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[H] Enthusiast Archives: June 2006Archive Listing

Friday June 30, 2006

ASUS 7900GT TOP & 7600GT Silent

Need a midrange graphics card that is long on power but short on price? Maybe a budget board with passive cooling for that HTPC you are working on? Well, you are in luck, PCPerspective has a dual video card review today that features both the ASUS 7900GT TOP and the 7600GT Silent. Two video cards reviewed for the price of one.

We had a couple of new graphics cards from Asus based on the NVIDIA 7-series of GPUs hit our offices here recently that I feel are worth a closer investigation as they are more than just the standard reference parts other vendors are shoving out their doors. Whether you are into top performing parts or silent PCs, Asus has a good solution here for you.

Tweak Your Tech Resume

I know there are a lot of you out there looking for ways to move up in the industry but what a lot of you overlook is your resume. eWeek has a list of 10 ways to tweak your tech resume that just may be able to help you get a leg up on the competition.

As it turns out, most résumé writers are committing the same types of blunders: fussing over outdated rules, spending hours on a cover letter that might never be seen by human eyes, and leaving out essential keywords and supporting evidence.

Powered VR Shoes?

You have got to head over to this website and watch the 2 minute video of these powered virtual reality shoes. Think of it as VR on powered roller skates.

News Image

UMC Vying For NVIDIA’s 80nm Business

As NVIDIA begins its trial runs on 80nm node manufacturing at TSMC it looks like UMC might resort to aggressive pricing in an effort to steal away business from TSMC. Currently, 90% of NVIDIA products are manufactured by TSMC, only 10% at UMC.

Both Nvidia and ATI Technologies are gearing up for migration to 80nm process production, with ATI scheduled to production later this year at both TSMC and UMC. Nvidia CEO Huang Jen-hsun has described TSMC as its closest production partner, with the foundry making 90% of its products. The other 10% are manufactured by UMC and Chartered Semiconductor.

Browser Bugs Hit IE & Firefox

Just a heads up, two new security flaws have been found that affect both Microsoft IE and Firefox. Microsoft said they are aware of the problem while there has been no word out of Mozilla yet on this.

The flaw that affects both IE and Firefox is related to the handling of a technology that is used to access documents delivered from one Web site to another, according to the advisory. Attackers could exploit the IE or Firefox flaw using cross-site scripting, said Monty Ijzerman, senior manager of McAfee's Global Threat Group.

Itanium 2 CPUs On The 18th

According to DigiTimes, Intel plans to roll out its dual-core Itanium 2 CPU line on the 18th of this month. Here is a clip from the news item:

The dual-core "Montecito" processor line will feature more advanced specifications for the high-end market, compared to the "Woodcrest" series under the new Intel Core microarchitecture (65-80W in power consumption) and the "Dempsey" under the NetBurst microarchitecture (95-130W in power consumption), indicated the sources

Prey SLI Fix

In case you missed this and are looking for a bit of Prey this coming holiday weekend, NVIDIA has posted a fix that will get you moving with Prey and SLI.

A few enthusiasts have commented that the recent Prey demo does not support NVIDIA SLI. NVIDIA is currently testing a Prey SLI profile, which we expect to release later this week in a new driver on

In the meantime, users can simply copy and paste the Quake 4 profile to make Prey scale. Prey and Quake 4 were developed with the DOOM 3 (OpenGL) engine, and SLI scales very well on Quake 4.

NVIDIA recommends users download the new 91.31 Forceware drivers for Prey. This driver works great on the Prey demo with all NVIDIA GPUs.

Intel Dropping DToS Strategy

The crew at HKEPC is saying that they have new internal documents from Intel that show the company is no longer pursuing the DToS strategy (desktop CPU on server platform). There are several slides posted along with the news item.

In a updated document from Intel, Intel Core 2 Duo family will no longer be supported in Intel 3000/3100 chipset, but Netburst Pentium XE, Pentium D, Pentium 4 and Celeron. It gave a strong message that Intel is fading out DToS strategy and make room for new Intel Xeon 3000 family. Intel 3000/3100 chipset will be releasing in the end of Aug 2006, while Intel Xeon 3000 family will be releasing in Sept 2006.

Prey Demo Performance

Rage3D has taken the Prey Demo, cranked up all the settings and then took it out for a spin at benchmark alley. The AMD based test system ran performance tests on just about all the newer video cards from the ATi X1300 - X1900XTX and the GeForce 7600 - 7950 GX2.

All you have to do is create an autoexec.cfg file with seta fs_restrict "0" in it and drop it in your Prey Demo/base/ directory. Once it's in there you can timedemo using the same methods you use for other Doom 3 engine games. For my purposes, I modified my Quake 4 benchmark script, which worked fine.

Vista Beta Ends Today

Apparently today is the self imposed deadline at Microsoft to discontinue Windows Vista Beta so if you want it, you better go grab it. Personally, I am really digging on it so far but if you are still on the fence, I highly recommend you take a look at what [H] Consumer had to say about Vista.

"In case you weren't aware, we are only providing a limited number of copies of Windows Vista Beta 2--either download or physical copies--and we're fast approaching the cutoff point, " Moulster wrote. "What this means is--if you want to get a copy, get it now (and I mean now)."

VIA Hyperion Pro Drivers v5.09A

The VIA Hyperion Pro chipset driver package has been updated, head on over to VIAArena and grab them if you need them. These drivers are for all VIA chipsets and support Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows 98SE, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT.

Thursday June 29, 2006

Duke Nukem’ Jam

While looking for news and other worldly events to share with you guys I stumbled on this video of the Duke Nukem’ theme song. Pretty snazzy and, in a round about way, it is still technology related. There is a link to a free MP3 version as well if you like it.

Lest you think we've forgotten about Duke in all this Prey coverage, we're here to bring you something that proves the fans still remember. Check out this video from Christopher Paul Kline (aka VertexGuy). It's him playing the Duke Nukem Theme. It's quite impressive.