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[H] Enthusiast Archives: January 2001Archive Listing

Wednesday January 31, 2001

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Our man in the field, Davo, from HotHardware says he's got some kinda super secret spy info from NVIDIA. They have an "informant" at on of the wafer fabs giving them specs, lies and videotape on unreleased product!! Seriously, go check out the mystery yourself...I'm sure the suspense is killing you.

Stumbled across this watercooled PC in the [H]ardForums, it just goes to show you what you can do with a little know-how and a lot of hard work. Definitely a great job on the case. . . .A ton of cool pictures in this thread, just about every angle of the unit is covered. Check it out.

FullOn3D has a FullOnChub over the new IWill KK266 board. . . CAS2 at 160MHz is nothing to sneeze at for sure, looks like a pretty decent damn board..they gave it high marks all the way around.

This is where it gets interesting. This board has full voltage (1.5-1.85V) and multiplier adjustments (5.0-12.0) as well as a +/- .1V VIO adjustments on the board, add to that the 66 different FSB options and you would expect it to overclock well, and it does. The board I have here does every front side bus offered with no problems at all. I went as high as 166Mhz and my RAM started to go south. I am running at CAS2 160MHz (320MHz DDR) right now without a hitch

Heh, Gamers Depot has got a little Epox Motherboard action this evening. I cant even say the name outloud without laughing over the whole "Eat Kate" name. Matter of fact, hold the box up to the mirror. . . what does it say?? I got $5 that says one of the marketing people's wife/girlfriend is named "Kate" . We have a review for you to compare it too... but we don't know any "Kate".

A Definitive Review Of The 64MB ACE CompactFlash Card??? If I have told Rojak once, I have told him a million times. . . DO NOT SAMPLE YOUR OWN STASH. This is Rojak Pot at work folks. . . no one reviews a Compact Flash Card... do they? Unless their all hopped up on Rojak's Pot. damn.....

Cisco using the whole [H] logo too??? I knew they we're cool. . but not that cool. Thanks to Heathen Yak for the heads up... funny.

News Image

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - CAT5 or Cat o' Ninetails??

I laughed so hard when I saw this. . . . until I realized just how scary this is. I have even made the comment about "getting my ass whupped" by a certain networking problem, but I never meant it literally. And for the record, that is ALL LEATHER, that is a MASK and those are WHIPS made from Network Cables... wow. Digital Discipline is home to this picture. . .

News Image

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Slow days like this are perfect for interviews, kick back and read about how some guy works at an awesome game company like Ritual Entertainment making games like Heavy Metal, Sin, Blair Witch. . . driving cool cars, parties...etc. while we're stuck here at work.... Oh well, if I can't live the life, I might as well read about it.

PCRoddin is looking over the Antec SX1030B file server case, I have seen some very cool mods done with this case in the past. Matter o' fact, I woulda whipped out the tool right there and started knocking some holes in that baby. . . Blow Holes, of course.

One of the most overlooked and highly important parts of a computer is the case. Today it is becoming more and more popular to "mod" your case. You can get a cheap no name case or you can get a several hundred dollar super case, and then hack it apart to try to make it do what it should have done straight from the factory....allow enough room to fit all your parts and keep them sufficiently cool. I found a case that can do this with no modifications at all

You know a story from The Register written by their "Special Correspondent" is gonna be oozing with top secret innuendo, rumors and quotes from "unidentified sources" . . . still fun to read:

The minions of the Satan Clara chip factory may be busy at work weaving a fabric to ensnare the entire computing and networking industries, but according to a leading industry analyst, this fabric has a few Rambus-sized holes in it.

This cool tip came in from Donney Finley. Easy to do and beats using a pair of nylon pantyhose over your fans:

Just a simple anti-dust tactic that works great on the SX1030. Buy some vent filters for the ducts and slide them up behind the front bezel. They fit almost perfectly and do a decent job of catching you don't have to ask any of your ladyfriends for used pantyhose! This is the closest pic I've been able to find

O.K. this site has haunted me ever since Kyle posted that picture of me in the 80's on a Mac with a Mullet. . . damn.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Hey, everyone's favorite Boi Wonder, Anand, has an MSI K7T Turbo Socket-A KT133A ATX review online. MSI has really come around lately with the performance boards, they may not be "perfected" yet, but they are working on it, and that's what counts ;^) Here's a clip from the review:

There are several reasons why the KT133A market is so popular these days. For starters, AMD processors are quite good for overclocking and relatively inexpensive. In keeping with those themes, the KT133A chipset serve as a very affordable and mature solution for everyone. Further, it allows users to stay with their SDRAM rather than going out for some DDR SDRAM and from a motherboard manufacturer’s perspective, designing a KT133A motherboard is not that hard at all, since they can be based on previous KT133 designs in most cases. All in all, it’s no surprise that every manufacturer is bring a KT133A product into this competitive market.

Normally I don't cover soundcard stuff for two reasons, they are not real big overclockers and every time I post the reviews, Kyle smacks me in the head.... but with the soundcard market like it is since Aureal dropped out of the business, it's nice to see a little something different on the soundcard front other than another "flavor" of SBLives!.

Philips has been one of the major forces in consumer electronic for years but have never been that major in the PC market where it’s mostly been speakers using the USB connection that made Philips famous. Last fall all this changed when Philips officially announced three new sound cards. The cards are all now shipping and are going by the names of Rhythmic Edge (stereo output), Seismic Edge (quad output) and Acoustic Edge (upto 6 channel output).

TechExtreme reviews the GeForce 2 MX TwinView. . . cool dual monitor setup on a budget gaming card, now if I could just get dual heads on my GeForce 2 Ultra, that'd be sweet as hell.

The reference board Nvidia sent to me has 3 outputs. It's designated as a 2 CRT board and also has a TV-Out connector. It's outfitted with 32mb of 6ns SDRAM situated in 4 8MB chips from Samsung and clocked at 175mhz for the core. For purposes of this review I used a 19 inch Viewsonic monitor with 1600x1200 maximum resolution and a generic 17 inch monitor with a maximum of 1280x1024 resolution for testing the dual-CRT configuration. This reference card doesn't have a heatsink/fan, but I haven't had problems running or playing games due to heat problems.

looking around. . . not as "busy" as yesterday. Feel free to send me anything cool in the meantime, like your favorite MP3 source page so I can do something resourceful.... like listen to music while it's slow.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

OCAddiction has seriously screwed the pooch this time, we have stuffed just about everything you can think of into a PC, but this is some seriously funny stuff here. I told them to stick to the pussy, but NOOOOO they just couldn't listen now could they. . . look what happened Yo Quero PC??

Haven't heard anything big outta them crazy bastards at Insane Hardware lately. Well this A.M. they are looking into Volcano's. . . really. They have a Thermaltake Volcano II cooler on deck. Read all about it here....

Thermaltake Technology are about to release another Socket A cooler, however this new product is not of the usual orb style we have seen from Tt. The Super Orb has been a great success for Thermaltake and their new Volcano II Heatsink is one of traditional heatsink architecture. Rated to support upto a 1.5GHz Athlon, the Volcano II has as standard fan that pushes 36cfm at only 4500RPM! This could be a cooler that brings the competition right upto the Global Win FOP38.

What the hell is wrong with me??? I missed the Weekly Hardware Price Guide at The Tech Zone. . . . the world is going to hell in a handbasket for sure.

This week you can pick up a 1,000Mhz Thunderbird for just $174.00! On the video card side the price of the Asus V7700 GTS Deluxe for just $214.49! Also a stick of 256 Meg Corsair PC-133 RAM can be had for just $126.49. Check all the prices here.

Tiny little Copper Coolers at Frosty Tech. The fan is twice the size of the heatsink. . . heh, funny. Didn't have a chance to go all the way through the review and see how it actually performed.

When we say the Neng Tyi P366 is a solid copper heat sink we mean just that. Apart from the clip, and fan everything on this little guy is copper. While the fins are bonded to the 3mm thick copper base, we're not sure if they are soldered or glued in some fashion. The joint appears to be good enough for thermal conduction as would be expected.

Fred Durst ( Limp Bizkit ) annoys the hell outta me, and I still can't stop listen to him. . . heh, I'm a freak.

Tuesday January 30, 2001

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Wow...pretty busy day today. I posted a link earlier to the guy with the car/mp3 project, which set off a bunch of replies to other projects etc. This one is probably one of the coolest I have ever seen.... I ripped a few pics here, but there are lots of pics on this guys page. . . very cool stuff. , thanks to Dennis at PCInsight for the heads-up.

News Image   News Image

FREE STUFF alert. . . Two 30gb ATA/100 Hard Drives, get em while they're hot, at Hypothermia. Then we have more FREE STUFF at in the form of a P3-750. So theres your nightly opportunity to win some cool FREE STUFF.

Like a horrible pr0n movie title, TacoNuts is all over the CompuNurse. . . wow-chicka-wow-wow. That's actually pretty disgusting...

As with any kind of management, managing the temperature of the components in your PC requires precise measurements so that you can make adjustments accordingly. If your PC is too hot you may buy more fans or change the positioning of the ones you already have. Many motherboard companies have supplied onboard temperature probes, which can be very handy. However, while playing a game your computer is at its hottest and you are not able to see the software readout. The solution is a CompuNurse.

And, in the "just because these sound really neat" Dept. I was checking out this 80gb external hard drive. They'd have to come down in price before I was using it to lug around files and tunes, but still cool none the less. Have a look..

Maxtor is a familiar and trusted name in computer hard drives. They have been in business since 1982 and provide a wide range of storage devices as well as adapter cards. Maxtor's recent addition has been the new 1394 compatible external storage system, which allows you to easily connect it to any 1394 compliant port and have fast easy access to the drive. Today we are taking a look at their 80GB version and putting it to the test.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

PCScoop has taken the latest from Abit and put it through it's paces, we're talking about the KT7A-RAID. Good info all the way around on this one, here's a clip:

The original KT7 boards used the VIA KT133 chipset while the newer KT7A boards use the KT133A chipset. Now, that explains where the A in KT7A comes from doesn't it?? There are a few differences between the two chipsets, but the main things most of you will be interested in is built-in support for UDMA/100 drives and (even bigger...) support for a 133MHz Front Side Bus that is required for the new Athlon and Duron processors that use an internal 266MHz bus. Some of you really sharp readers out there may remember that the original boards had support in the BIOS for a wide variety of bus speeds including 133MHz. The problem with that is the older KT133 chipset just didn't handle the increase in bus speed very well.

Price Guide Day! ! ! It's Sharky and the Memory Guide time. . . . doing their weekly memory... uh, guide thingy, some big movers this week, and prices remaining super low across the board.

And if that wasn't enough Price Guide action for you, the Tech Zone has it's all-around weekly "Hardware PriceGuide", They have a 1GHz Thunderbird listed for under $175 bones. . . really. Good stuff, go get you some... info that is.

Gamers Depot is doing the dripping drool thingy over there again, we're talking slobberin' fools over there when they review hardware. They got the drool slinging all over a P4 board made by MSI... think I'm joking about the "drippy drool" thing...check it out for yourself.

As most of our readers will know by now, this chipset supports a smorgasbord of features and advances in technology like a quad-pumped 100Mhz bus, thus raising the effective bus speed to 400Mhz. Of course at the time of announcement, the only memory that was readily available to support this bus speed is the vile Rambus’ RDRAM memory. Not because it’s necessarily better than DDR SDRAM, but because it’s out, and ready. Rambus has come under fire, for a couple different reasons, but mostly because of the damage they continue to dish out on the market. They have very unethical business practices that force competing memory makers to pay them royalties. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they make more money off of their bogus royalties than they do the actual selling of RDRAM. End Rambus rant here. =p

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Just a Note for you OEM Guys

THG has whipped up something that will appeal to many of you guys that like to read about this [H]ard|Core stuff but never really have the time to jump into it. While I think my esteemed colleagues would take me out back and beat me to a bloody pulp if I ever bought an OEM desktop box, that does not mean it will be a dangerous situation for you. Unless of course you buy one that sucks so hard you later kill yourself. THG raps up some OEM P4 and AMD systems and puts them head to head in that well-known Tom fashion.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

VIA Technologies sends along a Press Release about their DDR Summit Press Conference & Platform Partner Pavilion. Looks and sounds awesome, I was going to post the whole P.R. on a separate page, but VIA Themselves have a whole page dedicated to it right HERE. Read it, know it, love it.

The Are Technical gang has a semi-regular feature called "Ask Ars" where readers get a little help from them Are Technical team...they are going over some WinMil System Restore stuffs. . . a good read for your Me users.

After disabling System Restore, you can just delete this folder. Right? Hmmm...mine uses up an average of 32-40 megs of disk space even with System Restore disabled. When you try to delete the folder, Windows Me tells you (politely) that the folder is still in use, and cannot be deleted. Well, we're gonna have to fix that, now aren't we?

What the hell does a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse, MP3's, a desktop computer and bungie cords all have in common?? They are in this guys "Car Audio Project" that happens to have his system bungie strapped into the trunk.... pretty sweat system, other than the hold down system... check it out.

Damn. . . this has got to be Tip of the Day!!! Check it out. . . . Ken Conroy sent in this tip for running Games under Win2k that I have put on it's own page since it can help a lot of you Win2k users, and it works.

Here's a trick I came up with for running games under Win2K, using high priority, rather than screwing with batch files or 3rd-party launchers. Here's how to modify a standard Windows shortcut to run anything at any priority, without creating a single shell script

Legion Hardware looks at an X-Micro Impact 4 Ultra. . . . I've never had my hands on a board made by X-Micro, but this one sure seems to have a lot of the "bells and whistles" on it.

They’re finally at the end of the road; well at least as far as the current available nVIDIA chipsets will take them. X-Micro have perfectly executed their entire range of GeForce2 based cards. X-Micro have created the entire GeForce2 range along the same guidelines, their guidelines were to keep their boards simple in order for them to be cheap! You will notice that all X-Micro boards follow the nVIDIA reference board very closely; the latest X-Micro product, the Impact 4 Ultra, is a perfect example of this. The Impact 4 Ultra is almost identical to the nVIDIA Reference board we have here at Legion Hardware, the only major difference is X-Micro have followed their tradition of adding TV-Out.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

John Myers, as well as many others are seeking to have the "128kbps cap" lifted for the users of @Home cable service. So if your interested in the cause, or would like to just help a brudda out, head on over and sign this PETITION right here. . . . it will go a long way towards feeding the starving pr0n addicts everywhere. Or something like that ;^) It don't hurt to sign the petition and help them poor @Home users anyhow...

Here's some cool MoFo news this A.M., This page has some news on a new MP3 format that will cut the file size of standard MP3's in half. . . yeah baby. Check it looks to be promising. Double your MP3 on your current hard drive!!! Cool. . . more MP3's, less space. . .

Speaking of music, MP3's and all that. . . PC Mechanic has a nice little write up on "How NOT to burn a coaster" If you are one of the handful of people out there who have a hell of a time using stuff like "Easy CD Creator" or "Elmo ties his shoes by himself" you need to read this and get a grip on making flawless audio CD's. ( or better coasters ).

It seems everyone got a CD burner for Christmas, and it also seems that people are making their share of drink coasters, that is, burned CD's that don't play at all, or don't play in your home or car CD player, and end up being used to keep water marks off the furniture. There are a few basic principles that apply to every system that can help, regardless of the particular burning program you're using

Pentium4 news has slowed a tad, but Hardware-Unlimited is busting out this P4 Motherboard review for your reading pleasure. Dammit...everyone keeps using the little [H] everywhere to signify hardness. . . . wait a minute, that's GOOD ;^) nevermind...keep reading.

Surprisingly enough there are only a few Pentium 4 boards on the market now. This could be because of shift in socket design and low success of the processor at this point. However, once the processor moves to the new socket design and the chip moves to faster speeds the Pentium 4 should become a mainstream processor, much like the Pentium III. As many of you already know, most Intel motherboards are auto-detect and you don't have any control over the multiplier, hence you have little room for overlocking. Intel boards have been very popular with OEM manufacturers and pre-assembled computers and they usually aren't very popular with [H]ard computer folk because of their lack of overlockability.

Old McDirectX had a farm. . . E,I,E,I,O. . . with a DirectX here, and a DirectX there. . here a DirectX there a DirectX...everywhere a DirectX. What the hell was I going to say?? Oh yeah, OverClockers Cafe' has a DirectX comparison, that pits all the latest X's against each other. Kinda like DX DeathMatch or something.

There has been a lot of stuff flying around about DirectX 8a coming out. Sure we all know that DirectX7 and 8 are eons ahead of the DirectX2 of years gone by. But how good are they between one another? DirectX CAN and sometimes is a royal #)%$ to work with. For instance, this article that is comparing DirectX 7a, DirectX 8, and DirectX 8a took seven hours to get just a few benches. Seven hours because in deleting out DirectX and reinstalling the old one I somehow hosed up my box. One format and a lot of new obscenities later (not necessarily in that order) we have some data for you.

Monday January 29, 2001

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Stolen News

It is that time again to go around to the sites that I like to visit and rip them off. This is the first time doing it, let me know whether it sucks or blows.

ShugaShack - Napster to become a subscription service. Seems to me that is worse than giving it away!

Stomped - Sega Dreamcast not quite dead yet. - Eurogamer has a report that Sega has confirmed their new business strategy. They apparently have a deal with British-based PACE Micro Technology PLC that will allow PACE to produce set top boxes containing Dreamcast technology. The boxes will also contain hard drives, broadband support, and of course complete compatibility with Dreamcast games.

VoodooExtreme - VE snags some stuff from Ace's Hardware about the P4.

HotterThanHellHardware - They have a PDF posted on Asus' new flexible memory board. I assume that means it will have DDR and SDRam slots like the Microstar promises.

[H]ard|Forum - Of course don't forget the Babe Thread is most likely a million pages longer by now since the last time you looked. Unless of course that is all you have been doing all morning.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

First off I would like to say thanks to you guys for checking out the HeatsinkFactory and giving us back your thoughts on what needs to be changed with his services and his page. Many of the things you guys are suggesting are taking place this morning.

Need to tweak the GF2 but don't know how? Let the Guru lay some Utility action on you. Good stuff if you have been missing out on this.

This utility allows you make a lot of modifications to the registry settings of your Geforce videocard. All registry mods work. From version 2.0 on the GTU includes a working overclocking feature (all earlier versions didn't do that correctly). There are some beta options that you can use, but I don't know if and how they work. Try them at your own risk.

God knows we need another one of these! If you have not seen the GeForce2 Ultra in action, then IANAG lays down what the Asus model is all about. Hopefully we will see some NV20 action pushing the prices down on these Ultras pretty soon.

Now if we think in a brute force way, similar looks lead to similar performance. Correct, that is exactly the case for Geforce2 Ultra cards. Since companies have followed the same design, no much variation exists between different Geforce2 Ultra cards. Factors that distinguish between them are mostly the enclosed software package (games, apps, etc…), the drivers, and any additional hardware (e.g.: 3D Glasses). These are the things that I will be exploring in this review, along with some performance tests and benchmarks that should enlighten us to what the ASUS AGP-V7700 Ultra can do.

Thanks to Ben Funk (dunno if that is his real name or not, but if it is, we are sorry) for pointing this out over at Anandtech. It is a 1GHz Linux box for sale. Interesting to see Linux come preloaded on a desktop.

What you're getting here is Red Hat 7.0 with a few modifications and everything works right out of the box. Aside from a few relatively picky details, there aren't any major problems with the setup. As with any machine, check out what was installed and customize it to suit your needs. If the machine is for playing games, you likely won't need Apache running, so there's a good place to start. Further, the shipped NVIDIA drivers are extremely fast and provide excellent performance.

I KNOW there are still some of you out there that need this. The 3DSpotlight 3dfx Voodoo3 Tweak Guide. In fact I KNOW you need it.

Given the current state (Or lack) of 3dfx I decided I may as well update this guide for the latest 3dfx Voodoo 3 drivers that are available, given that the past version of the guide has been outdated for quite some time now. Of course, where appropriate I’ve listed alternative download links, rather than those to the soon to be removed 3dfx servers. This guide has been prepared in Windows 9x/Me & Windows 2000 using the latest drivers.