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[H] Enthusiast Archives: August 2010Archive Listing

Tuesday August 31, 2010

[H]ot Deals

[H]ot Deals here! Come and get your [H]ot deals! How hot are these deals you ask!?! Well, you can get $80 off this Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA 1250W Modular PSU? Don't need a PSU? Then how about $70 off this EVGA X58 SLI Classified motherboard? No mobo? This Galaxy GTX 460 GC Edition is $25 off and you get two free games (Just Cause II & MAfia II) and a Starcraft II game trial offer. Hit the link for more great offers but, as always, you’d better hurry because these deals only last a few days!

AT&T; On Net Neutrality

You guys seriously have to read this blog post by AT&T; vice president Hank Hultquist. You might have to skip all the talk of dogma, pagans, hegemons, faith-based initiatives and other stuff…and even then you’ll probably have to read it twice to figure out what the hell this guy is talking about.

The CoENN creed against quality of service states that paid prioritization of Internet traffic: (1) has never been contemplated by standards organizations like the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF); (2) does not exist on the Internet today and, to the extent it exists anywhere, is probably being used nefariously by the pagans; and (3) if it did exist on the Internet, it would be available to and affordable for only a small number of deep-pocketed hegemons.


[H]ardware Round-Up II


Maingear F131 System Review @ PC Perspective

Cases & Modding

BitFenix Colossus Case @ techPowerUP!

Thermaltake Armor A60 (video) @ OverclockersHQ


ASUS SBC-06D1S-U External Slim Blu-ray Combo Drive @ ThinkComputers

Mobile GPU Comparison Guide Rev. 9.7 @ TechARP

Foursquare, MTV to Reward STD Checkups With Badge

This is definitely not one of the things I’d want to broadcast to the world. Are they going to give out pass / fail badges? This is just a stupid idea all the way around.

You can "check in" to restaurants and bars, so how about health clinics while you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases? Foursquare, the phone application for telling friends and strangers where you are, is offering a special virtual "badge" in September to people who do just that.


Chilean Miners Receive PSPs

Buried in a collapsed mine 2,300 feet beneath the surface of the earth? What would you want sent down to you…well, besides a bunch of PSPs?

The group of Chilean miners who became trapped in a deep section of a mine on August 15th have been receiving more and more help from the surface lately – after establishing the transportation pipe to the mine, the rescue workers have been sending all kinds of vital goods to the miners – and now they’re providing them with some entertainment too, by sending them some PSPs.


Triple 42" 1080P TVs + Car = [H] Gaming

I am in the process of staging stuff to be packed for an upcoming move and, purely by coincidence, our TVs ended up sitting in front of my car…and that’s when it hit me…wouldn’t this make a killer Eyefinity or SLI Surround set-up? I already have the Eyefinity / SLI rigs and TVs, I just have to sit in the car with wireless keyboard and mouse / controller and I’d be all set. Hmmm, I’ll try to get this set up before I make the move and show you guys how it worked out.


HP Holds Navy Network ‘Hostage’ for $3.3B

I think HP figured out a way to recoup the money from the $55M fine they got earlier today….with interest.

"HP is holding the Navy hostage, and there isn’t a peep about it," one Department of the Navy civilian tells Danger Room. "We basically had two recourses: pay, or send in the Marines."


Corsair Launches High Performance USB Headset for Gamers

Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the launch of their inaugural audio product, the Gaming Audio Series™ HS1 USB gaming headset. This noise-isolating headset offers long-term playing comfort and immersive multi-channel audio, with massive 50mm drivers and a carefully tuned acoustical design optimized not only for gaming, but for movies and music as well.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Battlefield: BC2 Ultimate Edition Released @ Joystiq

Blizzard Hiring, Strongmen Needed @ Kotaku

Crackdown 2 DLC Launches Sept. 2 @ Shacknews

World Supremacy Announced @ Blue’s News

Intel Almost Halves Core i7-950 Prices

DigiTimes, citing anonymous industry sources, claims that Intel is cutting Core i7-950 prices almost in half.

Intel recently dropped the price of its quad-core Core i7-950 processors to US$294 from US$562 to defend from AMD's recent price cuts for its quad-core Athlon II X4 640 CPU from US$122 to US$99, according to sources from motherboard makers.


Updated Xbox 360 D-Pad Controller

Major Nelson posted a new video that shows off a pretty neat dual-design D-pad on Microsoft’s updated wireless controllers. What do you think? Do you like the dual-design?


Desktop PC Platform: Saved By Overclocking

Benchmark Reviews has posted another overclocking editorial, the latest in a series of overclocking articles, this one explaining how the desktop PC platform has been saved by overclocking.

For the past few articles of this series, I've concentrated on playing devil's advocate for the demise of desktop PCs. Some say it will live on past the imminent threat of notebook computers, mobile smartphones, and gaming consoles; others think the market has already passed its glory days. Each of my articles posed a narrative perspective describing real-world scenarios that continue to impact this industry. Each topic offered a form of speculative research, which I like to call job security, on the relative health of our hobby. That's right, I called it a hobby.