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[H] Enthusiast Archives: November 2000Archive Listing

Thursday November 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 8th Edition - Gotta Like Clean Water

This is without a doubt one of the cleanest water-cooled rigs I have ever seen. This guy does TREMENDOUSLY tight work. Check out the engraving on the top of the CPU cooler... Wild stuff. Great job FragMagnet, you make me proud bro!

News Image   News Image   News Image

News Image   News Image   News Image

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

I have come to the conclusion that Visiontek is NOT your "normal" everyday graphics card manufacturer. This is a comment that I made in the conclusion of our GeForce2 Ultra review posted HERE.

Well, there is not much to say except the Visiontek GeForce2 Ultra is one badass mofo. ( I want to see that quoted on their website!! ) Seriously though, this card is without a doubt the best card for the aggressive gamer that can be bought today.

Gotta say the damn guys did it. Check it out HERE. Looks as if Visiontek not only wants to start pounding out some great cards, but they also have a sense of humor. That is something that cannot be said about hardly ANY of the current guys. Thanks to yesnomaybe for the heads up!

You know our buddy Andy Drake of fame of course. Well it seems as though breaking his arm and requiring surgery was simply not enough for him.

I'm back from the US, was a nightmare, ended up breaking my shoulder in Vegas, and seeing more of the inside of an ER room than Comdex.

I KNOW that if he would have been with us at the nudie-bar, none of this would have happened. There was nothing hard to bump into there, except for maybe the ladies might have had that trouble. Anyway, the World Famous OC Tips Page has had a serious update! Will give you more on Andy's trouble when we get the full scoop.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Hotter than Hell hardware reviews some 430 watt PSU that is decked out to meet current ATX12V specs. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone hook a PSU up to their cat to test it. (I made that up.)

The unit has a very convenient cut off switch in the back. This makes it very easy to shut down the power to your motherboard maintaining a good ground contact, by not unplugging the supply totally. The unit is also VERY quiet for one with a dual fan set up. Actually, it is safe to say that it is probably the quietest dual fan power supply we have ever worked with.

ProCooling has a look into a water-cooling system. This one has a window on the waterblock, so you can see the coolness swishing by. Not swishing in a gay way though.

Shutdown. Plug in TEC. Reboot. Alrighty then. Now temps are just below 10 degress Celsius. That's more like it. Crank it up to 850/1.75v. No probs. I play in Windows for a while. Great... 950/1.85v, Argh. I can screw around in Windows for about 15 minutes, but the thing crashes afterwards. I found stability at 938 mhz (not that great). At least the temperature hovers from 25 degrees to 28 degrees at load.

Hehe, he said "load".

Zach sent in word that there is some speculation over at 2CPU that the newer cC0 stepping Celerons MIGHT be SiMPy compatible. They got a few links back to Overclockers that frame the rumor. I would have to say NOT ON YOUR LIFE, but you never know.

SysReview covers setting up a simple LAN for the gamers out there. They cover it in a very basic manner, perfect for the newbie!

Structuring a local area network (LAN) is not only easy, but fast and cheap. Doing this can enable lag free gaming, file transfers and printer sharing. All versions of Windows make the drudgery of setting a network up effortless. The hardest aspect of building a LAN within your home or office is buying the right interface cards, then wiring it together. This guide is fundamentally for those that have two or more computers around the home or office and want to set up a LAN, assuming you already have a cable modem installed.

InsaneHardware has some more SiMPy stuff, this time on ABIT. Honestly I am not really familiar with the material but it looks to be very interesting and IH has an entire 11MB PowerPoint presentation for DL.

At the recent Via Technology Forum (VTF), we saw ABIT display a nice cluster of machines being demonstrated for the National Space Program Office of Taiwan. However we only saw a few pics of what was going on, however this is some stuff you may not have seen:

Talks of 32 CPU SMP Clusters; Beowulf Clustering; System Architecture of NSPO and Espoir Setup; Matrix Multiplication Benchmarks between Sun Sparc II; VP6 and BP6; BP6 vs VP6 vs VP20 Benchmarks; POV Benchmarks...and much more

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Overclockers has got a review of the painted Lian Li all aluminum case. You can buy these in the states over at Outside Loop Computers. Outside is a trusted vendor who I do not have any problem referring you to at all. Top shelf over there.

That's hard to say - being made of aluminum can't hurt it keep your system cool, and it certainly makes the case lighter. It's roomy inside, easy to work with, the thumbscrews make putting a system together in it a breeze, and it certainly seems like it's built to last. It's also pretty "cool" in the sense that it's different - and if it matters to you, expensive. When judged purely on its own merits (positive and negative), I think it's a damned good case.

Here is a quick article that we posted some time ago on my wife's brushed aluminum Lian Li box. VERY NICE STUFFS

We usually don't report on Hard Drives too much, but I just happened to pick one of these up on an auction site for US$160 that was new in the bag. The 61Gig Maxtor Diamond something. Very spiff. Gamers Depot has the review.

As for our recommendation, we can fully endorse this as a viable purchase choice for anyone interested in the newest high-capacity drives. With a $299 suggested retail price, it isn’t out of reach, but should actually sell for less than that. We would expect prices hovering around or below $250 when this drive finally hits the street.

JUST when you think FullOn3D is dead and gone, they come around and surprise us by actually posting something. This month's feature is an Interview with VIA's Director of Marketing, Richard Brown. Here are a couple of GOOD highlight questions.

Q: When do you expect to have a DDR chipset available for Athlon? For the Pentium III?

A: We’re very confident you’ll see DDR Pentium III boards on the market by the end of the year. The AMD solution will be available very early next year.

Q: What are your thoughts on Intel’s Pentium 4 and its chipset support. Do you think it is inevitable that Intel will have to grant you a license to produce a DDR chipset for the processor?

A: For the Pentium 4 to be successful, it will need DDR chipset support, and VIA is the leader in DDR. Beyond that I don’t wish to say anything.

Got US$18 to throw away on crap? If you do, here are two things that are shown off at TortureTest. And the kickers is that you get free brass nipple I mean thumbscrews. Sorry, the whole torture thing got me distracted.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Everyone else seems to be laying the wood to the Poochie, why not Transmeta? Thanks Chris.

Transmeta confirms recall of Crusoe chips

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Transmeta Corp. (NasdaqNM:TMTA - news) confirmed on Wednesday that it is working with Japanese computer maker NEC Corp. to recall notebook computers built with flawed versions of its power-saving Crusoe microprocessor. Transmeta said in a statement that the recall would take in ``fewer than 300'' NEC computers at risk of failing if the user reinstalled operating software.

I personally would not have fessed up to it being so few, the sales on that item must blow...

Our buds over at Soyo are jumping on the DDR bandwagon. Hopefully they will not be as late to market as they were on their Socket A platform. Soyo has done a great job over the last couple years and I would personally like to see them back in the mix.

FREMONT, CA (November 30, 2000) – SOYO Inc. today announced a pair of double data rate (DDR) memory motherboards with DDR chipsets, which improve performance in both Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) Socket-A Duron/Thunderbird CPUs or Intel Corp’s FC-PGA 370 Pentium III CPUs.

SOYO’s new SY-K7ALA-R is designed for AMD’s Socket A Duron/Thunderbird CPUs. It features Acer Laboratories Inc.’s (Ali) ALiMAGiK chipset. It can support a 200MHz or 266MHz systems bus and is compatible with faster performance and more economical DDR SDRAM. List price of the SY-K7ALA-R is $129 with discounts to volume buyers.

You think the Babbages CPL Event is not gonna be a bigass blowout? Check out the floorplan. I will be there playing this year, FEAR MY RAILGUN BEEZOTCHES! Hehe, not really, I do good to hit the ground anymore. Keep in mind that we will be having a Case Competition as well as a [H]ardware Workshop and I have lined up all kinds of good FREE STUFF for those of you that can attend!

This just in from Europe and from a credible source. I would consider this to be rumor at best, but it is still worth a laugh. It seems as if Asus is not available for comment. Must be having some private time....

Yesterday one of my people should install an ASUS 7100, when he came to the driver install he opened the CD with ASUS logo and all. Guess what the content was? It was NOT drivers but the most hardcore porn movie I have ever seen - YES it's true ASUS logo and all, but pure porn. At this stage I don't know if we should contact ASUS or just let it be.... Fun is it for sure....

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Athlon, clean and sober? Those damn guys over at the Tech Report know how to take the fun out of everything. Damn fuddy-duddies.

I think you will find the material that follows will show a meticulous and analytical approach that everyone can benefit from when dealing with computers.

Speaking of Athlons, AMD is NOT sitting on their laurels for sure as this story over at the Reg seems to confirm. We did see a 1.5GHz TBird running quite nicely at Comdex...

AMD was quietly confident earlier today in London when the company confirmed its plans for a 1.7GHz Athlon sometime in the second half of 2001. The new part will still be built using the current 180nm process as the first 0.13 micron samples from AMD's Dresden fab won't come on stream until late in the year for production in early 2002.

And coming around turn three, when all the other horses are in the straightaway, is VIA/Cyrix. Seriously though, there is going to be a large market for these kinds of CPUs with all the "Net Appliances" coming out.

VIA Introduces 650MHz & 667MHz Versions of the VIA Cyrix* III Processor Demonstrates company's growing momentum in Value PC market.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 30, 2000 - VIA Technologies, Inc. today introduced two new VIA Cyrix* III processors running at 650MHz and 667MHz, the company's highest-speed processors yet for the Value PC market. Built using an advanced 0.18 micron manufacturing process, the two new processors feature a 128KB Level 1 cache and support for a 100/133MHz Front Side Bus to ensure robust performance for the most popular productivity and Internet applications.

The VIA Cyrix* III is a socket 370 compatible processor targeted at the Value desktop, notebook, and Information Appliance markets. Available at speeds of 500MHz - 667MHz, the processor has the industry's smallest die size of 75mm2, ensuring exceptionally low power consumption and heat dissipation. Additional features include a 128KB Level 1 cache, 100/133MHz Front Side Bus support, and MMX* and 3DNow! instructions for enhanced multimedia performance.

And I thought MINE just did not work because I had done something to it! This in from AcesHardware, thanks to Ryan! The link to the original information is here at 3dfx.

Pentium® 4 and Voodoo

Voodoo3, Voodoo4, and Voodoo5 products are compatible with Intel's® new Pentium® 4 processor. 3dfx has been part of the Pentium 4 development effort and has tested and reviewed our products on these platforms. In fact, we have incorporate the new Pentium 4 SSE2™ optimizations into our Voodoo4/5 1.04.00 drivers.

Voodoo3/4/5 products are compatible with AGP 1x, 2x, and 4x universal connectors. They are fully compatible with all AMD® and Intel processors, including Intel's new Pentium 4. However, our current boards are not compatible with AGP 1.5 Volt ONLY connectors. This connector provides 1.5 Volt signaling to the socket and is physically keyed differently to prevent other AGP boards that required 3.3 Volt signaling from being plugged into the AGP 1.5 Volt only sockets. Unfortunately, the core logic chip for Intel's Pentium 4 does not support 3.3 Volt signaling on the AGP Bus.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

If you are blind, we posted our LAST GF2 Ultra review. I personally have been a little burned out on reviewing the same card over and over and over with simply a different name on it for some time. The Visiontek was done because, most likely you are not familiar with them and it lives up to the standards set by the known brands. Anyway, there you go.

Speedy3D has put together a Case Mod Resource Center. Of course, if you are hip and up with the schiznit, you will ONLY refer to it as the CMRC when in public. Otherwise you will come off as being unhip and NOT up with the schiznit, which is not a good thing if you are trying to bag the sole female techie in your office...

This section of Speedy3D is dedicated to all who are interested in case modification. You won't find any new material here. Instead, you will find links to an impressive amount of publications from around the net. Articles, guides, how-tos, reviews, tips... if it's related to case modification, you will find it here.

I have not looked into this and am not real sure how it differs from the original bios, but AthlonMB says they have a MSI KT7 Pro2 OCing BIOS. I think it allows for a higher core voltage but I am not 100% sure.

First Intel, now AMD? Thanks John Culver.

Micron Glitch Delays Athlon PCs

(11/29/00, 12:52 p.m. ET) By Mark Hachman, TechWeb News

If you want to purchase Micron's latest Athlon-based PC, be prepared to wait more than three months. Micron Electronics Inc. (stock: MUEI) is reporting lead times of 98 days on a version of the Millennia XP that uses the latest AMD-760 chipset from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (stock: AMD) and its new 266-MHz front-side bus speed, together with a 1.2-GHz Athlon microprocessor. The problem doesn't appear to be specific to any one supplier, Micron officials said Tuesday evening.

Wednesday November 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Heat Pipes. . . . haven't had much experience with them, they've been around along time though. JSI Hardware and the gang are messing around with one, although they don't seem to impressed with it. . . I think maybe a few design tweaks these things might kick some serious ass. Read what JSI Hardware said about this particular one.

Hey. . . here's a not-so-cool trick, send out a link to your GIRLS of COMDEX review. . . and the first thing you get is this. Bummer. . . . the link might be working by the time you read this, but I thought I'd bust the fellas balls over at AMDSource for teasing us like that.

News Image

A small blurb on the delay of the Asus A7M266 over at AthlonMB... not much info, but a little insight into the delay.

The good doctor has just received word from Asus that the A7M266 will not be available until the first of the new year. This pushes the date back at least five weeks from the original date. Well, time to pull the A7V back out of the box..

I laughed my ass off . . I cannot believe the name of this site, it RULES!!! They have a videocard / chipset cooler roundup. . . but I couldn't resist the opportunity to link to a site called TACONUTS. Go check it out. .

Maybe everyone doesn't get as psyched as I do over the awesome [H]ard artwork you guys do. . . but this stuff just plain stomps ass... ( not kicked... STOMPED ). You be the judge.

News Image

I steer way clear of POLITICS and such on the front page. . . . it's just not real appropriate, and it usually just pisses someone off. But here is the funniest thing to come out of the Election for gamers, THE TOP 10 THINGS GAMERS CAN LEARN FROM THE 2000 ELECTION.

While we're busy laughing. . . check out this story, it seems as though this "Porn Baron" has been forced to give up . . now while that may seem tragic, at least he didn't own . . heh, get it. . . he'd be forced to Give up theBooty??? ahh well, it was funny to me dammit :^)

more. . .

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Voodoo Update

Our buddy Borsti over at the Riva Station in Germany has posted some VERY surprising Voodoo5 Benchmark numbers comparing it to a GeForce2 Ultra. The Quake scores were complied using 3dfx's BETA DRIVERS THAT CAN BE DLd HERE, and along with THIS FILE, allows you to turn on Hidden Surface Removal.

Now I am not totally up to date on this but it sounds like 3dfx has initiated some sort of tiling calculations to their current architecture. If you are not up on tiling, you can read about it in our KYRO review from the summer. Then again, I may not know what the hell I am talking about. Also, we have NOT tried this here yet, so you are ON YOUR OWN if you hose your box.

I will say this, if this is for real, the sub-$200 Voodoo5 5000 just turned into a HELL OF A TOP-LINE CARD. May the Force be with you. Thanks to all you guys that sent this in.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Gotta admit, even though the P4 Benchmarks might not be exactly "blowing your skirt up". . . check out this Japanese page where the guy successfully got his P4 1.5GHz up to a pretty amazing 1.83GHz. The site is in all Japanese, but the benchmarks are in English. . . good stuff.

First we had the Survivor Series on T.V., being popular. . . pretty soon everyone had their own spinoff, even JeffK!! Well, there's a site called Torture Test out there where they plan on doing a Computer Survivor Series, done with computers. Ought to be pretty interesting.... our version of of the "Computer Survivor Series" happens every time Kyle benchmarks telling if it'll survive or not ( rimshot please )

Wow. . . I am not a Macintosh kinda guy ( no matter pictures you've seen from the 80's ), but this story on was pretty interesting. The Mac guys are going nuts over the Voodoo5. I do mean nuts. . . read:

Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing Coupled With Ultra-High Quake III Frame Rates At a Reasonable Price Make Voodoo5 a Must-Have Mac Solution SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- 3dfx Interactive(R) Inc. (Nasdaq: TDFX) today announced that Voodoo5(TM) 5500 PCI has garnered MacAddict magazine's coveted "Freakin' Awesome" award given only to the most valuable products and the coolest gizmos. Freakin' Awesome awards are bestowed whenever a product comes through the reviews process as best in its class. From the end-user perspective, MacAddict evaluated the product on behalf of someone who wanted a good general-purpose graphics card that could also provide a great gaming experience.

Now, the author calls this "Twin Turbo Cooling". . . I call it 101 cool uses for cardboard and yellow duct tape. Some of the best ideas on the planet take form like this one. It may look ghetto to some people, but to oters like me, I see genius in the making... good job Thomas.

News Image

OverClocked Inside have a pretty damn big cooler roundup. . . good read, with several pictures of each cooler as well. You be a little surprised at which ones we're the big performers and which didn't do so well. . Some no-name cooler jumpin' out there and hangin tough with the likes of the Alpha...

more. . .

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

I intercepted an e-mail this morning from a guy named Kevin Hill about our Case Modding article. It seems Mr. Hill is not only an avid overclockin' fool. . . but he is the Vice President of Tool Up ( heh... too easy ) and he has some pretty good deals on tools and they carry like 12,000 tools online, and 25,000 in the shop. Check em out. . . let me know what you guys think.

Davo the "MAN" from HotHardware's House of [H]ardness seems to be getting an awful lot of Soopa Spy info lately. . . this time he's got some IWill DDR board info over there. Damn that guy gets all the goods on everyone. Check out the .PDF he has posted over there for some DDR MoBo info.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. . . SOMEONE IS USING THE "BLOW HOLE" NAME ( and she's not even good looking )

Speaking of OUTRAGES. . . the Are Technical gang have been hacked!!! Look at their site. . . . I'm sure they'll be plenty pissed when they see what has happened!! And I thought it was bad that I made fun of them. . . damn. It just goes to show you, no matter how smart you are, your always vulnerable.

Scooping up on more DDR Motherboard info is AnandTech, with a whole new ALi Chipset for the DDR platform. Always good info at Anand's place:

Those of you that are new to the computer hardware scene may not be familiar with the impact Acer Laboratories Inc. (ALi) had on the evolution of AMD processors. The year was 1997 and AMD, for approximately one month, had the fastest x86 processor on the market. The K6’s introduction, and also AnandTech’s debut, in April of 1997 marked the first step in AMD’s long road to success. This was before the Pentium II was introduced, thus giving AMD control of the lime light, and it didn’t take them long to begin to reveal what they were planning for after the K6.

Borsti our man of action at RIVA Station has taken a look at the HSR feature in the new Voodoo5 drivers. For those of you not in the "know" yet, HSR stands for Hidden Surface Removal. Pretty weird results to say the least. .

The results are breathtaking at the first look. But you should look at them very carefully! HSR produces huge image glitches in resolutions of 1280x1024 and beyond, even with the lower option HSR=2. 1600x1200 is absolutely unusable. At this resolution it drops dozens of frames. You walk through a floor. The first frame you stand at the beginning, 1 second black screen and then you are at the end of that floor - unusable.

more in a bit... I hear CNN calling my name.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

O.K.. . . so maybe you need a little advice on what to put in your box, and if you need technical advice, look no further than Are Technical's System Guide. With names ranging from "The Budget Box" to "The God Box" they cover a little something for everyone, in true Ars Technica fashion. ( see, I know what their real name is... I just like calling them Are Technical ;^)

TechEXTREME has what they believe to be the Ultimate AMD Gaming Rig. While they choise a handful of really great products, I am not really sure it feels to ULTIMATE by the time they are done... I dunno.. you look and tell me what you think. As usual, I could just be whacked out this A.M.

The Daddy of all CPU Priceguides has reared it's head at SharkyExtreme again. . . . and the list reflects the *ahem* price drops in the P4. If you buy an OEM unit, they have dropped a fairly good chunk o' change on the low end P4, but the retail 1.5GHz unit is over $1200.00 still...OUCH!!! In contrast, the 1.2GHz AMD T-Bird is $485.00. Throw in a little Rambus memory and a new MoBo and your talking some real cashola here.

Heh. . . these guys name kicks mucho ass. They are Smokin' MHz. . . I'm not sure if you can get a buzz off that stuff, but the FrgMstr swears by it. The fellas over there are lightin up a big fat stick of Corsair memory over there for the fun of it...the page is a little slow though.

{NA} Shark sent in a picture of his hot rodded, blue flamed baby since we have a "soft spot" for flame jobs. . . schweet.

News Image

Hey. . . the music of choice this morning is Temple of the Dog. Powerful stuff. . .

O.K., so we have been know to promote a little destruction every now and again. . . but it's all in good fun. We are pleased to announce that AthlonOC is having a little giveaway of sorts, in exchange for a little PC Hardware Destruction. So you wanna do in that old monitor in a reall groovey way...flames and all?? The are interested, and want to give away some good stuff in return if you selected. Put on your [H]ard|OCP best and go win something.

got more on the way. . . stay tuned