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[H] Enthusiast Archives: March 2001Archive Listing

Saturday March 31, 2001

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - Hard Folding

I think the picture speaks for itself. Thanks to all the [H]ard|OCPers out there folding! We are certainly getting back in the groove now that Stanford University has gotten their servers back up. We need more members though! Check it out here.

News Image

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Man how time flies when you are sedated. Almost April already...

It is always kinda scary getting mail from Stuart. You just really never know what is going to be inside of it or how it will smell. He explained to me that he had requested 85,745 pictures of his favorite weather girl so far, but have received none. He requested that we all try to help him out and get pics signed by Kristina Abernathy that read, "To Stuart, with all my love, thanks for the toenail bracelet." I think we all need to act together on this one.

How bout a cold cathode tube? Sounds like fun until the doctor pulls it out and shows it to you! Seriously, it is a new type of lighting being used in some case mods and BitTech checks it out.

The light is very crisp and shows everything in my case nicely, I well recommend you bods going out and buying these tubes if there are any left.

This page will take you a while to load but it is VERY cool to see. The brothers at pull the cover to their HD and replace it with Lexan. I think this MIGHT void your warranty.

Friday March 30, 2001

[H]ardNews 7th Edition

We just got a PR that Maxtor and Quantum are to join forces. I wonder if this will bring down the quality of Maxtor drives or bring up the quality aspects of Quantum? Thanks Alan Richmond.

MILPITAS, Calif., March 30, 2001 - Maxtor Corporation (Nasdaq: MXTR) and Quantum Corporation (NYSE: HDD and DSS) announced today that stockholders of both companies have approved Maxtor's proposed business combination with Quantum HDD, as well as certain related proposals. The companies anticipate that the transaction will close within the week.

Billy Rosewood is a crazy mofo that comes up with some really good schiznit every once in a while. Now is one of those whiles....

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS01-020)

Incorrect MIME Header Can Cause IE to Execute E-mail Attachment Originally posted: March 29, 2001

Summary: Who should read this bulletin: Customers using Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

Impact of vulnerability: Run code of attacker’s choice.

Rage3D has more information of the Fog problem with the Radeon and the rendering of fog which is not rendered. My bad...sprites dammit, sprites. Thanks Kevin Perry.

This is the first TRUE CAS2 DDR Ram that I have seen...ala Corsair.

Corsair Releases CAS 2 Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM DIMMs

Enabling the highest performance in DDR systems

Fremont, CA, March 20, 2001: Corsair Memory, Inc., an industry leader in high density DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs) has announced that it is now shipping fully qualified and tested CAS 2 Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM DIMMs. Modules are available in 128Mbyte and 256Mbyte density. The 128Mbyte modules are available for immediate orders. The 256Mbyte modules will begin shipping within one week.

Etch you windows, just like they do on all of those low-riders!! Only at GideonTech.

There are numerous case mods out there with window kits. Add a neon tube inside your case behind that window and you have yourself a nice pimpin' case to show off to your friends. But how do you make your case stand out from the rest? Add more neon? If those tubes are costing you too much, I would suggest slapping in some Window Etchings!

Win FREE STUFF at Rizenet!!!

One 64MB PowerColor Evil KYRO Video Card - Featuring 64MB SDR SDRAM and a KYRO chipset - great for budget gaming systems. Got a 2nd computer with a crap card or using a Voodoo3? Get this.

One Anodized ThermoEngine - the black one found at the [H], this is one of the best coolers around. Review coming soon..

One Mini Super Orb - yeah, it sucks for cooling CPUs but you can make some awesome Blue Orb mods from the fans.

One Duron KeyChain - The one Rizen just fried - did 1GHz too..

One Transcend T-Shirt - a Transcend T-shirt, size large!

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

The bloke over at ClubOC is showing off a Trig brand name cooler that he reports is doing better than the ThermoEngine. At least he did not give it an "8".

Three heat sink blocks and four fans to choose from. Obviously the Overclocker in all of us would demand the best, and of this bunch that would be the T40-6EAC paired with a Delta. While the others still perform VERY well, there can only be ONE best. So, I give the T40-6EAC a Club Overclocker " 5 " and Seal of Approval!

I am going to keep my comments to myself on this one, but it is one of those web moments that you really should see. P4 1.7 + Liquid Nitrogen = 2.8GHz? Thanks widefault.

News Image

Here is a mod of a Nintendo that is worthy of note on a Friday. Gotta find a slimline PSU and a riser card for the vid though. Thanks Evil_Furby.

What you say? I SAID MSI KT7 PRO A 2. HardCoreWare kindly shares their thoughts on this KT133A chipset board. We sent one to the Biz to be reviewed, but he killed it.

I however have found a solution at least for the problems I encountered. When I had tried OC'ing my Duron I was able to reach 963 using 107x9, you would think that if that was the case then I should have been able to go 9.5x100 to reach 950. You would be right and wrong. The only way to have it start at that setting was to leave the computer off for about 5mins. And then cold boot. If I had to restart then I would not POST and I would get the Red Green Red Red I mentioned earlier.

We had questioned you guys yesterday about smoke/fog problems with Radeons and Counter Strike. While we FULLY UNDERSTAND that rendering fog or smoke will slow down just about any card, there seems to possibly be a problem specific to the Radeons. Here is a mail from ATi about the situation. We will keep an eye out for more information.

Dear Joe:

Thank you for your email.

In Regards to SLOW FRAME RATES WHEN THERE IS DENSE FOG : ATI Techincal Support has seen many different issues arrise when having fog enabled. We are currently investigating similar issues. It is believed that this issue will be resolved with a future driver. However ATI Technical Support is not aware on if or when a solution will be made available. In the mean time try diasbling the fog from the games menu. Should you require any further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Please quote your ATI Customer Number, XXXXXXXXXX, in any future correspondence.


Michel Dupuis

Technical Support Canada

ATI Technologies, Inc.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

The guy over at Nitroware let us know that VIAHardware has linked a new program that will let you use 4-way Interleaving on your VIA chipset mainboard if it is not allowed in the BIOS under Win2K. Enjoy.

Boost memory performance without WPCREDIT! One of our VH readers, George, wrote and let me know he has written a program that will enable 4-way memory interleaving without the use of WPCREDIT. Head on over to George's site for more information. I have not tested this program yet, but would love any feedback you may have on it. This program currently only works on Apollo Pro based boards.

Also, I suggest you swing by VIAHardware and check out their WinHEC. WinHEC is a Windows Hardware Engineering Conference..I think. We decided to sit it out this year, but amazingly, they did invite us back after last year.

Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Anaheim, California has typically been overshadowed by CeBit, a much bigger conference usually running at the same time in Hannover, Germany. However, WinHEC should certainly not be overlooked, as some of the biggest names in the industry use it to showcase their new technologies. With that in mind, we will be bringing you some of the more surprising and interesting developments of WinHEC 2001.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

While I know many of you are like me, you laugh at the thought of paying someone to put a box together for you, many folks do pay for performance boxes. They either don't have the time or the know-how or do not WANT to have the responsibility that folks like you and I embrace. Anyway, GameSpot has a round up of four performance gaming boxes. While I know you won't be buying one, it is interesting to see what the "Pros" put in them. Of course, we all know who the real pros are right? ;)

In this article, we compare four high-end systems suitable for gaming, including 1.5GHz Pentium 4 systems Compaq and Polywell and 1.2GHz Athlon systems from Alienware and Falcon. All of the systems here cost around $3000 to $3600 now, but they pack in technology you can expect to see migrating into mainstream PCs in the coming year.

This guy turns an SGI server box into a fridge...really. I mean to put your beers in. Thanks Steven Peterson.

After some modifications a grid that came out of the cabinet was replaced, now with two cool looking LED's on the front, which are completely pointless.

While game controllers is not our bag, I know many of you have a need for them. We showed this "home-made" version off some long time ago, and now a review has surfaced. There will be plenty of you that remember this for sure. The FragMaster 2000. Man, that sound familiar.

The Fragmaster 2000 is a nifty little device that still has a few bugs to fix. Other then that it works fine. The price tag is pretty high though, maybe if he teamed up with a keyboard manufacturer to produce it, it would be cheaper.

The AOpen AK73ProA gets put through the wringer over at Max3D. Our review is HERE if you dare to compare.

Thanks to the pin-compatibility of the KT133 and KT133A chipsets, AOpen was able to simply drop the newer chipset onto their existing AK73 Pro board, and the AK73 Pro A was born.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

We have been doing some talking round the old Underground Bunker about Ram pricing and everyone I have spoken to seems to feel that the prices will be going back up in the next few months. Historically this has always been the case. I am not sure though as we have seen all of these projections of PC sales being down, the Ram could very well stay depressed if we see the desktop market's growth stagnate. I spoke with a few industry leaders at CeBIT and they seem to think we will too see a slowdown in the retail board market, but I am not so sure about that. But who the hell knows, I thought I would pitch out something for you to think about.

With that said, Joe Payne let us know that Crucial is offering free 2-day shipping again. Corsair is still showing off that they have PC150 sticks, although I have not seen them. Finally Mushkin is still offering free shipping inside the US as well! I have no problem with purchasing from any of these guys.

Now you might be wondering why the hell I am going on about this, but I think we will be seeing KT133A boards for quite a while. While even ChipOnline praised one of the latest versions of the KT266 board, the numbers hardly worth chunking all your existing ram to "upgrade" in my opinion.... OK, I need to shut up now and get to the news.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Ok, I am here, really. Just trying to tie up all the loose [H]ard|Forum ends from last night before I get to the news.

Thursday March 29, 2001

[H]ardNews 8th Edition

This is one of those things where you don't really KNOW if it works any better but you KNOW damn well it looks cool! It looks to be two 28CFM Nidec blowers FIRMLY secured to the top of a ThermoEngine. Alan, an aircraft mechanic, gets all the credit for this one. Hope he was not building this when he was supposed to be fixing my plane.

News Image   News Image

I have not read this yet but it sounds as if it will either be really good, or blow goats. Let me know what you think please, as this is an issue I think we will all be involved in at one level or another. I had many folks tell me today how to do "tricks" to use this type of protected CDs. Well figuring that out is NOT the problem here. The damn music industry not allowing me to rip my OWN CDs to MP3 is BS. I don't ever even listen to any of my CDs anymore as they are all on hard disk now on a central server in my casa...

To give a brief summary of what is happening, basically a country singer by the name of Charlie Pride (yes, he is ancient, Paleolithic era, I believe) has decided to circumvent his newest album from becoming property on anyone’s hard drive. (I never knew there was a rampant market for Charlie Pride MP3’s heh) This is because his newest CD will not be readable by conventional CD-Rom. The CD will have errors built into the manufacturing process. This confuses the hardware into thinking it is an unreadable CD. Clever? Not really.

Can't run a little [H]ard|Folding from your box at work? Wanna try? Not that we would ever recommend that you use your work box for unauthorized purposes. Folding, its not just for breakfast anymore. Thanks Tracy Atkins.

The German folks over at ChipOnline have gotten hold of one of the latest DDR KT266 boards, this one from MSI. If you are not familiar with these guys, give them a look, it is all-pro work...and they buy me beer sometimes.

A few weeks ago everything looked different: The problems different mainboard manufacturers obviously had with the new KT266 were hard to ignore. This definitely has changed now, and MSI should be really proud, as they have produced the KT266 Pro, the fastest board for Athlons yet.

[H]ardNews 7th Edition - Duron 900 & Palomino Blurb

Just when you thought the Duron 900 was gonna is not? Or is it? Hell, I know and The Inquirer has got me confused. Be like Mike and thanks to ChefBoy.

(Forget the whole story about the date - it's going to be launched on the 2nd April - Sorry. Our first big screwup. MM) SOURCES CLOSE TO AMD'S plans say that the Rorschach inkblot test reveals that we are unlikely to see the formal launch of the 900MHz Duron it showed at last week's SnoBIT until late April. (Pete - you're fired, it's coming out on the 2nd of April, not the 22nd).

It has been my understanding for quite some time that us AMD users with a KT133 or better platform would simply be able to "drop in" a Palomino when the time comes and whisk ourselves away at 1.5 to 1.7GHz speeds (officially). While in Germany I heard some thing to the contrary but could not get a solid answer so yesterday I made a call the PR Rep known only as "Big Man Muzzie" at AMD. The Muz went on to explain that we should not run into any problems upgrading from a TBird to a Palomino. Of course there will be glitches in the Matrix...but there always is. Anyway, I thought that might make some of you rest easier if you might be contemplating upgradability down the road and what it would have to offer. Oh yeah, the L1s are not leaving either. I got my pencil, you got yourn?

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Er, sure. But can I play Quake on it and get my email? Thanks John Luiken.

The new computer will be able to process 100 billion instructions per second, according to Kent Gilson, chief technical officer of Star Bridge Systems. Company representatives discussed their plans for a high-end PC this week while announcing HAL-300GrW1, a "hypercomputer" that is said to be 60,000 times as fast as a 350-MHz Pentium, and many times as fast as IBM's supercomputer Pacific Blue.

If you are in hell, I bet it is very cold right now.

There was a concerted effort to prevent Mr. Kwon from moving into the neighborhood. After losing the battle some residents are thinking of reconciliation. Others are still seething. "Just because I led the campaign to prevent Microsoft employees from moving into the neighborhood, doesn't mean that I have a problem with them. Some of my best friends are Microsoft employees," said block captain Fred Cho.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

FragMagnet pointed out that VE had quoted Carmack on a couple of statements about DX8.

DX8's biggest benefit has been in forcing vendors to a minimum level of compatibility with the new features. Instead of allowing each vendor to have a different list of "cap bits", they just required complete compatibility for each broad functional area.

Now from the game developers that I have personally spoken with, it has been explained to me that DX8 did not hold a candle to the OpenGL API when it came to utilizing the GF3.

Take off some time for lunch and laugh...a lot. This is not rated G, so you are warned...

The crew at SavageNews beats a drum about the KYRO2, and if you are thinking of getting one, I suggest you read this, just so you know exactly what the card will do. Just search the page for "kyro" and then start reading down.. Thanks VE.

Also the XBox got a bump to a 10GB HD...