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[H] Enthusiast Archives: December 1999Archive Listing

Friday December 31, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Happy New Year you freaks! It has been a hell of a ride, hopefully Y2K won't let us down and be even more kickass than the last. Be safe, not stoopid.

Thursday December 30, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition


News Image

Those Bastards! Wanting there employees to work instead of surf, what is this world coming to.

We have had a bunch of folks send us this URL to a company that is selling a bundle of Coppermines with the BP6. Everyone is asking, DOES THIS WORK. Well, all I can tell you is this. If I take a Coppermine and put it on a Celeron Socket 370 Slocket and then stick it in a BX mainboard....IT WORKS. But hang on a minute! It does operate but does not work stable at all.

I have sent mail to the company that is selling the bundles asking them some very simple questions but they have yet to answer. I would be highly suspicious of this grouping.

Alpha has put together a cut away version of their killer heatsink for those Athlon boards that have the ATX power connector too close to the front of the CPU. Check it out. Thanks yeababy!

News Image

Cameron pointed out that after we stirred the pot a bit on lapping yesterday we might as well post a link to another How-To over at OC.Com OZ. This is a good article if you are out to tear up your CPU. :P

Also here is something stoopid in the same vein as the "latest 3dfx cards".

Ed lets us know that Highpoint has released a set of ATA66 Controller drivers. Figured all you ABIT fans would wanna know....and might need to know.

Here is a decent read on something that I have always thought about getting but just never got pushed good enough to actually purchase. Dan's Data takes a look at cordless mice, or mice with their tails lopped off. (whichever you prefer)

You know we are id Software fans. Dunno what this means, but we like it. Benny dug that duggout out.

ClubOverclocker has a review posted of one of the HardDrive cooling units. I still stand on the basis that if your system is properly ventilated, you should not need one of these, but to each his own.

Mike over at nVnews does not sleep much, I know that for sure. Those guys crank out more original material than damn near anyone. Anyways, they have a look at the Creative Labs DDR GeForce card. Is is Pro or not baby?

American Megatrends (yes the bios folks) have released their OWN Athlon board. Hmmm, guess we should have seen that one coming. Make your own board, dry up the BIOS market, dominate and kill all the competition. I think I will be nice to these guys.. What is funny is that you must surely be aware that the AMI CEO is a Transformers fan. The board is trademarked the "Megathon". Travis gets brownie points for diggin that up.

Tuesday December 28, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Our bud Martin over at ExtremeDK has posted some benchmark results of his dual 300A H2O-Cooled system that he did not have up last time. If you missed it a few weeks ago, this is worth a look. He had the original cooling running through two holes he had cut in the refrigerator door. (i bet mom was PISSED)

Ryan gives us word of DFI having a Athlon mainboard out. Dunno who they are or if they are worth a damn.

News Image

The girlz over at Overclock.Com have gotten hold of a 500E Coppermine much like the one we had. You can read his results in a nice tidy one-page write up. Here is our 500E review if you want some comparison action or missed it the first time.

Here is a BlowHole case worked out using the Nidec Blowers we love so much. Josh Leon "Spinks" simply cut a couple of round holes to vent, but the Nidec is not often used like this...

News Image

Bottleneck? Did someone say bottleneck? Damn right they did, and it was Dr. Claude Damage over at the Tech-Report. Is Unreal Tourney plagued with suckass performance on high-end systems or does yours just cruise like a hooker down Main Street? Either way, go put your 2 cents in so we can get this all worked out.

Matt Thrailkill brought up and interesting problem that he experienced with his ABIT BP6 and I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. It seems as though aster he flashed to the new Y2K compliant BIOS, his system would not boot Linux any more. Anyone? Anyone?

Here comes the first Ratpad Review from Apex. Short and to the point, no BS.

Does Soyo want to announce their new Athlon board of is it just at mixup on the dates?


FREMONT, CA (January 3, 1999) - SOYO, Inc. today announced a new

motherboard designed to maximize AMD's new 700/750 MHz Athlon chip. SOYO's new SY-K7AIA pushes the microprocessor and chipset envelope to a new level with its Single Slot-A socket for AMD's K7 CPU, AMD-750 chipset, and 200MHz system interface. The ATX form factor board supports all Slot-A AMD CPU's from 500MHz and above.

Up at their website in Taiwan they do have a spec sheet up. Thanks yeababy!

Would you put this cooler in your box? Dunno if I would with the other killer stuff on the market. Remember kids, life is too short not to be cool.

Monday December 27, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Well it seems as though we are correct in our opinion of "Paxed". (not to be confused with getting "Tampaxed") He sent us a rather colorful email that I cannot share with you here on our family sight. But he seems to think we lead an alternative lifestyle and wants us to come to his place and share some oral pleasures. Hmmm, think we will have to pass on that one! Anyway, the guy is still an idiot and needs to be told about it, IMO. (see post from last night below if you are lost on this)

On to what little bit of news there is now...

Here is something you NEED to check out if you are stuck in Dial-Up Land, which I know many of you are. I spent a many a year in that purgatory myself. Now I am stuck in ISDN Land, which is kinda like living in the big mansion, but still in a third-world country. The guys over at Tweak3D have posted a comprehensive review of the 3Com Internet Gaming Modem.

We showed you a pic of this a few weeks ago. It is a RIMM to DIMM converter card from Asus (I think). Cool to look at anyway. Here are some more pics at Akiba PC Hotline. Thanks Philip Brown.

News Image

You remember this from the Cable Store for the PIII eh? Now those freaks have strapped this on an Athlon. We have gotten extremely good feedback from HardOCPers on this, but we have yet to try it ourselves. :(

News Image

A new "PW" BIOS is available for the Dually BP6. It fixes a Y2K issue. If you don't install it, your board is likely to burst into flame and burn your house down. Of course this will happen at midnight on Jan 1, 2000 and there will be no emergency equipment available because they were already called out to all the other BP6 combustions. Bottom line, install this BIOS and save lives. Of course, as always, do this at your own risk. :)

See what Chick has to say about the Guillemot GeForce under Win2K.

Lastest but certainly not leastest, Nikki Sixx' sideline band 1958, will be doing the music for Half-Life II. Very cool! Wish is was the Crüe, but I can handle Sixx for sure. One thing that is off on all of this reporting, is the fact that everywhere I have seen this posted so far, they spell Nikki's name wrong. That is two "X"s. You know where the real glam band fans are eh?

Sunday December 26, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Still hanging with the Parental Type People. Why? Two words: Free Food. Two more of my favorite four-letter "F" words. Anyways, was doing a bit of surfing on over at Voodoo Extreme and saw a link posted to an article at Q3Center that more or less blames id software for the recent rash of school mass murders.

"During the 1970's and 1980's we didn't see such acts as these done by the kids today. They had guns then, and they had bombs then, but they didn't have games such as these we have today, and I feel that's the main reason of all these shootings in schools."

WTF is this guy smoking? After reading this drivel I can think of someone else who I will add to my "I MUST KILL" list, but first I gotta get my frag count past the 2000 level in Q3A. The pud-jerker that wrote the article goes by "Paxed". Sounds like what must happen to his ass a lot.

All of this is simply one man's opinion, which is not necessarily right, but I hope YOU will make up your own mind and not let it be corrupted by "I get "Paxed" like a $2 hooker". I will put the Soapbox up now and move on.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Hope all had a good holiday! We are having some email glitches and it seems that the only functioning boxes are the "" boxes. Please do not send any email to the "" boxes any more. It will most likely not get read. Please update you addy books. Thanks!

"Jim never has another Dually Board at home." (think Airplane) Thanks click46.

I totally missed this but Russel gave me a heads up. Overclockers.Com is giving away $100 US to the highest OC on a Coppermine by March. Hmm, maybe we should give away some cash to anyone that can smoke their results. :)

ABIT finally comes out of the closet with one of their first non-Intel boards in quite a while. The VA6 running a VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset is it. This board has been out for purchase for a while but never officially commented on. Guess ABIT won't be on the priority chipset list anymore, or will they?

ABIT Announces VA6 Motherboard

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. December 24th, 1999—Described as “The most efficient PC133 solution available” by ABIT marketing specialist Eric Boeing, the ABIT VA6 is a combination of ABIT’s sophisticated technology and VIA’s Apollo Pro 133 chipset (VT82C693A and VT82C686A). The VA6 features a 133 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), supporting PC133 SDRAM directly and is equipped with 5 PCI, 2 ISA slots, and 1 AGP slot, and with the added feature of UDMA 66 and 4 USB ports.

Our buddy Chase reviews the Wow Thing. (that's what all my girlfriend called it too) The audio device looks like total worthless crap to me, but then again I went 2 years without any PC speakers...

750MHz Coppermines for sale in Japan. Why the hell do they always get them first? Will somebody please explain that to me.

Saturday December 25, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Merry Christmas to some of you and Happy Holidays to the others. I am in Houston with my parents and I had best get the hell off this computer and involved in the festivities before my wife and mother hand out some serious ass whipage. ;^)

Thursday December 23, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

It looks as if we only had one glitch during the server move and of course it was my mailbox. Anyway if you sent mail to this afternoon, odds are it got hosed. If you wanna send it again, it is working now. Thanks!

Wednesday December 22, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

A quick correction to make. The GeForce DDR cards that PCNut will have are going to be in tomorrow. Next day shipping and you will be fragging at 100FPS of the holidays.. :P

Tuesday December 21, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

I think the pic says it all...

News Image

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

The information regarding the Intel Roadmap has been removed at the request of their lawyers.

Have you wondered exactly how the cache divisor effects the Athlon CPU and how it scales in performance? Out buds over at have posted an version of their normally Non-English page in English for all of our enjoyment. Take a look at the results, they will interest you AMD fans.

Speaking of an Athlon that is hauling some major ass, Ace's Hardware gives us a look at the 800MHz flavor. Expensive still, but fast stuff. As always, Johan is pretty comprehensive in his article, I just wish he would have busted out some Q3A benchmarks with the box.

Our "special buds" over at Buy Buddy have got a new feature for us!! (I am soooo excited I am about to wet my pants!!!!) Anyway, if there is a special "someone" on your Christmas list and he does not need and more flannel jockey shorts, Buy Buddy has little help for you. Just bend over and click the link!

In regards to equal time, gotta give props to the boys over at OC Shootout. They have some screenshots posted of a Celeron running at 759MHz. Damn! All this done with the Vapochill from ASETEK.

This is not hardware related but it is a story on the state of affairs when it comes to M$. Seems as if some dude got a killer Web TV and then had it ganked by the fuzz. Thanks Edward!

Dan is the man and he has got some data for you. He takes a look at the Millenium board from AOpen. Here is a flashback to our preview with lots of pics in case you missed it.

Need some cheap ass fan action for you vid card or CPU? Check out the prices on this page. I don't know who these guys are or the quality of their materials, but they have some pretty nifty looking schtuff! Thanks Ken Peter.

Mr. Bill over at CPU review has posted some benchmarks of the Athlon 600 Vs the Intel 500. They show the AMD to be as much as 2 times faster in some respects. These are not your NORMAL benchmarks and should probably taken with a grain of salt. I am NOT criticizing Bill's objectiveness, but he ain't exactly a big Intel or Microsoft fan. :)

Man I must have had my head stuck WAY UP my butt, because I did not even know this was happening. Seems as if Creative is putting together entire PCs now, at least that is what Mellenger has to show us.

Monday December 20, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Let me quote a recent correspondence from Craig Lisowski. "You thumb dicks, there is no Athlon K7 775 MHz part listed." You know what? He is absolutely correct. That is a bad piece of info on my part, I just read the damn thing wrong. That explains why the AMD guy looked at me like I was clueless. Guess we really are thumb dicks.... I really should be having more fun during my private time though.