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[H] Enthusiast Archives: February 2001Archive Listing

Wednesday February 28, 2001

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Heh. . . this has got to be one of the most honest reviews I have ever read. . . Club Overclocker has their hands on some Artic Silver II thermal compound. Normally.... unless it's truly ground breaking or awesomely different, I'm not into the whole "thermal compound" reviews, but I really liked the message from this one.

yes, I know about the Quake in Seattle...Thanks to CNN and about 7,904,222,765,888,123,456 readers ;^) yes, I know Bill Gates lived through it... please, no more e-mail...

The Dopeman sends word that The Rojak's Pot is now weighing in with this review / article. . . .is it just me, or is there some SERIOUS undertones going on here?? Heh. . . he say's "15 grams"... I bet.

CompactFlash cards are small, solid-state storage devices designed for use in portable devices. Weighing less than 15 grams each and smaller than a matchbox in size, they are highly portable and yet very tough. As such, they have been extensively used in many portable devices like digital cameras, MP3 players and PDAs for data storage.

An example of the e-mail we get around here...I am NOT making this up. It contained a LINK that had 593 characters / letters in it ...WTF.

News Image

What has happened here??? 2 days go by with NO CONTESTS or Giveaways?? Sacrilege I tell you!!! Here. . . FREE 256mb of PC133 SDRAM at Hypothermia. That'll count as my FREE STUFF linkage for the last two days. Whew, I bet you guys thought we'd have to go a full two days without FREE STUFF. . . ( not if I can help it ;^)

[H]ardNews 5th Edition - Global Win goes Copper

I think the pictures say a thousand words. Be advised that the retail unit will have a shroud on it to help direct air flow. This is the new CAK38 from Global Win with 7K RPM fan.

News Image   News Image   News Image

News Image   News Image

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

HardwareOC being the freakity freaks that they are have whipped up a pretty sweet invention, they made a beer / soda cooler in the top of their PC using a tin can and a peltier. Mmmmm, Ice cold drinks, thanks to your PC. Is it practical.... uh, NO. Is it cool as hell.... hell yeah!!!

Blue Smoke ( I'm not touching the whole "blue smoke up my what??". . . too easy ;^) has a Rounded Cables review, the thing I noticed most about their site though was the blatant rip-off from the idsoftware Q2 site.. LOL!! Check out the menu bar on Blue Smoke and then check out the Quake2 site. Wow. . . bad idea.

That Nutty Bastard at PCNut is still giving everything away over there before he moves the whole operation down to Nevada . . . yeah, baby. I'll tell you what, PCNut has a Leadtek GeForce2 ULTRA over there cheaper than any price found on Price Watch today. . . and that's including the $8 FedEx shipping. Same goes for their Abit Siluro MX. I suggest getting over there and taking advantage of him, I would ;^)

The Cheese has completely slid off the Cracker.... "All Your Base" has hit TIME magazine. Good God.

An "A" for effort here for sure. Macrpoo sent this link in to a homemade watercooling setup that runs out of a refrigerator . . . lot's of pics to keep you occupied as well. The author ain't looking to be the fastest or most innovative, he's just sharing what works really well.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - Wishing Andy Well

Andy Drake of BXBoards has made a post to his site announcing that BXBoards is no more. Anyone who knows Andy, knows that today... one of the BEST in the business is leaving us. Do me a huge favor and take a minute of your day to wish Andy, our friend, all the best.

It is with regret, tinged with a large amount of relief, that I am announcing the decision to close BXBoards.

As many of you who have been with us since May 1998 know, BXBoards started out as a hobby, and without any grand design on my part, grew into something much, much larger. Since 1998 the reviewing industry has changed, and I use the word "industry" because that is what it has become. Unfortunately page impressions are now king, with thorough testing now taking a back seat. The first review is vital, and unfortunately "first" and "thorough" are not compatible. As many of you know I've held down a full time job during my tenure and BXBoards and have often been working 18 hour days or more to give products the thorough testing they deserve, but after 3 years doing this its now time to move onto pastures new.

As to whether the site will survive in some form, its too early to say. The server is paid for up to March 22nd, so we are not going anywhere until then, but after that who knows? I'm hoping to find new owners for the site who will pick up the financial gauntlet. I'm sure there is money to be made somewhere, but frankly unless we turn into a 5 banner a page site, its not going to happen, and I'd rather kill it off with some dignity rather than go down that route.

I still intend to stay in hardware reviewing, but take a back seat rather than being the "face" of a high profile site with all the pressures, financial and otherwise that entails. Quite where or who I end up writing for remains to be seen, but lets just say I've a few irons in the fire :)

Its been a pleasure to serve you, and I'll miss it, but all good things...

For now, I will bid you goodbye.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

What is cooler than watercooling?? How about liquid nitrogen?? How about submersing your whole system in it!!! Heh. . . the OCTools guys are at it again, with part #2 of "Mission Submersible #2". . damn guys, this is a MUST SEE.

News Image

I am as much as an Overclocking Freak as the next OCP'er. . . but I tend to shy away from modding my boards for extra voltage. If it's available in the BIOS, then more than likely I'll give it a whack. . , if not, I am not about to bust out a soldering gun on my new MoBo. This doesn't seem to be the case with they are soldering all over the 8KTA3 board. . . . remember, I only provide the links. I do not advocate soldering anything on your MoBo.

AMD is getting some really good press ( even rearing their head at IDF...LOL ) lately, and from the sounds of this ZDNet story, there seems to be a little research to back the claims.

After a recent trip to Asia, Eric Rothdeutsch, an analyst with Robertson Stephens, concluded that AMD is gaining on Intel. "One clear area of consensus among the motherboard manufacturers we met with is the demand for AMD-based motherboards," he said. "Demand for Athlon and Duron motherboards appears robust--so robust in fact, that one manufacturer is on allocation for AMD motherboards." AMD's Athlon and Duron chips are touted as the company's two Intel-killers. According to Rothdeutsch's informal survey, demand for Pentium 4 motherboards are lackluster.

GeForce3 pictures from AkibaPC. . . damn them Japanese guys always get the goods. Damn. . . I have seen a handful of pics floating around the net. . . but these are the real deal.

Hercules has jumped out there with their "Official GeForce3" announcement. . . the price being $529.99. Not as high as first thought. . . but not real low either. A small suggestion to the Guillemot / Hercules gang. . . ditch the damn "demo" CD's, cut out the "Filler" crap. . . put it in a solid black box ( to save $$ ) that just says "GeForce3" and shave $50 offa that price. You be knocking the competition dead..... or I'm whacked outta my melon...either / or ;^)

The Register ran a small blurb about the future Intel P4 Northwood. The actual pics of the chips are posted on this Japanese site PCWatch ( or decide ;^) and pretty interesting stuff. The damn thing is supposed to DEBUT at 2.0GHz. . . whoa.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Dr. Damage ( damn that name kicks ass ) of the Tech Report has some Antec SX-1030 case luvin' going on over there. . . . pretty nice case, and as always, you can count on the Tech Report gang to tell it like it is. . check it out.

Everybody loves the idea of a case that opens without tools, but typically that either means screws that turn with your fingers instead of a screwdriver or simply leaving the screws out of the side panel and hoping it doesn't rattle or fall off. The Antec panel opens with a simple pull of the latch, then swings out and comes off. When it's time for the panel to go back on, just push the front edge snug and swing it closed until it latches. You never have to worry about lining up tabs on the panel with notches on the case, or having the panel bind up when it's halfway on. Also like a car, there is a key lock on the latch if you're security minded.

All hung up on the GeForce3 news??? well Legion Hardware hasn't forgot about the GeForce2 just yet. . .they have a Chaintech Desperado R193 GeForce2 Pro board in the chute, getting a once over. The gang over there has different style review layout, making things a little interesting... With all the other motherboard companies ( Abit, Asus..etc ) already into the VidCard biz. . . how will the do?? See for yourself.

Was gonna post some of this Intel Developers Forum stuff last night, but I had word that the ViaHardware gang is hitting it big with their coverage. . . got some cool shots from the show, and even cooler info. Get some. . .

AMD and VIA at IDF? That's not to say AMD's presence was huge at IDF, but you could certainly sense the pressure put on Intel by their biggest rival. AMD760 based boards were displayed without fear in many of the DRAM producers booth's, something that surely would not have been tolerated at past IDF events. VIA also had a particularly strong presence this year, especially among the major DRAM manufacturers. Hyundai, Toshiba, Micron, and Samsung all had VIA chipsets on display in one form or another. NEC was even showing off the K7T266 Pro, a VIA KT266 chipset board with an NEC USB 2.0 controller integrated onboard.

Wow. . . you'd think this cooler couldn't get any more press, then along comes my buddy Justifier from OCAddiction with their review of the Thermaltake Volcano II. A good cooler getting some pretty good press. They pit it against a Vantec FCE, so let's see what the OCA freaks thought of the outcome.

Now is a great time to be an overclocker. With more and more items showing up in the market to help out the budget minded, performance seeking PC aficionado, things can only get better. I remember when I purchased my first celeron 300a, there was only one type of HSF unit for the serious overclocker, ALPHA. As of late, Alpha has fallen by the wayside in favor of bigger, better and cheaper CPU coolers. Such as the two we have here to day in the OCA secret labs. The Thermaltake Volcano II and the Vantec FCE-645240D. Both very fine units that can be had for less than a $20 spot. I believe my first Alpha was over $54.00 with both fans before shipping.

Just getting fired up folks. . . lots more on the way. . .

Tuesday February 27, 2001

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

A little evening humor. . . . has a cool "Funny Pictures" area that is definitely worth scrolling through. Some images you might have seen here and there, but they have a bunch of great stuff that I personally hadn't seen. Good for a chuckle. . .

Here is a simple mod that really is kick ass. . . Bit Tech has taken an 8port network hub and installed it internally in their PC. Looks pretty spiffy too. Heh, the author had a "brainwave". . . just one??

I have a small network at home to share the internet connection and printer, as well as for gaming. I use a small 5-Port hub from Planet, the DHD-500. After going to a couple of LAN parties, I realised it would be cool to have everything ready when you got there, so you could just plug-and-play (sic), that my mini-hub was narrower than my PC case, and I was running out of sockets in my room..."hmmmm...." I thought, and after a quick look in my case, I had a brianwave.

heh. . . 72,423 people have let me know that ANYTHING in that Chinese Oil Painting site URL will work. . . to test it out, I tried and you guessed it. . . it worked. I think later I will try out, DOH!!!!

HA! ! ! What a HOOT. . . check this out. GO HERE, Then type in "All your base are belong to us". . . and you thought the original translation got hosed, wait till you see this one. Blame Michael for that one...

Extreme Overclocking puts the screws to Soyo's latest socket-a motherboard, the K7VTA PRO. Does it overclock?? Does it Extremely Overclock?? heh. . you'll have to find out. But they did hit 145 FSB according to their numbers posted over there. .

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

What is up with this??? I got this link earlier from a OCP reader asking "what's up with the www.hardocp in this sites URL??" Uh, you got me. . . . heh, funny stuff. It's a nice Chinese Oil Painting site, with some very nice work on it. . . but I have no idea what's up with our name in the URL. . . . funny stuff for sure, just look.

toxic tooothpaste. . . myth??. . .urban legend??


PC-133 168-pin DIMM

256M168T16C-133 256M 16Megx8, 16 Chips, 32Mx64, PC133 $62.25

128M168T8C-133 128M 16Megx8, 8 Chips, 16Mx64, PC133 $29.50

128M816T8C-133 128M 8Megx16, 8 Chips, 16Mx64, PC133 N/A

128M808T16C-133 128M 8Megx8, 16 Chips, 16Mx64, PC133 $31.50

64M808T8C-133 64M 8Megx8, 8 Chips, 8Mx64, PC133 $16.50

PC-100 168-pin DIMM

128M808T16C-100 128M 8Megx 8, 16 Chips, 16Mx64, PC100 $31.00

64M808T8C-100 64M 8Megx 8, 8 Chips, 8Mx64, PC100 $16.50

64M416T8C-100 64M 8Megx 8, 8 Chips, 8Mx64, PC100 N/A

32M416T4C-100 32M 4Megx16, 4 Chips, 4Mx64, PC100 $12.00

New GlobalWin HSF's?? Sure looks like it. . . they have announced the Fop68 ( pictured ) as well as a host of different coolers. Gotta admit being a big fan of most of their stuff, GlobalWin makes a pretty damn good HSF.

News Image

And what would a week be like without the "Weekly Ram Guide" at Sharky Extreme ( I suppose you could take that several ways...)?? The Sharkster had this to say about the all time low RAM prices.

For the most part, all of the SDRAM on our charts this week dropped ever so slightly in price. We cannot say we are surprised as the past few weeks have seen the RAM market slide slowly down in price. At any rate, this is great news for you, the consumer! 256 Megabyte PC133 CAS3 modules lead the price drop, coming in at a low $47. You will not find a better balance of price, performance, and memory storage. If you're leaning toward performance over sheer memory size, check out the 128 megabyte sticks of PC133 CAS2 at only $55.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

MadOnion is bustin' out with an Hi-Res ( 11.8mb ) video trailer and a Low-Res ( 4.5mb ) of the New 3DMark2001. . . spiffy-ass Matrix style action as Max Payne shoots some stuff up. . . awesome video effects used all the way through, and you know if it's from MO, it's gotta be kick-ass.

News Image

VCSDRAM from NEC is getting some press from the fellas at Not a whole helluva lot of benchmarking and testing done, but they do give you a general idea of what VCSDRAM is.

The VCMemory is a memory core technology designed to improve memory data throughput efficiency and initial latency of memories. Intended for use in next generation memory systems, the VCMemory technology is ideal memory for a wide range of application such as Multimedia PC, Game machine, Internet Server etc. The slow core operation memory such as DRAM, Flash Memory and Mask ROM can get very significant performance improvements with VCMemory technology.

Dan's Data. . . staying with the whole "so far off the beaten path it ain't funny" theme he has going lately, is done reviewing model cars and has moved on to THE CLAW!!! I talked with the owner of this company awhile back, I think I'll get him to send of these things to Kyle, since he's been wanting one of these, that'll shut him up make him happy!!!!

Hey. . . a 3-in-1 Cooler that looks pretty damn cool is being reviewed Mikhailtech. It looks pretty damn versatile and fairly cheap too. They also are giving away some of these, but it's one of them "answer a buncha damn questions and then head into the forums...etc." But the review is worth checkin' out. . . and THAT is why I am linking this one.

3DSound Surge has the goods on some SBLive! action. . . the XGamer 5.1 and the MP3 5.1 editions. Great sound cards, but don't let the packaging fool ya. . . they are the same card, just different bundles. Oh yeah. . . in case your wondering WHY I am even talking about soundcard stuff here, cause I thought this was pretty cool... check it:

Our goal is that anyone looking for any information on the Live products, regardless of the model, should find that information in our reference review. We will be continuously updating our reference reviews with new information so it should always be the definitive source of up to date information.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Amdmb, yeah you know me. . . er, uh. . . them. whatever. ( note to self...all white rappers suck ) Anyhow. . .the Amdmb gang have themselves a spanky-doody Asus A7M266 AMD 760 Motherboard Review. Not sure if the fellas are blowing their own horn or what...Check it out.

Although a little late in its debut, it is AMDMB’s objective to highlight Asus’ A7M266 in its correct and deliberate configuration. That is 266MHz FSB processor support and PC2100 memory. Currently, there are approximately ten or so A7M266 reviews available on the Internet. Unfortunately, many are deficient in the appropriate processor and or memory configuration. Fortunately, AMDMB intends to present a different perspective with today’s review. It is going to be concise and deliver the proper message to prospective consumers. It will present a theoretical bleu-print between the performance of the Asus’ A7M266 and its predecessor, the A7V. With this information, you, the consumer will be able to determine if the value of said product displays a compelling value to justify an upgrade; or further support the argument to wait for AMD’s next manifestation.

A while back, I asked you guys for a little help on where to find one of them "Espresso" PC, well. . after all your great advise. . I found one. I am now turning to you guys again for some advice. I have been on the phat pipe ( cable modem ) for over 2yrs, and I need some advice on a USB Modem for the Espresso PC. Let me know HERE.

News Image

I am not even sure WHO to credit with this. . . . this just popped up in my box today. When you really look at the [H]ard|Forum numbers, it sure makes you wonder why your not in there right now creating you own havoc!! LOL I also would like to dispute my piddly-ass "98th" ranking with almost 1200 posts. A must see for sure.

Them Frozen Freaks From FrostyTech have themselves a Thermaltake Volcano II review up. . . they don't give it to high of mark in the "innovation" or "tech support" dept., but then again, if you need tech support on a HSF, back slowly away from the keyboard. Heh. . .

Monday February 26, 2001

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Been sort of slow today. The official release time of 9am EST has been set by NVIDIA for the GeForce3 pieces. Oddly enough, you will not see any reviews of the card though, not to my knowledge anyway. We will discuss it tomorrow.

TrainWrecker takes on the big Zalman. Mmmm mmm, nothing like a fresh Zalman on big slice of toast. The rather odd-looking Zalman was covered in our HSF Roundup as well.

The bottoms are polished and smooth. The fins are .3 mm thick. All the information including price are nowhere to be found in any language other that Korean. I have been trying to contact some Korean friends to do some translation but with no success. So, the price is a mystery and the specs are our detective work. As far as finding a distributor in your area or on the net--good luck.

OCersOnline also covers the Cyclone 5000 case. It is the one that already has those spiffy BlowHoles cut and mounted with fans. No tool required. Steve looked into this case a while back, here are his thoughts for comparison.

Coolerguys really built a very good overclockers case with plenty of cooling and expansion possibilities.

Since we have a few hours till all hell breaks loose, study up on the history of the CPU. Yeah, go do it you damn newbie. Get some of that stank off of ya! ;)

Late 1978: Just a short while later, Intel released the 8088. This processor also came in 4.77 and 8MHz flavors, and was used in many of the early IBM PC computers as it was cheap(er) to produce and of course, featured the stunning 16-bit internal design. The 8088 used an 8-bit external bus, however, because IBM didn't want the PC being faster than its mainframe systems.

Korgun forwarded me this [H]ard|Thread that points towards a very good possibility that MS will be charging yearly for its new XP OS. That gives Linux a little time to get some plug and play functionality together.

Ever wanted to be a NEWS GAWD? Here is your chance. I gotta see how long this lasts....

Call us crazy, but we've opened the front-page news to allow any registered members of posting rights. If you run a website and want to pimp a new article you just posted - go ahead and post it into the News thread. Within moments it will appear on the front of

Many of you have pointed out that the Riva3D link to the GeForce3 story did not work. Well, they kinda jumped the gun on the deal and it has apparently been taken offline...after about 12 hours.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Even MORE Rumor Mill this morning. The XBox will be touting an Intel brand motherboard that is supposedly being tested right now.

Another Detonator comparison for all you NED freaks out there. This one over at OCerCafe.

And another Case Review over at VH. This is not your Momma's case...

Hi peeps, Today im proud to give you a glimpse into something truely original and quite a radical departure from a stock case review. Some of you may have heard of ComputersDivine (CDI) before. They've been building their original "Alaska" cool cases for some time now and we're quite popular. We'll times they are a'changin! CDI has again come out with a new and improved "Alaska" series of cases with new mods designed from scratch. First glance this is a very impressive lookin machine.

This in from Rags.

I thought you may be interested in knowing that Matrox has released new Windows 2000 drivers today that allow G400/G450 dualhead cards to run independent resolutions on each monitor like the Windows 98/Me drivers have allowed for some time. Matrox are the first to find a way around the Win2k OS limitation that made independent resolutions impossible on single chip, dual output cards. There are also some new win9x drivers released today as well.

Win2K HERE and Win9X HERE.