!

Video: Batman Arkham Knight Performance @ HotHardware

ASUS MG279Q 27" IPS FreeSync Monitor @ PCPer

Microsoft Hands Display Ads To AOL, Maps To Uber

It looks as though Microsoft has offloaded some of its money losing operations to AOL and Uber.

Under a 10-year deal struck with AOL, now a unit of Verizon Communications Inc, AOL will sell display ads on MSN, Outlook.com, Xbox, Skype and in some apps in major countries. As part of the deal, Bing will become the search engine behind web searches on AOL starting next year. Microsoft did not disclose financial terms of its deal with Uber, saying only that it would no longer collect mapping imagery itself.


MIT Invents Automatic Bug Repair

Wouldn't it have been great if the developers of the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight had access to something like this. big grin

MIT researchers presented a new system that repairs dangerous software bugs by automatically importing functionality from other, more secure applications. Remarkably, the system, dubbed CodePhage, doesn’t require access to the source code of the applications whose functionality it’s borrowing. Instead, it analyzes the applications’ execution and characterizes the types of security checks they perform. As a consequence, it can import checks from applications written in programming languages other than the one in which the program it’s repairing was written.


Threat From AI Not Just Hollywood Fantasy

Holy hell, did some scientist from the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University just say we could all end up "entombed in concrete coffins on heroin drips?" eek!

"When machines become smarter than humans, we'll be handing them the steering wheel." Furthermore, an instruction such as "keep humans safe and happy", could be translated by the remorseless digital logic of a machine as "entomb everyone in concrete coffins on heroin drips".


Supreme Court Declines To Hear Google Appeal In Oracle Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has spoken (sorta). Technically they just refused to hear the case but the end result is the same.

Oracle Corp won a major legal victory on Monday in a closely watched copyright case involving the company's Java programming language as the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Google Inc's appeal. The decision upholds a ruling that allows Oracle to seek licensing fees for the use of some of the Java language. Google had said it should be able to use Java without paying a fee.


PayPal Made Changes To Its Robocalling Policy

Apparently PayPal didn't like it when the FCC said its robocalling policy might be illegal so the company has made changes its user agreement.

To clear up any confusion, we will be modifying the terms of Section 1.10 of our User Agreement. The new language is intended to make it clear that PayPal primarily uses autodialed or prerecorded calls and texts to:

  • Help detect, investigate and protect our customers from fraud

  • Provide notices to our customers regarding their accounts or account activity

  • Collect a debt owed to us

In addition the new Sections (1.10(a) and 1.10(b)) will make it clear that:

  • We will not use autodialed or prerecorded calls or texts to contact our customers for marketing purposes without prior express written consent

  • Customers can continue to enjoy our products and services without needing to consent to receive autodialed or prerecorded calls or texts

  • We respect our customers’ communications preferences and recognize that their consent is required for certain autodialed and prerecorded calls and texts. Customers may revoke consent to receive these communications by contacting PayPal customer support and informing us of their preferences.


LEDs And Lasers Dunked In Liquid Nitrogen

Why would you dunk LEDs and lasers into liquid nitrogen? Because SCIENCE!


Bitcoin Is Unsustainable

Attention everyone! Your attention please! Bitcoin is unsustainable. This guy says so.

Unfortunately for Bitcoin, if user adoption spikes, so will price—and so must power consumption. Bitcoin mining leads to an arms race among miners to grab a slice of the fixed rewards doled out by the network, Stolfi said. The higher the financial rewards, the more miners will invest in powerful equipment to keep up with the competition. The Bitcoin protocol will continue to increase the difficulty of the cryptopuzzles to keep rewards constant, continuing the arms race until the last block is mined.


Gaming [H]eadlines

2K About To Announce Mafia 3? @ VG24/7

ESO Creative Director Joins Gearbox @ Eurogamer

Free Game For People That Bought Batman: Arkham Knight @ No Bull Intentions

PSN Down For Scheduled Maintenance @ Shacknews

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Patched @ Blue's News

XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrossFire Video Card Review

Our XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrossFire video card review is now online for your viewing pleasure. If you are planning a GPU upgrade in the near future, make sure you read this first.

News Image

Today we review two XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition video cards in CrossFire to see what quality 4K gaming we can achieve. We will be comparing this to a SLI GeForce GTX 970 configuration, in hopes of clearly defining the better overall value in this high-end gaming category. All for $699.98 after $60 MIR.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Edition @ Legit Reviews

ETC.: Lexar Pro 1066X CF @ Real Hardware Reviews

Mobile: ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 @ HiTech Legion

Power Supply: Corsair RM750i @ CowcotLand

Storage: Synology DiskStation DS1515 @ TechSpot

Video: Batman Arkham Knight Benchmarked @ Legit Reviews

Batman Arkham Knight Benchmarked @ TechSpot

Top Gun 2 Will Be About Drones

Sure, taking an 80's hit movie, bringing back it's original star and throwing technology all over the place might work, but hasn't the "pilot competes against drones and wins" storyline been done to death already?

The long-mooted sequel to 80s blockbuster Top Gun will explore the culture clash between old school aviation and the new generation of unmanned drones, according to the film’s producer. Cruise confirmed his enduring interest last year, telling Sky News: "If we can get over some stumbling blocks it will be fun to do."


Uber France CEO Taken Into Custody

With all the protesting going on over there, something tells me this guy wasn't taken into custody for his own safety.

After days of violent protests and defiance on the part of Uber's French management, two of the company's employees were taken into custody for "illicit activity" today. Uber France CEO Thibaut Simphal and Uber European GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty were arrested for running the company's ride-sharing service illegally.


Amazon’s Roving Treasure Truck Has Been Delayed

Amazon's Treasure Truck has been delayed? Nooooo! How can this be?

News Image

The online retailer announced the postponed start of its roving ice-cream truck-like promotion on social media. "#TreasureTruck has moved its first offer to a later date. Thanks for following us and stay tuned," the company Tweeted. A similar message appeared on Facebook, apologizing for any inconvenience.


SilverStone Fortress FT04 Case

There is a review of the SilverStone Fortress FT04 posted today at ThinkComputers. If you are case shopping, this review should be of interest to you.

Most of the cases that I have seen and reviewed this year have usually been what I personally refer to as cookie cutter cases. Meaning that most are generally all alike in build placement and engineering except for one or two exceptions that make that particular case unique, but the Silverstone FT04 is a case that defies this rule of case making.


BBC Is Listing Pages Removed By Right-To-Be-Forgotten

Gee, thanks BBC, so much for people's right to be forgotten. roll eyes (sarcastic)

We are doing this primarily as a contribution to public policy. We think it is important that those with an interest in the "right to be forgotten" can ascertain which articles have been affected by the ruling. We hope it will contribute to the debate about this issue. We also think the integrity of the BBC’s online archive is important and, although the pages concerned remain published on BBC Online, removal from Google searches makes parts of that archive harder to find.


WD My Cloud EX4100 4-Bay 16TB NAS

If you are looking for an easy to use storage solution, you might want to check out this review of the WD My Cloud EX4100 4-Bay 16TB NAS. The eTeknix crew had a lot of nice things to say about it in this review.

We ain’t all equally skilled when it comes to the configuration of network and storage devices nor is it everyone that has the same interest in that. Sometimes you just want to purchase something, enter your preferred name and password, and then be ready to rock. WD’s My Cloud series is designed for just these scenarios and it comes equipped with drives and is pre-configured.


Foxconn's CEO Backpedals On Robot Takeover At Factories

I have a hard time believing this guy's excuse that the "media misquoted him" when he had six months to refute the original stories.

Back in February, CEO Terry Gou said he expected the automation to account for 70 percent of his company’s assembly line work in three years. But on Thursday, Gou backtracked from those statements, claiming that media reports had misquoted him.


America's ISPs Suck, And AT&T Sucks Worst

And the award for "headline of the day" goes to this article. big grin

In Chicago and Los Angeles, AT&T customers experienced speeds as low as 0.1 Mbps — basically unusable speeds, well below those advertised and the FCC’s standard of 25 Mbps. AT&T customers in Atlanta didn’t fair much better, with speeds dropping to 2 Mbps during peak use hours. The degraded speeds occurred when customers tried to access content across AT&T’s interconnections with the transit provider GTT.


How GPU Technology Is Transforming Flow Simulation

Gamers may have been the first to enjoy the benefits of GPU technology. Today it has grown into many areas of enterprise and supercomputing where it packs an impressive punch. Now a team led by Peter Vincent, a senior lecturer in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, is giving CFD technology a 10x boost with the launch of the new GPU-accelerated PyFR v1.0.0. Computational Fluid Dynamics is the computational simulation of fluid flow. It helps engineers understand complex air and fluid flow patterns without building a wind tunnel. They’re incredibly helpful when designing aircraft, wind turbines and even F1 racing cars.


Microsoft Joins Team Red, White and Blue

Team Red, White and Blue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting U.S. veterans, today announced that it will be conducting the second annual Old Glory Relay presented by Microsoft Corp.. Microsoft is committed to leading and challenging the technology industry to inspire and develop veterans for robust job opportunities. Registration is now open for the relay, which will celebrate Old Glory at every stop, and raise awareness and critical funds for the organization and the veterans it supports. Along the route, Team RWB will bring together local communities, Veteran Services Providers, corporate partners, student veterans groups, and local Team RWB Eagles to connect and strengthen the networks that work with veterans to inspire empathy, create action and have impact toward closing the civilian-military divide.


Sunday June 28, 2015

Robots Getting Married In Japan

If you think this is freaky, wait until the video of the honeymoon surfaces. eek!

Each attendee paid about $81 to witness the momentous occasion and received special invitations featuring the couple in a heart. The groom was Frois, a boxy red and silver robot that wore a bow tie. The wedding dress-donning bride was Yukirin, a humanoid fashioned in the likeness of Japanese pop star Yuki Kashiwagi. Possibly for copyright reasons, Yukirin was called "Roborin" at the wedding.


Batman: Arkham Knight 10 Playable Characters Mod

Here's something that makes playing the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight a little less sucktastic. Oh yeah, and it's free. cool


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