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Tuesday July 30, 2013

Fired For Calling Out Non-Tipping Customer On Twitter

When has it ever been a good idea to chastise a customer on Twitter for not tipping? Unless you are the owner of your company or you like unemployment, I'm inclined to say "never."

So when a food truck worker in Manhattan saw his crew had been left without a tip on a $170 order placed by a multinational shareholder advisory service, he took his frustration to Twitter and got fired for it.


A Day In The Life Of An eBay Now Deliveryman

The quote of the day is sponsored by eBay Now, Trojan and Astroglide. Thanks to Sparky for the link.

Whenever you get orders for condoms and lube, those customers expect you to be there within an hour.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cooling: Phobya Touch 6 Fan Controller @ eTeknix

ETC.: ASUS U7 USB Sound Card @ techPowerUP!

Corsair K70 Keyboard @ Technic3D

Motherboards: Asrock Z87 Extreme3 Motherboard @

Power Supply: Cooler Master V1000 1000W @ APH Networks

Storage: Corsair Voyager Air 500GB @ Legion Hardware

The ESA Releases Game Player Data

The Entertainment Software Association put out a report today chock full of interesting gaming facts today. Here are the highlights of what is contained in the .PDF:

  • The average gamer is 30 years old and has been playing for 13 years. Sixty-eight percent of gamers are 18 or older.

  • Forty-five percent of all players are women. Today, adult women represent a greater portion of the game-playing population (31 percent) than boys age 17 or younger (19 percent).

  • Sixty-two percent of gamers play games with others, either in-person or online. Seventy-seven percent of these gamers play with others at least one hour per week.

  • Thirty-two percent of gamers play social games.

  • Gamers play on-the-go: 36 percent play games on their smartphone, and 25 percent play on their wireless device.

  • Ninety-three percent of parents pay attention to the content of the games their children play, and are present when games are purchased or rented 89 percent of the time.

  • Eighty-eight percent of parents feel the Entertainment Software Rating Board rating system is helpful in choosing games for their children. Eighty-six percent of parents believe that the parental controls available on all new video game consoles are useful.

  • Fifty-two percent of parents say video games are a positive part of their child’s life. Seventy-one percent of parents believe that game play provides mental stimulation or education, 59 percent believe games encourage their family to spend to time together, and 62 percent believe that game play helps their children connect with their friends.


MIT Says It Did No Wrong In Aaron Swartz Case

No disrespect to the folks at MIT but c'mon, an internal investigation that clears the institution of any wrong doing? Isn't that convenient. You'd think the big brains at MIT would have known better and ordered an independent investigation.

Here are the facts: This report claims that MIT was "neutral" -- but MIT's lawyers gave prosecutors total access to witnesses and evidence, while refusing access to Aaron's lawyers to the exact same witnesses and evidence. That's not neutral. The fact is that all MIT had to do was say publicly, "We don't want this prosecution to go forward" -- and Steve Heymann and Carmen Ortiz would have had no case.


Take-Two Reports $62M Loss

How did these guys post a $62 million loss with games like Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite? The funny thing is, these results were better than expected. eek! Good thing GTA V is right around the corner.

Take-Two has reported its financials for Q1 fiscal year 2014 and announced during a call to investors this evening that BioShock Infinite moved over 4 million units. For the quarter ending June 30, 2013 net revenue reported was $142.7 million, compared to $226.1 million year-over-year a period which benefited from the release of Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops The Line. The firm reported a net loss of $61.9 million compared to $110.8 million year-over-year.


Australian Man Building 3D-Printed Car

Some dude in Australia is 3D printing an Austin Martin DB4 and assembling it himself. According to his site, he has the car 72% printed and 52% assembled. eek!

News Image News Image


[H] Non-PC Mod of the Day

You know you are talented when your mod is selected as "Mod of the Day" when it's not even finished and it isn't even a PC. cool

Appeals Court: Cops Can Track Cellphones Without Warrants

The courts have decided that, at least for now, no warrant is required to track cell phones. Who knows what the law will be next week. eek!

A divided federal appeals court ruled today that the government does not need a probable-cause warrant to access mobile-phone subscribers’ cell-site information, a decision reversing lower court decisions that said the location data was protected by the Fourth Amendment.


Moscow Subway To Use Devices To Read Data On Phones

What's up with all the weird stuff going on in Russia today? Maybe they do this stuff all the time and we just don't hear about it.

The head of police for Moscow's subway system has said stations will soon be equipped with devices that can read the data on the mobile telephones of passengers. In the July 29 edition of "Izvestia," Moscow Metro police chief Andrei Mokhov said the device would be used to help locate stolen mobile phones.


Gaming [H]eadlines

BioShock Infinite DLC Today @ Blue's News

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PC Demo Tomorrow @ Joystiq

Collateral Crowdfunding Cyberpunk Cab Combat @ Shacknews

Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep DLC @ eTeknix

NZXT H630 Case

Hardware Secrets just published a review of the NZXT H630 full-tower case. If you are in the market for a new full-tower case, you'll definitely want to read this.

If you are looking for a case with nine expansion slots, ample internal space, sturdy construction, and sound dampening materials on its panels, the NZXT H630 is a terrific choice. With a price tag of USD 150, we think this case provides an outstanding cost/benefit ratio for what it has to offer.