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Friday July 31, 2009

MPAA – RIAA: You Have No Right To Perpetual Access

Straight from the mouths of lawyers, we now have more proof that the RIAA / MPAA are simply a bag of dicks. I like the part where this guy says we are all stupid for expecting to be able to use something for as long as we own it. Then again, maybe he has a point, we don’t really own the songs and movies we buy…now do we?

"We reject the view," he writes in a letter to the top legal advisor at the Copyright Office, "that copyright owners and their licensees are required to provide consumers with perpetual access to creative works. No other product or service providers are held to such lofty standards. No one expects computers or other electronics devices to work properly in perpetuity, and there is no reason that any particular mode of distributing copyrighted works should be required to do so."


[H]ardware Round-Up II


Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler @ Hardware Secrets


Cooler Master SNA 95 @ OCIA

Interview With Game Developer Terminal Reality @ HotHardware


Gigabyte GA-EP55-UD4P @ Overclockers Club

Just How Big Is The Intarwebs?

Here’s a fun little factoid for you, if you read every single website on the planet (nonstop), it would take you 31,000 years to complete. Thankfully you have the [H] to gather all the things you need in one easy to find location. Well, you’ll probably need porn…and a torrent tracker…okay, so we provide MOST of the stuff you need.

Microsoft's Bing team puts the amount of web pages at "over one trillion". And Google has already indexed more than one trillion discrete web addresses. There are more addresses than there are people on Earth. The current global population stands at more than 6.7 billion.


Windows Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack Pricing

The Windows Team Blog has Windows Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack pricing posted today for all of you interested. It looks like the Windows 7 Family Pack is going to be the way to go for a lot of us that own multiple systems.

The Windows 7 Family Pack will be available starting on October 22nd until supplies last here in the US and other select markets. In the US, the price for the Windows 7 Family Pack will be $149.99 for 3 Windows 7 Home Premium licenses. That’s a savings of more than $200 for three licenses. This is a great value and we’re excited to be able to offer it to customers.


Freaky USB Device of the Day

For all you computer geek / amateur dentists out there I give you this USB mouth scope thingy. Blame Scott Weaver for finding this one.


Gaming News

Brutal Legend Lawsuit Postponed @ VE3D

id Responds to Rage PS3 Concerns @ Shacknews

Rumor: PS3 now 70% Cheaper to Make @ Joystiq

The Witcher Gets Uncensored For North America @ Kotaku

Study Says Girls Game Less Than Boys

A Michigan State University study found that girls game less than boys. Why? Are they inferior to men? Is it the lack of a certain gene? An inherent flaw in all females? Nope. It’s because they have less free time.

The study of 276 MSU undergraduate students, published in a recent issue of the journal Sex Roles, found that female undergraduates spent significantly more time – about 16 hours per week – on jobs, homework and other activities than did male undergraduates.


Awesome Computer Birthday Cake

Even though this is a Mac themed birthday cake, it is still pretty awesome.


10th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. If you are reading this news post from work or school, go hug your System Administrator, he’s the one that makes it possible for you to get on the net every day.

The last Friday in every July marks System Administrator Appreciation Day. In its 10th year, the annual day of recognition was created in 2000 by Systems Administrator Ted Kekatos, who was working as an IT manager for a small start-up at the time and thought it might be nice for him and his colleagues to get a bit of recognition. According to the holiday's Web site, sysadmins have been work hard in a mostly thankless job most days.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases & Modding

ThermalTake Element G Case @ NinjaLane


AMA Orc Heatpipe HSF @ Overclockers Club


D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router @ ThinkComputers

SmoothCreations LANShark @ Guru3D

Memory/ Storage

Transcend Ultra 120GB SSD @ PureOC


GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 AM2+/AM3 @ Hardware Canucks

IBM Rolls Out New Branch Management System

IBM today announced that it has completed a two-year design, implementation and training project for BMW. IBM's system integration will centralize customer service and retail processes for 19 branches across Germany, which will reduce costs and improve efficiencies.


Student Sues Amazon Over Deletion of Homework

What ever happened to the old days when dogs ate homework?

The suit is being brought by Justin D. Gawronski, a 17-year-old high school student who had purchased Orwells 1984 to complete a summer homework assignment. When Amazon deleted the book from his Kindle, it rendered the electronic notes he had taken worthless.