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Corsair Vengeance 1300 and 1500 Gaming Headsets Review

Corsair recently released its second generation of USB 5.1 and analog 2.0 gaming headsets. One model features a new software interface while both carry a redesigned appearance and Corsair's well-known Vengeance branding. We will tell you what both of these headsets may bring to your PC audio experience.


Corsair is a company brand name that is probably on your "short list" if you are a PC enthusiast shopping for quality memory modules, desktop cases, and cooling accessories. In the last year, the company has expanded its product lines to offer a rapidly growing list of PC audio products as well.

Corsair's first PC audio product, the HS1 USB gaming headset, proved to us it was excellent for its price and performance when used for its primary purpose: PC gaming. The company quickly followed with an analog version of that product the HS1A Gaming Headset. Both products earned our Editor's Choice gold awards for comfort, styling, and gaming performance.

Corsair recently released three new models in its second generation of PC gaming headsets: The Vengeance 1100, 1300, and 1500. We will tell you how the latter two of those three perform with some of the newest PC gaming titles and some older favorites too. We will compare both products to its older siblings and also see how these measure up to two of Thermaltake's comparable new audio products as well.

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Both of the Vengeance gaming headsets that we received for review can be purchased directly from Corsair. The Vengeance 1300 analog gaming headset can be purchased for $79.99 and $5.05 for ground shipping. carries the headset for $74.99 with $1.99 shipping. carries the Vengeance 1300 for $75.06 with free Prime Shipping.

Corsair sells the Vengeance 1500 USB gaming headset for $99.99 and $5.05 for ground shipping. sells the Vengeance 1500 for $94.99 and $1.99 for shipping. lists the product for $99.99 with free Prime Shipping. Shipping costs were calculated with our offices in Texas in mind, so your final cost may vary.

It is always good to see a popular manufacturer selling its products at launch at very competitive prices to those of two of the most popular and affordable online electronics retailers. Many manufacturers traditionally sell its own products at substantially higher prices than third party vendors.

Corsair's third new audio product is the Vengeance 1100. It is a lightweight "behind the ears" model meant for light gaming and VOIP usage. That product is not covered today.


The two Vengeance headsets that we received have very similar packaging. As you can see from the pictures below, if you are shopping for the stereo Vengeance 1300 headset, look for the black product box with distinctive yellow highlights and the words "Analog Gaming Headset" below the product picture.

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The lower portion of the product packaging displays a very rare tagline for a gaming headset: "Intensive gaming with audiophile quality." It should certainly be interesting to hear this product's analog sound signature.

The Vengeance 1500 product box has a similar theme, but it has blue highlights and the words "Dolby 7.1 gaming headset" in the bottom left corner.

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If you are a first time buyer of a gaming headset, you should know that the Vengeance 1500 features USB, not analog, connectivity. The headset literally has its own sound processing chipset. This feature and connectivity specification is hard to spot, but it is in small print on the back of the box.

Both products' features and specifications are printed in six languages on the boxes' side and back panels while the printed warranty and tech support guides can be found inside. Corsair did not include a driver and application CD with the Vengeance 1500 USB headset. The product's literature contains a download link to Corsair's Vengeance 1500 website for the driver and software package.


All three of Corsair's new Vengeance gaming headsets carry a two year manufacturer's warranty. It is very good to see a warranty period of this duration for audio products in the sub $100.00 price range.