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[H] Enthusiast Archives: January 2000Archive Listing

Sunday January 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

We got this from Chris at the AMD Zone. I suggest you give this read if it is your kinda stuff.


EBNS has a very informative article up about the upcoming Athlon chipsets from AMD and Via. They have details on DDR SDRAM and SMP support.

Our buds at Tweak3D have one of those expensive Falcon NW systems handy. I mention this because we have learned that HardOCPers don't really give a damn about prebuilt systems. (we know, we tried to sell them :)). But I thought you might be able to compare your box against their stuff and see where you came out dollar-wise.

Jesse Perry gives us that there is a new Beta BIOS for the ABIT BE6.II on this FTP Server. It is the "QJ" one. We do NOT know what this does or if it will hose your machine, proceed with caution.

The Hardware News Net takes a shot at Overclocking Your CuMine 500. Interesting stuff, they show three different chips being taken through the paces.

Here is another Gold Finger Adapter (GFA) Review at PC Critix. This is one of those that stick up real high. You might want to check our reviews of the GFA from Outside Loop as well as the GFA from Road Rebel, both seem to be a little bit better thought out to me.

I am not really a big fan of these but that does not mean you will not find value in a the Ultimate HD Cooler over at Overclockin.Com. Remember this does not mean you can forego keeping the whole case cool.

Chase over at BoomGames is running a sight of the month feature, to be the SOTM, you will need to tell him why you are the schiz...

I see where the Flip Chip 550s are going to be in short supply for a while, as reported HERE. Thanks Mark. I suggest checking with our normal vendors if you are in the market. I do suggest the 550 over the 500 personally. I have a 550 running at 742 on a Soyo +IV board now. Azzo, PCNut, and Outside Loop are worth a look. These are sights that support us here at the HardOCP and we know they treat people right.

The guys at the Easy OC Guide, stick a pelt on their GeForce. I suggest you be careful doing this.

The guys over at GameWire share some personal experiences with us. No, nutting to do with lube or OMM. This is a no-nonsense look at upgrading your PC.

The site know only as 3AG (because the real name is WAY TOO LONG) has got an ABIT BF6 review posted. They seem to really like it...

Free stuff, freeeeeee stuffffffff, come get your FREE STUFF!!!! Our buddy Steve from the GWN (Great White North, Alaska) has been holed up in his igloo so long he decided to put together a Quake page. This page covers modeling and skinning, but he is giving away a TNT2 Ultra card. Check it out for sure. Also it is a Diamond Viper card and they have become hard to find for some HardOCPers.

Here is an interesting article over at Riva 3D that discusses the Athlon and the GeForce. They find some interesting Poly information too.

Saturday January 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

I was over taking a gander at Old Man Murray's page, as I often do, I needed to check up on recent updates mentioned. The news from the 25th was still hot, but only because Chet left it on a hotplate that looks like it was used to sterilize syringes, at least that is safe...

Anyway, what really caught my eye was the big HardOCP banner at the top of the page. After all the banner controversy here, I wonder what will become of this? I mean it is there because of the UGO affiliation. You will their banners here too. I wonder if they will ask UGO to make sure it does not show up on their site because in a lumberjack and steelworker kinda way, we are not homos? I think they have a "hard time" dealing with heteros over there.... They offered to pay for our therapy to get our heads straightened out, but the OMM bastards never came up with the cash. Typical. We love those guys, really. (see we have a sensitive side)

News Image

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Hehe, Tyson is on ShowTime fighting tonight. I gotta check that out. He should be ashamed to even get back in the ring.

Anyway, you know we have been talking about getting the HardForum back up and running on a new dedicated server. It looks as if this will surely happen. WooHoo!

At a vote of about 10 to 1, you guys pretty want the UBB system like over at Ars Forum. After speaking with the guys at Ars, they said they would use something else due to some hardware problems with UBB using up too many system resources. Well, we spoke with Steve Gibson over at The Shack and he pointed us towards WWWThreads.

We have been checking it out and it looks great, I think even better than what UBB has to offer. Here is the feature specs page for WWWThreads to check out. Also the girls down at Telefragged use it now and they had good things to say about it.

We will be running a CuMine 550 with a FreeBSD OS, just in case you wanted to know. Right now the HardOCP is served off a Cobalt RaQ3 server with a K62-400 running Red Hat 6.1....... Both parked on top of a Dual OC48 Backbone.

If any of you know something terribly wrong with WWWThreads, please let us know.

Friday January 28, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Now for something completely different. (i made that up myself) Sorry for the late start on the news, hard to get up a 5:30am when you hit the sack at 2:30am after actually writing the article you promised the day before. :)

You wanna ask something about a Matrox card and have half a chance of actually getting an answer back? David at System Logic is trying to HBO. (help a brother out) Get you questions in to those guys, they will not however answer questions about future product. Damn...

More GeForce honey? (Jim never has a second GeForce at home...) Well that is what iXBT Hardware has, Part 2 of their GeForce round up. This is not your regular, "We think it kicks ass, get one!" review. Lot's of good stuff. I don't really know about them adding flowers to the card graphics though...

Remember the Twin Turbo cooler that vents your case? Does a good job too. Ken Peter had some spare time and whipped up his own. Nuttin like sausage and cooling....

News Image

Score another victory for us small dudes trying to be oppressed by the man. Ratpadz get another favorable review at OC Haven! We are not going to let the other guys run us out of biz quite yet, no matter how many lawyers are involved.

It seems as though 3dfx may have posted yet a second Voodoo 3 driver update in as many days. It is now dated the 27th and we are still waiting for the official werd from those 3dfx guys....... Anyone? Anyone? Thanks Michael V.! Also, I don't care what has been said, I am prepared to mortgage my house a second time for one of these.

Chuck gives us a heads up on the Fanbus Fan FAQ. Lot's of good information over there! If you missed this from last year, Kupe tells you how to "OC Your Fans"....

Now this is the real way to SuperCool that CPU. Thanks Sanctum!

News Image

Great pic here of the Transmeta CPU out of PC Watch in Japan. They have more pics to check out also!

News Image

3D Unlimited has a Interview with the head cheese over at Karna, the makers of the Razer Boomslang.

Thursday January 27, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

We saw a blurb over at the Register that states, "AMD Clarifies Overclocking. Position". Well it talks about how AMD is NOT going after the Gold Finger Market and that people that OC at home are safe. Well, we already knew that. I do not need AMD to tell me I have the right to OC my own system. DOH! Glad they reminded me of that.

We will discuss this issue in full, in the morning.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Do you guys like the way this Slackware MSG Board is set up? Or do you like the Ars MSG Board better? Your comments are wanted on this, or if you have something else to point me to, please do. Bottom line, the board is going to be YOURS and I want most of you to dig it and use it. We are setting up a dedicated server for this and I figure if we are gonna drop the cash it might as well not suck.... Know what I mean?

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Second addition to the morning news on some late-breaking linkage.

This shows you what you can do with a little ingenuity and some PVC pipe and a couple of fans. Directional air flow is all the rage at Matt's casa. You will notice he has done a great job of keeping all the cables organized and out of the way too. Props to the boy!

News Image

Got a cable modem and a couple of boxes at home you want to network? Absolute PC has got you covered, they seem to have had a facelift also, looking pretty sweet.

This is kinda cool, the guys over at RivaStation have got a pic of the new ABIT vid card and box....

3D Unlimited reviews the MSI-6153 mainboard, a BX baddy. They seem to like for OC too.

Also Hardware One looks at the Asus i820 board...

Good stuff out of Overclockers.Com OZ. They have a roundup of SECC1 HSF units, good stuff with real results, not just an opinion on which one is prettiest.

Kevin gave us a heads up on an alternative to a call waiting modem (that we mention below), and this is simply software that is FREE. Check it out at CallWave.Com. I have not used this, so you are on your own.

Homeslice Eric is ALL OVER THIS COOLIN TANG! Chitman, that bro beez wizzin out the hard cheeze like a mofo. Be all huge ass and chit too. He ain't even be ticklin or nuttin. (our ebonics for the day)

Wednesday January 26, 2000

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Breaking News so to speak! Mad Onion, the makers of 3DMark 2000, have posted a retort to some recent claims made by parties not mentioned here. I have not read it yet but wanted to make sure the peeps had the linkage! Well, now that I look it is NOT posted YET. So I will throw a page up with the frosty goodness. Here is what is covered.

1. Why does 3DMark 2000 use the MAX/FX Software Transform & Lighting Engine?

2. Why does 3DMark2000 default to Triple Buffering?

3. Why does 3DMark2000 not use specular lighting in the high polygon count tests?

Monday January 24, 2000

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Well this is the SECOND morning news edition, so you might want to break your regular pattern and check out the previous postage. Now it really feels like Monday considering I have had 3 hours of sleep...

The Big Bopper or Wopper in this case over at Voodoo3.Net takes a look at what a now inexpensive Voodoo3 3K PCI card can give an aging system. Marc covers the basics and gives a quick insight to the Wicked Drivers we here so much about. Here is our review for comparison.

NOTHING we like better than a good deathmatch, except for the obvious...chicks, booze, playing cards, a good OC....anyway those dudes that make up Ace's Hardware have HAD TO work their ass off on this one. They put a total of FOURTEEN video cards into a Shootout. Not a bunch of old stuff either, man I would hate to see their hardware bill. The article is in two parts with three chapters each, kinda reminds me of a date in High School...packing it in.

Special Ed? Nope, Speedy 3D, and please don't confuse the two. Those boyz take out to OC a 600E to 800MHz and then proceed to overclock everything in the damn case. I like it.

Got Apex? scopes on the new i820 edition from AOpen. I wonder if they were able to do anything with it? AOpen's track record lately has been kicking some butt.

I will pass this along to you. Do you have a deep hated desire for Macs? Well I don't know about hate, but these guys light the fuse on theirs literally. The page is a little slow but has some great pics.

Sunday January 23, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

First off before all 100 get your panties in wad. HERE IS THE LINK THE H ODA Athlon L2 Program. This lets you adjust the Cache speed using a slider. it my help some of you run a more stable Athlon box. I know my 650 Athlon will boot easily in at 800Mhz but it is not stable. We will see where this gets us. Thanks to a bunch of your guys on that one.

Lots pics this morning, just a warning!

Now this is just plain ass cool! Our long-time bud over at Outside Loop Computers is having his Athlon Afterburner debut on the Japanese market. Here is a pic from Akiba PC Hotline as well as a link to our Review of the Afterburner.

News Image

Hehe, these guys need a break! Thanks Steve Lynch.

News Image

N8 has laid down some more benchmarks with his dual Celeron rig at around 700MHz. Check out some of the numbers, you will see that this rig on some marks, totally spanks the 1GHz Athon scores you may have seen around.

Then I get this in the mail from that idiot that hosed his CPU prying it apart with a screwdriver. Remember?

Dear Mr. Fragmaster,

You may recall, I sent you a letter Dec. 2nd expressing my displeasure with your lack of "warnings and disclaimers" on your site. I must first apologize for the way I inadvertently blamed you and HardOCP for my own misgivings. I hope all can be forgiven and bygones be bygones.

Having said that, I noticed the huge interest lately in "polishing or sanding" the actual "slug" of your processors as to allow for greater cooling. Having learned from my past mistakes, I followed the directions carefully for sanding my processor. . . and the difference is remarkable. Please see photo 1_sanded. The "mirror-like" finish is incredible. Cooling for sure will be greatly enhanced.

I do however need some SAGE advise from one who surely knows all ( I am referring to you, The FragMaster himself ). How is it that I can reconnect the CPU to PCB to test the processor for better heat transfer. See photo 2_sanded.

News Image

Again, hopefully bygones are considered bygones, because I surely need some advice as to how everyone has been reconnecting these things. Our upgraded business server ( I upgraded our company computer with this processor and motherboard combo just before trying this new sanding thingy. : )

Thank you in advance,

Formerly " An Angry Customer"

P.S. Know anything about motherboards??? See photos 1_mobo and 2_mobo_chipset. . . I am having similar difficulties with the companies new BH6 after polishing the Chipset.

News Image

News Image

Here is a Coppermine 750 Review over at TBreak. It has got some decent benchmarks posted. I could do without first few pages of history though, I think most people checking out a 750 in-depth are already gonna have a pretty good handle on what is going on.

I still use mine on a daily basis, and Gamewire seems to really like theirs also. Razer Boomslang 2000 Review, although I have the "crappy" 1000.

Hey! Unca Milty has FREE STUFF to give away. Now it ain't all new, but WTF, it is FREE STUFF. Check it out, I am sure some of you will be interested.

Saturday January 22, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Thought I had forgot about our Saturday readers didn't you? Of course not... But still not a whole hell of a lot going on today.

Our buddy Gadfly took the initiative to set up a Quake 3 server under the HardOCP banner. So I guess we got our own house of pain now! Get your good fraggin right here: 27960 . This server is still running over the DSL at Gadfly's house but will soon be moved to a local ISP. So bitch if you ping is a bit off right now.

A quick Ratpad review for you over at Gaming in 3D.

More Elsa goodness from the people that brought you the delicious Yogurt and Kidney Bean Pie. Yes, Hardware One reviews the Erazor X.

Alpha Killer? Or just another hunk of HSF? The new Global Win is taken for a spin by those German cooling guys, you will need a translator for this.

Here is a pretty good report as to what nVidia is looking at doing next few months. nVnews grabbed this scoop off of some of the financial pages so it is probably pretty solid information.

Our bud wubbaldo gave us a heads up to this resource for you Iwill Slocket 2 Owners. Shows some settings that may possibly were not included on the instructions with the card.

Those Club Overclockers has got a drive together for helping out the kids. Here is the spunk. Thanks Rob.

"Computers For Day Care Update

Our computer charity drive is going fairly well but we still need lots of computer hardware. Right now we need hard drives, CD ROMs and monitors in order to start kicking these systems out the door. However, any donation of computer hardware and even complete systems will be extremely helpful.

In case you don't know about our charity drive, Scott has taken it upon himself to gather up enough computer hardware to assemble 12 complete systems for a great cause. These systems will be loaded with age appropriate learning software and issued to local day care providers. Children of all ages will have access to these awesome learning tools!

If you would like to help us, please e-mail Scott and let him know what you have to offer. Ya, that old non-Y2K compliant POS you have sitting in the corner gathering dust, just box it up and ship it to us. It's for a great cause and we're not stopping until we have at least 12 complete systems to hand out!"

The freaks over at...well Freak! take a look at the Outside Loop Afterburner Card. This one is still my favorite of the Gold Finger cards we have seen.

The 2coolPC ducting device picks up more props from the community over at Screaming 3d.

Wednesday January 19, 2000

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

We just got word from an EXTREMELY RELIABLE SOURCE that Advanced Micro Devices legal counsel contacted undisclosed retailers that have been altering AMD Athlon K7 CPUs that then allow Overclocking. AMD has demanded that these undisclosed retailers immediately stop sale of the altered units. They are stating that the retailers reworking the Athlon CPUs is violating either Copyrights or Patents held by AMD.

Here are the digs on the lawfirm that has been hired by AMD:

Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson


Chicago, IL

Washington, D.C.


David C. Hilliard, Esq.

Managing Partner

(312) 554-7950

Firm Description

Litigation and Counseling in the areas of Domestic and International Trademark, Unfair Competition, Copyright, and Technology and Computer Law, including Licensing, Franchising, Advertising and Promotions, Right of Publicity, Counterfeiting and Trade Secrets.

For more information about our full range of legal services, please visit our web site at or call David C. Hilliard, Esq., Managing Partner, at (312) 544-7950.

Hell, I say call them and ask them about it. See if you are breaking any patents by modding them yourself and selling them to your homeboys. I am hiding mine right now before the stormtroopers show up.

Seriously though, we are working to get some more information on this issue, but I don't really see how AMD can control the sale of a CPU mod besides cutting off the vendor. But let's face it, any jackwad with a lawyer and some cash can surely cause you trouble, especially if you are a small retailer and don't have $40K to burn on preliminary litigation.

Make a car run faster, call it a Saleen or something else, get publicity and get rich. Speed up your computer, call it OC, and get a freakin lawyer on your back. Ain't America great? (well yes it is, but this is one of those things) Maybe just a publicity stunt?