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Soul by Ludacris SL150 & SL300 Headphones Review

Rapper Ludacris is the latest celebrity to endorse a line of trendy headphones and ear buds. Will his name and manufacturer Signeo's product design come to signify quality audio products with cutting edge looks or are these just two more pairs of glossy plastic headphones with exaggerated bass beats?


Rapper and actor Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is the latest celebrity to lend his name and image to a line of consumer headphones and ear buds. Competition in the rapper-branded headphone market has intensified in the last few years with 50 Cent, Jay-Z, RZA, and Dr. Dre all having launched their own signature lines.

Ludacris has partnered with a company called Signeo to create the new "Soul by Ludacris" line of audio products and the catchy Soul Electronics brand name.

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Soul Electronics already has three models of headphones and four models of ear buds in a slew of color choices. Today, we take two of the full-size models in the "Soul" line up, the full-sized SL150 and full-size, noise-cancelling SL300 for a spin. Perhaps Ludacris and Signeo can do what Dr. Dre and Monster did not: create an audio product that actually reproduces the source audio well.

Product Pricing

The first product that we received is the white-on-black version of the full-sized Soul SL150 headphones. These can be found at for $156.99 with free super saver or prime shipping. NewEgg sells these for $199.99 with free ground shipping.

The second product that we received is the black-on-white version of the full-sized Soul SL300 noise-cancelling headphones. Amazon sells these for $243.99 with free ground or prime shipping. NewEgg has these for $299.95 and free ground shipping.

It should be no surprise to anyone that these two products have retail prices that put these in close competition with Monster’s Beats by Dre Solo and Inspiration noise cancellation headphones.

Colors, Styles and Counterfeits

The Soul headphone line features very vibrant and glossy color schemes.

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Eye-catching products like these gain popularity with consumers very quickly. These are usually counterfeited within days of the genuine product’s launch. We found the knockoff pair pictured below, with its faux-chrome finish, for one-third of the genuine product’s street price.

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The product manufacturer does not offer any such model, so there is no doubt it is a fake. A listing of both reputable and counterfeit vendors can be found on the company’s website. While the list is a good warning for prospective consumers, Soul Electronics does not offer any sort of genuine serial number verification process for its products as its rival, Monster, does with the Beats audio line. You should always purchase products from a reputable vendor, rather than the cheapest one. It can be a nightmare trying to recoup your loss after making a counterfeit purchase.


All of the products in the Soul Electronics audio line carry a one-year limited warranty. For products this pricey, the warranty for these products should last twice as long.