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Audio-Techinca ATH-A900 Headphones Review

Audio-Technica's open headphones are known to gamers for the wearing comfort and huge soundstage that these provide, but the open back models simply lack bass and isolation. Today, we will see if a pricey pair of the company's closed back audiophile headphones can offer the compromise many of you are looking for in PC audio.


For fifty years, Audio-Technica has manufactured and sold audio products designed to meet the rigid standards of broadcast and recording industry professionals as well as the high expectations of discerning home users.

In our previous reviews of Audio-Technica's ATH-AD700 and ATH-AD900 open backed audiophile headphones, we found that both of those products provided us with comfort, clarity, and a wide soundstage during our PC usage tests. We also found they simply lacked the isolation and deep, impactful bass reproduction that closed models are more suited to provide.

For a PC gamer, a wide soundstage is crucial for having the competitive edge over your opponents. Closed back headphones and gaming headsets typically reproduce a smaller sound stage in comparison to open back counterparts, but these also bring more bass and isolation from outside noise. It should certainly be interesting to see how Audio-Technica's closed back ATH-A900 headphones perform.

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Audio-Technica lists an MSRP of $249.99 for the ATH-A900 headphones. The company no longer sells these headphones directly to consumers. It re-launched its audiophile headphone line last year to retail channels in order to attract more casual home users rather than just those that consider themselves "audiophiles." You should be able to purchase these headphones from more online retailers and brick and mortar stores than ever before. has the best price we found for the ATH-A900 heaphones at $191.92 with free ground shipping. is a hugely popular discount chain known for its low prices, yet the company sells the A900 headphones for $248.98. If you are interested in these headphones, you should shop around thoroughly to find the best price. The $57.00 difference between these two online retailers could be used for upgrading your sound card or another system component in the future.

Audio-Technica's brand new 700X and 900X series of audiophile headphones are now listed on Audio-Technica's U.S. site, but these are only available from a very small number of sellers and import dealers. We will be definitely taking a look at those in the near future once these become more widely available.


Audio-Technica often uses musical themes and emphasis for its product packaging, so you will often find the company's products displayed in the music or home audio section of some retail stores as well as their electronics departments.

When the front flap of the product box is open, you can see the styling and full size of the headphones though a clear plastic window.

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The headphones are tied to a molded plastic frame inside the box to preserve their shape and prevent scratches to their painted components.

The back panel of the outer package lists the product's pertinent specifications and features in eight languages.


The ATH-A900 headphones have a two year limited warranty. If you are willing to pay nearly $200.00 for these or any other set of headphones or gaming headset, a warranty of this length or longer is a must.