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[H] Enthusiast Archives: November 2006Archive Listing

Thursday November 30, 2006

AMD Demos Native Quad-Core Server CPU

AMD demonstrated native quad-core processors earlier today at the AMD Industry Analyst Forum. AMD Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Henri Richard is pictured below holding a native quad-core Barcelona processor next to Intel’s Clovertown processor that uses two separate processors on one package.

News Image

AMD today demonstrated the industry’s first native quad-core x86 server processor, achieving four x86 processing cores on a single die of silicon. At the annual AMD Industry Analyst Forum, a server powered by four upcoming Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors (codenamed Barcelona), manufactured on 65nm silicon-on-insulator process technology, was shown utilizing all 16 cores.

Athlon 64 FX-74 & Quad FX Platform

Be sure to take a look at our evaluation of AMD’s Athlon 64 FX-74 & Quad FX platform today at [H] Enthusiast. Very good reading on the latest and greatest from the folks at AMD. And please, remember to Digg it if you dig it.

The FX-74 processors sit atop of NVIDIA’s nForce 680a chipset, an enthusiast class board you’d expect to be running Google’s web servers instead of a heated game of Ghost Recon. The Quad FX Platform truly comes into play in the second half of 2007 when AMD will have their native quad-core processors ready, giving you a 4-core by 4-core system.

New Bot Exploits Old Bugs

A new bot called Spybot.ACYR is making the rounds, exploiting old vulnerabilities in Windows and Symantec’s enterprise antivirus products.

The bot, dubbed Spybot.acyr, includes exploits for seven different vulnerabilities, including five already patched flaws in Microsoft Windows and one within Symantec's enterprise antivirus products. The Symantec bug was reported and patched in May.

Intel 45-65nm Crossover To Be reached In 2008

DigiTimes, quoting an Intel technology analyst, says that Intel will likely reach the crossover between 45nm and 65nm nodes in CPU production in 2008. Intel’s Oregon fab will be the first to start volume production of 45nm processors.

According to Willoner, Intel usually reaches a crossover in CPU production between two latest process nodes once every two years. He said that the company reached the crossover between 65nm and 90nm nodes earlier this year.

Wednesday November 29, 2006

AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 & Quad FX Platform Review

AMD's much hyped "4X4" system today brings dual socket Athlon 64 FX processors to the desktop allowing two dual-core AMD processors to be used. This in effect gives us a quad-core system and paves the way for a true octo-core desktop platform next year. Please Digg HERE. Please discuss HERE.

Overdrive PC Core2.X-Fire

If you are looking for a factory overclocked PC, our Overdrive PC Core2.X-Fire evaluation at [H] Consumer will definitely be of interest.

Since we spent over $3,000 on this rig, and the previous PC we evaluated from the company blew us away, we have extremely high expectations for this system. Since Overdrive sells nothing but highly overclocked systems, we’ll be expecting tremendous performance with rock-solid stability. The company warranties its overclocks, so we’d expect the system to not give us any trouble.

New 3DMark And PCMark Released

Head over to Shacknews today and grab the updated versions of 3DMark and PCMark if you need them. The post says start up speed has been improved along with several bug fixes.

Futuremark sends along updated builds of their popular 3DMark and PCMark benchmark programs, offering Windows Vista and IE7 compatibility, improved startup speed and several bug fixes.

CPU Wars Entering New Level

According to DigiTimes, motherboard makers are saying that the introduction of 45nm processors will escalate the CPU wars to a new level. Dual core processor speeds are expected to reach frequencies of 3GHz and higher in 2007.

Two days ago, Reuters cited Mark Bohr, director of process architecture and integration at Intel's technology and manufacturing group, as saying the US chip giant is "processing the first samples of the Penryn design, which will go back to the design team to determine if design is working as expected." Motherboard makers pointed out that Penryn is expected to raise the clock speeds of the Core 2 Duo product line above 3GHz.

Tuesday November 28, 2006

AVADirect Custom SLI Gaming System

If you are shopping around this holiday season for a SLI gaming rig, I suggest you give our AVADirect Custom SLI gaming system evaluation a look. You’ll be glad you did.

This is our first experience with AVADirect, so our expectations are wide open. According to their website, AVADirect makes computers for a wide range of applications, from gaming boxes and notebooks to workstations and servers. They’re the first of a rash of new integrators that we’ll be presenting over the next few months. To be clear, none of these are garage operations. They are all respectable and established, and they’ve paid their dues.

DFI RD600 Motherboard

For those of you that have not seen this yet, [H] reader Philip D. sent us this picture of a RD600 DFI LanParty motherboard that looks pretty impressive. Sharp eyed readers will notice design and layout differences from other photos we have seen of this product before.

News Image

Intel & Vista Speeding Up SATA Adoption

Optical disc drive manufacturers expect Intel’s P965 chipset and Windows Vista to help SATA finally displace PATA in the desktop marketplace.

Because retail prices of SATA DVD drives or burners are 20-30% higher than those for ATAPI models with the same functions, many OEM/ODM clients have not adopted SATA for the time being, the sources noted. ATAPI is expected to remain as the mainstream standard in the first half of 2007, but Intel's P965 chipset and Vista are expected to increase the proportion of DVD drives using SATA, the sources pointed out.

Intel Sampling 45nm Chips

Reuters is reporting that Intel is already sampling 45nm chips and that the chips are on track to be released late in 2007.

Intel Corp. said on Monday it is making prototypes of computer processors using new manufacturing techniques that further shrink circuitry, making the chips run faster and use less power.