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Friday January 30, 2009

Samsung Develops World’s Highest Density DRAM Chip

Samsung Electronics Co., the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced today that it has made a significant advancement in the push for higher volume memory chips by developing the world’s first four gigabit (Gb) DDR3 DRAM chip, using 50 nanometer (nm) process technology. With more and more data centers seeking a reduction in the number of servers they use, the development of low-power 4Gb DDR3 has become critical in reducing data center costs, improving server time management and increasing overall efficiency.

[H]ardware Round-Up


Thermaltake MeOrb Low Profile Heatpipe HSF @ Legion Hardware

Memory / Storage

CSX 3GB DDR3-1600MHz Memory @ Phoronix

SimpleTech [Re]Drive 500GB External HDD @ TechwareLabs

Power Supply

Enermax Revolution85+ PSU @ DriverHeaven

FSP Power Mod 700W Modular PSU @ ThinkComputers

$10 Laptop On Display

That $10 laptop being developed in India will be on display this coming Tuesday when the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Techology is launched. Whew, that was a tongue twister.

The $10 laptop project, first reported in TOI three years ago, has come as an answer to the $100 laptop of MIT's Nicholas Negroponte that he was trying to hardsell to India. The $10 laptop has come out of the drawing board stage due to work put in by students of Vellore Institute of Technology.


Do Humanlike Machines Deserve Human Rights?

And the award for ridiculous story of the day goes to this Wired article on "rights for robots."

With advanced robotics becoming cheaper and more commonplace, the challenge isn't how we learn to accept robots—but whether we should care when they're mistreated. And if we start caring about robot ethics, might we then go one insane step further and grant them rights?


Intel Named Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation

Yesterday in Davos, Switzerland, Intel was named as one of the Global 100's Most Sustainable Corporations. The announcement was made during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. The list represents how well a company manages environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.

Venture Firm Picks up Transmeta Chip Patents

Transmeta is back in the news today. The big news today is that a company called Intellectual Ventures, founded by Microsoft’s ex-CTO, has picked up 140 of Transmeta's patents (current and pending). Gee, I wonder what they want with all those patents?

Transmeta's claim to fame as a low-power x86-compatible chip supplier was transitory, and in 2007, about seven years after it formed, it restructured and ceased being a chipmaker. It morphed into a Rambus-like IP (intellectual property) company that sues other companies for patent infringement.


California Weighs Tough TV Energy Standards

Want a massive 65” 1080P LCD for your living room? Do you dream of a flat screen TV in every room of your mansion? Well, you’d better not move to California then because they are cracking down on TVs.

TV dealers are warning that consumers will simply buy their sets online if they can't find the models they want in California stores. The rules would be the country's first mandatory energy standards for televisions and would further tighten in 2013.


Super Secret “Zumba” Phone

Is it just me or does this phone sound too good to be true? Supposedly it will be on the market in time for the holidays.


U.S. Pirate Party Docks in California

The U.S. Pirate Party has set its sights on California (Hollywood to be exact). Will they be able to get the signatures required to be recognized by the State Secretary? Or will they suffer the same fate as they did in Utah?

The goals of the party are clear though. “Frankly, we feel that the RIAA and MPAA’s ruthless campaign of suing their own customers out of their livelihoods must cease immediately. The terrible litigation facing international bodies (ACTA) must see the light of day, and the DMCA must be repealed,” they write.


Senate Passes Digital Delay Again

The “on again, off again” Digital TV transition is off again. The Senate voted to postpone the transition date from February 17th until June 12th.

Representatives in the House were concerned about confusing consumers by moving dates and the cost local broadcasters would have to endure to keep the analog equipment running for another four months. Sources say the bill approved last night by the Senate is the same version the House tried to pass on Wednesday - only with a few tweaks by the House.


Microsoft and Infosys Technologies Create New Alliance

Helping manufacturers manage their increasingly complex global supply chains, Microsoft Corp. and Infosys Technologies have forged a new go-to-market alliance around improving supply chain visibility and collaboration. The two companies today are jointly launching a set of solutions, services and a center of excellence to help manufacturers build next-generation supply chains with improved performance and better visibility across their enterprises and trading partners.

Sony Ericsson and IBM Sign a 5-Year Outsourcing Agreement

IBM today announced that the company has signed a five-year outsourcing agreement with Sony Ericsson regarding the management of Application Maintenance and Development of all of Sony Ericsson's SAP applications globally. IBM will leverage their global leadership in Application Management Services for the delivery of best-in-class solutions to support Sony Ericsson's operations and business improvement initiatives in an efficient and cost effective manner.