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Thursday February 28, 2008

Corsair Announces World's First 1000W PSU Certified for 3-way SLI

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the HX1000W power supply unit (PSU), the world’s first 1000 watt PSU to be certified under the newly-created 3-way NVIDIA® SLI® Technology Certification Program from NVIDIA Corporation. The Corsair HX1000W will be debuted at the CeBIT 2008 show next week in Hanover, Germany on Corsair’s stand (Booth 40, Hall 21). The HX1000W is the latest addition to Corsair’s award-winning HX-series of modular power supplies for the gaming and enthusiast community. Featuring a twin-transformer, true dual-rail design, DC-to-DC conversion and high-quality solid state capacitors, the HX1000W delivers the rock-solid performance and stability required for high-end enthusiast gaming systems.

Gaming News

Activision: No Interest in Take-Two Acquisition @ Shacknews

Cool PSP2 Concepts @ Kotaku

Grand Theft Auto IV Takes 100 Hours to Play @ VE3D

Settlement In PS3 Robbery – Shooting Case @ StarnewsOnline

Street Fighter 4 Trailer @ FileShack

Wii outsells PS3 4-to-1 in Japan @ MSNBC

Windows Server 2008 Launch Coverage

Those of you looking for launch coverage of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, head on over to Microsoft’s press site and watch this two hour streaming video presentation. There is a keynote from Steve Ballmer and the guest speaker is Tom Brokaw.

News Image News Image News Image

details about the launch of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. This virtual pressroom will be updated with event press material, keynote transcripts, executive biographies and links to related material.

[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases & Modding

Cooler Master Cosmos S @ Phoronix


Scythe Ninja Copper Heatpipe HSF @ SPCR


PC Perspective Podcast #23 @ PC Perspective

PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 860W PSU @ CPU3D


Mushkin HP2-6400 4GB Memory @ Ninjalane

Google Releases Health Service Details

Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the Associated Press that the search engine will not use advertising to support its new health service that is currently being beta tested at the Cleveland Clinic.

Schmidt says Google's new service is merely a platform for users to store their medical information. It will be an open system inviting third parties to build direct-to-consumer services like medication tables or immunization reminders. He emphasizes no data would be shared without the consumer's consent.


Researchers Transmit Optical Data At 16.4 Tbps

Researchers at Bell Labs in France, in conjunction with Alcatel and Kylia Optical Solutions, have set a record by successful transmitting 16.4 Tbps of optical data over 2,550km.

In papers presented at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC), Alcatel-Lucent researchers disclosed research that they believe will likely pave the way to successful implementation of the very high speed transmissions.


Symantec Releases Security Advisory

According to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a new security advisory addressing multiple vulnerabilities in various Symantec anti-virus products has been released.

These vulnerabilities are due to errors in the way that Symantec Decomposer handles .RAR files. These vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial-of-service condition.

Microsoft Surface Game In Action

During a trip to Microsoft's Surface campus, Sarcastic Gamer got the chance to see the first game developed for Microsoft’s Surface platform. The game is more of a tech demo than anything else but it does give you an idea of what can be done on the system.


Hitachi, Sharp Offices Raided

The Japanese Fair Trade Commission raided the offices of Hitachi and Sharp for allegedly fixing display prices for the Nintendo DS. Gee, I wonder who turned them in.

Officials of the Fair Trade Commission inspected offices and outlets of Sharp and Hitachi Displays Ltd., Hitachi Ltd.'s wholly-owned subsidiary, company officials said. "It is true that the Fair Trade Commission is doing an on-the-spot inspection on our company, but we are still trying to confirm further details," said a spokeswoman for Sharp.


College Hands Out iPod Touch, iPhone To Freshmen

A college in Texas is handing out either an iPhone or iPod Touch to new students this fall. The school says that the program is designed to help students learn…but I’m sure all the media attention doesn’t hurt enrollment either. wink

ACU freshmen will use the iPhone or iPod touch to get homework alerts, answer in-class surveys and quizzes, get directions to professors' offices, and check their meal and account balances, among other things. ACU has already developed 15 Web-based applications optimized for the iPhone or iPod touch.


PayPal Warns: Steer Clear of Apple's Safari Browser

If you use Apple’s Safari browser, you are at risk of being hacked. Apparently Safari is missing at least two important anti-phishing security features.

"Apple, unfortunately, is lagging behind what they need to do, to protect their customers," Barrett said in an interview. "Our recommendation at this point, to our customers, is use Internet Explorer 7 or 8 when it comes out, or Firefox 2 or Firefox 3, or indeed Opera."


AMD Collaborates With Microsoft on Windows Server 2008

AMD today announced it has worked closely with Microsoft throughout the Windows Server® 2008 development process, to deliver the ultimate server solution. Through their strong partnership, both companies have optimized their respective hardware and software technologies to work together to address the demands of today’s global digital economy and meet the computing requirements of businesses of all sizes.