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Thermaltake Shock One Gaming Headset Review-In Progress

While Thermaltake may be a familiar brand name to PC enthusiasts, the company is one of the newest competitors in the PC gaming headset market. Today, we take its USB model, featuring DTS Surround, for a spin in order to tell you if it is worth your hard earned dollar or if the competition in this segment of the PC audio market is simply too steep already.


Corsair, Arctic, Antec, CoolerMaster, and Thermaltake: these five companies are veterans in the PC industry and are respected brand names to look for when you shop for PC cases and cooling accessories.

In the last year, every one of these companies has launched its own line of PC audio products. We had excellent experiences with Corsair's HS1 and HS1A gaming headsets, while Arctic's headsets and headphones and Antec's soundscience Rockus3d speakers simply left us unimpressed.

Today, we will tell you what we found during our first experience with one of Thermaltake's inaugural offerings in its new TTesports line of gaming audio products, the ShockOne gaming headset.

The Shock One headset features DTS Surround Sensation technology, USB connectivity, and a very stylish and distinctive appearance. Has Thermaltake found the right formula to deliver superior gaming, movie and music sound for products in its price range or have its rivals simply beaten it to the punch?

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Product Pricing and Packaging

Thermaltake sells the Shock One gaming headset for $109.99 plus shipping but it is currently listed as 'out of stock.'

NewEgg offers the headset for $94.99 and $4.99 for shipping. offers the product for $100.63 with free shipping. If you are interested in buying this headset, then you should expect to pay at least $100.00 at current market prices.

The front of the Shock One retail box gives potential buyers a peek at the headset's control pod, its headband and one of its ear cups, and a listing of the product's DSP functions. The back of the box lists the product's technical specifications and features in fifteen languages.

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The headset is secured inside the box with a black cardboard frame. The frame maintains the product's shape and stores its cloth carrying case, driver software, and usage guides.

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Everything felt very well packaged and it seems that the product would survive the rigors of shipping and arrive at your doorstep intact.


The Shock One headset carries a very respectable two year warranty. Many headsets and headphones in the Shock One's price range, or higher, only carry a one year warranty. We are glad to see Thermaltake offering an extra year over some of its competitors' products.

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