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[H] Enthusiast Archives: November 1999Archive Listing

Tuesday November 30, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

We got a little scoop action from Intel, not directly of course, but still good stuff. I have not seen all of this info posted in one place so I will run it down. Sorry if I am repeating what has been recapped elsewhere. This info is about 10 days old.

CPU Roadmaps - What’s New!

Rapid 0.18u ramp under way in Q1’00 in all segments

Performance Desktop:

Intel® Pentium® III at 800MHz in March ’00 (800/100 and 800/133 ‘B’

866MHz in June ’00, 933MHz in Sept ‘00

Willamette 1+ GHz in early Q4’00

FC-PGA and Slot 1 MHz at parity at 750MHz launch in Jan

Value Desktop:

Intel® Celeron™ processor (.25) 533MHz in Jan, followed by

intro of .18µ Celeron 533A MHz in Feb

566MHz in March

600MHz in Q2

633MHz in Q3

6xx MHz in Q4

Timna 600MHz in Sept


Mobile Pentium III 750MHz in June

800MHz in Sept.

Mobile Celeron 6xx in Q4

low volt 600MHz in Q4

BX Boards has the scoopage on the MSI 163 PRO. His BXness gives it high marks. Nice stuff, check it out.

Everyone has been hot for DDR GeForce action, and Willy at Hardware One has pulled it off. Well I don't know about pulled it off, but I bet he yanked on it pretty hard when he was a kid!! Does the card live up to the hype? You tell me.

Jesse Couk brought this to my attention. We have been showing some water cooling options that are for sale overseas but we don't see many around the states. 2 Cool Tek has a water cooling rig for sale right here in the good old USA. I don't know anything about it, but there is a little pic to check out. I don't think it is a whole kit just the water block, but still that gets you past the difficult part. The rest can be found at Home Depot.

As a follow up to yesterday's cheap ass GeForce, today we bring you the sub-$100 TNT2 (non-Ultra). This is the Diamond V770 and it is one kick ass card if you are in the market.

Need to get that video into the computer? Need to do it cheaply? CPUReview has scoped out the product for you. They damn sure did not spend the big ad budget on the pretty box!

Our H2O cooling buddy N8 just got back in some pics to update his page with as well as some better pics from Joe Kelly on his water rig.

Boy do these two guys know how to drag it out! :P

Monday November 29, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Sorry for the long page length, keeping the Thanksgiving news on one more day for the folks that were AFK for the holiday.

Also we posted the pics of the Retail Water Cooler solution yesterday, and here is a Working Link. Not much English though. Not that that is a problem, unless of course you don't speak anything else...

AMD has announced a 533MHz CPU in the "old" K6-2 flavor. .25 Micron as it is will surely be fun for some OCers. Thanks CNews.

Willy Wilfred of Hardware One has got some ACT Labs gun love posted. I played some with these things the other day. They have them set up to where you can use the guns in some first person shooter games. Pretty neat stuff that I am sure will get better.

New BIOS for the BH6, and a new BIOS for the BH6 Rev 1.1. I confused some of you last week on this, but sometimes I mix them up myself.

Dan "Da Man" Kennedy of Tweak 3D, has got some tweakage for your Matrox G400. As usual, he gets to the point and don't jack around with a lot of filler.

Speaking of Tweak3D, take a look at this site, Gamerz Universe... Now I KNOW Dan worked long and hard to get Tweak3D's new look up and running, but it seems as if the guy over at GU has just totally ripped Dan's site layout. That is harsh. Seems like there should be some recourse for Dan, like calling the GU guy on the mat and having his ass kicked till nice and pulpy. Some people...

Our buddy N8, has been a HardOCPer for some time now. He has always got his hands into something. Check out this page he has posted showing off his water-cooled system and exactly how he put it together. He has got 300As at 600Mhz +. Lots of killer pics!

Not to be left out, Joe Kelly has got a pretty damn spiffy H2O setup himself. Let's face it, when anything like what is pictured below is included in a computer, it has got to be good.

News Image

Mdrnman gave us a heads up on this. He caught it over at Sharky Extreme Forums.

Bigass store deals a mean/cheap GeForce card.

First go to: (don't forget to redeem it)

Then go to:

Using these together you got yourself a GeForce deal that's really too good to pass up, only $179.

One website out of Singapore has kinda jumped the gun on announcing a VIA based chipset board from ABIT. There are some VIA based ABIT boards out there now, but they are simply sample stock that has been released. Now while nothing is still official on this, we do expect to see an official announcement soon on the VA6. Hopefully before year end.

A little off topic, but Speedy 3D has their Unreal Tournament Review posted. Good stuff fellas, this is a must-have for a gamer.

Sunday November 28, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Well I have taken a bit of heat for posting the EPA bios link. I did not put my regular "TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK" label on it for some reason and apparently you guys thought is was safe. Anyways, sorry if you hosed your board, I did too if it makes you feel better. Next time I will NOT assume that you know how volatile messing with your BIOS can be.

On another note, I left all the Thanksgiving news up for your guys that have been AFK at Aunt Thelma's house.

Godwin gives us a heads up on a new liquid cooling system released for retail in Asia. Warning: Water in your computer case can cause damage. :P

News Image   News Image

News Image   News Image

I cant get the page to load so I will just show you all the pics...

The Clocking Files sends word that a new H.Oda WCPUiD is ready for DL. Dunno what this one supports, but I am sure he added something.

The Coolness himself, Dan the Tweak Monk Kennedy, has got some "How To" action for you this weekend. Have you been wanting to set up a LAN so you can serve up gibs all around your casa? Dan shows you how!

Tim has Celeron 433 running at 650Mhz STABLE! This is another home made water cooler that he has done a damn good job on. PROPS to Tim!

I have gotten word back from Corsair and MSI on the burned up stick of ram from a while back. Pics are in the Athlon OC Review. Corsair said nothing is wrong with their ram (which I was pretty sure of, since it was running at 140MHz and hour prior to it smoking) and MSI said there is nothing wrong with the board. Hmm, guess it must be my poor ram insertion skillz. But then again, I can't flash a BIOS either.

Target PC has the Second Installation of their OC Guide. While this is not a first, it sure is a good refresher course for some of you new guys!

Also, nVnews has got the comprehensive review guide put together covering the GeForce Vid card. If you are wanting to drop the cash, I would check the links on this list first.

Saturday November 27, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Think I had forgotten about your stank ass? Nope, I dreamed about it all day long...but that is a totally different subject.

Just like many of you, I freaking hosed my BIOS while dicking around with that EPA graphic program. Many of you had great luck with it, unlike myself. Bad thing was that I scorched 3 more BIOS chips after that! Just call me king of the hot flash. Think I must have gotten hold of a funky Award Flash cuz everything seemed to be going along fine. Well anyways, when I had finally run out of ABIT boards, I decided to give up. :)

Upon installing another board the ATA66 drivers hosed the whole OS. I am still scratching my head about that one. Anyways, six hours laters we are back up and running. Lost all my mail so if it was important you might want to send it again in the morning, did save a bit of it.

Another thing, we now have a FAVICON (this is an IE5 feature only) if you want to put our jinxed butts in your favorites folder, but it looks really cool on the LINKS bar. So you scurvy dogs get to it.

If you want to know how to do your own. Check out this write-up over at Call for Help. You gotta dig Leo.

Friday November 26, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

OK, for any of you guys that hosed your boards yesterday, first off sorry. I should have tried it myself before posting. I should have learned by now not to trust folks. ARGH!!!

This was sent in by Kyle:


I tried that trick and it ass rapped my bios! well luckily I still had my bp6 manual :-) I guess the bp6 (I don’t know bout other ABIT boards) allow you to flash the bios from a floppy disk, so I tried it and it worked(well if it didn’t I wouldn’t be emailing you this..) but in order to do this you need to do the following(you should probably post this fix incase it works on other ABIT mobo's)

1. Get a formatted floppy disk ready.

2. Include the following system files on the floppy disk: , msdos.sys , io.sys

3. copy awdflash.exe from the abit cd onto the disk.

4. The old clean bios ".bin" file.

5. Make an Autoexec.bat batch file with the following in it.


6. Put her in a startup, should reboot by itself.


Kyle Landrith

AKA "Toad_007"

Our homeboy Burt over at ABIT FAE took care of us today with an "exclusive" BIOS that I am sure everyone else will have shortly! :) Here is what ABIT had to say about it!! And we will be testing today. HERE IS THE BIOS.

The attached file is the latest BE6-II/BF6 beta bios ... This beta add one more fancy SOFTMENU III feature , which has huge effect when FSB > 125 MHz. I tested this new feature and found it's really effective with my own Diamond VIPER V770 Ultra straight up to 150 MHz FSB !!!

Just FYI, it did NOT work to well for me but we are trying again. It seems as if it did not like my first flash attempt...

The Register says Cumine to be here by January 10th......

Davey at System Logic has a follow up on COMDEX and what they thought about the whole shindig.

Skipper the ripper tripper over at Overclockers.Com has a nice LONG look at a PCNut Overclocked ATHLON System. They crank the mutha up to 800MHz!

Also Adam has posted some benchmarks on an Athlon OC System from Outside Loop Computers. Worth a quick look if you wanna buy!

We discussed this on the Mindverge Radio Show, but in case you are looking for anther opinion, which is not a bad thing, check out what Mellenger had to say about the Microsoft Intellimouse.

3D Wars takes a look at the Voodoo3 PCI card. We will have our presentation soon. Nice card.....

Thursday November 25, 1999

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Happy Turkey Day USA!!

I took down the link to the BIOS screen change for now, it seems as if some HardOCPers have hosed their boards using this. We will take a better look into it later and possibly post again....

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - Happy Turkey Day USA!!

Rich Pederson hooked us up with a very nice pic of the upcoming AOpen Athlon mainboard. This was told to Rich by AOpen Support:


We will announce AK72 and MK72 MBs to support the AMD K7 CPU. The schedule as below: AK72 --> Jan, 2000. MK72 --> Feb, 2000."

News Image

Now I had best get off this computer before my old lady, er I mean wife, kills me. I will be thankful if she does not. :P

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition - Happy Turkey Day USA!!

Well, we have had plenty of folks respond this morning but these three guys hit closer to home than anyone else. Daevon Darkbane, Brian Palmer, and Sean Capstick were the closet to having the correct answer about the AMD/Intel chip.

AMD used to produce chips for Intel when demand surpassed Intel production capabilities. :) That was when they where buddies and still shared technology though. The chip is pictured below in the daily news.

Monday November 22, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

We got a chance to hang out with the Mindverge guys again this weekend and do a little talking. Well, actually we did a little more that, we actually put together a 50 minute radio broadcast. We covered a few topics including an intro to Overclocking, ZD TV, and even get ugly about All Advantage. Lots of opinions and a few laughs thrown in. The show is broken into segments so you can listen to what you want.

I would really like to see feedback from you guys on this because we are kicking around the idea of being part of this show on a weekly basis.

A review of the Athlon mainboard by Freeway written up by FREAK! I have been wanting to get hold of one of these boards too.

Wild Bill at CPUReview has one hell of a big look at Linux Redhat posted. Also has a little tour of Linux at COMDEX there. Bill has been busy. I get questions about Linux everyday and this stuff here will put you in the know if you are not there now.

Holy Jeez! Gary over at Overclockin.Com has gotten hold of a VERY special PIII-450. It seems as if his will run at 648MHz with a simple Tennmax Cooler installed. Damn............

Yet another Alpha Review by Target PC, to add to the many that are already out there. Why so many? Because this unit rocks. Here is our review from comparison.

I also saw this at Target PC. They have mentioned a couple utilities posted by Gigabyte for overclockers. Now the programs themselves have been around for a while like the ones from H. Oda, but this truly shows how mainstream Overclocking is with Gigabyte posting this kind of info.

AOpen has an interesting little product out. Does your AGP card weigh 28 kilograms with all that cooling on it? Well, they are here to help you out. I don't know how to get one, so don't ask me. Thanks Stew and Joy for the heads up.

That is about it for now. I don't expect much action this week with Thanksgiving (USA) coming up. Anyways, stay hard...

Saturday November 20, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Man you know you ARE THE MAN, when your mainboard will get you PUSSY! Thanks Marc.

News Image

Also, I think we might start a "New sneakers for Marc Fund". I think those in the corner of the pic used to be white.

The freaks over at iXBT have stuck their computer in the freezer to see how fast they could get their GeForce to run. Don't try this at home unless you want to risk losing your schtuff. (but if you do, send in a picture :))

Here is a site that we saw over on GamerGear a while back, but Richard Siggers brought to our attention that it had been updated with more options. Check out this page to tests your systems hackability. Does yours suck? Mine does not anymore.

All this stuff flying around about the Athlon system requiring hefty power supplies and then IBM goes and does this... A 200 watt unit in their K7 machine. I am confused now.... Thanks yeahbaby!!!

Anyone playing Messiah yet? I am on the dl right now. This is sure to hose a perfectly nice Saturday and turn it into an "inside only" day... And night possibly.

Asus finally owned up to having a K7M mainboard. Thanks everyone. The page is for OEM and VENDOR reference only.

Speaking of new stuff, Neil over at nVnews sent along a link to the Camino board being released by AOpen. I don't know if this announced yet or not.....

Bill at CPUReview has got a COMDEX section posted with lots of pics and his thoughts about it. Check it out!!

Friday November 19, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

A quick bit of afternoon news while I grab some lunch. We got word straight from our fav techie at 3dfx, and he explains the Intel Chip on the card we pictured earlier this week. I got this question from a bunch of you guys!

News Image

"Northbridge for multi load on the AGP bus."

Here are a couple of kick ass screen shots sent to us by the guys over at 3D Mark, that will be at the Mad Onion Website. I think this new product is gonna kick some serious booty.

News Image   News Image

This is some VERY complex scenery here, hard to think they could make the last one look old, but they did. Also the full size images are about 250K each, just fyi.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

If you visit here at all then you know we can take a Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion and screw it up real good. Well that is why Ron Bridges sent me THIS. It is a really nice converter proggie for windows. You can check out the home page for it HERE. It is FREEWARE to boot. Register is for free to tell the author "Thanks!"

Not much going on, a usual Friday....

Here is something freaky. It is a "folding keyboard", so you can go with it either way. Hmmm. I wonder if it slices and dices also?

News Image

I saw this over at the Tech-Report, but he ripped it from VE... It is an article on how to OC your AGP bus that goes deep into sidebanding issues also. Read up, learn, and come back and explain it to me please.

System Logic has some preview action posted on the new 3dfx chipset and how Quantum is gonna make a $40,000 video card. Don't know if I will be waving that one around at a LAN Party....

Also Beyond 3D sticks their nose into it also, but don't really say much!

Deez Tech, that alternative x86 site, has got some COMDEX love posted. Read it HERE.

We mention Club Celery, well because, they know how to kiss ass! JJ! They picked the HardOCP as site of the week, but they have also made an observation that we missed on the new BP6 BIOS posted below.

Dandy Andy Drake, the guy with the most royal BXness, has thrown together a hell of a nice piece. (No that is NOT a reference to his life partner) He has got a Socket 370 Pentium to play with and also a Camino board. Guess he will have to change the name of the page soon.

Mike at nVnews sent in a link to a little ZD article that does some comparison T&L; under DX7. Check it out, this is sure to be the future.

Active Hardware has a Tekram review up for you reading pleasure. They take a look at a SCSI controller. If this lives up to the Tekram tradition, well, I sure as hell would not buy one. (but I am a biased old bastard)

I am using a new front-end for IE5 that Monte from GamerGear hooked me up with. Netcaptor is the name. (I thought "NetRaptor" sounded much cooler) It has some really nice features on it. Lets you keep track of multiply sites in ONE IE5 browser instead of opening 80000 new windows hogging all your resources. Lots of other stuff too.