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Saturday January 31, 2015

A New Multi-Billion Dollar Market for Microsoft Windows

On the heels of the demise of Windows XP, the next big change over at Microsoft will be the end of life cycle for Windows Server 2003 on July 14th. The operating system is over 12 years old with many of the servers and systems were installed together, making it a suitable time to replace both, saving time and money for the businesses upgrading to Windows Server 10. This will also generate an estimated One Billion in revenue for Microsoft and its partners. cool

The server makers believe that this won't just cause companies to buy new computer servers, and upgrade their Windows to the current version, but that they'll need help installing those servers. They also may need help in upgrading the ancient business software that has forced them to keep that ancient version of Windows for so long.


No, US Net Neutrality Will NOT Allow UN Control of the Internet

Daniel Sepulveda has a very long title that basically says he’s a US Ambassador over all things technical at the UN. His message to the American public this week is simple and to the point: if enforcement of net neutrality becomes the law of the land, it will not be an open door for the UN to slide in and seize control of America’s Internet access.

As we see it, the only strong arguments remaining against FCC Title II rules are: ongoing legal uncertainty due to the almost certain legal challenge that the rules will face from the cable companies; and concerns that the FCC will be tempted to give itself too much power by not removing (forebearing) enough clauses from America's outdated communications legislation.


DARPA's New Tech Lets Robots Learn from YouTube Videos

DARPA and the University of Maryland are putting us one step closer to Skynet and the inevitable Man vs. Machine wars sometime in the next 50 years. The joint effort of the two research teams will be attempting to educate and update test robots by simply having them watch YouTube videos without human supervision. Personally, I think they will become robot couch potatoes, ordering beer and pizza straight from the Internet, kicking back and watching YouTube. This could set back robots about 20 years. big grin

DARPA believes the robots could eventually learn a lot faster at a fraction of what it currently costs due to this research, especially since it could also allow them to share their knowledge with other machines.


Physicists Have Built a Time Machine Simulator

No, it’s not Doc Brown and his DeLorean, but a team of physicists at the University of Queensland, Australia that have built not a time machine, but instead built a time machine simulator that will mimic a quantum particle passing through a closed time-like curve (CTC) creating identical particles that are able to interact with each other. November 5, 1955 here we come. big grin

Time travel isn't possible yet, but this simulation means it could be. The experiment also fit both the laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics, demonstrating that the two bodies of law could actually be compatible.


Super Bowl Ads Only: Dish Reverse AutoHop to the Rescue

If you are like many who watch the Super Bowl on TV, you watch just for the amazing commercials that the Super Bowl has generated over the years. The trouble with that is that pesky football game gets in the way of the commercials. big grin Dish has come up with a solution to this problem by reversing AutoHop, where it records only the commercials and not the game.

Reverse AutoHop will be able to be utilized the day after the Super Bowl only. Users will need to have PrimeTime Anytime enabled for NBC prior to the game beginning.


Google Earth Pro Is Now Free

Something for free with no strings attached: who in the world would do such a thing? Well the answer to that one is simple: Google is now giving away keys for Google Earth Pro. Free, gratis, comp, freebie, nil, nada……well, you get the idea. All you have to do is register and the key comes to you in the email. Sign up today! cool

Starting today, even more people will be able to access Google Earth Pro: we're making it available for free. To see what Earth Pro can do for you -- or to just have fun flying around the world -- grab a free key and download Earth Pro today.


Beware: Porn-Based Malware Is Sweeping Across Facebook

Malware seems to be the hot ticket this week judging by the amount of warnings being issued. Latest infection is Facebook, no not Facebook itself, even though there are many out there that would claim Facebook is malware, but malware riding in on links to porn on Facebook. Easiest way to avoid this malware: it’s just as simple as not clicking on porn links ever. Just find your own and cut out the Facebook middleman. big grin

We are blocking links to these scams, offering cleanup options, and pursuing additional measures to ensure that people continue to have a safe experience on Facebook.


Hand of God Nebula Captured by Very Large Telescope

Definitely a very cool image of what astronomers call The Hand of God nebula. The nebula is 1300 light years away, but the ‘Very Large Telescope’ at the European Southern Observatory makes it look like it’s in our own backyard. cool

News Image


The Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer Doesn’t Extend to Enterprise

There’s always a small catch to good news from Microsoft. This is definitely a good news/bad news topic, unfortunately bad news for Enterprise customers. End users are still going to get the new Windows 10 upgrade free of charge, that’s the good news. The bad news is that free offer doesn't extend to Enterprise business customers.

Bummer. But if you’re using Windows 10 for Enterprise, you probably shouldn’t be too surprised. Microsoft is in the business of making money off businesses.


AOL Insider: 'The Sales Team is Getting Annihilated Today'

It was truly a Black Friday over at AOL corporate headquarters on Friday. AOL announced the layoff of at least 150 workers in the sales area, including the closing of Joystiq and TUAW, two valuable news sites that will be folded into TechCrunch, minus most of their experienced staff.

Our first source tells us this is mostly correct: AOL is moving toward more programmatic and platform-based products, while focusing its content efforts on the sites with the highest traffic, like the Huffington Post.


Renewable Energy Costs Expected to Drop 40% in Next Few Years

Renewable energy costs are finally nearing the tipping point in competing or besting fossil fuels in cost across the globe.

The game has changed; the plummeting price of renewables is creating a historic opportunity to build a clean, sustainable energy system and avert catastrophic climate change in an affordable way.


FAA Puts 30-Mile ‘No Drone Zone’ into Effect for Super Bowl

What could possibly go wrong if 80K fans all decided to bring along their drones to possibly catch a bird’s eye view of the game from the stands? eek! The FCC likes to go for the safe play and ban all drones within 30 miles of the stadium. The Super Bowl is a No Drone Zone and even made a video to emphasize their point.