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[H] Enthusiast Archives: May 2003Archive Listing

Saturday May 31, 2003

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

CPU Rumor Mill:

A [H] system builder gives us word that every AMD 2500+ Barton out of the last seven he has bought has done 3200+ out of the box. Worth looking into for the AMD fans!

Brookdale HyperThreading:

This is another for the "CPU Rumor Mill", but certainly interesting to see. 800MHz FSB and HyperThreading on a board that should not do it. Now to just get a public download for his hacked BIOS. We will keep our ear to the ground.

Got my 2.4c today slapped it in my be7-raid set some bios setting and bam ive got hyperthreading and 800fsb goodness on a 845pe chipset.

Bad Cache:

You guys have seen me many times refer to clearing your DNS cache from Win2K/XP when we start moving around web servers. Well, Alan gave us a head up on a registry tweak over at SpeedGuide that might be a great help to all of us.

There is a registry tweak over on that keeps windows from caching bad DNS's. There appears to be some problem with the download link as it saves on my computer as an mp3 file. I just clicked "save as" .reg.

Looks like you will have to rename the file with a ".reg" after you save it to you desktop. I have not tried this yet, so be warned that you are on your own. It is the last link in the Generic Registry Patch section.

New Lindows:

Flexbeta has a sneak peek at the new Lindows OS.

Gaming Scene:

HB 1009, signed by Governor Gary Locke May 20, restricts the sale of games depicting violence against public law enforcement officers from being sold or rented to a person younger than 17 years old.

Retailers caught selling or renting such games to minors can be charged with a class 1 civil infraction when the law goes into effect July 27. Class 1 civil infractions normally include a penalty of up to $250, however selling violent video games to minors will carry the same maximum penalty as selling tobacco to minors –– $500.

Catalyst Maker Interview:

Want to know more about ATI Catalyst Drivers and the direction they are headed? Terry Makedon sounds off about some very interesting issues in this interview.

As for me, I work in the desktop marketing department. I am the Senior Product Manager of Software. In other words I market and define new features that are used by our graphic cards (the RADEON series). My main focus is our Unified Software Suite known as CATALYST™. CATALYST was launched June 12 2002 and is made up of four software packages as follows:

865PE Review:

Hardware Avenue has the Springdale flavor of the newest Albatron board posted with their thoughts and findings.

Although it is true the new 875P chipset from Intel is designed for the absolute hardcore user, the 865PE chipset is not very far behind. The Albatron implementation we reviewed here today showcases the raw power of the new Intel CPU and Chipset combo, while offering extra features separating it from many competing boards.

Friday May 30, 2003

[H]ardNews 9th Edition

We were kicking around what we should name our new dually Opteron server, then we found its balls in the bottom of the box. Guess that means "Butch" is out of the question.

News Image

[H]ardNews 8th Edition


Got Canterwood? Techseekers does, in the form of an ABIT IC7-G. This black and blue beauty has some serious performance as well as good looks, you can see our review here for comparison purposes.

If you are looking for the best performing, P4 motherboard then look no further. The ABIT IC7-G is built for overclockers by overclockers and it shows. The wide range of FSB frequencies and voltage adjustments just show where this board is aimed at. And in fact the BIOS is so well laid out that even the uninitiated can build themselves a sweet overclocked system.

Gigabyte 8KNXP Review:

More Canterwood action, this time UKGamer is bringing you a Gigabyte 8KNXP review from their distinctive gamers viewpoint. The review is 22 pages long, so pack a snack and head on over.

There is little doubt that the 8KNXP has enough overclocking options, and whilst the 'Dual Power Supply' system has questionable advantages, we still managed to get a stable 600MHz overclock using almost no special tweaks or tricks. So the headroom is certainly there.

800 FSB Foursome:

If an 800MHz FSB and a foursome is your idea of fun, check out this review of four i875P boards at Legit Reviews. I haven’t seen this many black beauties in one place since….errr, nevermind.

After 4 weeks of testing, 13 BIOS's, and a list of pre-mature BIOS issues that makes me want to check into a mental institution, we are finally ready to bring you an in-depth review of four Canterwood motherboards.

I hear they have a pill out now to help with that “pre-mature BIOS” issue.

[H]ardNews - Slow Loads

Cliff is going to be doing some work over the next four days that will affect some of you with your initial page load times. Bringing up the main page might hang for 20 seconds are so for some of you, but if you wait the secondary DNS should grab and then you will be OK. Also you might try flushing your WindowsXP/2K DNS cache with "ipconfig/flushdns" command.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Domo Arigato, Linux Roboto:

It would seem that Linux has found a home in the world of robotics. For some reason we still think of robots being controlled by humans, but never the software required to make them run. Pretty cool stuff.

Worldwide, RTLinux robots test milk, pick fruit, and handle DNA samples, among other tasks, Yodaiken told NewsFactor. A Linux real-time system is for robots that require "very precise control over positioning," he said. "Everything depends on a couple of microseconds here, a couple of microseconds there." With Linux, organizations also get the capability to run standard applications, such as databases and security tools, as well as to connect their robots to a network.

VIAArena Free Stuff:

VIAArena is doing that “FREE STUFF” thing again. This time they are giving away a KT400A mainboard from Jetway and all you have to do is have a funny caption for their photo. Go win their stuff, we’ll brag about it later if you do.

The best caption for this photo will win. It could be a talking caption, a description from an outside point of view, a little story about the situation. Anything goes, except for rude words! Basically, if the language is appropriate for a Parental Guidance Recommended film then it's OK.

Downright Chilly HSF:

Want a killer cooler? Take a look at this Swiftech MCX462+T, a Peltier powered HSF unit that gets the job done. Here is a small clip from the review:

Is this cooler for everybody? Definitely not. If you’re looking to squeeze every last Mhz out of your system, then the MCX462+T or even the MCW462-UHT (water cooled model) is probably for you.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

ASUS P4800 Review:

You can find a review of the ASUS P4800 that specifically focuses on PAT, or Performance Acceleration Technology, posted on Bleedin’ Edge today. Here is a clip from the review:

To be honest, this is the first Asus board I have really liked since the P4S533 - and that is not faint praise. The P4P800 is well-designed, well-engineered, innovative, SOLID, and a joy to work with. It is a GREAT board that is the equal of most any current 875 or 865 chipset motherboard.

Windows Server 2K3:

Adrian’s Rojak Pot has a little Windows Server 2K3 information after attending the launch of the new OS from MS. This basically covers a new feature called “Shadow Copies of Shared Folders” which sounds interesting.

What "Shadow Copies of Shared Folders" does is allow Windows Server 2003 to automatically create shadow copies of shared files. So, whenever someone opens and writes to a "shadow-copied" file, Windows Server 2003 won't actually overwrite the file physically, like what you would expect. Instead, it reclassifies the original file as a shadow copy (a form of backup) and the newly edited file is written to the hard disk as the default file.

P4 Boards On Linux:

Linux Hardware has rounded up a handful of Pentium 4 boards and put them through their paces in a Linux environment. Useful info to have for all you alternative OS users out there, even if these are older mainboards.

It's been a while since we've done a single processor motherboard round-up, but the time has come for us to take a look at several boards for the Intel fans out there. We'll be taking a look at three of the older chipsets for the Pentium 4 that just might make awesome choices for your next Linux box.

[H]ardNews - Blair Tech Ed.

Seeing Spots:

Semiconducting polymers embedded with lead-sulphide nanocrystals could produce a light source for integrated photonic chips, according to recent work at the University of Toronto. The technique, producing infrared light at wavelengths used in communications systems, could be used to create photonic components orders of magnitude less expensive than current components, which can cost as much as $1,000.

Game Hacking:

Tuesday evening, little things suddenly started to go very wrong in the virtual world of Shadowbane, a popular online multiplayer game. Some players noticed that their money and weapons had suddenly vanished. A few whispered that tonight the monsters somehow seemed slightly bigger and meaner. And then all hell broke loose. Shadowbane had been hacked by several of its players. But unlike standard game hacks, where players gift themselves with super strength, health or wealth, these hackers managed to completely alter the rules of Shadowbane -- turning a suddenly wrathful game loose on its players.

End Of Spam?

Unwanted commercial e-mail, better known as spam, can be contained within two years but will first reach unprecedented proportions, Microsoft Corp.'s chief spam fighter said Thursday. "Spam has reached epic proportions and we are in a crisis situation," said Ryan Hamlin, general manager of Microsoft's antispam technology and strategy group, speaking at Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, California.

Nanoscale Design Tools:

The co-founder of a nanotechnology startup that prides itself on its modeling capabilities predicts the industry will have commercialized design software tools like those used for microsystems, but not anytime soon. He and other nanotech experts said the growth of nanoscale design tools will require a critical mass of people working on common products and acceptance by the field's do-it-yourself software developers.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Direct Die Water Cooling:

There are a handful of people in the water cooling world who like the idea of direct die water cooling, the practice of bypassing the use of a water block and just shooting water directly onto the die of the CPU. When done correctly this is an acceptable form of H20 cooling, but it has never gained the popularity of regular water cooling.

I figured shooting the water directly onto the die was the best direction of the incoming coolant, so I started with a 1/2" hose barb. Under this I added a piece of copper tubing that was aimed 1/8" over the die. Using a rotary tool, I ground some flutes that would cause turbulence, which is already well known to increase the cooling capacity of watercooled systems.

No Hard Drive Recall?

Digitimes reported hard drive recalls from several major hard drive manufacturers because of high failure rates of 40GB and 80GB models, which now is apparently being denied. The big three ( Maxtor, Hitachi and Seagate ) have all denied any recall.

We mistakenly reported that most of the defective products came from the same sources in China. The products from China were actually manufactured by different factories. Maxtor does not have hard drives produced in China, but some of its products reportedly are also suffering from unacceptable defect rates due to similar problems.

DVD Cracking Arguments:

The California Attorney General spoke to the California Supreme Court saying that DVD cracking software is a “burglary tool”. Heh, considering most Americans consider the sky high price of going to the movies “highway robbery”, I guess that burglary is par for the course then.

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer called DVD-cracking software DeCSS a tool for "breaking, entering and stealing" during a hearing before the California Supreme Court on Thursday. "The program DeCSS is a burglary tool," Lockyer told the judges, adding that the movie studios lose millions of dollars because of piracy over the Internet.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

MS Pays AOL:

Wow, check this one out. Microsoft, as part of an agreement, will pay AOL a total of $750 million dollars for running Netscape off the planet earth and winning the browser war...the MS way. I thought there would have at least been a trial and then some form of appeals, but I guess not. Damn…that is a huge ass settlement. Thanks to James Ziebarth for pointing this one out.

In a sweeping settlement, Microsoft will pay AOL Time Warner $750 million to end a private antitrust lawsuit over Web browser technology. The agreement also will place Microsoft digital media technology on AOL’s online service and clears the path for the two companies to explore technology sharing.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

FIC Radeon 9800Pro:

The schpankity looking FIC Radeon 9800Pro is reviewed by the fellas at Gamers Depot. The FIC card actually looks identical to the OEM version of the card except for the fancy gold heatsink with the red fan. Yes, I said red.

There’s really nothing you can take away from this card – coupled with the snazzy gold-plated heat-sink on the GPU and soon-to-be-offered price rebates – its one that should seriously be on any hard-core gamers radar scope.

DFI LAN Party KT400A:

What really makes the DFI LAN Party KT400A a “LAN Party” style mainboard is the bundle that comes with the full size ATX board. If you are expecting a small LAN box type of mainboard, this isn’t it. But the included PC carrying harness is a cool freebie.

So I have been nothing but glowing about this motherboard…but what is wrong with it? What would hold you back from purchasing it? These things are not manifested as a result of craftsmanship, or any other mistake on the part of DFI. It is merely the nature of the chipset, and motherboards in general.

ABIT Interview:

My good friends at GP Fault have posted a radio interview they did with Jeremy Smith from ABIT. Some pretty good info in the interview and a little easy listening all rolled into one. What a bargain.

Abit Computer Corp. is one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world of motherboards and has garnered quite a following among hardcore users and savvy individuals looking for a rock-steady base to build their computer system upon. We had the chance to talk with Jeremy Smith (no relation) from Abit about their future technology line-up and the general state of desktop computers today.

Thursday May 29, 2003

[H]ardNews 8th Edition

Another Matrix Spoof:

You guys no doubt remember the first Matrix spoof that started the whole ball rolling on funny tech-style parodies of the Matrix. Well, another really funny one popped up today in the Rage3D forums that pokes fun at the whole ATi vs. NVIDIA thing. Really good stuff here, especially the “blue card / red card” panel and the pod scene. Definitely worth a look. Props to Alpha for the late afternoon comedy.

News Image

[H]ardNews 7th Edition

MSI 865PE Neo2 (FISR2):

AMD3D has a look at the MSI 865PE Neo2 (FISR2) Springdale mainboard. Take a look at the review and see what the fellas thought of the latest from MSI. Here is a clip from the review.

The MSI 865PE Neo2 is probably MSI's most prolific motherboard to date. MSI have always produced very good quality products ranging from graphics cards to motherboards ... for enthusiast and normal users alike. Their packaging is probably one of the most feature-packed on the market ... with many unique innovative features such as D-Bracket, Fuzzy Logic and MSI's newest feature CoreCell. What MSI is also famous for is, their bright red PCBs which they use to produce their motherboards.

FREE Stuff From MS:

Microsoft is giving away a Smart Display a Day until the 3rd of June. So do me a favor and go win all of their stuff. Nothing makes me happier than to see you guys win stuff. I’m not kidding…go win.

From May 20 to July 3, 2003, you could win a Windows Powered Smart Display. Enter up to one time per day for the chance to win this powerful, portable device. Liberating and convenient, the Windows Powered Smart Display with touch-sensitive screen frees you from your desktop Windows XP Professional–based PC by providing wireless access to it from any room in your home.

HyperX PC3500:

Kingston HyperX PC3500 grabs a little spotlight today courtesy of the fellas at HardCOREware. What makes this review really stand out is this quote here:

Of course, overclocking takes a lot of patience in itself and you'll end up with needing some BIOS resets and a corrupt HD partition or two but in the end, the performance speaks for itself.

Heh, that should be the official overclockers mantra.