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[H] Enthusiast Archives: April 2012Archive Listing

Monday April 30, 2012

KegDroid Beer Serving Robot!

This guy is my hero! (The KegDroid, not the guy talking)


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Thermaltake Element Q SFF Chassis @ TechwareLabs

ETC.: AMD Trinity APU Preview: Evolution or Devolution? @ VR-Zone

Memory: Kingston HyperX T1 2800MHz DDR3 on Ivy Bridge @ Legit Reviews

Motherboards: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme @ Bits & Chips

Power Supply: Antec HCG-620M 620W PSU @ NikKTech

Video: GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7850 OC @ Vortez

Facebook Unveiling 'Life-Saving Tool' Tomorrow

Supposedly Facebook is going to unveil what they call a "life-saving tool" tomorrow. We have a sneak peek at this one button tool that will supposedly give your life's called the "red X" and it is located in the upper right hand corner of your browser:

News Image


Coolest Lamp EVER

Normally we don't post stuff about stained glass or lamps for that matter but, at least in this case, we are making an exception.

News Image News Image


Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile Heatsink

Need a low profile heatsink for your SFF / HTPC / mod project? FrostyTech says the Noctua NH-L12 low profile heatsink should be on your SHORT list. Get it? Low profile - short list! big grin

The Noctua NH-L12 is a lower profile heatsink that stands 93mm tall and is a little over 130mm square. The heatsink comes with two fans; a 120mm NF-F12 PWM fan on top and a 92mm NF-B9 PWM fan tucked away beneath the fins. In a nod to being flexible, the top fan can be knocked off the NH-L12 to lower its height to 66mm for really compact computer cases if necessary. That's a far cry more compact than the typical 160mm tall tower heatsink!"


GeForce GTX 690 on our Doorstep...after the crowbar

Last week we got the crowbar, and thought, "What the hell?" We were instructed on the crowbar to use it either on zombies or fish heads. Today we found on our doorstep a crate, suitable for use with a crowbar. Inside lay the new GeForce GTX 690 dual GPU video card that we introduced to [H]'ers late on Saturday night.

Some pictures below show you the card in all its glory and laying beside the new Galaxy-made GTX 680, which we will have a review on very soon as well.

News Image News Image News Image News Image

News Image News Image News Image News Image

Ongoing Discussion

Jury Begins Deliberations in Oracle-Google Trial

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

The federal case in San Francisco centers on Oracle's allegations that Google's popular Android software for mobile devices relies on technology stolen from Java. That's a programming platform that Oracle Corp. acquired in 2010 as part of its $7.3 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems.



You guys have to check out this ASUS ROG custom build. Hit the link to see more than three dozen pictures of the build. I snagged these two to pique your interest:

News Image News Image


Russia, China On Top Copyright Pirates List Again

Wouldn't it just be easier to hold off on publishing this list until these two countries aren't in the top two spots? Seriously, why even publish this list when it is the same two countries year after year?

The United States on Monday again put Russia and China on its annual list of countries with the worst records of preventing the theft of copyrighted and other intellectual property (IP), the U.S. Trade Representative's office said. Argentina, Canada and India were also put on the "priority watch list," along with Algeria, Chile, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela.


GeForce GTX 690 Preview

For those of you that didn't see this over the weekend, we posted a preview of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 690 that is definitely a "must read."

News Image

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 GPU will be available in limited quantities starting May 3, 2012, with wider availability by May 7, 2012 from NVIDIA's add-in card partners, including ASUS, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit and Zotac. Expected pricing is $999.


Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Trailer

The official trailer for Valve's new Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative. Skip ahead to 1:13 to see the porn (top right hand corner).


Gaming [H]eadlines

Halo 4 Live-Action Web Series @ Joystiq

Mike Hayes Leaving SEGA @ Blue's News

Tour of Epic Games Offices @ Kotaku

Uncharted Lead Designer Leaving To Teach @ Shacknews