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Saturday December 31, 2011

How to Sell or Swap Your Unwanted Gifts

Christmas is over and now the reality of unwanted gifts haunts you like it has in all the past years. Instead of pawning off the unwanted gifts on another, or sticking them in a closet hoping they will just go away on their own, there are Internet alternatives. There is a growing number of websites that now specialize in finding a new owner who might actually appreciate that Obama Chia pet. big grin

Thankfully, for all the unhappy gift recipients out there, there are tons of websites that cater to that one question: Now what do I do with this thing?


Hackers Said to be Planning to Launch Own Satellites

In an effort to combat the creeping censorship movement, Hackers are planning to put their own communication satellite in low Earth orbit and build ground based stations to maintain contact. The Hackers are working alongside Constellation, a German aerospace research company.

According to BBC News, the satellite plan was recently outlined at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. It's being called the "Hackerspace Global Grid."


Sega's Sonic Returns in All Its 2D Glory

An official statement from Sega confirms the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II in 2012. The return of Sonic will be accompanied by new characters, an expanded storyline and a reworked physics engine for the Xbox, PlayStation and mobile platforms. The little blue dude with an attitude is back. big grin


12 Predictions for the Mobile World in 2012

It’s that time of year again when the predictions for next year start flying. Predictions are kind of like opinions and you know what people say about them. big grin The guys over at IntoMobile have put together 12 predictions on the state of the mobile phone industry.

News Image


Oh Noes!! Twitter Down?

There was a tremor in the Force this morning: Twitter was down for over 90 minutes and the world almost stopped turning. Thus is the power of Twitter.big grin Twitter eventually recovered from the outage, but soon had more fluctuations in service.

Twitter replied to our query with scant info: "Recovering now. It was inaccessible for some users.


Apple’s Jonathan Ive is knighted in New Year Honors

Sir Jonathan of Appleshire: If you think some of those guys over at Apple thought of themselves as royalty, they’ll be no living with them now. big grin Jonathan Ive is the chief designer of the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad and has been dubbed a Knight Commander of the British Empire for his contributions.

Jobs described Ive as his "spiritual partner," according to Walter Isaacson’s recent biography, but didn’t let that stop him taking credit for some of Ive’s designs, to the latter’s great annoyance.


Nintendo, Sony Back Off of SOPA Support

It looks like the large corporations are getting the message from the Internet users ala the GoDaddy fiasco. It is not known for certain when, but Nintendo, Sony and Electronic Arts without fanfare, have removed their names from the list supporting SOPA. The kneejerk reaction to the support for SOPA may be waning at last where it counts the most.

They may have withdrawn support after seeing the full consequences of the bill, which could see site taken down or blocked if even just a small portion of its content was deemed illegal.


LG to Announce Intel-Powered Smartphone at CES?

LG and Intel may have partnered to make a new smartphone based on the new Intel Medfield processor. According to the Korea Times, we may be getting a preview in several weeks at CES of the collaboration between LG’s smartphone offering sporting the new Intel processor for Android.

``LG Electronics will produce Intel’s first Android smartphones that use Intel’s own mobile platform. The device will be shown at the CES,’’ said a top-ranking executive, Friday.


Apple's Siri Curses Out 12-Year-Old

Well, how rude. eek! You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, just looks like it came a bit sooner than expected: Someone will find a way to hack Siri changing the answers the voice recognition software will give to questioners. In this case, the rude and obscene reply happened to be a 12 year old boy. Siri, Siri, Siri…..get a grip. big grin

"I thought I must be hearing things. So we asked again and the same four-letter stuff blared out."


MasterImage 3D No Glasses Hi-Def for Phones and Tablets

The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show will be a window on the innovation we will see in the near future. MasterImage 3D will be showcasing its new 720p high definition 3D smartphones and tablets which require no special glasses, according to a Joystiq report.

Each device will showcase full 720p high definition in 3D and utilizes MasterImage 3D's Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier Technology


Verizon Scraps $2 Fee Plan

Barely a day after Verizon announced that it would be charging a $2 convenience fee for online transactions , the company bowed to the strong customer backlash (not to mention the pending investigation by the FCC) and wisely decided to rescind the fee collection.

"Based on their input, we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time."


Friday December 30, 2011

[H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews

Today is Friday and you know what that means! It is time once again for the [H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews! For anyone that might have missed them, we like to take a quick look back on the hardware evaluations and articles we posted earlier in the week. We kicked the week off with our evaluation of the Pivos AIOS HD Media Player followed by our NZXT HALE82 850W power supply review. Finally, we wrapped things up with our evaluation of the Gigabyte X79-UD5 LGA 2011 motherboard.

News Image News Image News Image