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[H] Enthusiast Archives: August 2000Archive Listing

Thursday August 31, 2000

[H]ardNews 9th Edition - Update

This is in code, but some of you will understand. The Duck has done the [H]ard|BOX. We will be traveling first class to Hooters to make the pickup. (ok, the Hooters part was not in code) Just wait till you see it.

[H]ardNews 8th Edition

We reported on a statement about 3dfx that we thought came from Maximum 3D, as it turns out the information came from the Maximum 3D Forum, not the website itself. Did not mean to cast a shadow on our brothers over there. If it makes them feel better they can say nasty stuff about us tomorrow. I think that day is open. :)

Matrox is STILL pumping out feature filled add-ons for their G400. I still want to the the "G800", although I can't get any comment out of them about it. Anyways, Tweak3D has a rundown of the newest toys from Matrox.

Those of you with excellent Matrox cards are in luck because this review really targets you. Other people without Matrox graphics cards should read this review too if watching TV and encoding videos on your desktop computer interests you.

We mentioned yesterday about certain companies NOT attaching fans directly to Intel CPUs due to issues with "microfractures". We asked Intel to comment and the whole argument that fans directly attached to the die does not really fly. This is what PR had to say:

This microfracture thing may be a conceptual issue that the industry discusses, but we haven't seen issues out in the field on this.

One of their techs, Gary, who was here last week, had this to say about the microfractures his explanation of it makes a lot of sense to me..

First time that I've heard of active fan heatsinks causing microfractures on the die.

Pentium III processor is direct to die heatsink attach so die damage is always a concern. But the reason that most server OEMs do not use fan heatsinks is server redundancy requirements. Ducting and multiple system fans are often coupled with passive heatsinks in a manner to provide a failsafe if a fan fails. Most fans have much lower lifetime and quality specs than our processors and OEMs server systems.

It is possible for die damage to occur if excessive force is placed directly on the die by the heatsink attach. Other possible reasons could be an excessively heavy heatsink or non-resilient thermal interface material that leads to damage when subjected to mechanical shock and vibration tests.

Bottom line is this, strap that HSF on and don't worry about it shaking your little CPU to death.

Evil Avatar asks Brian Burke of 3dfx will 3dfx be around in a year or two. Of course, Brian being the lead PR guy over there explained how it was all going into the dumper later this week. :p

We (3dfx) will be an innovator and a leader bringing visual computing to new markets.

Can't do that from the grave, that is for sure.

Is Gigabyte gonna become a player in the retail KT133 board market? I don't know because I don't have one, but the guys at Active Hardware do and they know what they are talking about. Be careful though, no Vcore adjustment, what the hell were they thinking?

The Gigabyte GA-7ZX obtained the best performance we've yet seen from a Socket A board. That, in addition to the integration of the added security offered by its Dual BIOS technology, leads us to highly recommend this board to all comers.


[H]ardNews 6th Edition

This is what Dell has to say about the PIII 1.13GHz Recall if you ask them. Funny they don't mention any problems other than not being able to get the CPUs.

Problem with 1.13GHz Processor - Dimension XPS B system - Clarification Due to a supply problem on the 1.13 GHz Processor on the Dimension XPS B system only, effective immediately, Dell has stopped selling the Dimension XPS B system that is configured with the 1.13 GHz Processor. Dell Manufacturing did not ship any systems with the 1.13 GHz Processor. In the event you have a customer calling in regards to Intel recalling 1.13GHz, you may share the following information below:

Q: Why has Dell removed the 1.13GHz Pentium III product from the website?

A: Intel has a supply problem that affects only the 1.13GHz Pentium III processor, so we have stopped selling it until we receive confirmation from Intel that supply is available.

Q: When does Dell think 1.1GHz processors will be available?

A: We are awaiting further information from the vendor. We do not know when product will be available. Please contact Intel for more details.

Q: Does this supply problem only affect Dell or other OEM's as well?

A: It is our understanding that the supply problem on 1.13GHz Pentium III is industry wide.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Sorry about the weenie posts, I am having ISP troubles today. Look like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

Also, if you followed the whole "judgment" Vs. "judgement" issue yesterday, here is a VERY interesting point that was brought to light by Rich Edger.

May have heard this all ready, but yesterday August 29th, 2000 was the "Judgement Day" in the original Terminator movie. That's when the machines took over the world......

The IDF is done, but what impact and message did it extend to all the folks there? I have no idea because I was not there, but the Sharkster was and he has something to say about it. Some new stuffs and some rumors.

In this article, we will talk about various technologies we saw at IDF, what we didn't see, some of the show floor gossip, and what we think are important and relevant announcements.

Our buddy Cheaw takes modem cooling to a new level with custom breather holes as well as a ventilation system. I bet he gets dual OC48 speeds on that baby now!! :p

News Image

SIS and AMD announced their RoadMap today! Makes you wonder if S-I-S is not the next V-I-A of the market. Ok, that was a stretch, but worth the thought. I don't understand anything due to it being in Chinese, but there are lots of pics. Here is one we ripped.

News Image

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Intel is FINALLY going to up the Celeron in order to do battle with the Du Duron. Now this may all sound fine and dandy, but get a load of this as quoted from Yahoo News:

The boost won't come right away, though. Intel is looking to the 800MHz Celeron chip, due in the first quarter of next year, as the transition point to the faster 100MHz bus, sources said. However, it is still possible Intel may hold off until the 850MHz Celeron, slated for a second quarter launch, sources said.

Er OK, that is a strategy. Intel had better get moving on that deal, waiting is not going to help. Hell they should simply change the bus of everyone coming off the line now IMO, but I know it is not that simple. Thanks Chris Duncan!

Flip Chip has come across the all copper Hedge Hog and they take some temperatures with it. Did it fare as well as ours did? Check it out! Our review is HERE for comparison.

So how did it work? Outstanding!! The highest temperature I saw on the 933 Flipchip was 28.5° C during 20 minutes of the Quake 3 loop with standing temps hovering around the 22.4° C range! The fan did not add any significant noise over the case fans that I can perceive.


[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - More 3dfx Clarification

We am kinda muddling through this and learning as we go along. Here are a couple of slides from a recent 3dfx presentation that back up what we say below. Publicly held companies don't simply shift gears on biz models so quickly without talking to their stockholders, that is for sure. The slides show which exact markets 3dfx is working into. Our pic quality is not the best...and both are around 80K, just fyi.

News Image   News Image

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition - 3dfx Clarification

It seems that 2CPU has posted a blurb on some information spotted over at Maximum 3D that states 3dfx is getting out of the retail card business. To quote:

"They purchased STB a while ago so that they could manufacture their own boards instead of rely on 3rd party manufacturers like Nvidia does. The hope was to increase profit margins by getting rid of the middle man. As of their conference call today, they have stated that they will once again be changing business models and getting out of the graphics board market! In other words they'll be going back to the old model of just producing chips. STB got the shaft."

First off this is NOT true, but it is not totally false either. Here is the real deal in a nutshell. 3dfx is going to most likely sell their plant in Mexico. 3dfx will either reach agreement with the company that purchases the plant to continue making the cards or look to take their business elsewhere. They ARE NOT going to adopt the old business model back at this point. 3dfx will STILL control their own retail sales here in the US and other major markets. 3dfx is also looking at selling chips to other card manufacturers in smaller markets and markets they have had trouble with penetration in. Yes they are moving away from building the cards themselves, this gives them some better options with costs of manufacturing. Basically, they can shop the price if someone is doing it cheaper/better than they themselves are. What you will NOT SEE is the new "Creative / Diamond / Hercules / Elsa Voodoo Rampage".

All of this seems to be the truth at this point in time. If you want to listen to the entire conference call yourself, it is on file over at VCall.Com. Thanks to Mark for bringing all this to my attention.

Wednesday August 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 7th Edition - Vindication!

I think this is all I have to say. The Alliance for the Preservation of the Correct Spelling of the Word Judgment. I KNEW damn well I should have not of yanked my chastising of Hyundai. I caved to pressure, I need punishment. Any tall blond WOMEN out there? Thanks Ratso.

News Image

These Alliance guys are serious.

W posted this a couple days ago, but they ended up losing a router that day so you may have missed them. House of Help is a forum dedicated to free online tech support. Go ask a question and someone should help you out. I like the concept and think it could go over big.

This type of stuff is OLD SKEWL around here, but the FreakNuts are pretty entertained with it. I love seeing this stuff making the second loop. Blow Me Baby is the title of their latest article.

There has been talk flying about ducting and such today and this came to us from Bob at IBM.

Over here in the high-end server labs they're developing these things to have plastic air ducts with 80 or 120mm fans at one or both sides... No direct heatsink/fan cooling on cpu still, though.

Now here is the interesting part.

Found out why: Intel has stated that possible microfractures can develop within the CPU due to the vibration of a fan directly mounted on top of the CPU. IBM believes them... thus our air ducting for the faster CPU's.

We will let you know what Intel has to say.

There is some pretty funny stuff at Maximum 3D. A guy tells of his experiences while acting as a Sys Admin. This is worth a look for sure if you want to laugh.

GA Hardware. Wonder if they use GA Johnson for their "needs"? TJ Bain is to blame for me even bringing that up.

Finally, JC News reports they have a picture of the P4 die, but we think it is simply an overhead infrared photo of Stuart's nationhood taken by the CIA. Thanks PhReAkInNeOpHyTe. (thank gawd for cut and paste)

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

This is kinda scary, you know all those Sci Fi flicks may turn out to be not far from the truth one day. Thanks Joe Seatter.

Computer makes robot offspring

By MATTHEW FORDAHL-- The Associated Press

A computer programmed to follow the rules of evolution has for the first time designed and manufactured simple robots with minimal help from people.

About 85Million of you have written in to tell me that Dell has been ducting systems like we showed earlier today, for a LONG time. I thought it was something new. We don't see too many Dell boxes around here. :) I am sure you understand.

I know we have mentioned Mushkin PC150 Memory here a couple of times lately, and many of you are looking at the purchase. TweakMax has a blurb on their front page as to the performance of it that is of interest. I would highly suggest you check it out. We are waiting on Mushkin to evaluate whether or not the [H]OCP is worthy of review memory or not. We will see.

Radeon problems? I have not heard anything on this so I am kinda lost. Thanks David Dennis.

Dear EMS Customer:

We have just received word from our ATI product manager that ATI is having implementation difficulties with their new Radeon chipset. Distribution to all resellers, retail stores, and other outlets will be delayed due to these problems. We're sending this email to all of our customers who have ordered Radeon AllInWonder cards and Radeon standard cards. As soon as we receive stock from ATI, we will ship you your products and charge your credit card. You will not be charged for your product until it ships, but your order will remain open unless you choose to cancel. ATI estimates it will begin shipping cards to all its distributors worldwide in late September.

EMS Computing Sales Team

Hartware.Net reviews the PIII 1GHz Slot 1!! Here is a quote:

Unser Dank geht an dieser Stelle an Intel Deutschland, die uns das Testmodell des Pentium III 1000 kurzfristig für einige Tage zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking.


[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Damn glad it finally slowed down some, got to catch about a two hour nap. This staying up till 5am and getting up at 8am stuff sucks.... I digress.

Rafe pointed me towards this for you guys out there that need to be told what to do! :P Actually someone with enough money to build one of these top-end systems needs to be told what to do anyway. Then again, there are a lot of CompGeeks out there piling on the green in today's economy. The Boi Wunder scopes out HI END PLAY TOYS! Some of you guys will go nuts when you see his pick of RAM.

Not having to worry about price is a luxury few people have, but it never hurts to dream up what you would buy in such a situation. Or maybe you’ve just won the lottery. Perhaps it’s not even your own money involved thanks to a grant or simply an ungodly budget. Whether dreaming or actually looking to buy, putting together the dream professional system can be a tricky, but fun, proposition.

KGR2 is going on right NOW! If you missed out on the first one, you certainly want your name in the hat for the second one. This goes a long ways to proving the argument that Steve really does know dick..... :p KGR2 is one of the most badass freebies anyone can give away. Congrats to Hypothermia for taking the time to put it together himself. Just for the record, I don't know what the hell I am talking about.

Next on Springer: Iridium Destroyed my Trailer and killed my Hermaphrodite Cross-Dressing Lover that happened to also be my Sister/Brother! Blame Mark.

Officials say the Iridium hardware is within government guidelines for acceptable risk: less than a one in 10,000 chance of hitting a person on the ground.


[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - The Schiznit

We have a WINNER in the art contest. While some of you will fuss, here is the NEW design that will be on the back of the [H]ard|Shirt. This actually has nothing to do with computer hardware, we just wanted something cool looking and I have a liking for skulls. The front will sport a single color or dual color screen on the [H]Logo and site name. We will do some Polos with the [H]Logo embroidered a bit later.

News Image

The image is clickable and makes a pretty good wallpaper. I think you gotta be a REAL [H]Fan though to put up with it. :) Keep in mind both of these images have been heavily compressed for posting. Jake Harrison is the guilty party responsible and you can find more of his work HERE. Let us know what you think, and some of you guys with lots of cash, go hire Jake to do some work for you. He is really easy to work with too.

Tuesday August 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Our buddy Dan of Dan's Data shows off one of those "new" all aluminum cases that are buffed out. Funny thing is that I saw some of the newer ones in Taipei at Computex this year and they would not allow me to take pictures of them. They has a super-top-secret BlowHole in the side! :) Also you gotta love the way Dan puts things.

It's unfair to call this the Rolls-Royce of cases. It's more like the upmarket Honda. But since most people are making do with the 1974 Toyota Corona of cases, the step up is likely to be rather dramatic.

We don't link much hard drive stuff, just ask Dave at Hot Hardware (Dave has a new baby too btw, way to go D!!), but PC Mech has got a couple of good articles posted that are things other than simply reviews. Watch out, you are liable to get edumacated and then your head just might blow clean off.

This is just plain strange. Thanks to Scott at Hockeybird.

According to the survey results, Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM's RS/6000 supercomputer -- perhaps best known for its chess victory in defeating Grandmaster Garry Kasparov three years ago -- has achieved a Q-Score that makes it a celebrity equal with Batman, Austin Powers, rapper LL Cool J, Howard Stern, and Carmen Electra.

Once again, BBSpot seemingly picks up the news that everyone else simply overlooks as unimportant. This should give all you AOLers some major chub action.

Dulles, VA - AOL announced yesterday their new 1000 hours/month Platinum plan for $23.95/month. They also announced that the unlimited time plan would be renamed the Gold Plan and be reduced to 750 hours/month, but would still have a monthly fee of $21.95.

AOL CEO Steve Case said, "This is a fabulous opportunity for our customers. We are offering them 33% more time online for only 9% more. This is the truly the deal of the century."

More...or Less for you folks watching your weight.