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Thursday March 31, 2011

Google Foe Won't Take "No" on Buzz Cash

EPIC fail at getting settlement cash from Google. big grin

EPIC had requested $1.75 million. And while Google and plaintiff lawyers doled out money to groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Brookings Institution, EPIC did not get a cent.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases & Modding

NZXT H2 Classic Silent Case @ Neoseeker

Power Supply

Corsair GS800 Power Supply @ Hardware Heaven


MSI GeForce GTX 580 Lightning @ techPowerUP!

MSI Radeon R6970 Lightning 2GB @ OCAU

Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler

Vortez has just finished up a review of the Prolimatech Super Mega heatpipe HSF today and have concluded that, not only is it super, it is mega too. wink

Moving on three years from then, Prolimatech have made tweaks to their design and are ready to take on the top coolers once again with their new ultimate Super Mega iteration, this time facing the Noctua NH-D14, Thermalright Silver Arrow and Venomous X.


'Wolverine' Pirate Going To Prison

You know the guy that bought an unfinished copy of Wolverine from a street vendor and then uploaded it to the internet? He's going to prison and will have to pay a huge fine. The person that leaked the movie in the first place? Who cares? Investigators didn't even go after them. roll eyes (sarcastic) Not sure who spell checked this statement either:

"The federal governmnet takes movie piracy very seriously," assistant U.S. attorney Lisa Feldman tells us. "The fact that we prosecuted this case demonstrates the government's effort to work with the entertainment industry in combatting such intellectual property crimes."


A Short Film By Intel About....Being An Elephant?

I'm pretty sure this short film from Intel just made me suffer a flash back. Something about all your memories going up in flames? Why SSDs are better than regular hard drives? Hell, I don't know... confused


More Hawken Gameplay Footage

Remember that remarkable looking indie game we showed you a few weeks ago (here) called Hawken? Well, we have more gameplay footage for you today! Damn, I sooo want to play this!


Google App Will Identify People's Faces

Whew! For a second there I thought the article said Google was making an app that would identify people's feces (I wouldn't put past them). Early April Fool's joke?

Google plans to introduce a mobile application that would allow users to snap pictures of people's faces in order to access their personal information, a director for the project said this week.


Samsung Keylogger Follow Up #3

Apparently the software that detected the Samsung "keylogger" yesterday was actually to blame for this whole fiasco. It was a false positive, so that's it folks...move along, there's nothing to see here.

GFI Labs, the maker of VIPRE, has issued an explanation and apology for generating the false positives that led to these articles: "We apologize to the author Mohamed Hassan, to Samsung, as well as any users who may have been affected by this false positive."

Ongoing Discussion

Crysis 2 Anti-Cheat Measures Live

It looks like Crytek has finally done something about the rampant cheating in Crysis 2 multiplayer. So far they have just reset the accounts of cheaters but the company is warning that it will permanently ban people caught repeatedly cheating.

Word is: "Today we released the first of a number of security updates, accounts that we have identified as exploiting an unfair advantage have been reset and if the activity persists they will be banned permanently. If you find yourself being kicked from every MP game it is because our systems have detected you cheating. We will continue to update anti-cheat software in Crysis 2 and strive for a cheat-free community."


Today Is World Back Up Day

Today is world back up get to it! Thanks to [H] reader Ivan Garcia for the reminder!

Hard drives do break. In fact, they fail at an annual rate of 3 percent: every year, 3 percent of new hard drives fail, and this rate gets higher as the drive gets older. With a three year-old hard drive, the annual failure rate is around six percent. And remember: when a hard drive fails, if the data isn't backed up, it's gone.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Battlefield Play4Free Early Access @ Blue's News

Saints Row: The Third Trailer @ Kotaku

SOE Studio Closures & Layoffs Coming @ George Broussard via Twitter

THQ Ordered To Stop Poaching Ubisoft Talent @ Shacknews

Silicon Knights versus Epic: Round 151

Can someone just get a court date for these two already? Also (without taking sides), I just want to point out that "Too Human" sucking had nothing to do with the game engine it was made on...that game just sucked. eek!

In 2007, Silicon Knights sued Epic Games for failure to "provide a working game engine" for Too Human, causing the Ontario based game developer to "experience considerable losses." Silicon Knights' suit alleged that Epic was "sabotaging" Unreal Engine 3 licensees, withholding an improved version of that game engine while also using licensing fees to fund development of Gears of War, not to improve the Unreal Engine. In short, Silicon Knights said it didn't get what it was promised by Epic and it wants a cut of those Gears of War profits as compensation.