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[H] Enthusiast Archives: October 2000Archive Listing

Monday March 20, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

AMD Zone has an article up on the AMD Sledgehammer entitled as a "Preview". It is a good read, but I think it would be better named, "What I Think ABOUT AMD's Next.."

Deez site with the biggest on the block takes a look at the next 300A? Possibly, the Intel 550E fits the bill and they take a look at it. Here is our review for comparison.

This thing is worse about getting press than those damn Ratpadz! :) The Card Cooler is given a look by OC-OZ. Not much has changed since we reviewed it about a year ago, but the units are still nice to have for sure.

PC Extrememist has the scoop on the new Maxtor HD. They say that the drive will be upgradable to a ATA100 specs when it rolls around. Now that is thinking ahead, but will it work with an accelerated bus???

This is s nifty deal over at CNewz. I can figure out all kinds of things to do with this thing.

World First PC/104 All-in-one multimedia module that carries video, audio and all the I/O ports on board

Until recently, it is hard to find a perfect all-in-one Pentium level CPU module in PC/104 market. Although extra modules can be added for video and audio capability, it is definitely a great idea to have a full features PC/104 module.

In particularly, while the limitation over space and power consumption are taken into consideration, an excellent all-in-one module is definitely an engineering jewel. Now, this wonderful dream for all PC/104 users finally comes true here !

PC-2553 is a cost-effective all-in-one PC/104 CU module that carries video, audio and all the I/O ports on board. Adding a tiny LCD and a decent power, most engineers are able to build a compact "system-on-hand" or " hand-top" system with it and only with it in a flash.

That Soltek company is back in the news, this time over a Speedy 3D. They have released their KX133 mainboard and Speedy has the reviewage. They recommend it even though it is lacking some of the features we would like to see.

Lastly it looks as if Intel will release some sub-1GHz chips today. Isn't that moving backwards? I do have to say this pissing contest between AMD and Intel is funny at times. It seems to be more about being first than being best. Hell, both Intel and AMD have their problems with OCing and now they are doing it themselves.... Also, check this out!

"Intel and analysts have predicted the supply issues would be resolved by the end of the quarter, or in about two weeks' time."

Hey! This time they are not only releasing them, they are going to be selling them the next month anyway.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Even though we have not seen anything besides vapor out of Transmeta, they have now put their Mobile Chip out there. I guess we could say the Mobile CPU is every bit as good as the "regular" CPU at this point. Thanks CNewz.

There has been a ton of "Mod Your FasTrack 66 Card" lately. Hell, we even posted ours HERE. This guy goes about it in a little different way and it seems to be a bit safer, although that is arguable....

Here is a good look at the Fanbus put to good use over at Chimptopia. No, nuttin to do with primates (besides ourselves). And frankly, if we find any of you putting bananas to "odd usages" you will be banned for life...

Gamers Depot has their Athlon 1GHz review up. Must be nice for those people that can afford an overclocked 800.... :)

Not our usual fare, but can't really pass this up. FREE POSTER of a naked chick that has been painted. I got the yellow one. Thanks Eolis!

I don't know if this is worth a damn, but you figure it out and let me know...Quake3 Tweak Guide at 3D Spotlight.

Have you ever seen the big cheese PR bruda over at ABIT? Here is a handy snapshot of him.... Actually I took this pic last year in Taiwan, but he has not gotten much older since then...

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

If you are catching this from work on Monday morning, I suggest you scope out some of the late day Saturday and Sunday stuff. We had a real good time with some pics this weekend.

The "microwave on fire" story we linked was followed up by an idea from Steven Schultz. I think a pic is worth a thousand words in this situation...

Are you one of those folks that think you might have missed something? If so, I suggest you check out iXBT's monthly roundup of what happened in the last 30 days. Those guys are like PMS, they show up every month.

We have some Flip Chip reviewage coming at you this week that will take place on the Soyo 7VCA Socket 370 Coppermine board from PCNut. I have a Flip Chip Coppermine 600E from Azzo running at a healthy 800MHz for about two weeks now. Pretty stable stuffs.

You might also check out #HardOCP on efnet. Although this is NOT our channel it is still cool to visit. A bunch of HardOCPers having a chat...

Sunday March 19, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

The authorities caught up with us finally. Ragging on those guys from The Register was NOT the thing to do. See our demise HERE.... But keep in mind even though THE MAN has got us down, we still go out with a juvenile attempt at disrespect and flip them the bird. :)

Xtreme Tek has a review of a Power Supply up for this slow Sunday. They record some temp differences with it, but that makes we wonder if the previous unit had a fan that blew into the case instead of out.

Dr. Damage and the Tech Report and traveling back in time, or at least their index page is... Just goes to show you that the gone is not forgotten.

We are getting reports filtering in that Quake3 is causing some small fires in the gamers apartments. It seems as though most of the wrath is thrust upon pot pies and microwave ovens. Film at 11.

There is the possibility of more pocket protectors being huddled together at Geek Pride Week in Boston pretty soon. The thing that worries me is the SWAP PARTY. Hope it is does not resemble the one at Gay Pride Week in San Francisco. Thanks Brian Crouch!

We forgot to mention this some time back, when the Aureate Spy thing kinda took off... Anyway, we got quoted in an article over at CNet. I told them they would very likely lose credibility using us as a source. :P Thanks Jonathan.

Those damn guys over at Detonate.Net took NO TIME in spoofing our Dr. Tom's Lair Photos. Gotta say the guys over at Detonate.Net do pretty dang well in the art department.

We have seen some pretty sick things over the years but this guy uses a VISE to remove the cap from his K6-2 in an attempt to get better cooling. I do NOT suggest you try this one at home.

Fire Jade points out this pic over at Dan's Data. It seems as if this OCed box is in need of some very serious cooling...

Even the stoners like it!! Ratpad Reviewage at Kannibis.Com. We owe BongStalk thanks on this one, heck we even gave him one to give away at his next event. Now if he can only remember where he put it.....

The Ratpad gets some press over at Reviewage.Com ( i like that name ). They dig it.

Lastly and certainly not leastly, 3D Accelerated, our favorite maroon and black site besides ours and Full on 3D, has got a big shootout posted. They have the "Battle of the Mousepads" up for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday March 18, 2000

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

After searching for years and years we finally found their offices. We went in and promptly kicked everyone's ass. We KNEW we were at the right place when we saw the "RENT ME HERE" sign in the window and of course the extra wheel barrows outside to move the tons of BS that must pile up...... Of course we got really confused when all we found was Dell DX2 behind the counter. Damn Germans can sure hide stuff! :) We got out before the cops showed, but I am still kinda wondering if we hit the right joint...

News Image   News Image

Mad props to my Dad for the pics...

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Things are slowly getting back to normal....or back to the way they were depending on how you look at it. :)

I spent some time down at the Mainstreet Internet Cafe today. They were having some prequalifying matches for the RazerCPL tourney that will be held here in Dallas next month. $100,000 in cash prizes.

Anyway, I grabbed this shot of some of the well known folks in the gaming community. In the yellow circle is Stevie "Killcreek" Case and John Romero. I think you probably know who they are. In the red circle is Angel Munoz. He is the guy responsible for making the CPL what it is today, which is the biggest pro gamers league in the world. All that stuff you hear about him is mostly rumor. I only saw him take his cap off and bitch slap one guy all day long and then scream, "Who's your daddy?!?!" :) Oops I think the cap is coming off NOW.

News Image

Much better to ride the Cool Bus than the Short Bus. Of course, none of the mean kids picked on me on the short one.... 3AG has a review of the Bus Cool, which is another type of Card Cooler. Also, we gotta get those guys a camera....

To RAM or not to RAM that is the question. Bend over around here and you are likely to find out. If you check out Nikeotronik, nothing to do with bionic shoes, they have answered this question and done a pretty good bit of research on it. Nice work.

Looking for a dual BX chipset mainboard? No? Why not? They make the perfect gift for Easter. Mom would love it, I promise! Sparkling Catastrophe has got a little spec round up posted if this is your thing.

Are you a cheap bastard? If people stare at you for your wardrobe choice you might want to take a look at this over at AllHW.Com. They look into some of the more affordable HDs out there...

Whacked out just enough to make the news. ZZZ Online has the flying car prototype showcased. I figure is they can make successful penile implants they can do anything...that is what I hear anyway...

Hmmm, this H2O Cooled CPU looks like a Miracle Whip commercial.

"Inside the GeForce" at Reactor Critical. This is a great read for a tech head, I just wanted to know WTF it all means?!?!? Does is go faster or what dude? Actually there is some good stuff on page 7 that backs up what we have been saying about Hardware T&L; on the GeForce.

I saw a pretty cool little hardware search engine called Hardware Crawler today. One of the better catalogs I have seen.

Once we were the learners, but now we are the masters. Yeppers, the big guys are taking cooling tips from like you and I....the way it freaking should be if you think about it. I know for damn sure we have seen the HardOCPers come up with some kick ass ideas in the past few years...

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Don't know dick about virtual memory? Read this.

A chicks view of Net Addiction. If you are not an addict by now and are reading the HardOCP, well, you have some catching up to do you slacker.

Gigabyte, i820 board reviewed at Active Hardware.

More GFA Reviewage, this time a 5 GFA Shootout at AMD Zone. Also Tech Report put this GFA Shootout out a while back and it is excellently done for sure.

JC's shows you how to bring that ancient PC into the not so distant past with an Evergreen upgrade.

More Rage Mobility at 3D Hardware. Nice card.

As a note, last night I had over 600 emails in my inbox. They are not there anymore. If you mail got deleted, I am sorry. Send it again and most likely I will get to it.

As for Ratpad customers, our shipping has been disrupted but will be back on schedule on Monday. This means if you ordered a pad from last Wednesday on, it has NOT shipped yet. I guarantee that will ALL ship Monday morning. Sorry for the delay.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

How to get that PIII HSF off? JSI Hardware.

Watch this guy at All Games whine like a bitch. It really is pretty funny, I kept waiting for him to come out in a skirt next.

FREE STUFF! ...and you gotta just take a look at this page anyway.

BIG FAN, little price.

Hypothermia has moved. Dunno if they got kicked out or if it was voluntary.

Farthead sends this in. Don't know where it came from or who to credit. In fact, don't really know what it is... (Sujit Mohanty tells us it is a Xeon HSF modded out)

We need more power captain!! 350 watts to be exact.

Stoopid as it sounds, but kinda funny. Furniture Pr0n.

Global Win cooler love at Speedy 3D. Old slot 1 stuffs.

A little H2O Cooling project with some good pics!

Hardware One has a world exclusive on the Iwill IDE RAID Card.

Dual FC-PGAs on a i820 board at Game PC.

Even more GFA reviewage this time from TBreak.


[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Thanks to Dr. Damage at the Tech Report for laying a little postage love out there to keep everyone in the loopage.

Because it is he FIRST ARTICLE, we won't bag on him....Check out 2CPU and some Linux stuffs.

GDC pics from Voodoo3.Net. Yes, there are a few chicks there.

Ars tackles Win2K.

Overclockin.Com tackles another GFA.

How to decrease your boot time at 3D Wars.

Quantum Ultra SCSI Hard Drive review at Hot Hardware.

3dfx Win2K Beta Drivers HERE for the Voodoo3 3500.

Coppermine Cooler guide in German, but there are good pics.


[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Trying to get back in the groove here and I am possibly gonna cover a few items you have seen, but wanted to post them in case you had not. This will not be our usual fare but a ton of links that I have missed over the last few days. I do not have time to review everyone of these myself for content, so be warned that none of the BS has been weeded out. So here it comes!

Friday March 17, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition - Back in the Saddle

Just finally got the router up and running and now I have an appointment I have to keep. Will go through the 500 or so emails and get some goodness posted soon. Sorry to leave you out of the loop for so long.

We will have a world exclusive of some 3dfx products come Monday...hopefully. We will have to see what we get our hands on this afternoon. Maybe a sneakpeek or two.

Thursday March 16, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition - Kyle goes AWOL

OMG! Look out OCP'ers, it's Dr. Damage from The Tech Report, and I have assumed control of the HardOCP once again. I talked to Kyle tonight, and he's made the move to his new casa, but he can't get his ISDN router up...

I think it has something to do with an inferiority complex??

Anyhow, the FrgMstr said he'd be back online tomorrow, once he sorts things out with his "shrink." Whatever. I'm sure he'll have a buttload of interesting news to post once he's wired again.

For the time being, you can, uhh, read this well-done news story about the new Abit Athlon mobos coming down the pike, or this amazing and so-very-timely G400 review, or even this incredible round-up of Athlon OC cards or this enthralling and insightful article about a pair of badass PCs. But you'll probably just hang out in the new HardOCP forum.