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[H] Enthusiast Archives: October 2004Archive Listing

Sunday October 31, 2004

[H]ardNews - Thanks to Everyone!

First Weekend In the Bank:

Thanks to everyone this weekend that kept me on my toes with the corrections, and URL work. I had a blast and I hope all of you enjoyed reading the news that I chose. See you all next weekend as Brandon's off!



[H]ardNews 6th Edition - From our Readers

Update on 802.11n:

One of our [H]ard Readers Chris sends us some further information on 802.11n. I though it would be fitting to post this on the front page. I think that at least every weekend I am going to feature one bit of news from one of our [H]ard Readers, almost like a mini-column. What do you think?

Regarding that post on Belkin and the 802.11n gear, you might want to check out this article from the Wi-Fi Alliance (from CNET):

Seems that they don't want a repeate of the 802.11g pre-release problems, and they're ready to spank any vendors who misbehave. Might want to mention the readers that the 802.11n spec isn't set to be ratified until 2006, and, some current parts may or may not make it to spec. So, any gear releaseed before then may or may not work with the future certified 802.11n gear.

Just an FYI before anyone spends any money on tech that may not be copatible down the road.

Thanks Chris,

[H]ardNews 5th Edition


Anyone that works in Technology knows that Spyware can swamp your PC. The Big companies Dell, HP and a host of others that provide telephone support are very aware of the rising problem of spyware and its impact on their customers. I work in the telephone support side of a major company, and I can tell you that a large number of our calls deal directly with this issue.

Sometimes, the company that gets the complaint is rightly to blame. But with alarming frequency, officials at these and other technology companies say they are tracing customer problems back to one culprit: spyware.

Opera 7.60 Preview 2:

The second preview of Opera an alternate browser to EI is available for download. This is suspected to mean that the official release of 7.60 is well on its way. The current version 7.54 is available as the latest stable release.

Opera 7.60 Preview 2 for Windows is available for download.

Halloween Riot?:

It looks like police have their hands full this Halloween in Madison Wisconsin. I know our readers would never be involved in this kind of thing ;)

Madison police estimated the crowd peaked at around 75,000 shortly after midnight. A bit later, police said some people started throwing objects, taunting officers, lighting small fires and starting fights.

The Origin of All Hallow's Eve:

Here is a article giving some information on the origins of Halloween. I never knew the exactly where Halloween came from but I always loved the candy!

Halloween began as an old Celtic custom, over 2000 years ago.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Dremel Pumpkin Action:

Slashdot has the follow up to their previous story about using a dremel to carve a pumpkin. This is a novel idea! I wish I didn't miss the first article!

we've got a number of pumpkins to share with everyone. Leading off is Kathleen's Strong Bad.


I got wind of this bit of information from WindowsXPCentral. There are some new Phishing attacks that are spreading around the Net. Take a look at The Anti-Phishing Working Group web site for detailed information on how to protect your self from these nasty SPAM attacks. I always set my SPAM filter to "Bounce 'em" and ONLY let in the people on my good list, just like Santa!

Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc.

Is Halloween the New Christmas:

Speaking of Santa did you know that Halloween is growing out of just trick or treating and into a diverse market for decorations and other festive activities? I felt like it was going that way. Bob you head into this barrel for more info.

Christmas sales will be 4.5 percent higher this year than last, experts predict, while sales of Halloween goods will be up 5.4 percent.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - Mods & Ends


Danger Den Maze4 GPU Waterblock @ OCModShop - Scythe Kamakaze 2 @ Phoronix


Conversions of the Sega coin-op: Out Run @ Elite Bastards - NeuNeo HVD108 High Definition DVD player @ Bytesector - ASUS P5AD2-E Premium 925XE Board @ VR-Zone - Intel 925XE Chipset @ TrustedReviews - ASUS DRW-1604P Dual Layer DVD+/- R/RW @ HotHardware - i-Mate PDA2K @ Pocket PC Dubai

Cases & Modding:

YY-5603 Mars case review @ PCUNLEASH

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

D925XECV2 and P4EE 3.46GHz: has a review on the 925EX and Extreme Edition 3.46Ghz Processor from Intel.

Intel has countered AMD's bludgeoning FX-series of CPUs with souped-up versions of its Northwood-based Pentium 4s. Taken from a server background and sporting no less than 2MB of L3 cache, Extreme Edition processors have added meaningful performance gains in cache-dependant applications; most notably games.

ATI Shader 3.0 and Multi-GPU:

X-bit labs has a write up on when ATI will implement some of the new technologies that are expected in the next generations of Video Cards. Me I am waiting for at least two more generations before I upgrade.

ATI Technologies, the world's top supplier of discrete graphics processing units, said it would adopt technologies that its arch-rival NVIDIA Corp. has been promoting for a while in future.

41 BIOS Updates:

Get over to Tech Connect Magazine and see if what you need.

We have the latest bios updates listed by brand.

More Space News:

NASA is saying that the next shuttle launch will be likly scheduled for May 2005. The shuttle program has been grounded since the loss of the Shuttle Columbia in Febuary of 2003. NASA is going forward with its commitment to 15 nations to complete some of the 28 more required flights to the International Space Station.

NASA's Space Flight Leadership Council met Oct. 29, 2004, to consider a recommendation from the Space Shuttle Program to revise the Return to Flight target launch window to May 2005.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Belkin and 802.11n:

Belkin is preparing to release two 802.11n products; a router and a PCMCIA NIC. 802.11n is reported to have increased range and speed over the current standards. Read more on it here.

They deliver up to 800%* the wireless coverage and 600%* the wireless speed of 802.11g networking devices with exceptional data transfer results.

Pop-Up Video:

Instant Messenger users might be noticing a political "Pop-up Video" appearing on their favourite IM. What's Next!?

The ads are part of a noticeable ramp-up in Internet political advertising that some Web sites report in the last days before Tuesday's election.

[H]ardNews - [H]appy|[H]alloween


Good morning [H]ard Readers, and [H]appy|[H]alloween. I know that many of you are getting ready to hit those parties or are getting the little ones ready for a night of Trick or Treating. Let's just take a moment to make sure that we keep as safe as possible tonight OK. Remember to drive slowly in residential areas as the ghouls and goblins are surely going to be running from house to house collecting their loot. Parents, remember to bring a Flashlight, and wear light clothing, travel in groups and have a really FUN time!!

All you party goers remember don't drink and drive as there are kids out there and don't forget to have lots of fun too. Remember to hold you nose when you bob for apples ;) [H]appy|[H]alloween from all of us at the [H].

Saturday October 30, 2004

[H]ardNews 7th Edition - Slow News Edition

Faster Check Processing:

So that check that you sent in the mail has a couple days to clear right? Well not according to the new rules on check processing. It looks as if the speed in which a check is processed has been reduced from days to hours. An AP Article (on outlines the new processes your check under goes for processing. How many of you really use checks in this information age. I for one only use them to pay my Rent!

Consumers who had been used to having a couple days to "float" a check - using the lag time before a check clears to make a deposit - will find they are suddenly bouncing lots of checks unless they change their ways.

Die Spammer Die!:

Go get ‘em boys! AOL and its Coalition of SPAM hunters are on the move again. Thank goodness that the big boys are using their ‘moula muscle’ to get these SPAM perpetrators back. Even the SPIMERS are being sought.

Four of the nation's largest online providers yesterday announced a new round of lawsuits aimed at e-mail spammers, including the first major case involving spam sent via an instant messaging service.

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Security Update:

Keep an eye out for this virus that’s making its rounds around the Net. Go get those updates for your Anti-Virus to keep your selves protected. Secunia Security Advisories has the latest on this.

Win32.Bagle.AR is a worm that spreads via e-mail and peer-to-peer file sharing. The worm itself is a PeX-packed executable that is approximately 17,000 bytes in length; however, it can also distribute itself in the form of a control panel applet.

Wireless Messaging and You:

I am one of those geeks that love wireless devices, but you won’t catch me with a cell phone to my ear. I would rather use it to connect to my Bluetooth enabled PDA to send of a message to my friends on MSN. It looks as if wireless messaging is going to be expanding more and more over the next little while. Look at the popularity of the Blackberry devices these days, mobile email is almost a must now. Yahoo! News has a good write up of this phenomenon.

Just as blogging has revolutionized election-year reporting, text messaging via cell phones and PDAs has served as a constant reminder to the mobile community that it's time to vote.

Flaw, did you say Flaw?:

It looks like there is a new flaw that has been found in the fully patched Internet Explorer. Windows XP Service Pack 2 users are not affected and Mozilla/FireFox and Opera browsers are also not affected as well. Netcraft has the article.

A new spoofing flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser allows an improperly coded web link to send users to a different URL than the one displayed in the status bar.

E-Passports on their way:

The U.S. State Department have been looking to add RFID chips into U.S. Passports for a while now. Well it looks like the initiative is going forward and it looks like a 2005-2006 timeline for completion of the conversion. CNet News has the details.

The United States is moving forward with a plan to issue new high-tech passports this year that incorporate facial recognition technology--despite privacy concerns and possible technical problems.

Cassini Spacecraft Photos:

The Cassini Spacecraft just completed a flyby of Saturn’s Moon Titan. Researchers were hopping to retrieve some impressive photos but have only been left with more questions. Wired news is reporting on this event.

"We're left with many different questions," said mission scientist Jonathan Lunine, of the University of Arizona, at a press conference on Thursday.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

[H]ard|Forum [H]appenings:

Here it is my first [H]ard|Forum [H]appenings. Hope you find this stuff interesting, but if you don't, there are over 100,000 more post to see. Ever really wondered what RAM you should get for your AMD64 Processor? There are a few people talking about the differences between Symantec Corporate Anti-Virus and Norton Anti-Virus. Personally I use NOD32. Join the [H]oard and help some really great causes. This guy is certainly happy. Don't know how to ask Majeztik12 did and he got his answer!

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Cool Case Edition

Awesome looking case!:

Alex / Qtip42 built a new case that he wants everyone too see. WOW I must say every time I see a case done by Alex I start to drool! Feast your eyes!

The Demonic case is my first attempt at building a case with a dark theme... Specs are as follows: Epia 800mhz Mini-ITX, 1GB PC133, 120GB HDD, 48x CDRW, and onboard audio/video.