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[H] Enthusiast Archives: June 2002Archive Listing

Sunday June 30, 2002

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Parhelia Review:

3DCenter in Germany, knows for solid work, has posted their look at the Parhelia and they compare it directly to the GF4 Ti4600. They do hobble their Ti4600 down to "Parhelia-like" clock rates as well for the comparison. The article is really more of a jumble of data as there seems to be no conclusion drawn. Take your fave translator.

Parhelia Drivers:

Not that any of you have a card, of course neither do we as the one we purchased directly from Matrox has not arrived yet. Still, official Parhelia drivers have been posted for Win2K and WinXP. We are hoping to take delivery on ours soon.

Big Screen DIY:

Jake shows us an ultimate DIY project for your casa! Make sure and check all the links on the menu for more information.

I noticed that the light was very hot and was thinking that may be a problem, as you can see in this picture the light beam can burn a hole in cardboard it is very hot at the focal point of the light.

TheCPL Summer Event:

This tourney will be upon us in 19 days! There are always lots of things going on outside the gaming as you can find on this page. The date and time for our [H]ardware Workshop can be found here and it is free for anyone to attend. Notice that Intel will do a two hour workshop before ours. We caught this last event and it was a really good presentation, not a bunch of marketing PR.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

CaseMod Stuffs:

Part III of a CaseMod series over at MonsterHardware. NEW rounded cables from CoolerMaster get shown off over at BurnOutPC. Man, those look to be as small as SATA cables. Smackit, flipit, then rub it out till it is nice and shiny.

HSF Action:

2FastCPU take the Thermalright AX-7 for a spin and live to tell about it. They have results against other top-end coolers as well. And on the other end of the spectrum, PimpRig show off a Dynatron HSF with absolutely no comparisons. I never find much value in that kind of HSF review.

Case Reviews:

HWGuru peels open a CoolerMaster ATC201 Aluminum jobbie. HeatSeekerz targets an ATX case by Noblesse and it has a unique look to it. DarkTweaker cover the same exact box.

Router Goodness:

OCClub review a router that has a very interesting feature. I don't know how much value it will add for most folks, but is interesting to hear just the same.

The most appealing feature of the ISB Pro800 Turbo, is that it can load balance two DSL, Cable or T1 connections. It will even load balance mixed connections, like one DSL connection and one Cable connection. Another very cool feature is if one connection goes down the ISB Pro800 Turbo will route all traffic to the good line, automatically.

64-bit Intel:

Roving [H] reporter, Chris Rothwell sends back these comments from the front lines.

Saw Intel's new 64-bit chips at eWorld. I saw a (working) HP workstation with the hood up -- a pair of 64-bit cpu's running at ~750mhz. No benchmarks... nothing taxing... They had a 4x running too, but the case was on. Anyhow, the real news is the coolers. Remember those great hp cpu heatsinks that kicked off the golden orb style heat sinks? They are back! Nice machine work, though mounting may be tricky.

[H]ardNews - Blair's Tech Edition

Free Zappage:

I'm about to save you that $49.99 you may have been thinking of spending on a TeleZapper. The TeleZapper plays the first tone in the three tones that precede the telephone company's well-known "This number has been disconnected" message. The telemarketing dialer listens for that tone, and when it is present the dialer assumes the number is disconnected, The result is the telemarketing dialer will immediately disconnect and delete your number from it's list.

Don't Leave Home W/O It:

The new 2000 edition of our pocket-sized Constitution contains an introductory essay by National Constitution Center's visiting scholars Akhil Reed Amar and Douglas W. Kmiec. This essay richly enhances our understanding and appreciation of the Constitution and its significance to our daily lives.

That's What I Thought Too:

Most computers are built to withstand the faults that develop in some of their components over the course of the computer's lifetime, although these components initially contain no defects. However, many emerging nano- and microscale technologies will be inherently susceptible to defects. For example, no two quantum dots manufactured by self-assembly will be identical. Each will contain a time-independent systematic defect compared to the original design.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Say No to Crime:

I certainly know one thing, the criminals will not be getting away with Mr. Potato Head on the job. (Mr. Potatoe Head for all you Republicans out there.)

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - In Arizona and Los Angeles, police are replacing law enforcement mainstays such as mugshots and lineups of suspects with technology some call Mr. Potato Head.

Also the FBI is looking at stepping into the information age.

Trilogy is a several hundred million dollar project that would help field offices communicate with each other and headquarters by upgrading PCs to machines based on the latest microchips, more powerful server computers, and faster networks.

BatJet Part III:

You know one thing leads to another and here is a private company that already has aircrafts built. Dunno if they fly or not though. Thanks Dan Fischer!

Fire w/ Fire:

You don't have to like this, as I am sure this upsets some of you. But on the other hand you sort of have to give it to them for getting in there and making it more frustrating to rip them off. Thanks topcat.

Sources at three major labels admit they're deluging popular services like Morpheus, Kazaa and Grokster with thousands of decoy music files that look identical to a sought-after song, but are filled with long minutes of silence -- or 30-second loops of a song's chorus. By making stealing more of a hassle, they hope to persuade more people to shell out for a CD at the local record store.

Intelligence Kids:

Get your youngster groomed for a life of excitement over at the CIA's website for kids. Blame Matthias Toth.

Fly high on intelligence, NOT drugs...

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

MS Still Pissing Folks Off:

We posted on this last week a couple of times but it seems that it is still certainly new news to folks this weekend that are just now getting sober. News Image The InqWell has a good round up of what is going on as well as this site laid out as a FAQ.

12. Scary stuff. But can't you just turn it off?

Sure - one feature of TCPA is that the user can always turn it off. But then your TCPA-enabled applications won't work, or won't work as well. It will be like switching from Windows to Linux nowadays; you may have more freedom, but end up having less choice. If the applications that use TCPA / Palladium are more attractive to the majority of people, you may end up simply having to use them - just as many people have to use Microsoft Word because all their friends and colleagues send them documents in Microsoft Word.

As for the name Palladium this is an interesting point..

"The plan is code-named "Palladium", a reference to a statue of the Greek goddess Athena that once guarded ancient Troy from attack." The funny thing is that the statue of Athena was ultimately stolen and Troy was completely destroyed. Thanks z3borracho.

Make sure you also check out how MS is installing security holes in your MS Media Player on purpose.

VisionTek Ti4600 Connectors:

There is a thread happening over in our VidCard Forum about VisionTek installing the wrong DVD-D jack instead of the more popular DVD-I connector. You can check the thread for the picture of what the wrong one looks like. If you have the wrong one, call VisionTek's support line and they will trade you out a card with the correct connector. I would suggest this too even if you are not using a Digital flat panel at the moment because you very well could be one day. Also amazingly enough, I was able to get someone on the phone with VT on this Sunday afternoon. Those guys work hard! Here is their contact information.


(866) VTEK-411

More Big Platters:

Christian pointed out that Seagate was not the only one that had big platters, Western Digital does as well. Wow, 200GB ATA drives...

WD Caviar 60 GB-per-platter 7,200 RPM hard drives will be offered in capacities ranging from 120 to 200 GB and will be available this July. To ensure quiet operation in noise-sensitive desktop/work station environments, Western Digital offers hard drives equipped with optional fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) motors.

Hands Off My Rock:

You just have to read about "United States v. Lucite ball containing lunar material." Thanks Stephen Rochelle.

Saturday June 29, 2002

[H]ardNews - Goodbye 1.6A

P4 Product Deletion:

Bye bye, Pentium 4 1.6A bye bye. It could not last forever could it.

Boxed Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 1.6A - The boxed processors identified in this notification will be discontinued and unavailable after inventory is depleted. Industry demand is shifting to higher performance Pentium 4 processors in the 478-pin package.

On the bright side:

Of course with the 1.6A being phased out currently, the 1.8A Pentium 4s have shown to be just as strong and we will most likely see them at sub-US$150 levels from quality retailers soon.

Interestingly enough, we have been seeing Pentium 4s lately that are OCing better than they were at inception and here is possibly one of the reasons why.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor with 512KB L2 Cache on .13 Micron Process will undergo the following changes: 5% Linear Shrink, 10% area shrink.

I really can't say that this is good or bad, in fact it seems as the smaller die surface area would inversely affect cooling. Still, the Pentium 4s are overclocking like mad, and getting cheaper along the way. Thanks Jody Silver.

VIA's Eden:

Bigger is better does not apply much to the computer hardware arena and certainly not to VIA's Eden platform. In fact smaller boxes with all kinds of uses is exactly what VIA is shooting for. They are not gaming boxes but you could surely find a host of other things to do with them related to your current or future entertainment center. HWGuru has the scoopage.

The Eden Platform goes much further than any other small form factor, it fully integrates a CPU into the PCB, lowering the power consumption. This market is completely different to the desktop PC market. Key factors such as power consumption and the heat generated are the decision makers, although using the newest technology is a factor, it doesn't have to be the quickest processor on the market or the best graphics card. Its uses current technology that works well and will function for the purpose.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

MS Opens Up Backdoor:

There have been lots of stories flying around about MS Media Player and it snooping but Kjell Magnusson pointed this out over at BSDVault.

A funny/ironic/sad point is that the security bulletin reads in part:

" - An information disclosure vulnerability that could provide the means to enable an attacker to run code on the user's system and is rated as critical severity ".

It looks to me like that's exactly what the patch does.

Intel & DDR333:

This is from the 25th but important still the same. It seems that from this Digitimes report that Intel will be pushing back their DDR333 support to Q4 of this year. That is when we were hoping to see their dually channel DDR333 support.

With third-quarter demand still uncertain, Intel was said to be considering delaying the launch of its DDR333-based 845PE and 845GE chipsets from September to the fourth quarter and to have started asking for motherboard clients’ opinions.

Also this statement is made in the article.

Industry sources noted that in addition to Intel’s delayed launch, other chipset designers that already finished developing DDR400 and AGP 8x-suporting products have also slowed promotion of their chipsets, suggesting demand may not be as good as expected.

Ya think? No big supply of DDR400 is out there, and no JEDEC spec on that to boot. Then consider that the anticipated 8X AGP cards are not going to be here till Q4...well, what gameplan would you make? Bring on dually channel DDR266 and DDR333 for the Pentium 4 as that is what is going to be hot the rest of the year, in our eyes anyway.

All Copper GF4 Cooler:

Did your Titanium GF4 card show up with a cooler that looks cool but you think might not really be packing a big cooling punch? Thermaltake's copper unit is given the once-over at ViperLair. Watch for snakes..

Thermaltake has done it again with their GeForce4 Copper Cooler. Considering the lack of decent aftermarket GeForce 4 coolers, they've cornered themselves a nice little niche here. Temps were lower, in some cases, quite dramatically, and they've designed the cooler well enough that is shouldn't interfere with your other components.

Gaming Ads:

Joe Camel was first...guess who is next? Just watch, maybe not this year...

The FTC report did find that the industry's advertising standards still allowed M-rated ads to reach a "substantial teen audience," and said some ads for such games were running on shows popular among teenagers.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

DX9 Late?

Boy if this don't whip up some conspiracy theories with the latest rumors of NV30 being late.

A few months ago we thought that Microsoft might manage to get DirectX 9 out of the door in September but the schedule has slipped a full month. This echoes the nasty situation with DirectX 8.1 last year, when ATI shipped beta versions of this version with its first Radeon 8500 .

Apache Weakness:

You most likely already know this if you run Apache but I thought it would be worth our while to drop the 411 on your here again.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to the execution of arbitrary code on the server with the permissions of the web server child process. This can facilitate the further exploitation of vulnerabilities unrelated to Apache on the local system, potentially allowing the intruder root access.

Quieter & Cooler?

Not a new HSF, but it is still getting press after two years of so. We have never seen one but to have a life span as long as it does, it must not suck.

If you want bragging rights, then by all means get the Silverado. Where else can you say you have a chunk of silver cooling your CPU?

More BatJet:

Steve mentioned the BatJet yesterday and today Kouri digs up this page on Boeing's site complete with drawings.

In a continuing effort to study the flight characteristics of the BWB design, a 17-footwingspan, remote controlled model has been successfully flown, and a 35-foot model is currently being built at NASA 'a Langley Research Center. Test f lights of this scale, 1,800-pound model are scheduled to begin in 2004.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Put Down the Crackpipe...

And step away from the keyboard.

As high-speed hardware cognoscenti converge for 1394 DevCon, taking place this week at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash., it's ironic that the 1394 Trade Association has just adopted Apple's "FireWire" name for its future marketing and compliance labeling. That's one more arrow in the quiver for those who say that Apple innovates, while Microsoft assimilates.

A quiver full of arrows will not stop the rolling M-1 Tank of USB 2.0. And you wonder why?

Moreover, I've also learned—the hard way—not to assume that IEEE 1394 compliance is a uniform guarantee of usability. It may take more than a connector and a chip set to make FireWire work as well on a Windows PC as it already does on a Macintosh.

Firewire has come a long way and will have some applications open to it that USB 2.0 will certainly not be able to conquer, but will USB 2.0 and its backwards capability to USB 1.1, I really see no stopping it. That and it works every time. Just our 2 cents.

Titanium GPU and Green Flashing:

We reported on this a couple weeks ago and have finally got a bit of feedback from NVIDIA. While about 2 or 3 months ago we did get reports of this "flashing" in 3D games and even saw it ourselves, we have not had any recently.

Our QA folks have seen the problem with one vendor and it turned out in that case to be a combination of early BIOS along with some bad/marginal ram. Although we have never seen this behavior with our reference cards, later versions of the BIOS timings do help with 'yield' issues.

So if you are one of the few that saw this issue you might check with the card maker for the latest BIOS.

Van's Hardware:

If you ever wonder what they did with it after they got done with it, here you go. OK, that was an idiotic play on words but the picture is still cool to see. Now that is a hella hood ornament! Blame John Boswerman.

News Image

TCPA & Palladium:

Have you heard that name thrown around this week but really don't know what is up with it? While there are some good ideas here, I am not sure it is something we all want and need. Thanks AbRASiON.

You might be allowed to lend your copy of some digital music to a friend, but then your own backup copy won't be playable until your friend gives you the main copy back. Quite possibly you will not be able to lend music at all. (It looks likely that the music publisher will be able to make the rules - and to change them at will by remote control.)

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Big Platters:

I am not sure if we missed the boat on this one earlier this week or not but Seagate turned up the heat when it comes to their platters. No, this is not the platter you get at Red Lobster for $12.99, in fact while these are going to be much more expensive I am hearing that this technology will come about soon and be pretty affordable. Thanks Matt Clear.

Hard drive maker Seagate Technology claimed a new record for cramming data onto a disk, announcing a new line of 3.5-inch drives that can fit 60 gigabytes on a single platter.

On-die Diode Monitoring:

We had a few of you mail us this week pertaining to our article on the Thermalright SLK-800 and this statement in it.

The latest Motherboard Monitor software was used, v5.1.9.1. "Winbond Diode 2" was selected in the software to read the on-die thermal diode of the TBred CPU.

More than a few of you called "BS" on this and explained that we couldn't read the thermal diode on the CPU. We have been doing HSF testing for a long time and generally know what we are seeing when we test, but then again our readers have proved smarter than us many times, so we decided to ask around. This is what EPoX had to say, when we asked, "Is the 8K3A+ capable of monitoring the AMD on-die thermal diode?"

All revisions of 8K3A are able to read the internal diode of XP (Pally and TBred). Both the 8k3a or 8k3a+ are using Winbond 83696HF to support Athlon XP thermal diode.

So there you go, I hope that clears any confusion that might have been out there. Of course all I can tell you is that our board surely read it with the right software.

Base Jump Video:

You gotta watch it. And yes, it is technology related, they have video cameras right? Thanks Lee Hamel.

Smell My Hand?

Robert Blackwell writes:

I know she's a famous actress and all, with a Harvard education, but I wouldn't buy a pretzel from her...

No, not tech releated but damn funny.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

New SiS AGP Drivers:

We posted earlier this week that SiS had kicked out some new AGP drivers for their chipsets. Overall the feedback has been very good in the fact that no OS hosings were reported and some people saw some mild performance bumps. Hopefully stability was the focus for that release.

But Can It Transform?

Maybe more than meets the eye? Thanks Amadon.

The walking machine adapts automatically to the forest floor. Moving on six articulated legs, the harvester advances forward and backward, sideways and diagonally. It can also turn in place and step over obstacles.

Screenie Hack:

Dibble has been surfing at work again.

This step-by-step article describes how to change the default logon screen saver in Microsoft Windows XP. Specifically, the article discusses how to change the type of screen saver that starts, the timeout before the screen saver starts, and whether a screen saver is turned on before the logon process.

FREE Stuff for Ireland:

We stopped posting a ton of FREE STUFF links a while back when we figured out there were simply more than we could post without be the "FREE STUFF Site", so we stopped. Still, for our buddies over in Ireland, FREE STUFF is still far and few between, but TechSeekers is going to give them the hookup for a Hercules 3D Card. Ends on the 30th.

It's competition time again folks.. and this time its even better. It open to everybody not just Irish visitors, so there is no reason not to give it a shot. We have a Hercules 3D Prophet to give away,and the winner decides whether he/she wants a 3D Prophet FDX 8500 LE or a 3D Prophet Geforce3 Ti200.

Friday June 28, 2002

[H]ardNews 8th Edition

Search Engine Paid Links:

I missed this one earlier on CNN. It looks like the FTC will make search engines disclose which search results are coming from sites that pay for placement.

A recent survey by Consumers Union found 60 percent of Internet users polled had no idea that certain search engines were paid fees to list some sites more prominently than others. The FTC said search engine companies should clearly distinguish between paid and non-paid results. Regulators said there is no determination the search engines broke the law, and it plans no other action.

It’d be interesting to do a study of search popular engines by color coding ( bold text ..etc. ) the "paid for links" and see how far the use of them links decline. I don’t mind advertisement, but I like to know it is an advertisement when I am reading it.

Dual Monitor AMD Powered Laptop

I have no idea who this company is, or if their products are worth a damn… but this is one of the sweetest looking laptops I have ever seen. The potential is there for sure ( maybe a mobile ATi or NVIDIA solution is possible ). Talk about a head turner....literally.

The Bat Jet:

Really…I’m not kidding.

Boeing Co engineers have designed a super-efficient aircraft that would look like a giant bat and slash the cost of air transport. The "Blended Wing Body" concept, outlined more than 10 years ago but now said to be almost perfected, would have no fuselage or tail. Rather, it would basically be a wing with a belly that would accommodate the passengers and freight. The secret to its design, described by project head Robert Liebeck this week, is that the whole structure of the aircraft would work to generate lift.