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[H] Enthusiast Archives: March 2000Archive Listing

Friday March 31, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Well it is Friday afternoon, and I know one thing for sure. If you are sitting here reading the HardOCP, then someone should just kick your ass. If you still must read this crap, at least do me a favor and go get a beer first... I have a beer and feel lonely without a drinking buddy....

That being said, I think we need to keep the alcohol activists off our back by showing you what happens when you imbibe a bit too much of the good schtuff...and your "buddies" do too. Otherwise getting drunk would have been OK, except your only bad decision was surrounding yourself with drunken idiots. Not the drinking itself of course. Thanks Brian.

News Image

Being Friday, we like to show off HardOCPer Systems! Of course on Friday we get a bit lax on the rules. Most likely because of the beer, but that is good for all in involved. First we have a freak, named David McDonough, that has got the H2O Cooling down to a science in one easy to carry unit...almost.

News Image   News Image

Here is a guy that came into contact with some Marines that are apparently overclocking their equipment. Not a real short read, but if you dig guns and computers you will like it.

We have seen those guys put DOOM on a PDA, but these guys have Quake 3 on a friggin cell phone!! The picture was stolen from HERE, and I would give them credit if I could read anything. Thanks Ken! Hell, you can even tell what level it is on.

News Image

More later, I just wanted to put the fun stuff up for now..

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

TYLSIFMF!! WooHoo! I feel good, the way that good, so good, I got you! WA! I hope the rest of you are as happy about it being Friday as I am. :)

Do you NOT know what a Slocket is? Have you been at the beach with your head stuck in the sand? Well if so, this review is for you. The Planet Hardware gang pulls out all the stops and post the review of the decade. IWILL SLOCKET II!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, it is a great card but do NOT use the spec sheet to set the jumpers. Pull them here, courtesy of Azzo, last one I saw was incorrect.

Also remember the Azzo guys are doing the "HardOCP Special" on Intel 550Es. This is the last day of the two day deal. Free FedEx Saver Shipping when you order online and put "HardOCP kicks the friggin house door down / Free shipping please" in the comment box. OK, so you might be able to get away with just the "HardOCP" plus the second part....

I often get asked, "How big is it really?" Well I have to say, "It is almost as big as the Windows 2000 Hard Drive and Memory Tweak Guide over at Tweak 3D." Then most chicks back away from me slowly.


Thursday March 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

ABIT announced last night that the VT6X4 is coming to market. We have this board here on the test bench now. Here is a separate page with all the specs and the pics we have taken...

Also! I was speaking to the owner of Azzo last night and trying to get a "deal" for HardOCPers. They have brought down their price on 550Es to $239 / $244 FC / Slot 1. If you ORDER ONLINE and put "HardOCP Special" in the comments box, you will get FREE FED EX SAVER SHIPPING. They do have them in stock and usually ship the same day... Also saw that they are selling the new ABIT board mentioned above.

Those Rooskies over at iXBT Labs have the GeForce from Asus cranked up and they seem pretty impressed with it. There is a LOT of information there too.

The UnaClocker is back today with a bit more comprehensive showing of his system. This time we have lots of pics and a rundown of what he had to buy to put the H2O Cooler together. I like the blue dye in the water, good idea and I bet it shows leaks well too.

This just goes to show you what you can accomplish with a bottle of Jack Daniels, some fingernail polish, and a couple extra hours. I dig flames! Thanks Brian Ledden.

News Image

Do you remember the guy a while back with the "Air Raper 5000"?? Well, he is back with the "Air Raper 10000". While we have all seen ducting work before, the way that this guy presents it is pretty entertaining to say the least...

The Evergreen CPU upgrade kit is back in the news. This time Dan Kennedy at Tweak3D gives the PCI card a look. I DO NOT suggest this for an upgrade on anything except older Pentium class boards....and I don't really suggest that.

I think most of us have heard this before, but it is now official...

VIA offers Dual Processor Support with the VIA Apollo Pro133A Workstation/Server Chipset supports up to 4GB DRAM

Taipei, Taiwan, March 29, 2000 -- VIA Technologies, Inc., the chipset technology leader for the PC industry, announces for the first time support for dual processor configurations with its new version of the VIA Apollo Pro133A chipset. With support for up to 4GB of PC133 Registered DIMMS and 133 MHz FSB on systems with dual Intel® Pentium® II or Intel® Pentium® III processors, the VIA Apollo Pro133A increases flexibility and manageability of system design for OEMs and motherboard manufacturers, providing them the ideal platform for a wide range of memory-intensive workstation and server applications.

"With Dual Processor support on the VIA Apollo Pro133A, VIA is expanding the range of systems that can be built around VIA chipset solutions and creating cost-efficient alternatives for the industry", said Ted Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VIA Technologies. "The VIA Apollo Pro133A takes industry-proven VIA chipset technology, known for its reliability, and applies it in a new direction, the rapidly growing workstation and server market."

Cole 3D has dropped the "Alternative Lifestyle" look and has posted a 600E CuMine review. It looks to be a winner. I know ours is still running a VERY STABLE 800MHz at default voltage.


[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Are you still lost as to the basics of the Coppermine? OC Shootout has a page that will get you up to speed.

Here is another great how to for the day. This time it is on a Xoom server, so you may want to click the link then go get your groceries, or wax your car or something. Anyway, what the guy does is show you how to stick a peltier unit on a Alpha HSF. Good pics, you will most likely pick up at least a tip or two.

You know these damn things have gotten all kinds of reviewage lately and all they really are is a bookshelf with some cheap switches, yet they seem to be all the rage. The Senfu DIY bookshelf er I mean computer stand at Easy OC at Telefragged.

Win2K seems to be in a bit of a bind. What do you do with this situation??? Thanks Tim McGuffin! Tim happens to work at my old school.

News Image

The guys over at Club OC have taken a look at the what the hell has been going on with the Micron SDRam and how it works with certain equipment. This is part 3 in an ongoing look at the issues.


[H]ardNews 1st Edition - Update!

This is one of those days when things just suck. Server has been trippin on me sorry. Got goodness on the way now.

Wednesday March 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Update!

If you got a mail from me earlier today, I am either sorry or you are welcome. You see, I got a mail from a trusted FEMALE I have worked with in the past at a REPUTABLE company and it was some sort of porn spam virus dealy. I noticed a huge mail in my outbox, so if you get it, don't open it. Unless of course you are a porn surfer and want to share that with EVERYONE in your addy book...

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Not really enough info there to qualify that first postage as a "First Edition" eh? I mean, if I was paying a subscription for that trash, I would have been pretty well torqued. You know actually that is one thing great about this being free, we can do stuff like that and not feel guilty about it.

FragMagnet sent me this heads up on what Tim Sweeney had to say about some AGP issues. I thought this was pretty damn a way. This was ripped from Voodoo Extreme's "Ask Sweeney" article still on the VE front page.

AGP texturing is a highly questionable concept. It's a nice theory, but Intel and/or Microsoft, whichever one is responsible for the mess with AGP memory management and creating all of those dumb aperture size settings, severely screwed up AGP, making it a feature you can't really count on.

This is SO STOOPID I have to post it, but it will go on it's own page. Paper clipping about a man and his balloon ride.... Thanks to Jacquelyn, one of our few female readers (she is hot too, she always sends me nekid pics)

I KNOW you see these things all the time in the backs of magazines. No, not the backs of THOSE mags you freak. This is one of those cooling devices that looks as if it would do a really good job, but does it actually do anything? Dunno, let G3D tell you about it.

We posted a link from our buds at The Register yesterday that talked about slockets being hosed and whatever else. Anyway, they mentioned in the article that Iwill was going to stop producing SlocketII cards. Well, Iwill PR man Todd Burch read that and had this to say....

"You tell those lying sacks of ***t down the ****ing Register that they can **** my ****ing chicken!

Sorry, I actually just made that up, here is what he REALLY said.... (bet that got your attention sleepyhead)

After coming across your recent posting in The Register "Intel tenders advice on slot to sockets", we at Iwill would like to clarify this: Iwill's Slocket 2 has NOT stopped shipping, and in fact the newer version has been improved to support dual Coppermine processors. We've had sensational results with our DS133-R dual Slot 1 i820 motherboard, which has been considered "one of the most stable solutions available."

Everybody on board now? Also it seems as if the new Iwill cards will support SMP action on Slot 1 boards...


[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Sorry to be so long with the News. I had to get some sleep. That 3 hours a night stuff does not cut it.

Tom's Vaporware has some Need For Speed 3 screenshots posted that were taken on a Voodoo5. They show both the 2X and 4X FSAA sampling...

I was over at Club OC scoping on their HD Cooler Review (which I have yet to see one that made me wet) and they have posted that Overclockers Hideout is giving away a H2O Cooler setup. Nifty... See I really do go look at other websites. You think I just sit here and reload Sharky Extreme all day long? :)

More in a minute, gonna grab some java...

Tuesday March 28, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Listening in on a 3dfx/Gigapixel conference call this afternoon. The president of 3dfx has this to say, and I paraphrase. "Why buy an X-Box when something is out in the market place that is superior to it, 6 months before it's release?" Kinda summed that up eh? Surely sounded like he was not worried about the X Box... Also it was said that 3dfx/Gigapixel did not want to compete in the market, but rather capture the market. At least they are not setting their sights low...

A quick look at a Hard Drive Cooler over at JSI.

I probably should not post this, but I am. This was sent in by Anthony...

This ( is a $20 coupon for first time buyers - the # is 80120085. Get thy ass to and buy the Promise ata66 controller for 30.75, then call 1-888-880-1030, go to place an order and tell them that U R behind a firewall and it wont give you the discount. Tell them that a guy called Cliff told you to place the order and call, they would manually credit the order for 20 bucks. I just did this and got the bastiche for under 17 bucks including shipping!!!!

Another one-page review! Must be a record for sure. 3D Hardware takes a look at the Alaska cool case. Funny thing is that they comment on how cool it looks but don't give us a pic of the whole case...bummer. From what I can tell, it looks like a Leprechaun yakked on it. :)

We posted some pics of some unusually large blowers lately..... I have seen bigger, but not attached to a computer case. :) Thanks Ace_McGirk!!

News Image

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

FragMagnet gave me a heads up that Voodoo Extreme has a NEW set of leaked drivers out for the GeForce. Should be fun to say the least. Never seen "leaked" drivers pop up on so many mainstream sites and they not ask to remove them, hmmm.

This seems to be sought after today, so we are posting it again. Damn Register sending everyone over here....

Chris Biancotti sent us this. This seems to happen to a lot of Cyrix's when you go to OC them....

News Image

The Clam guys have a Purchasing Guide for OCers posted. Not to bust their balls, but it might be better titled, "What I think about some stuff." Not exactly in-depth journalism.

We happen to have this badboy on the grill ourselves this morning. The ABIT Siluro GeForce card is reviewed at Hardware One. They have some good things to say about it and did a really nice job on the review too.

Malfman gets on my ass for not posting that BeOS is FREE TODAY!! Sorry, I really did not know. Will not be there till after 11:00am Eastern time.

More later...

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

You like lasagna? I like lasagna? How could anyone possibly not? Gaming in 3D takes a look at the only Lasagna that is probably not good to eat, but it does cool pretty well.

The Tech Zone has an interesting read up on OCing their Athlon....Part Deux.

FREE STUFF!! Hardware Masters (insert crude joke here) is stroking our gherkin by giving away non-cost items to the peeps. This time get a home networking kit. I would take a free one of those.

Our Fav kinda guy, Dandy Andy Drake takes a look at a KX133 board built by AOpen. You know it has to be good...or is it? From what I read it might have sucked last week, but maybe a new BIOS helped out with those problem areas.

All the stuff they can do with corn now days just amazes me. Check out what 2 CPU is into. Never figured you could write a whole article about corn...

In my first article I briefly mentioned the Linux kernel, the very heart of the operating system. We discovered that it was modular by design, and that its configuration could be changed to whatever the user needs. Regardless of the distribution you choose to run, it will be running the same kernel (It may be a different version). Who decides what changes are made to the kernel source? Only Linus Torvalds himself has control of what code is added to Linux. This results in a simple, clean kernel unaffected by some company's political agenda.

The default kernel configuration varies from one Linux distribution to the next. They generally try to provide a good balance between hardware support, kernel size, and speed. Each Linux vendor tries to meet the needs of the "average user". RedHat for example, packages a kernel with a wide array of hardware, filesystem, and networking support.

more later...sleep now...

Monday March 27, 2000

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Our bud Michael over at Maximum Hardware takes a look at the Ratpad and it's competition. Speaking of Ratpadz, there are about 20 more reviews posted here if you give a damn...

Now this is one of the strangest things I have read in a while.

Scientists from the European Media Laboratory in Heidelberg, working together with the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Mannheim, have demonstrated that 10 gigabytes of data can be stored on a roll of conventional adhesive tape of the brand “tesa Multi-Film, kristallklar”.

I am going down to Wal Mart right now and stocking up on 200 rolls of Scotch Tape.. Thanks Brian Keener.

Target PC takes a look at the Ever Cool Case Fans and stuff. Supposed to be very cool. Betcha that surprises you! Wish those guys would be a camera though..

Days like today kinda suck, not much going on, but at least we get time to get a review done.....finally.