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Thursday March 31, 2016

Microsoft Showcases Image-Captioning Captionbot

Have any of you guys tried out Microsoft's Captionbot yet? According to the website, it was created to showcase some of the new capabilities of Microsoft Cognitive Services. Captionbot says it uses Computer Vision and Natural Language to describe contents of images and that sometimes it "gets things wrong." Here's an example of Captionbot getting things wrong...that's John Romero and I at E3 a while back:


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Cooltek Jonsbo RM1 @ NikKTech

Cooling: Anfi-Tec drei Water Block @ HardwareOverclock

ETC.: Logitech G900 CHAOS Spectrum Mouse @ Vortez

Storage: Samsung 750 EVO SSDs @ Legit Reviews

Video: Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti XtremeGaming 6GB @ techPowerUP!

Science Channel Reviving 'MythBusters,' Seeking Hosts Via Reality Series

Please tell me this is some kind of a joke. I mean, this just sounds too goofy to be true. Then again, this is a great way to get hosts that will work for a fraction of what Adam and Jamie were probably getting for the last few seasons of MythBusters.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively that the Discovery-owned cable network has greenlighted a reality competition series titled Search for the Next MythBusters, which comes on the heels of the series finale for the original show in early March. MythBusters, which ran for 14 seasons, featured Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman using science to put various myths and rumors to the test. Search will focus on finding an "all-new generation of myth-busting science superstars with mind-blowing build skills and nerves of steel." It will involve both social media and stunts as it tests a cast of hopefuls on their skills as they compete in various challenges.


Scientists Have Invented Transparent Wood

Imagine all the things you could do with transparent wood. The possibilities are endless. Let's all just hope this isn't another early April Fools joke.

Scientists have developed transparent wood that could be used in building materials and could help home and building owners save money on their artificial lighting costs. Their material, reported in ACS’ journal Biomacromolecules, also could find application in solar cell windows.


Beware The Perils Of 'Oculus Face'

If you thought motion sickness and headaches were the worst part about using a VR headset, you obviously haven't heard of Oculus Face or Rift Rash yet. At least when you are playing normal games you can step away from the keyboard and no one will know you were just murdering aliens a few short minutes ago.


Home Made Thermite Launcher

Doing crazy stuff like running around with a home made thermite launcher is precisely why I love Colin Furze's videos. I certainly wouldn't recommend trying this at home but, then again, that's why we watch YouTube channels like this in the first place. wink


MSI Announces Fully Modular Motherboard Supporting Intel & AMD

It looks like MSI made sure they got the jump on everyone a full day ahead of April 1st with this announcement for The One. Even though this is meant to be a joke, the funny part is that a lot of us would love to have a motherboard like this. Imagine being able to swap sockets, memory types or the amount of PCI-E slots your motherboard has, instead of being forced to upgrade to a whole new board every time a new product launches.


Intel Unveils Exciting Range of SSDs for Enterprise, Consumer and Embedded

During Intel’s Cloud Day event on March 31, Intel unveiled new SSDs optimized for cloud and enterprise workloads for fast and dependable access to data. The Intel® SSD DC P3320 Series, Intel’s first SSD to utilize 3D NAND technology, brings a new ratio of price and performance compared to previous Intel SSDs, while maintaining the quality of service, data integrity and reliability that Intel SSDs are known for. Intel also introduced the Intel® SSD DC D3700 and D3600 Series, Intel’s first dual-port PCI Express* (PCIe*) SSDs using the NVM Express* (NVMe*) protocol, to meet the needs of mission-critical private cloud and high-availability storage deployments. Additionally, Intel expanded its solid state drive portfolio with new offerings for entry-level cloud and data center deployments, consumer applications, enterprise PCs and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • Intel SSD DC P3320 and P3520 Series: The first Intel SSDs to use the industry’s highest density 3D NAND technology! Both allow for very dense and highly efficient storage, and bring NVMe performance to the mainstream. The P3320 Series is optimized for cost effective performance for read-intensive applications in cloud and data analytics. The P3520 Series is designed for applications that require higher levels of performance in cloud computing environments such as storage virtualization and web hosting.

  • Intel SSD DC 3700 and D3600 Series: Intel’s first dual-port PCIe SSDs using the NVMe protocol. The dual-port design provides critical redundancy and failover, safeguarding against data loss in mission-critical storage deployments. This is ideal for environments where it is imperative to minimize the threat of data loss due to a single point of failure.

  • Intel SSD DC S3100 Series: An entry-level SSD designed for cloud and data center deployments that offers a path to transition from hard disk drives (HDDs) while keeping the total cost of ownership low.

  • Intel SSD 540s Series and Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series: The newest additions to Intel’s consumer and professional SSD families. The Intel SSD Pro 5400 Series meets a wide range of business client needs by offering high performance as well as enhanced security and manageability. The Intel® SSD 540s Series delivers a low-power storage solution for a variety of consumer devices.

  • Intel SSD E 5400s and E 5410s Series: The first in a new family of Intel SSDs that are targeted at embedded and IoT applications such as smart signage, ATMs, point-of-sale devices and more. Intel plans to continue to expand the new family in the future.


Amazon Files Patent For Talking Drone Propellers

Amazon has filed a patent for automated aerial vehicle technology showing multiple propellers that not only have noise canceling ability but can be used for communications as well. I'd program it to say stuff like "Don't make me cut you! Seriously, I'll cut you!" in a crazy person's voice.

Suppose, for instance, that the AAV were delivering an inventory item to a location. Upon approaching the location, the AAV determines (e.g., based on a video signal fed as an input parameter to the controller via a camera) that a person is situated at or near an intended or a suitable landing area corresponding to the delivery location. Such an input parameter may satisfy a flight condition corresponding to an audible communication, such as a "Watch out!" warning message. Accordingly, the controller may determine and cause to implement modulations of the rotational speed of a propeller, thereby causing the propeller to produce a series of sounds that are audibly perceptible as "Watch out!"


Gaming [H]eadlines

Descent: Underground Adds VR Support @ Blue's News

Hitman Episode 2 Release Date Revealed @ GameSpot

More Destiny April Update Details @ VG24/7

The Division's Incursion Update Livestream @ Shacknews

DOOM Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

Bethesda has put out a new live-action cinematic trailer for DOOM called fight like hell. While cinematic trailers are cool and all, what I would really like to see is more in-depth campaign stuff, not just thirty second multiplayer trailers and cinematic stuff. I guess I'm still on the fence about this installment in the franchise.


Why Halo 5 Probably Won't Come To PC

Now that Microsoft has announced plans to bring first-party Xbox exclusives to the PC, some people were wondering if Halo 5 would be one of those titles. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, responded by saying he believes games should be designed with both platforms in mind or you'll end up with what he called ‘Frankengames.’ He went on to say the company is looking to the future of game development, not at porting past titles to the PC.

There are games that Spencer believes work fine on both platforms: he cited Forza 6 as an example, and Quantum Break and Rise of the Tomb Raider are clearly other examples. He doesn't want to make release parity across those platforms a rule, though. "I don’t want to make it some kind of artificial mandate, because then I think we end up with ‘Frankengames’, games that really weren't meant for a certain platform. And because some suit said, ‘Hey, everything’s gotta run on both platforms’, you end up with something people don’t want.


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