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Friday October 31, 2014

[H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews

Today is Friday and you know what that means! It is time once again for the [H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews! For anyone that might have missed them, we like to take a quick look back on the hardware evaluations and articles we posted earlier in the week. We kicked the week off with our NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI 4K video card review, followed by our evaluation of the ASRock X99 WS LGA 2011-v3 motherboard. Finally, we wrapped things up with our 4 Weeks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI article.

News Image News Image News Image

[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: DimasTech Bench/Test Easy V3.0 @ Modders Inc.

ETC.: Asus G751 @ HotHardware

GIGABYTE Force H3X @ Vortez

Tesoro Lobera Full Color @ LanOC

Video: ASUS GTX 980 Strix @ HT4U

ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q @ Legit Reviews

GeForce GTX 980 PCI-Express Scaling @ techPowerUP!

NBA 2K15 Face Scans As Halloween Masks

Remember those horrible face scans from NBA 2K15? It looks like someone has a good sense of humor about the whole thing because you can actually print a Halloween mask using some of those awful scans. big grin

News Image


Court Says Fingerprint-Locked Smartphones Are Fair Game

I guess the lesson here is that you should use a plain old password for your phone instead of fingerprint scanning.

Here's some trivia for your next trip to the pub. Did you know that, in Virginia, you don't have to tell the cops your phone's unlock code, but you're obliged to open it if you use a fingerprint based passcode? It's a quirky piece of legal precedent that's just been established in the state after a key piece of legal evidence was believed to be trapped on the defendant's smartphone.


Best Dad Ever [H]alloween 2014 Edition

And the award for "Best Dad Ever 2014" goes to this guy.


Broadband In U.S. Still Slower, More Expensive Than Everywhere Else

When it comes to broadband, no one pays more for less than we do. Hey, I guess that means WE'RE #1!

American consumers have gotten a mixed bag of broadband news this year. Between mergers and net neutrality it’s been a rough twelve months, even while some consumers have seen better connections and dropping prices. But the news for most of us is the same as ever: on the whole, Americans pay more, for worse broadband service, than our peers in the rest of the world.


Amazon Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction With Tablet Devices

How can this be? Apple's "magical" iPad losing out to Amazon's plain ol' tablets? Some form of trickery must be involved. wink

As more value-priced tablet brands enter the marketplace and the average purchase price of tablets declines, satisfaction with cost continues to rise, according to the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction StudySM—Volume 2 released today. The study, now in its third year, measures customer satisfaction with tablets across five factors (in order of importance): performance (28%); ease of operation (22%); features (22%); styling and design (17%); and cost (11%). Satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale.


Amazon Exec: Fire Phone Was Overpriced

Ya think?

David Limp, Amazon's senior vice president of devices, has acknowledged that the Fire smartphone didn't match Amazon's lofty ideas and says the price of the device was "wrong." In other words, sales of the Fire flop have been poor, and about $83 million in smartphone stock remains unsold -- despite an eventual price drop to 99 cents in the United States.


Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Crashes During Testing

According to the Los Angeles Times, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashed during testing today.

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashed after it had an "in-flight anomaly" during testing Friday, according to a Mojave Air and Space Port spokesperson. The status of its pilots is unknown. A statement from Virgin Galactic said its partner Scaled Composites conducted the test flight Friday, during which a "serious anomaly" led to the "loss of the vehicle."


The Invisible Global Army Hot On The Trail Of Trolls

This article should probably be titled "how mods will ban your troll ass if you start any crap here." big grin

From a sunlit room in a small village in Devon, a 65-year-old woman is watching you. Patrolling the internet, she admonishes cyberbullies, trolls and spammers. Jennifer Paine is an online moderator for Emoderation, a company that manages social media for companies in sectors ranging from banks to children’s online games, from HSBC to Moshi Monsters. Described as the "granny of community moderation", her first foray into the industry was as far back as 1997, when she managed chat rooms and forums in the dark days of dial-up.


Facebook Wants You To Vote On Tuesday

If you are the kind of person that can be swayed by Facebook to probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. Just sayin'.

On Election Day, political campaigns, candidates, consultants, and pollsters pay close attention to who votes and why—and so does Facebook. For the past six years, on every national Election Day, the social-networking behemoth has pushed out a tool—a high-profile button that proclaims "I'm Voting" or "I'm a Voter"—designed to encourage Facebook users to vote.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Blizzard Perma-Bans Hearthstone Win-Traders @ Blue's News

Cheaper, Slimmer Xbox One Coming? @ VG24/7

Evolve 'Big Alpha' Postponed On PS4 @ Shacknews

Possible Fix For PS4 Rest Mode Issue @ Joystiq