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[H] Enthusiast Archives: August 1999Archive Listing

Tuesday August 31, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

I guess all the rage today has been about the NV10 official release by nVidia. I will say this, if it lives up to what nVidia claims, it will be THE kickass card of the year. But then again, nVidia seems to never live up to their first claims either, so I guess we will see. Kinda makes you wonder if 3dfx is dragging out the V3 3500 because there is not anything behind it even close to production. Dunno, that is shear speculation on my part. Michael P. did pass along a Maximum PC Mag link that has some pretty nifty info on the GeForce 256. (I will start making fun of the rather freaky name soon enuff)

News Image

I am gonna shot straight with you freaks, all the other news I have is old crap by now and I am gonna use my time to get some content together instead of bore you with the regular trash you have surely seen elsewhere by now. Groovness?

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Think I forgot about you freaks today? Nope, just the freaking server was not letting me in to edit. Sorry brothers. We are posting some news now and will be getting some original content out to you laterz.

Monday August 30, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Ken "I bet mine is bigger than your" Peter, of the DFW Metroplex, sent a link over to the new Savage2000 website. Of course you know any name you stick the year on the end makes it the best.

Now introducing HardOCP2000.......not.

This was brought to our attention by Ryan Yadsko. It is a Yahoo press release about the nVidia announcement tomorrow. You can see the teaser at the nVidia website.

Monday August 30, 9:01 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

ADVISORY/NVIDIA Introduces Industry's First GPU at Intel Developers Forum (IDF) in Palm Springs


NVIDIA(TM) Corporation, the world's leading supplier of performance 3D graphics processors, will unveil the industry's first 3D graphics processing unit (GPU).

Integrating key features with the world's most powerful PC graphics rendering engine, this new GPU will deliver more complex, lifelike images, enhanced artificial intelligence and increased physics than ever before possible on a PC. As part of this event, NVIDIA will also announce a series of partners and OEMs who plan to support this new, highly-anticipated product with their own individual product offerings.

The Biznizzy has posted an Alpha Vs. Tennmax Socket7 showdown and I gotta say it ain't bad stuff. Good goin' Biz!

We posted earlier today where Toby of the BXB had posted and interview with some old Metabyte folks and they tested some cooler 3dfx drivers. Well, Toby did not post them so we got on him for some of the action. The link is now posted over at the BXB site.

Kenny C let us know that a new BIOS version for the ABIT BX6.2. I think this one has support for the PentiumIII 600 CPU. You can try and gank it here . . . .

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Jeremy "Bend Over BigBoy" Smith the PR Guru at ABIT sent me a link that I had not seen before. It is basically a look at what physical means are in place to make the Internet what it is. It is titled the Atlas of Cyberspace. Maps, pictures, the whole 9 yards. Very good stuff.

You thought you had seen all of the overclockers pages? Bet the one in OZ, will be new to you! That is Australia for you guys not hip to the latest Down Under Slang..... In tomorrow night's episode we look at the Wallebe (sp) and and how it doubles as a good backpack because of the pouch and all.

Our bud Toby, from BXB has got some interview action with David Cook, lead programmer for the WickedGL from Metabyte. It seems they have some of their OWN 3dfx drivers but I think those stingy bastards did not give them up to the peeps. Hmmmm, we will dig deeper.

Gary at Overclockin.Com finally quit dickin around and got the 3rd installment of his FIC mainboard reviews out. JJ Gary!

The Review Zone has an Athlon Vs. Pentium III article up, I have not read it yet so you are on your own on this one. Also Absolute PC has posted their thoughts on the same issue. This one is a pretty good read that will most likely teach you something, be very careful.

The editor at 3D Wars sent some email and let us know that they have their Voodoo3 3500 Review on line.

We have posted the two latest Beta Drivers for the ABIT BP6 in the "Files" section. This may clear up any problems with ATA66 drives that some folks are having.

Lastly but not leastly, the girls over at AZZO.COMputers, have recently added a cooling section to their product line. It has got all the hardcore stuff and we should see the Alpha coolers out of them soon. Also I checked and they BEAT every single one of 3D Cool's prices across the board. Pretty nifty. They do have the new Vantec that we like so much also.

Sunday August 29, 1999

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Word just broke on S3 announcing their new Savage2000 chipset. If you want to see all the press click HERE, otherwise maybe a snippet will do you:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. --- August 30, 1999 -- Rapidly following on the “award-winning” success of the Savage4 accelerator, S3 Incorporated (Nasdaq: SIII) today announced its next-generation graphics platform, the Savage2000 accelerator. Featuring stunning 3D performance for PC gamers, superior digital video playback and TV-out support for home users and high-resolution 2D image quality and digital flat panel support for professional users, Savage2000 combines unmatched functionality and mind-numbing speed to deliver today’s most complete PC graphics solution.

“Savage2000 significantly raises the level of performance that consumers can expect to find from S3 on store shelves by the end of this year,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Associates (, the leading market research firm tracking digital media. “Giving S3 a complete top-to-bottom volume product offering, Savage2000 is well positioned to succeed in the high-performance graphics controller market, which our research indicates exceeding 46 million units in 2000.”

“Bringing Savage2000 to market is another major milestone for S3,” said Ken Potashner, president and CEO of S3 Incorporated. “Combining the Savage2000, mobile Savage and products with our strategic industry partnerships and widespread OEM customer base, S3 is well positioned to determine the course of the PC graphics market over the next few years.”

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Just a late Sunday update for you freaks....... We will have a "Special Guest" appearance by Dr. Shok. He has throw together an article on how to make your own round cables for your system as well as how to increase the air flow through your case a few other ways. Wonder why you have not heard of Dr. Shok before? Well, he is not famous....

Also, Armin "I even close to charmin" Lenz, from Full On 3D has posted a review of the IWill LE370 motherboard, an LX chipset Celeron solution with on-board A3D audio and FSB up to 83 MHz, which makes it a reasonably good overclocker for Celerons with high multipliers.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Sunday morning, the time that the Net is alive and well, except for all those freaks that stayed up and deathmatched until 6am....

The girls over at the Heatsink Guide has posted a review of the latest Alpha Cooler. Yes we will not be ignoring this one like we did the last. We have a couple units on the way for to be used for general torture and mayhem.

Because it is such a lame day, we decided to go hunt for some stoopid links that might brighten up your day.

Here they are: glutton, partner, foam, phone, and high........ See what you get on the weekend? :P

Saturday August 28, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Some how I hosed the Q3A Endless Loop Instructions so I am reposting them for yaz......sorry bout that.

Quake 3 Test Endless Loop Demo Instructions

All you need to do is create a text file in the ?:Q3Test-1.08Demoq3 directory called Democycle.cfg or DC.cfg or whatever your little heart desires.

The cfg file should contain the following lines:

Set D1 "demo q3demo2; set nextdemo vstr D2"

Set D2 "demo q3demo1; set nextdemo vstr D1"

vstr D1

The lines should look EXACTLY like that!

If you don't know how to create a file like this, simply make a copy of the q3config.cfg file and open it with notepad. Make sure to uncheck the "always open with the program .....". Delete all the lines in the file and replace them with the 3 lines above. Rename the file to Democycle.cfg or whatever you want and place it back in your demoq3 dir.

To run the demo loop, start Q3A Test 1.08.

Press the "~" key at the main menu to bring down the console.

Type "timedemo 1" if you want the demo to run as fast as your system will support.

Type in "exec democycle" or whatever you named the file. I named mine "DC" for short.

Escape will end the loop.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Saturday news for the peeps.......and yes, I am still checking out lobster cam excitement. Some of you sent in some PRIMO lobster pics, many thanks, but no more please. It takes the edge of a good lobster sighting of my own. :) OOOOOOOOOO LOOK! Here comes one now!!! Really!!!

Some good recent stuff you can use from the Heatsink Guide.

"The big Socket 7 / 370 heatsink comparison on The Heatsink Guide is finally online. It compares the most efficient heatsinks for K6-2/3 and Celeron PPGA: The Global WIN FDP32, VDP32, CPM25603-16 and -32, plus the ALPHA PFH6035 - tested with three different fan configurations (I tried to answer the question if the fan should suck or blow...). Also reviewed: the brand new TennMax MEGA7 cooler."

Our homebucket Vince over at Extreme Hardware has got a little rant/article posted on all the recent Athlon madness. Worth a read on a lazy afternoon. You really should be outside you know.

Dino "I got Deeznuts" of DeezTech, has posted a Celeron 466 review for your viewing pleasure.

The Tech Zone has got an article up about sticking those big ass Global Wins on your BP6 that will not fit. Good stuff to see for sure. I saw over at the AZZO.Computers Cooling Page where they have a special version of it MADE for the BP6. No more pesky aluminum shavings laying around to scratch up your CDs.

Friday August 27, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Dude! Lobster Cam got pretty exciting this afternoon. But then I realized that I had screwed up when I was brought to justice, the Redhat man saying that I can't have Lobster Cam without Penguin Cam (thanks to Michael Pendersen) for the Linux freaks...... Let's compare.

News Image

News Image

I am not real sure that is a lobster (could be a rock crab) in the lobster cam shot but the whole experience looks a little more exciting than caged birds with no wings.... I don't know, you can surely decide for yourself what you are cut out for.

The HPPC Guide is reviewing the Matsonic MS70707S BX mainboard. It has got some built on crap to keep you happy......

Also Armin over at Full On 3D, the only 3D paramilitary site around, has footage of Tennmax's new Socket 370 Cooler. From what I saw, I was not really impressed. Then again maybe it was that junk camera Armin is using.

Tuesday August 24, 1999

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

I just got an email that got me all fired up. This kinda stuff really pisses me off. Maybe I am way off base here, if you think so, please tell me. Here is how the story goes.


I own the domain name my original use for the name have never happened, (due to lack of time on my end) I have decided to place the domain up for "lease". I have never formally used the name, its never been submitted to search engine or promoted in any other way, it currently is just resting on my system. The name itself gets anywhere from 250-500 visitors per day, that is people that type in the name, or I have even seen links to it on other sites.

I have complete control of the server the domain is on, and can redirect it to any address needed. If you are interested in this idea, you can e-mail me back and we can discuss the details.


Chad Moreno

Data.sys, Inc.

I think people such as this blow goats and deserve to be shoved into a big vat of their own waste. You may call it capitalism or taking advantage of a free market place. I call it bottom feeding scumbags cloggin' up the system for profit. If you want to make profit, go create something or work hard for it, or both, but don't "steal" URLs from the public.

This idiot expects me to actually buy his line of not using the name for the original use intended. He simply got there first and plopped down some cash for it and expects to sell it to someone and make a little jack. First off if you intend to sell me something don't start off lying to me. You have now certainly gained my trust and I want to do business with yourself while you do nothing but mess up the system for all the folks who actually want to use the URL. You suck Chad.

The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the author, HardOCP.Com Inc. or any human being alive today and are expressed for entertainment value only. (that is for the lawyers)

Monday August 23, 1999

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Sorry for the hold back in update action today. I was not able to get into our server to post.

First off we saw this at The Register this morning:

Reader warns of Intel-NT overclock shock

"Chip giant Intel has warned since the beginning of this year that to overclock its processors is verboten.

A reader describing himself as 'Firestormer' wrote to us with the following tale: "You might find this interesting, but if I'm correct, Intel and MS have finally come up with a way to defeat overclocking totally, at least under NT4 Service Pack 5 and with the Pentium III. The sorry tale is as follows."

We got a mail from "Firestormer" at the end of last week describing the exact same thing to us. We handed off the information to our resident NT specialist, Gadfly, who quickly came back with this answer:

"I am a NT engineer, that is what I do. I run networks, and I am an MCSE. yes I did it for XXX. :) I have looked into this thoroughly this morning, and have checked out the HAL.DLL and ran it with P3's. I have determined this is crap. He probably forgot to save the bios before exiting or something. MS has put a plug in to determine chip id, but this only reads it, if you disable it in the bios, there is no way to read it. Also, It will not change your FSB, I have tested this this morning. it works fine."

When we sent this information back to "Firestormer" and he had time to digest and try to recreate the problem, we go the following answer:

"Hmm. I think I finally figured out what was going on. After your last email, I went back and tried to replicate the anomaly again, only to find that I couldn't. This of course lead to my stopping to think "ok, what am I doing differently now than I was doing last time," at which point it occurred to me that I'd reset the BIOS since the last time I'd tried overclocking. I then proceeded to start tinkering around with BIOS settings, noticing that the "Overclock Warning" option in my AMI bios was turned on, whereas I remembered that it had been turned off beforehand.

“Definitely at this point I can say that it's not an NT issue, however it IS a Tyan issue. Whether or not it is a quirk with this board or a "feature" implemented by Tyan in all Tsunami BIOS (or even all Tyan BIOS period), I don't know, though perhaps some of your contacts may be able to shed some light on the subject.

he frustrating part is that there doesn't seem to be any consistency in what the BIOS seemingly arbitrarily chooses as the actual FSB, the stock or the last one before "Overclock Warning" was turned off. Any ideas? It's no longer a conspiracy case but it's still damn weird."

So bottom line, this is a very false alarm. :)

Dandy Andy Drake of BXB fame has posted his BE6 review. Here is a link to ours for comparison. Also I always get folks asking whether or the BE6 has RAM problems. I ran a batch of tests last night with 384 Megs installed, two sticks from Corsair and one from AZZO and I had no problems at 124MHz FSB.

FPS 3D, short for, Fried Pecker Shiskabobs (ouch), is having a contest to see who can come up with the most creative "FPS" name. I actually have a feeling I started this but maybe I am just getting too big headed for my own good. That WOULD explain the scrapes on my ears. Oh yea! They are giving away a free BX6.2 also.