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[H] Enthusiast Archives: November 2015Archive Listing

Monday November 30, 2015

Google Hires Tesla’s Autopilot Engineering Manager

It's funny how people just shuffle from company to company in Silicon Valley.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Rose left Tesla right after the release of the Autopilot in October and a month later, we learn that he joined Google. It’s not clear if Rose joined Google to work on the company’s self-driving car project, since unlike for his other positions, he didn’t include a description of his role with the company other than "Software Engineer" at "Google Robotics".


AT&T; Really Wants You Off That Unlimited-Data Plan

While price hikes like this suck, at least it wasn't as bad as the one Verizon customers got hit with.

The nation's second-largest wireless carrier confirmed Monday that it is raising the price of its unlimited-data plan by $5, to $35 a month. The change, the first in seven years, will take effect in February. Earlier this month, Verizon raised the price of its grandfathered unlimited-data plan by $20. T-Mobile and Sprint, which each still offer unlimited data as an option, raised their prices in the last few months.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cooling: Scythe Fuma CPU Cooler @ OCInside

ETC.: Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse @ HwC

CM Storm NovaTouch TKL @ APH Networks

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Video: Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide @ TechARP

Cyber Monday Deals At Amazon

If you are looking for some of the best Cyber Monday deals you can find, we have forum threads full of great deals on mobile accessory and cables, computer component and accessories, console games, TVs and projectors, cameras, audio / video deals and more. Get some while the getting is good!

Algorithms Make Better Hiring Decisions Than Humans

Guess what else algorithms can do better than humans? Everything. I guess we all better get used to a future full of middle management AI overlords.

An online test evaluated roughly one third (94,000) of the employees, who were asked questions about their technical skills, personality, cognitive skills, and fit for the job. Based on the results, an algorithm rated each applicant green (for high potential), yellow (for medium potential), or red (for low potential). On average, the employees who were evaluated by a machine stayed in the job 15% longer than those who were hired without being rated by an algorithm.


Internet-Speak Is Destroying The Planet

Internet-speak is literally destroying the planet.

"Omg literally dying," she typed back, not missing a beat. She turned back to her computer. But Jordana wasn’t literally dying. She wasn’t figuratively dying, either. In fact, she didn’t even crack a smile. "It’s almost like ‘dying’ has become a filler for anytime anyone says anything remotely entertaining," she said. "Like, if what you’re saying won’t legitimately put me to sleep, I respond with, ‘OMG dying.’"


Guy Straps Video Camera To A Boomerang

The sound the boomerang makes when it is flying through the air is pretty damn neat.


Using Technology To Lend A Hand

Do any of you guys use apps to do your charitable giving?

Many of us would probably do more if philanthropy weren't so inconvenient. That's the thinking, at least, of established charitable organizations as well as new apps and websites that make giving as affordable as buying a cup of coffee and as simple as using a smartphone.


Online Retail Passes In-Store Shopping For Black Friday Weekend

It looks like online shopping is kicking in-store shopping's ass this year. Given the option, why would anyone stand in line for hours and put up with unruly crowds when you can just order what you want from the comfort of your couch?

The survey says that 72.8% of respondents did in-store shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, a hair shy of the 73.1% who shopped online. That was by far the narrowest margin between the two shopping methods. Online also beat out bricks-and-mortar on Thanksgiving (39.8% vs. 34%), and on Saturday (49% vs. 45.9%) and Sunday (32.9% vs. 19.1%).


FBI Can Demand Consumer Data Without A Warrant

Remember this guy? It's scary to think that it took him a decade in court to get the information we are seeing here today. eek!

In a statement on Monday, Merrill revealed the FBI has used its authority to force companies and individuals to turn over complete web browsing history; the IP addresses of everyone a person has corresponded with; online purchase information, and also cell-site location information, which he said can be used to turn a person's phone into a "location tracking device."


Gaming [H]eadlines

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The Best Fallout 4 Mods So Far @ VG24/7

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review Roundup @ GameSpot

U.S. Cyber Monday Sales Up 14 Percent

It looks like today might be a record breaking Cyber Monday. I've already done my part, how about you? wink

Sales on Cyber Monday, the busiest day of the year for internet shopping, were up 14 percent from a year earlier, totaling $490 million between midnight and 10 a.m. ET, according to estimates by Adobe Digital Index. Adobe tracked 80 percent of all online transactions from the top 100 U.S. retailers and said sales were on track to meet its expectation of a record $3 billion by the end of the day.