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[H] Enthusiast Archives: March 2008Archive Listing

Sunday March 30, 2008

[H]ardware Round-Up: Sunday Evening Edition


Trendnet TK-408K 4-port PS2+Audio KVM @ DragonSteelMods

Razer Destructor Gaming Mat @ DarkVision


Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 @ ExtremeTech

HIS Radeon HD 3450 @ OverclockersOnline

Catalyst 8.3 Hotfix @ ATI


Coolermaster Aquagate Max Vs. Thermaltake Bigwater 760i @ HiTechReviews


Asus Maximus Extreme @ CDRInfo

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G @ Digital-Daily

Light Cycle Scene from Tron Gets ‘Sweded’

Ok, I’m posting this because I’m a huge geek and I thought it was just way cool. “Sweding” is an amateur reenactment of a movie and was made popular by the movie Be Kind, Rewind. French filmmakers gave the treatment to the light cycle scene from Tron and, well, you just have to see it for yourself. I like some of the outtakes at the end too.


40% of College Students Plan to Buy Macs, Survey Says

Eying a cool new MacBook for college (or for your kid at college)? According to a survey cited by Morgan Stanley, roughly 40% or college students say that their next computer purchase will be a Mac. This will result in a higher market share for Apple in the future.

The basic argument here is that students who are used to Apple products grow up, get jobs, and make money. They will then buy more Macs, and will also make Apple products more "mainstream" and become more common in the workforce. Huberty offers Linux as an analog, suggesting that as Linux-savvy students got jobs and then Linux saw large market share gains.


11-Year-Old Fills School Network Manager Position

After his school’s IT manager suddenly left, this sixth-grader stepped in to manage the network, mainly to help keep his mom from being overworked. Since then, he’s evaluated and deployed an internet gateway, leveraged Microsoft’s Fresh Start program to refresh the school’s workstations, and contributed to the web usage policy. Not too shabby!

His father, Dave, a civil engineer, says: “I knew when Jon was three and could boot up my laptop, sign in and open Paint, that he had a knack for computers. But I never dreamed he’d be a network administrator at the age of 11.”

UPDATE: Hold your horses people. Looks like the original article's author may have the wrong school cited. I got an email from the school she linked and they told me that there is no 11-yr old Network Admin there nor any student named Jon Penn. I'll update you when we get confirmation on what's actually going on.

UPDATE2: Ok, the original article has been corrected with what appears to be the right school. I see a Penn in their staff, which supports the article in that Jon Penn's mom works for the school. Sorry for any confusion.


Gaming News

Consoles dead in 5-10 years @ ThatVideoGameBlog

Sony confirms Portable Copy for BR playback on PSP later this year @ Kotaku

Fable 2 Preview @ CVG

GTA:4 Achievement List possibly leaked @ Xbox360Achievements

New Star Wars game announcement next week @ GameTrailers Blog

Seven types of girl gamers @ QuickJump

Call of Duty 4 DLC trailers and gameplay videos @ ShackNews

Silicon Chip at End of Life?

Physicists predict that the conventional silicon chip has no longer than four years left before it hits the physical limitations of the material. Alternatives such as carbon nanotubes are being investigated but scientists have been unable to build precise circuit patterns with nanotubes, limiting the application of the technology.

Just as Gordon Moore predicted in 2005, physical limitations of the miniaturised electronic devices of today will eventually lead to silicon chips that are saturated with transistors and incapable of holding any more digital information.


[H]ardware Round-Up: Indian Market Edition


Windows XP SP3 Update @ TechARP

Belkin Network USB Hub @ TrustedReviews


Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC3-12800 Kit @ VirtualHideout


9800GTX Triple-SLI @ TweakTown

NiBiTor v4.0 (Nvidia BIOS Editor) Update @ MVKTech

Ultraportable Digital Projectors @ NYTimes


Foxconn DigitalLife X38A @ Xbit

Legendary Modder “Ben Heck” Interviewed

PC World has an article on one of my favorite modders, Ben Heckendorn, AKA “Ben Heck.” His work has been featured here in the past and if you don’t know his stuff, you really should check out his site. He does amazing work.

"Often someone will ask me to combine five different video game systems in one box, which is of course ridiculous. One guy wanted me to build an Xbox 360 controller attached to his rowing machine at home so he could row and play 'Uno' with his friends online. It sounded so weird I did it."

EDIT: [H]ardforumer AceGoober pointed out that the site has been exploited so I removed the link. Just do a search on "Ben Heck" and you'll get plenty of cool things to check out. Thanks AceGoober!


April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

Wired has a list of their top 10 April Fool’s Day pranks submitted by readers. Good stuff here.

People are too reliant on some common programs that help them cheat, such as the Autocorrect feature in MS Office. Capitalize on their laziness by adding a few of your favorite "alternative" spellings. Common words like "about" or "together" work well. Even better, try subtly adjusting the spelling of your victim's name. It's so hard-wired into most people's fingers, they hardly look at it.

Got other ideas? Let us know in this thread.

Creative Incites Internet Wrath With Actions Against Supporter

Yesterday, Creative’s VP of Corporate Communication issued a statement on their forums condemning the actions of “Daniel_k”, an active member of their community and modder of drivers that enable functionality in SoundBlaster cards. Creative followed up by taking down these modded drivers and “encouraging” other sites carrying this driver to remove it. This activity resulted in backlash of epic proportions as it was Slashdotted, Dugg, and otherwise featured in social bookmarking sites around the web.

As of this writing, there are 85 pages of irate former-supporters on Creative’s official forums and an online petition demanding that Creative improve their driver quality.

UPDATE: Creative has a sort of retraction posted (see 3rd post from the top). No mention on what "management" was checked so I'd wait to see if we get something from the VP before we make a note here: "huge success." wink

We’ve got a discussion on this topic going on here.

Saturday March 29, 2008

Musicians Building Their Own Social Networking Sites

Eschewing traditional sites like MySpace & Facebook, increasing numbers of musicians are building their own their websites and incorporating social networking capabilities. Reasons given revolve around control of the data: artists want to have control over the user contact database, advertising, and site content without relying on a 3rd party website. However, this doesn’t mean that the musicians are abandoning their MySpace fan base.

The artist networks aren't meant to replace MySpace or Facebook, which tend to attract a broader audience and more users. "(Artists) think about MySpace and Facebook as funnels for their own social networks," says Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning, a company that provides social networking tools for Thisis50, Sara Bareilles and others.


LinkedIn Now Supports Network RSS Feeds

If you’re an avid user of the professional-oriented social networking site LinkedIn, you may be happy to know that it now supports RSS feeds for your network. Now you can get network updates in your favorite RSS reader next to your news and scores. Good stuff.

For example the feed shows when people in your network connect with other people, make recommendations or update their LinkedIn status.