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Saturday May 31, 2003

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

CPU Rumor Mill:

A [H] system builder gives us word that every AMD 2500+ Barton out of the last seven he has bought has done 3200+ out of the box. Worth looking into for the AMD fans!

Brookdale HyperThreading:

This is another for the "CPU Rumor Mill", but certainly interesting to see. 800MHz FSB and HyperThreading on a board that should not do it. Now to just get a public download for his hacked BIOS. We will keep our ear to the ground.

Got my 2.4c today slapped it in my be7-raid set some bios setting and bam ive got hyperthreading and 800fsb goodness on a 845pe chipset.

Bad Cache:

You guys have seen me many times refer to clearing your DNS cache from Win2K/XP when we start moving around web servers. Well, Alan gave us a head up on a registry tweak over at SpeedGuide that might be a great help to all of us.

There is a registry tweak over on that keeps windows from caching bad DNS's. There appears to be some problem with the download link as it saves on my computer as an mp3 file. I just clicked "save as" .reg.

Looks like you will have to rename the file with a ".reg" after you save it to you desktop. I have not tried this yet, so be warned that you are on your own. It is the last link in the Generic Registry Patch section.

New Lindows:

Flexbeta has a sneak peek at the new Lindows OS.

Gaming Scene:

HB 1009, signed by Governor Gary Locke May 20, restricts the sale of games depicting violence against public law enforcement officers from being sold or rented to a person younger than 17 years old.

Retailers caught selling or renting such games to minors can be charged with a class 1 civil infraction when the law goes into effect July 27. Class 1 civil infractions normally include a penalty of up to $250, however selling violent video games to minors will carry the same maximum penalty as selling tobacco to minors –– $500.

Catalyst Maker Interview:

Want to know more about ATI Catalyst Drivers and the direction they are headed? Terry Makedon sounds off about some very interesting issues in this interview.

As for me, I work in the desktop marketing department. I am the Senior Product Manager of Software. In other words I market and define new features that are used by our graphic cards (the RADEON series). My main focus is our Unified Software Suite known as CATALYST™. CATALYST was launched June 12 2002 and is made up of four software packages as follows:

865PE Review:

Hardware Avenue has the Springdale flavor of the newest Albatron board posted with their thoughts and findings.

Although it is true the new 875P chipset from Intel is designed for the absolute hardcore user, the 865PE chipset is not very far behind. The Albatron implementation we reviewed here today showcases the raw power of the new Intel CPU and Chipset combo, while offering extra features separating it from many competing boards.