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[H] Enthusiast Archives: July 1999Archive Listing

Saturday July 31, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Had a very productive day today. We got out and met with the Everglide Mousepad folks and are getting geared up to a VERY customized version for the HardOCP, oh yeah, it will be hard baby. Here's a sneak just to show you the way we are going with it. We will make sure to give you the most bad ass mouse pad you have ever seen. No wuss schtuff here baby!

News Image

Black is beautiful!

Thursday July 29, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

All you freaks seemed to dig on the Diamond V770 Review. We have added the ability to also go over to our buds at Gamer Gear and discuss the damn thing. Check that out HERE. I just posted the thread so you guys that get there first can really start some schtuff! :)

This fool Derek Lai has some pretty spiff manifolds built for his dubbed up Celerons. Take a look for sure, some pro work there.

Dan Kennedy at Tweak3D has too much time on his hands and decided to update the Half-Life Autoexec Creator. It now has information on how to apply tweaks to mods such as TFC and CounterStrike, updated info, a couple new commands, screenshots, and more. If you play HL, you gotta get you some of this action. Kinda like "Autoexecs for Dummies" series over there.

Some CPUReview news for HardOCP fans. In recent months Bill received quite a few e-mails asking for a comparison of Linux distributions. What was he to do, besides lay around and drink beer all day? Write a comparison article of course! Bill presents "LinuxWar: Distributions at War" for your reading pleasure...If you find any pleasure in it besides reading, please let us know..

The Tech Zone's review of Power Color's SNiper2 TNT2 M64 has been posted. The SNiper is a new card based on the NVIDIA TNT2 M64 chip. The amazing thing about this card is that it sells for just $100 and comes with 32 megs of ram! How is the TNT2 M64 chip different than the normal TNT2 chip? Read the review and find out. Here's a clip:

The core of the TNT2 M64 chip is very overclockable. I was able to overclock the core speed from 100Mhz to a mind blowing 160Mhz! This is faster than the stock speed of a TNT2 Ultra! Not bad for just $100!

Remember though kids, this is a 64 bit processor, not a 128 bit....

This goes in the, "Wow, I Really Thought Those Guys Were Dead" category.....Ace's Hardware just put up a review of the new 600 MHz Pentium III, complete with overclocking results and PIII/Celeron/K6-2/K6-III comparisons with Winstone, Halflife, and Expendable. Groovy, and I am glad those freaks ain't deceased...

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

It seems as if I have finally gotten all the pages transferred over to the new format. Jeez, talk about an ass breaker......If you find any broken links or stuff that is not right, please drop me a line so we can help get it fixed.

With that, I give you our first review here at the new HOCP, one you have all been waiting for, and this time for the FIRST time we are NOT going to put the whole damn thing on the front page. Just a lot of it though!

Wednesday July 28, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Jerry, our web designer has been up burning the midnight.......something, and has redone the entire page. You should see a dramatic improvement in load time. We should be optimized for most Netscape and IE users as well as you Opera folks being able to view the page pretty well. With Opera there still will be a couple of anomalies and Flash problems but there is nothing we can do about that at this point. Again, let me know your thoughts and problems so we can get this ironed out and start bringing pages over from the old site. We have to go back and totally redo a bunch of stuff, but it will all be for the better. Hopefully.

Also I am kinda behind on review stuff because of updating all these pages. Some of the menu pages don't have any info on them yet so don't think they are broken. I don't want anyone of the "old look" blended in with the new stuff. I figure if we are gonna have a new look, it should all be new look dammit. Anyway, I am in denial about being a lazy slug and needed some form of justification for not getting the MSI review out. :)

VIA sent me word this morning that they will enter the Network Switch Controller Market. They debut item will be a highly integrated 16-port Fast Ethernet IC. Hmmm, wonder if this will be as good as their chipsets?

Dandy Andy Drake at BXB was up all night putting together another cooler overview, he is seeing if he can piss off even more Alpha fans this time! :) Actually it is a Socket 370 Cooler Comparison. It includes the Alpha cooler and Global Win's newest FDP32. Also under the microscope is the Global Win CPM25603 and VDP-12 as well.

Our buddy Bill at CPUReview has put together something you guys have been asking for, a little 366 overview. Bill could not resist with all those rumors flying around that people were running Celeron 366's at 550Mhz... He just HAD to try it too. "Cookin' Celery: Chef's Guide to 550Mhz" It describes his attempts to run two Celeron 366's at 550Mhz. How far did he get? You will have to read the review... As always great stuff out of Bill, but I think we are gonna have to give him a course in funny titles..

Glenn at FPS3D let us know that they have a review of the ABIT Hot Rod 66, ATA66 PCI Card, up and online. I have had one of these my self now for about a month, but don't have a damn ATA66 drive. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Lastest but certainly not leastest, I want to pimp GamerGear at you a bit more. We will soon have an HOCP discussion page on the site so that you can leave here and go post your comments for the public to rail on. That is right, a public forum done in a pretty nice environment, instead of Delphi or something like that. Also, right now, you will find topics listed on the front page that you can comment on. All you have to do is click where it says "Comments" and post your own. Pretty neat stuff. Give it a try and flame me later. I am gonna go post my own comments now. :)

Tuesday July 27, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

There are a couple of things going on with Celerons that you folks should know about.

First off we have seen the boxes labeled "Uniprocessor" but have yet to get any confirmation from anyone that has actually run into an SMP disabled CPU. This does not mean that it is not coming though. It is quite possible that the boxes are simply hitting before the actual CPUs are. Simply be careful in your purchasing if you want an SMP rig at some point. Here is a quote from the Hump over at PCNut.

"Yes, we have tested at least one tray of the Celeron 366 OEM processors made in Malaysia week 27, and haven't found any sign that Intel has disable the SMP capability on these chips. I have two sets of those chips running in SMP mode on the ABIT BP6 right now, and flying along at 2 x 550MHz for the past 18 hours without any problem. :) So, my guess is that, even though Intel has changed the label on the retail Celeron processors, there are no changes to the processors themselves (yet)! Will they eventually do it? Maybe, only time and testing can tell."

Second, we have been talking with the owner of AZZO.Computer and he ran into a batch of 366's at the end of last week that almost none would OC successfully to the 550 mark. Then today, he got a tray and almost every one tested to 550 successfully. Just a little warning that there still are NO guarantees when purchasing a CPU for OC'in........unless of course you get a guarantee. :)

That dude Vince over at Extreme Hardware has posted the follow-up to The Voodoo2 Experiment, where he examine some alternatives to the 3dfx reference drivers. He has also come back with a 100% success rate on his mis-matched Voodoo2 test boards and he has listed the various options, along with some general SLI tips, complete with links.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

90% of the feedback on the design has been positive at this point which is great. We appreciate all your comments though. It seems as though Opera users might be hosed, we are working on that. A few Netscape users are having problems and we are looking into that. Right now IE4 and IE5 seem to be the browser of choice and since almost 70% of our viewers use this browser system, it will most likely stay optimized for that. BUT! We are not counting anybody out and will try to get the interface working across the board.

The girls over at PC Paradox have slapped up some Soyo Review Action of the +III, see what that is a snip to get you in the mood:

"Well reading the specs, they sound even more amazing than the new ABIT motherboard. Its huge set of FSB speeds will make you crazy! The addition of the Core Voltage tweak is the final word on tweaking those voltage problems of yours, and this motherboard was definitely designed with overclocking as its primary objective, and of course to compete with ABIT in that field. One interesting thing to point out about this motherboard is the Internal Sensor reading that lets you see the temperature of the internal Pentium II/III core instead of the external sensor in most motherboards and the good old 6BA+. "

Some CPUReview news for HardOCP fans...

Bill has posted his review "Slackware Linux 4.0: A First Look". I am not sure what the hell this about, except the obvious of course, but I will read it later. :)

"Slackware 4.0 is a good, solid Linux implementation, and I like it, but it is in sore need of some further upgrades in order to make it more appealing to new users."

Sorry to leave you with so little this morning, I am in a rush and did not have time to prep anything last night due to all the changes. Hopefully, we will be back on track here in a couple of days.

Monday July 26, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Well I guess you might have noticed a bit of a new look. Really it is the old look that was just brought up to date by a buddy of ours, Jerry "Polish" Wolski. He has done one hell of a job. Take a look around I think you will love the new layout. I am in the process of moving all the older content into the newer style page and this will surely take a while. Learning to work with this new format is pretty dang exciting. If you find any errors, please let me know. As always, your comments are welcome and taken to heart. Unless of course you are a dick.

Once again, our thanks go out to Jerry, if you need a site revamp, he surely could be your man!

Gary over at Overclockin.Com shot us werd that he has a review of the Swiftech MC2000 cooler posted.. Yep, it is that totally rad mutha you saw here first. :) Go check out what Gary has to say for sure though!!

This just in from John at the Tech Zone:

"Yesterday, many sites reported that Intel has disable SMP for Celerons because the box that these Celerons ship with says "For Uniprocessor Systems Only"

Well, I got two boxed Celeron 500's here with that for uniprocessor only label on them. They work just fine in the BP6, and are both currently running at 585Mhz rock solid (78mhz bus) and I will try for an even 600 shortly.

It seems that the "For Uniprocessor Systems Only" label is just that. A label."

I can't wait to see how all this plays out.