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[H] Enthusiast Archives: March 2015Archive Listing

Sunday February 15, 2015

Visa Wants to Track Your Smartphone to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

A new Visa program offers location tracking each time you use your card and compares it to your normal operational location to determine whether or not the purchase is legitimate. Just give me a few minutes to compile a list of how many ways to say No to Visa’s proposition.

You have to opt into the service, so your banks won’t track you at least not wirelessly without permission.


Sony Releases a Massive List of Games Scheduled for 2015

Get your scrolling finger warmed up because you are going to need it. Sony revealed a complete listing of games scheduled to be released this year for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita platforms.

According to recent reports, the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in 2014 by quite a healthy margin, as Microsoft is looking to close the gap this year, a decent line up of games will surely allow Sony to boost even further ahead in the competition.


Revenge Porn Is Becoming a Criminal Offense in U.K.

If you live in the UK and you are thinking about posting some type of revenge involving embarrassing your ex by posting sexual images on the Internet, you better think twice. Parliament just passed legislation making revenge porn a criminal offense with a monetary fine and imprisonment of two years.

It seemed to me that there really was a gap in the law which had been there for a long time, obviously, but had only really become important.


Give Your Old Laptop a New Graphics Card with These DIY Kits

Think your old gaming laptop is ready for the scrap heap because it can’t keep up with the newer games? Eurocom has video card upgrade kits that will bring your old rig back up to specs in no time.

Right now, Eurocom has upgrade kits for a handful of recent Alienware and Clevo laptops that'll see them sporting GTX 880M, 970M and 980M GPUs, and there's even a couple $2,000 setups that will outfit your machine with a dual-GPU 980M SLI configuration.


What Will the Xbox Two Be Like and When Will We See It?

I know what you must be thinking: The next Xbox? We haven’t even explored the parameters of the Xbox One yet. There are two sides to a device; one is the view from the consumer side and the other is from the developers’. Consumers are just settling in with Xbox One, while the developers are already planning out the next model sometime in the not-so-distant future.

So what can we learn from all this about the Next Xbox? Yes, the new one, because there will, inexorably, be another console. It's certainly some ways off yet, but will it be another eight year wait? There are differing opinions on that.


Saturday February 14, 2015

Hyperloop Startup Has a Dream Team and $8.5 Million in Funding

Every now and again we hear another bit of information on the proposed Hyperloop, the brain child of Elon Musk. While most dismiss the idea of the Hyperloop out of hand, Hyperloop Technologies has stepped up its campaign with an initial funding of $8.5 Million to get the project moving.

Most notably, a startup called Hyperloop Technologies is emerging from "stealth mode" to support the effort, according to a Forbes report.


Sword Coast Legends Is the Closest You Can Get to Real D&D; Without a D20

If you are now, or used to be a Dungeons & Dragons player and miss the play action, Sword Coast Legends, a new D&D; game is scheduled to be released for Windows sometime later on this year.


12 Remastered Games You Need to Play on PS4 or Xbox One

Stuff has picked out twelve of the best re-mastered video games that are good enough to recommend purchasing and playing again. Eight games are out now with four more following later this year. If you liked the originals, you’re going to love the re-mastered editions.


Buy 3 Months of Sling TV, Get a Free Amazon or Roku Streaming Stick

Waiting for a reason to try out either Sling TV, the Fire TV Stick or Roku? Here’s the best chance you will get on a bundled deal for some time to come. The deal is buy three months of Sling TV for $60 bucks and get your choice of a free Fire TV Stick, a Roku Stick or $50 dollars off Amazon Fire TV.

Sling TV just launched its apps for Amazon's streaming hardware today. So it's a pretty smart time for the companies to team up in hopes of boosting sales on the software side with Sling subscriptions and moving more Fire TV boxes and Sticks out the door.


Personal Weather Stations Can Expose Your Wi-Fi Network

If you own a personal weather station, you should check your network settings. It was reported that personal weather systems send out station data and along with it, sends out your SSID and even your password over unencrypted connections. Say hello to all of your neighbors for me. big grin

This issue adds to a growing list of basic security lapses discovered in smart home devices and other Internet-connected appliances that have invaded the consumer electronics market in the last few years.


Scanadu: The Medical Tricorder from Star Trek Is Here

Honestly, it looks like if it wasn't for science fiction, we would never have any new inventions at all. Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry was responsible for many of the futuristic gadgets on the show and many have made it into the real world. We reported this gadget was almost ready for prime time viewing back in 2013, but the debut was delayed almost two years. Finally after some major tweaking, Bones’ Medical Tricorder is the latest to become a reality and it’s called the Scanadu Scout. cool

In Star Trek, the Tricorder was handled by a doctor, but De Brouwer thinks the most revolutionary aspect of the Scanadu is that it can be used by anyone: "We've medicalised your smartphone.


Expedia to Buy Orbitz for $1.6 Billion

Expedia has shown an appetite for growth in the past few months, gobbling up rival Travelocity for $280M last month and now has its sights squarely on Orbitz Worldwide for the hefty price of $1.6 Billion.

For Expedia, the acquisition is primarily about growing its customer base: The companies offer similar services in overlapping markets.