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[H] Enthusiast Archives: April 2000Archive Listing

Sunday April 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

There has been a substantial amount of news today, some of it may be a little away from our regular stringent parameters. Uhh....yeah.

We lead off the top of the hour with 3dfx being put under the spotlight once again...this time for their T-Shirts. Yep, that is right, 3dfx sportswear meets the T-Shirt 2000 Mark bench. Really. Anyone got an iron?

Some of our favorite memory sticks come from EMS / PC133Memory.Com. Just so happens that G3D is checking some of it's goodness out. While it can be a bit pricey, it tends to be very solid stuffs! We have had their PC133 modules up to 163MHz here in the underground bunker. I have seen G3D do much better review work though...

That Digital Silence site has a review posted of an "Ultra Quiet" Power Supply. Hell, I wish all I did hear was the PSU fan!!

Irwindale has been working hard for the money. So hard for it honey. So you better treat him right. But just because he has all that cash is not a reason to rush out and spend it all on that H2O cooling system. Maybe he will give you a couple of pointers.

News Image

First off, what is this desktop case doing on the floor with his mid tower?

News Image   News Image   News Image

Upon closer inspection we see that he has simply done a little covert op and hidden the bigass radiator on his cooling unit, not to mention the zip tie and silicone enclosure he is sporting.

More, but not sure....

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Bummer, we got to Fry's and they told us they did not have the Elsa GeForce2GTS cards. We were told that the cards were "hand delivered" only to the stores in California, but they did show a good stock of them there. Maybe we will see them by Tuesday in Dallas. Until then, the Voodoo 5 5000 AGP will remain on a "Card to Buy" list. Of course you can't buy them yet.... :)

You gotta like this guys reviewing style, he certainly lets us know his experience of the Elsa GeForce2GTS he got in California. Don't let the domain scare you off, just relax. Here is a quote:

So would I spend my own money on this card? Did that. Can I sell my GeForce for at least half of the price? Did that (I think). So is it worth it to spend roughly 180 bucks every six months for a 20-30% FPS boost in your favorite game? It is for me 'cause I have the money and I'm a geek who wastes money on good beer and video cards. Do you care? I doubt it.

So here is a "normal" everyday guy with a normal everyday card and we do NOT see the described 2X GeForce256 performance. Still blindingly fast, but as always we see more hype.

Wow, I have never seen the "Goat of the Month" award at a hardware site, a few others, but not hardware. HardCoreWare takes a look at the ATI Rage Fury Maxx.

Here is the picture of the Hercules GeForce2 card I wanted to post yesterday. Pretty spiffy looking.

News Image

Jason Rabel points us to a page that shows what happens when you mix microwaves and CDRoms. A nice show to say the least. You think that is a crowd-pleaser though, I got a buddy that did it to a Laser Disc. WOWSERS!

Something for the Linux fans out there. It looks as though a Japanese company has figured out how to capitalize on the penguin some more. Thanks to the long lost Christopher Kuperman!! Thanks to Justin Nawrocki for the link to where to get one.

News Image


[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee is on my side, yes it is. Not really, it actually feels like I have been beat with the ugly stick and sent here. What has this got to do with hardware and overclocking? Not a damn thing, I think it is those years of hallucinogenic drugs that are finally coming to the surface. Anyway, Sean and I are off to Fry's this morning to see if we can scope on the Elsa GeForce2GTS goodness. Will let you know what happens and come back and post some news. The server troubles seem to have left us for now also.

Friday April 28, 2000

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

A couple of quickies this time round. While checking out the Firing Squad Elsa review, I noticed that the card they had was NOT looking like what ELSA was showing us. The card we were shown looked really cool, I hope they show up on the shelves like this.

News Image   News Image

The second pic is a closer scan of the flyer we were given, both linked to bigger pics.

I think I am gonna get wood, er, maybe not, but some of you might. Hexus has a Hard Drive Cooler Shootout. No Kevlar required.

Hell, while you are there, you might as well check out their GFA Review of the Maximizer. That used to be a nick that all the chicks gave me because....well nevermind. :P

Got Apex has Got A review of an Asus GeForce card they Got At someplace. Isn't that the old technology?!?!


Thursday April 27, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Maybe it is just me, or is it all that Crack I have been smoking? I see more and more and more fan sites on the Net everyday. Here is another, this one for VIA of all folks. And here is a VIA Vs Intel chipset review. Now while they don't come right out and say it, I have to assume the guys that run the site are BIG VIA fans. I mean do you slave away over something you thinks sucks? I don't think so. Here is a quote that kinda got me thinking more on this. Keep in mind the BX chipset smoked in all the tests.

It is pretty obvious that if your buying a new Pentium 3 or a AMD Athlon that the VIA chipsets are hard to beat, especially if your overclocking as compared to the AMD 751 and Intel BX chipsets.

Anyway, my point here is this. How much totally objective reporting do you REALLY EXPECT out of "Fan Sites"? I have started a thread over in the HardForum and really want to know your opinion on this. This subject has come up several times in conversation over the last week and seems to be one some folks minds...

Here is more 3dfx Vs nVidia stuffs over at Extreme Hardware. I found it to be a good read with lots of reader and Usenet feedback. Lots of good points raised, we are put into question ourselves on the last page. Surely will keep you double checking your results when you started getting hung out in the press.

2CPU takes the Asus P2B-D, "D" for dually, for a couple of laps and decide that the board is certainly solid, it's features don't justify the price. Bummer.

Redwood over at Stomped has his own Voodoo5 6000 shots posted, and some comments to go along with them. The general consensus seems to be, "IT IS TOO DAMN BIG!"

While these boards don't seem to widely available, I am sure some of our Euro readers will appreciate it. MTO has got a review of a Soltek board posted and they look at it from an OverClockers vantage point.


[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

We have to post this, because it is one of the first small guys, Won, to put a Voodoo5 and GeForce2GTS head to head. We see some of it won by nVidia and some by 3dfx. nVidia seems to have the raw framerate power while 3dfx handily cleans up with FSAA. It is all going to go back to what exactly you want when comparing the two cards for purchase. Also, this is a poorly written review, but the facts are the facts. Thanks Freddy!

This one is for all our Linux fans out there!! Actually if you did not know, we used a Redhat/Apache combo here on the HardOCP.... Anyways, CPU Review has a look at TurboLinux Workstation and gives us the good, the bad, and the nasty.

Check here for the NEW nVidia 5.16 drivers. 3D Chipset has them posted. I got mines, yous gots yourns!? Be warned these are NOT official drivers and could hose your stuffs!! Still fun to try them out though. The subject of "leaked" drivers did come up in our meeting with nVidia on Tuesday. We did ask if the drivers were REALLY leaked or was it a marketing ploy by nVidia. Derek Perez explained to us with much emotion that the drivers are in fact being leaked from an unknown source. It was also admitted that it worked out pretty good for nVidia too. :) But, they are still trying to find the source(s). I can see where this would be an extremely tough task considering all the OEMs, MFGs, and game developers have the files.....

Our buddy Andy at the Tech Report breaches a VERY touchy subject. First Person Shooters and Violence in our society. I personally know after I waste about sixty or so fellow fraggers, I am usually too mentally exhausted to go kill a bunch of real people down at the post office. The option of going to prison for the rest of my life or being killed by injection is somewhat of a deterrent also.

Now I am really confused. I was an 3dfx Whore yesterday, now I am an nVidiot. Jeez, you guys gotta make up your minds... :) I am still at a crossroads with the whole issue, is being a whore better than being an idiot or vice versa?

Also I know many of you have been looking for 533 and 566 Celerons for tweaking on, Azzo has them and YES, the prices are already coming down.


[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

The Reverend has slapped up his V5 5500 APG PREview. He does some head to head numbers with the nVidia Quadro. (nVidia;s workstation board) Which to me seems a total waste since not many of us use that board. The Reverend seems to need some Vid Card Religion in his life because he is having trouble dealing with reviews pertaining to image quality. Then his major bitch is this, or it seems to be to me..

This is actually a very real "problem" - with the Voodoo5, and more specifically FSAA, 3dfx aims to change the way gamers put priority on "overall" image quality. The problem is that aliasing has been with us for so long that we've grown "used" to it. And when FSAA is available to us now, we may even treat FSAA like we do with 32bit rendering - it's there, we have the hardware and so we just turn it on. Whether we actually appreciate what FSAA does is something only time can answer.

He is basically bitching about 3dfx making the image quality better. He comments that only time can answer whether or not "we" appreciate FSAA, I only had to deathmatch once with FSAA to KNOW I liked it better. I don't really understand where he goes with it. I guess if you don't want FSAA or higher framerates, DON'T BUY ANY OF THE NEWER VID CARDS COMING OUT! No ATI, no nVidia, no nothing. I think I would rather live in the future and not the past.

Got an older BX board and you want some ATA66 action on it? Iwill has a PCI card for you and Hardware One tells you all about it.

You may have seen that Hot Chick on the Hypothermia page, and now the fun only escalates. It seems as if she is going to have some surgical enhancements made to herself and wants our opinions. As long as we get before and after pics...

I guess when you have a totally cool product name like Spitfire, you have to go in an tone it down for the all the extremely boring folks out there. The AMD Spitfire is now the Duron. OK...


[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Good to be back home with my own keyboard...

I am going to go ahead and post all these Radeon and GeForce Reviews and Previews, just in case there is one or two you missed and might dig on.

3D Unlimited scopes out the ATI Radeon and gives their opinion of what is thought about it.

Dan over at Tweak 3D seems very impressed with the GeForce2GTS technology.

nVnews is also taken by the power of the new GeForce2GTS, but would you expect anything less?

Michael at Maximum Hardware has a look at the GeForce2GTS and also has some very solid comments on the 6 month product cycle that nVidia seems to be establishing. He has some solid points.

Now back to MORE of today's stuff. I just did not want to leave anyone or their worthy opinion out on the whole thing.

Wednesday April 26, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

We had a pretty sweet experience at WinHEC before we had to leave to get on the plane, we ran into our buddies at 3dfx and they gave me a chubby. No, not with their cute smiles, but rather with their BIG boards. If the sight alone of this hardware does not get you a little bit excited, you probably have to tie it up with a couple of Popsicle sticks to make it stand at attention.

News Image   News Image   News Image

News Image   News Image

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition - GeForce2GTS Facts and Opinions

HERE is our one page write up that gives the facts without a lot of fluff, and what we think about the newest offering from nVidia.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

To start off on a lighter note, if you have not seen The Register today, I highly suggest you scan the headlines at the very least. Classic stuffs, our props to Mike Magee, the madman behind....well, the madness.

Here is the MASS of GeForce2GTS reviews, previews and views. Sharky has his, the Squab has theirs, and Dave has hers. As well as iXBT, AnandTech and I sure about 100 other people including ourselves, not to leave out Redwood's Stomped, and Bjorn 3D.

We have seen it well received and some others that did not think so much of it. Dunno...

It is one of those things that keeps coming back to haunt you. A card cooler review at PC Extreme. Still a nice solution and an easy fix for some folks cooling needs.

It is a FREE 900MHz Athlon System over at Hypothermia. Now if you don't go sign up for that, you must just not give a damn.

Hardware One has a beta BIOS for the ABIT KA7. Be careful.

Duke of URL has a review and comparison that covers the ABIT KA7 and the Asus K7M. Some good heads up numbers to take a look at.

Tuesday April 25, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Now for a little news, most of which you might have already seen, sorry. Hard to stay on top of things from abroad.

The girlz over at Hardware Central have gone total nuts and posted the entire Radeon Presentation. Lot's of information there to soak up.

A HardOCPer saw this nVlink over at nVnews and thought is was something to pass along. Surprisingly enough it is about nVnot nVidia. Rather it looks at some ram mods used to up the MHz of a stick of PC100. Entertaining, but probably not real practical. The site is called PC Pop.

Even more lapping of Celerons. Some of you will be interested in this if you are a newbie. Bottom line, many times it works. Check out Hardware Corner for the goods.

I don't know what the hell this guy is doing, but it is of interest at the very least. Make your own RDRam. Let me know if it works.........sure.

Dandy Andy Drake has a look at the Tyan KX133 mainboard. I was laughing as him for running that funky Tom Jones banner, then I noticed it on the top of our page. Guess I will shut up eh? :)

You ever go to Chick's Hardware? The name is kinda of misleading. I could not find any nekkid babes anywhere, but he did have a quick write up covering who Gigapixel is and what they will mean to the future of Vid Cards.

A good and funny example of what happens when you put nVida folks and 3dfx folks in the same room and turn them loose on each other. Thanks to Evil Avatar for the madness.

The new Winzip's HERE, the new Winzip's HERE!!!!! Thanks Brian.

This in from Michael Berthold:

Got this in my mail from Guillemot, titled “Guillemot Video Card News” for April 2000 and apparently aimed at registered card owners. I got a Maxi Gamer 2 (don’t laugh!) a year ago and this is the first mail I’ve gotten, I guess they update their mailing lists once a year or something. Anywayz, they state:

“As you may now, Guillemot Corporation acquired Hercules in October 1999. All future graphics products from Guillemot will now fall under the Hercules brand name. “

All I have to say is, "Thank gawd I don't have to struggle with saying their damn name anymore...."