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[H] Enthusiast Archives: February 2000Archive Listing

Tuesday February 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

It was just brought to my attention that if you feel like discussing you own feelings for the good Doctor, ranted on here, Anandtech has already got a thread started devoted to this. Some good stuff there already. Thanks Roger!

Manual dropped us this line over at CT that take a look in the performance of the Cyrix III. You will need a translator, but even without one, the graphs don't look too promising.

Here is some info from KBench on the all around specs surrounding NV11 and NV15. Dunno how accurate this is, but it is worth a look if you are an nVidia Zealot! JJ! Thanks Daylon, you rock.

Now we have been hoping that the Powerleap folks would get us Coppermine goodness on a BP6, but I never thought that they would have Celerons and Coppermines running TOGETHER. Just a blurb, but that is what it says. Thanks Chris!

Have you still got Aureate Spy Files all over your HD? These boys give you a quick and mostly painless option to get rid of that trash. Here is a CNet article on the overall situation. They actually quoted us! I think they just lost their credibility! :)

I have been wanting one of these for a while. A keyboard with a detachable keypad. I like to get that bastard out of my way when the fragging gets serious. iXBT takes a look at the Acer unit...

I hate to even revisit this, but it seems as if the replacement units Radio Shack is sending us, is almost just as junky. The CPU probe will NOT show you the temp but is only attached to an alarm. We will throw up a quick how to fix the thing up when we finally get ours.....maybe.

Just wouldn't be right, a day without a Ratpad review, this one at TweakTown. I know this postage has annoyed some of you, and I am sorry for that, it seems as if the majority of it is over with, for a while at least.

I posted the wrong link earlier on the Canopus Card, sorry bout that. Here is a spec page, just can't read much on it. :(

Riva Station gives their impressions of the new Voodoo at CeBIT. They do it in a very objective manner and even have a few good things to say about it. The 3dfx page is here is you want to skip to it, otherwise the article starts on this page and covers a bunch of good stuff. Thanks to Riva Station for keeping us up to date with what is really going on there.

Here is a good read at Dan's Data. This covers the basics of keeping your box up to snuff. Yes, did you think any high performance machine would NOT need maintenance?

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Opened up a ugly wound with my own Dr. of Puke style of tirade today. It is now on it's own page here for easy future reference. Fun to see the mail for sure. It is running about 10 to 1 in favor of our statements, but then again, I kinda suspected that.

Chiptesters has redone it's Vendor Guide. Worth a quick look if you are about to purchase from a vendor you know nothing about.

This is probably one of the funniest "serious" mods for an FPS that I have even seen. Crotch Master for UT. "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their.....oh hell just shoot for the nads!"

The guys over at Hardware-One have some i820 scoopage in an AOpen flavor. AOpen has put out some nice stuff lately, see if they hold up.

Those guys at Grumpy Old Tech, you know the ones that are always....grumpy? They have a look at the Gigabyte Via 133A chipset board. I like this guys reviews, good stuff without all the fluff.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Our Rant has been moved off the news page as it probably better belonged on it's own "editorial" page to begin with...

Monday February 28, 2000

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

From what we can tell, the Chaintech 6ATA4 Via 133A chipset board reviewed over at iXBT is pretty spiffy. Randal Siggers tells me that the memory benchmarks blow the Via 133 chipset out of the water and are almost as good as the BX.

More H2O cooling goodness at Club Overclocker. They this time have the improved pump for the Senfu retail kit.

Boomslang Review over at OCH. I still really like mine, I just wish it was shaped a bit different.

Hell, I thought Ars had jumped on the H2O cooling bandwagon, but it turns out to be a Mac article. The new OS has the "Aqua" interface. Hmm, still kinda think computers and water don't got together? See what Ars has to say.

Ace's Hardware has the scoopage from CeBIT! He pulls in with some Willamette info among other things.

Those Japanese guys are at it again over at Akiba PC Hotline. They seem to have caught up with Canopus selling DDR GeForce cards. I would like to get hold of one of these. Here is a quick pic I ripped, the card is a bit strange looking compared to the others I have seen. It looks as if Canopus has solved the problem with getting enough voltage to the card by hardwiring it for a PS plug...good idea.

News Image

You thought the "Crackle Laptop" from yesterday was bad, take a look at this. This is a return for warranty work!! "Well sir you see, I just opened the screen and everything popped loose." :)

News Image

Transform that old Celeron or PII to a 500MHz beast? Dunno, but the Tech Zone will clue you in. Here is a snip:

The Performa 500 is an CPU upgrade kit from Evergreen Technologies designed to update older Pentium II's and Slot 1 Celerons to 500Mhz of CPU power, allowing you to run the latest and greatest software. When the Performa 500 showed up on our doorsteps, we wondered how this thing updates an old computer? At first we thought it was some kind of "overdrive" processor. Opening the package revealed that the Performa 500 is nothing more than a PPGA Celeron 500 on a Slot Kit.

Do you need a "girly" case? Well OK, I will probably catch some ugly mail for that statement, but it is the first thing I thought of when I looked at it. These guys are ripping off the Mac colors but what the heck. System Logic tells us if it is worth your hard-earned green or not.

Ellis at GeekNews gives us a heads up that we can now hard wire our brains and forego the Keyboard and Mouse setup in Quake 3. Well not quite yet, but maybe one day you will be sitting there saying, " I THOUGHT I fragged him first, the cheatin' bastard!"

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Sorry to be so late with the news, I was up till about 2am with the Golden Orb Review. If you guys see any typos, please let me know, we need all the help we can get.

Check out this OCers page! I think he is Czech, but I could be wrong (as usual). He does some pretty hardcore OCing to a P200, I think.... Good pics to look at though.

We spoke with the guy that took the SpitFire pic from yesterday, he assures us it is authentic. He also asked us to remove it and link his site, so I just took it down. He wants to be part of the community, but does not want to HBO (helpa brother out). Just FYI, their button was prominently posted on the HardOCP for months and months at no cost to them and this is how they pay back. Bummer. :( Now I know why there webmaster moves around so much.

The guys over at the Easy OC Guide, hosted by Telefragged, have purchased some of the "rejected" Celeron 366s from our budz at Azzo Computer. These are the CPUs that did NOT make the cut in Azzo's eyes. Interesting results to say the least.

This guy is nuts!! Mazi at 3D Wars had a little contest to give away a Ratpad and this guy posted 175 messages in the forum to become the 2000th poster. He is a sick sick man...with a new Ratpad.

Got more stuff coming.

Sunday February 27, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Not that you care, but I sold my house in 4 days. That tells me one thing, I did not ask enough money for it.... :(

Ask an you shall receive....sometimes. Here is that mod page on how to get a RAID card for free out of the Promise ATA66 card. This time it is in English!!!

Ever dropped your laptop? I think MadMax2 has...a couple of times. Somebody send this guy a carrying case!

News Image   News Image

FREE STUFF...if you can draw. A logo contest in which you can win some COOL stuff over at Club Overclocker. Thanks Spencer.

Have you had your yang yinged? If not Tao of Gaming might be able to help you out with a Ratpad Review. Also 3D Unlimited puts the Ratpad and the competition head to head!

3dfx sent us word yesterday that they are about to go to production with the Voodoo 4 silicon. Mmmm, hope they get big round ones...

Hot Hardware gives us their opinion of the i820 board from DFI (dunno who the hell they are). This one is for your RAMBUS owners only. :( No DIMMs.. They give it an 8 out of 10 score...guess they don't take price into consideration on the memory.

This in from Jon Y. Just goes to show you there is a silver lining to most clouds...

I, like you, bought 3 of those CP-Vue things. I was just as interested to pawn em off, so I went to a small LAN party this weekend, n sold em all for 7 a pop (they all just thought it looked real cool).

So now, thanks to radio shack, I'm 6 bucks up and have 3 Dual CP-vues in the mail.

Not bad for a cheezy rip off product right?

Cliff has updated his Fan FAQ to include some more of the following. The brother has got some good stuffs if you have not check it out.

Updated the fan FAQ with the following:

More LED info, including calculating resistor sizes and identifying LED terminal positions. Schematics for installing multiple switches in both on/off and dual voltage configurations. Schematics for wiring dual color LED's for dual voltage configurations. A couple of nifty new 3-D case graphics for fan placement ideas.

The Torch has a look at the NEW Senfu water cooler unit pump. The other one was getting some really bad press, but it seems the needed improvements have been made.

API? I got your API right here! Oh no I don't, 3D Unlimited does. They take a look at Direct 3D and Open GL, the things that make you games go ZOOM....

These guys at FRS Hardware have got some great H2O cooler shots posted. Worth a look, might give you a few ideas..

Combustion has the Asus Socket 7 mainboard cooking at 133MHz FSB.... Well I guess they do, it is all in Espanol...

Lastly, but certainly no leastly, Power Gamerz has a look at the K7M and Overclocking the mutha.

Saturday February 26, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Fast Graphics is posting it faster than I can put it up, guess that is why they are FAST Graphics eh? More CeBIT coverage from those guys.

Help stop MP3 piracy? T-Break is reporting some on it. Hell, that is what it is what I like about mp3s...not that I would listen to anything I have not purchased of course! Here is a snippet:

Pine Software has unveiled a breakthrough MP3 digital music device that it says solves all of the piracy issues currently affecting online music.

The unit's anti-copyright infringement device, meanwhile, attaches a unique serial number to each downloaded music file so that it cannot be played on or transferred to any other machines.

I have no idea where this pic came from or even if it is authentic, but it sure is cool to see anyway. Supposedly it is a 1.5GHz Intel Willamette CPU. Thanks to Tommy Rozsa.

News Image

Dan's Data takes a look at Network in a Box and even tries to edukate us along the way. :)

To understand why a switch is better than a hub, you need to understand the basic way Ethernet pushes data around.

Another look at Win2K for those of you that have not dived in yet. I haven't for sure, but JSI HardWare has.

G3D's thoughts on the Card Cooler. This one has been around a while but it still kicks ass. Here is our first review of it from almost a year ago. Still ask for the HardOCP special if you buy two, they used to give you something for free. :)

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

There is still a lot of hubbub over the BP6, with the evolution of the Coppermine many are still hoping we can slap the silicon on there. If you are not familiar with the ABIT BP6, here is a review of it posted over at 3AG with some Win2K action also.

Ratpad reviewage over at the Magic Torch OC page. I may have to steal their Ratpad graphics, they look better than ours. :P

This is sort of interesting. Our Russian friends over at iXBT have an article up on the naming of CPUs. They explain the technology behind all the buzzwords you always hear flying around. Seems as though their ad banner server is much quicker than their own though.

FREE STUFF!!!!! Silicon Database is giving away FOUR GeForce cards over the next month. I have got my name in the hat, how bout you?

Need privacy you little freak? That is what I thought. I am just scared about all my streaming pr0n downloads coming to light with this Aureate thing afoot. Anyway, you can check here for some protection... Thanks Bill Church...if that is your REAL name...

OK, OK, OK... Man, I have just taken an ass beating over the comments posted on the VMware proggie. Of course I probably deserved it because the explanation I posted was wrong...both times. Cut me some slack eh? Here is Geoff Wilson with a short but sweet explanation and some personal experience described about VMware. If you want to know more, I suggest you visit their site, because I am getting the hell out of the middle of this.

To clarify a bit more about VMWare, its a program which sets up virtual machines (hence the vm in the name) inside your PC, which, to the guest OS, looks like a completely standalone computer, complete with cmos, floppy drives, Real Time Clock, motherboard, the lot! Its a pretty damn fine program - though a little sluggish (but when you are running more than 1 OS its fair enough) on my Celeron 450.

When I boot up Linux, I can run a Windows 98 virtual machine and its none the wiser that its actually a virtual machine, complete with networking, sound and video.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition - Update

This is a press release we just received from Everglide. I have edited out the closing of the statement to exclude the advertising value of it, but here is the meat and potatoes of it.


San Francisco, CA - February 26,2000 - David Welsh, President of, the manufacturer of the internationally distributed mousing surface, announced today that EverGlide had resolved its dispute with over the manufacture of HardOCP's Ratpadz mouse pad.

While EverGlide considered legal action against HardOCP we were able to resolve our difference without filing a law suite", stated Welsh. "As no law suite was filed, no law suite was settled. Any rumors to the contrary are inaccurate", continued Welsh.

To resolve the dispute HardOCP has agreed to no longer use's source suppliers in the manufacture of its mouse pad.

Mr. Welsh's statement above is accurate. Of course, we still spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the lawyers. This is what our lawyers had to say about it:

Dear Mr. Bennett;

The letter is to advise you that the Everglide matter is now closed. In summary, the Radpadz products do not infringe on any intellectual property rights of the Everglide company.

John G. Fischer P.E.

U.S.Patent Attorney

Strasburger & Price L.L.P.

So the way I see it, we were basically NEVER in the wrong to begin with and Everglide threatening to sue us was an attempt to run Ratpadz out of business before we really started, just my 2 cents though.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

This is one man's quest to cool and clock to the best of his ability...nice format too. He has some nice ideas.

Newer and better Athlon GFAs are popping up. Well newer at least. Skittlebox takes a look at one.

The girls over at Fast Graphics are poking their noses around the happenings at CeBIT. They have some pics of the 3dfx booth and it is pretty swank. See the picture of the dudes face? That is some of the new box art we will be seeing. I know it is just a box, but the last ones with the guys in make up bothered me for some reason.

Lars Ove Helle shares some pics of his dual pelt system, complete with H2O cooling. Neat stuff. Some really nice custom copper work on this one.

News Image   News Image   News Image

Active Hardware, the site with the biggest forearm muscles on the planet, has a look at the VIA 133 chipset in a direct comparison with the Intel BX chipset. Good stuff and worth your time.

Is that an Alpha on your GeForce or are you just REALLY happy to see me. OC Shootout pulls some of our old tricks! :) Wish they had better pics.

We had posted the Voodoo 2 Win2K drivers several days ago, they had just magically appeared in my mailbox. Anyway now there is an "official" page at 3dfx for you folks that want them. I was kind of surprised, over 3000 folks DLd those drivers. Just goes to show you how many of those Voodoo 2 cards are still rockin'!

Mid tower case reviewage from Ars. They take a look at what PC Power & Cooling has to offer. I use these guys PSs and really dig'em. Top notch stuff, but then again, it comes at a top notch price too...

CHUK checks out the Boomslang in all it's sweetness.

I had a ton of folks comment on the "Bonus Page" at the end of the ABIT VA6 Review. I have to honestly say I did not know the performance problems that could be caused the Rom and the HD being on the same cable. I figured if they were not being used at the same time everything would be cool. Hey, I learn something every day. :)

Eric Lang gave us a heads up on this. It is a unit found here in the states for you multiple OS guys. Basically a Hard Drive switch kit. Just thought it would be of interest!

I think the guys over at Tweak 3D must be abusing amphetamines, there is no way they could have had any sleep lately with the amount of content they are pouring out. This time it is the CPU / BIOS Tweak Guide.

Friday February 25, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Beer

Time for a cold one. Salude, Campi, Cheers! Whatever, just drink the damn thing already...

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Yep, still more postage... Also we are still getting tons of mail about the Aureate thing. We will have a follow up piece soon. Check this page for all the scoop.

Here is an article we have posted before over at Hardware News Net. The article now covers one more CPU entry and what YOU might expect out of a Coppermine 500E purchase. Thanks Konrad!

Specs and pics of the Asus K7V today over at K7M...

See Joe. See Joe build. See Joe trick out his mainboard. Actually see Joe do it in a little video clip. He actually chops his own finger off. Sorry, got that mixed up with something I saw over at Stiles....

Boom Games is helping you guys out stuck in dial up land. They take a look at a "call waiting" modem. Never miss a booty call again.

Ok, not only did these guys rip off our BlowHole concept, but now they are stealing our wheels too! :) The Tech Zone has a really nice case reviewed from AMK.

Head to head Athlon Vs Intel goodness over at Game Forces. This time in the 700MHz flavor.

FREE RAZER BOOMSLANG stuff over at System Logic!!

The blokes over at Insane Hardware have a review posted on the new VIA 133A chipset board, this one is much like that VIA 133 except with 4X AGP supported. Wonder if is sucks as bad on the memory bandwidth side?

This looks really cool and that is exactly what it is supposed to do, go figure. Speedy 3D has a review posted on the Thin HD Cooler.

Here is a great article over at Active Hardware that is the PERFECT follow up to our ABIT VA6 Review posted above. Here is a snip:

"It's often been said, that the VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset is somewhat slower than the Intel 440BX set, but rarely does one come across a clear demonstration of this. Really, in order make any solid conclusions, it would be necessary to compare two identical motherboards, that just happen to implement the two rival chipsets, respectively. While there does exist a small army of _nearly_ identical boards, it is only thanks to DFI that we can place our hands upon a pair that are identical on _all_ points, except for the chipset in use. Thus, in the one corner we have the CA61, which makes use of the VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset, and opposite to it, the CB61, which makes use of the Intel 440BX set. These two boards are identical in configuration, except of course for the opposing chipsets, and the necessary functions provided by those chipsets."