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[H] Enthusiast Archives: July 2000Archive Listing

Monday July 31, 2000

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

You guys ever play Counter Strike? I KNOW none of you do. Anyway, Hard|OCPer Adam Reed hooked us up with some of this goodness. Now you can go around with the "official" Hard|OCP tag. The FILE IS HERE. Thanks to the guys at OverClocker Badges for supplying the artwork, although they did not know that till now!


Water Cooling is still getting to be more and more mainstream. 3D Hardware has an evaluation of a unit posted for your reading pleasure and I think we have a new unit coming into the bunker soon that Steve is going to take for a spin...

This is a page that belongs to one of the guys that posts in our Hard|Forum. What is funny is to read what his wife has to say about her old man's computer adventures. Pretty funny stuff that many of you will identify. Click on the first link in the body of the page. It is a quick read that tracks his transition to pure Geekness.

MAR. 1999 - $500 LATER....IT DOESN'T WORK!!! But, I've learned a lot of TECHNO TERMS SUCH AS: Motherboard, PCI, AMD, CPU, as well as: BUTT ASS SLOW AND F#*K!

This is what Ender had to say about our $44 Full Tower Case Linkage from earlier:

These are the same ass cases that amk computers use (the one's that make custom blowholes for the lazy) take a look HERE.. They sell this case for like $200 after adding 4 fans.. What a rip off.


Well, dunno bout rip off but you can sure do it yourself for cheaper if you gots the know-how and the tools.

More about beers and CPUs at the Hardware Pub, this time the Duron Vs. Celeron II again...

At first glance, you would think that Durons would be the cheapest way to go, for the best performance... and that's what most reviews have said. But let's take a closer look. Buy yourself a CeleronII 600mhz chip, an Abit BE6-II, an Abit Slotket !!!, and a decent HSF, you run yourself about $260. Now buy a Duron 600mhz chip, an Asus A7V, and a decent HSF, you run about the same, $260. So both cost about the same when building a new system, but that's not all. Since the Duron requires a new chipset, that means new motherboards, so a Duron is not an upgrade processor, while CeleronII's still work nicely on older BX boards with an Abit SlotKet !!!. Now that we look closer, we see that the CeleronII is not more expensive, in fact, if you are upgrading from a PentiumII or Celeron, the price is significantly lower than that of the Duron, since a new motherboard is not required.


[H]ardNews 5th Edition - Stank

Since I stirred up stank on this, I think we should put it to rest also. Here is what MS had to say about the Canadian Test Questions.

Microsoft choose to make the Win ME Sweepstakes available to Canadian residents as well as United States Residents. Thus, for the Microsoft Win ME Sweepstakes, Microsoft is required - by Canadian law - to test the chosen recipient of the prize (should they be a Canadian citizen). Usually this "test" is a very simple question that anyone could answer (i.e. "What is 1+1?").

Microsoft is not discriminating against Canadian citizens, but merely following the laws laid out by the Canadian government. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any additional questions, please let us know by replying to this message.

Now make sure to get over and win you a free copy of WinMil!!

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Rumor Mill

We have heard through the grapevine that ABIT's new KT7 Socket A mainboard will include active cooling for the KT133 chipset from the factory. It seems as though it does at some higher FSBs make a difference. Of course we cannot confirm these rumors.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Damn, I forgot what I was going to say....

I think we may have already posted this but it is worthy of another mention even if we did. Dan's data takes a second look at the Asus A7V mainboard, this time one with jumpers. Also some neato pics of locked and unlocked AMD CPUs.

Hotter than Hell Hardware has a VERY INTERESTING review posted today. They pit the new BX133 ABIT board against the ABIT SE6 board (i815E chipset).

The BX133-RAID would have been near perfection if it only had 1 more PCI slot for a total of 6 like its SE6 counterpart. The SE6 has a few quirks that are dismissible like the location of the ATX Power Connector etc.

More mainboard madness over at TBreak also. They have the EPoX 8KTA on the burner.

This is the first motherboard that t-break has received from them and it’s none other than the one based on the KT133 chipset sporting the new Socket A interface for the Durons and the newer Athlons – modeled as the 8KTA

Not to be left out on the mainboard front, Lost Circuits has some Shuttle action.

If we take a close look at the SECC2 (Slot1) CPUs, there is one interesting feature. That is, all input / output traces are terminated with a 50 Ohm resistor against ground. Consequently, whatever charges are left after I/O traffic, will bleed almost immediately and not further interfere with the actual CPU function.

Well alrighty then...

The guys over at Gideon Tech give you a quick how-to when it comes to easily cooling your video card with junk you might just have laying around the casa. This was always one of our favs...

It did not work worth a damn (as you can read HERE) but it sure was cool to look at!

Alex sends this in! It is a US$44 FULL TOWER. I dunno if it is junk or what, but it sure would be cheap for those BlowHole™ experiments.

3D Rage has their 650 Duron running at 900 with little problem whatsoever. Well OK, it is a modded AZ-11 board but they will tell you all about it.

If you have ever wondered about VSync and what it does for you, here is your chance to get up to snuff. I know many of you lie awake in bed at night thinking about VSync. Ok, maybe you are thinking about Pamela Anderson jumping up and down on you like you were a human trampoline, but I bet somewhere in your subconscious, VSync has got you wondering. Digital Silence answers all your questions and even got some remarks from people who know what the hell they are talking about.


[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

We posted this link to a page at MS where you can win a free version of WinMil. Many of you have sent in this quote from the rules page, where it states the following:

In the event a Canadian entrant is selected, he or she will be required to answer a mathematical skill testing question as a prerequisite to being declared a winner.

While I am not really sure of what this means, it seems to me as if Microsoft thinks all you Canucks are a bunch of idiots. I think I would tell them about that if I were you, taking it for granted that you CAN write.... (rimshot please / that is a JOKE)

UPDATE: Ben at Insight.Com has this to say about it.

Believe it or not the skill testing math question is not a M$ thing but a Canadian law! Our gov requires that they do this..

So I guess if this is true then we cannot beat on MS anymore today (for this). Damn.

Hardware Uno looks at the Gainward 64meg GF2 card. Truth be known, there are probably a bunch of Gainward cards already out there with other companies' names on them.

Also on the GF2 Front, it looks as if our German buddies at Chip Online have a hell of a roundup. It is NOT in English, but the benchmarks are universal as usual! Here is a picture of Daniel, one of the guys that wrote it. He likes beer.

Daniel Wolf is far left, Borsti of Riva Station is middle, and I am the jackass with my mouth wide open.

Also, Riva Station has something posted today on AA in GP3, dunno what it is about though.

Part 4 of the Four Part VIA Guide at has been posted. Make sure to punch the monkey while you are there.

When NVidia released the 5.xx series of reference drivers for the TNT/GeForce line of video chipsets, they disabled AGP4X on VIA chipsets that supported it (AP133A, KX133, KT133).

The reason for this was simple: The GeForce2 GTS has been shown to run unreliably on some motherboards in AGP4X mode. The problem is a bit odd, as it seems to vary from motherboard to motherboard, even between motherboard of the same brand/model. The TNT2 and original GeForce, however, function perfectly under AGP4X on VIA chipsets. If you have one of these cards, or want to try AGP4X with your GeForce2, you should enable AGP4X by using these registry keys:

We Hard|OCPers love destruction, especially when it comes to electronics. Matt Joley sent in a page that is dedicated to tearing stuff up and looking inside things.


[H]ardNews 1st Edition

The guys down at Insane Hardware say they have the "Scoop" on the new DDR Ram board that we will see out of Iwill. IH has all the specs listed on their site as well as the official press release. We mentioned this back about a month ago and we went back and dug up the pics we took of the board when we got a chance to sneak a peek.

Just a heads up, Insane Hardware has now posted pics....dunno.


Intel debuts the 1.13GHz CPU today! Here is who has the goods: The Sharkster; Boi Wunder; GamersDepot; PlanetHardware. If we would have had one, we would have OCed it. :)

This in from Matrox and could be important for some of you G400 guys out there.

Hello Everyone,

There was an installation error in the Win 9x driver BETA version 6.01.015 released on July 26th.

That error has been corrected and the driver has been re-released. It is available in the latest section:


Sebastian Macdougall

Matrox Online PR Specialist

Active Hardware has some i815E goodness, this time from Microstar. We have been very impressed with what we have been seeing out of these guys lately and it seems that they want a chunk of the OC Retail Market for sure.

By its inclusion of unique features such as the D-Led diagnostic system, and the ability to increment the FSB in 1MHz steps, the MSI 815E Pro MS-6337 motherboard has proved to be an excellent example of the ingenuity, and care given by Micro-Star to its products.

One of the weaknesses they mentioned was no ISA slot. Boohoo...


Sunday July 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 5th Edition - Welcome for our German Ratpadz Buds

This is a quick repost of an item we ran Saturday.

We have worked long and hard to help out our buds in Europe who have wanted some Ratpad Goodness. Ratpadz.De is now online and will be the exclusive Reseller and Distributor for Ratpadz in Germany. They got their initial order in today and will be attending a LAN party of 2000+ Fraggers tomorrow. I highly suggest you get your order in tonight/today before all those guys at the LAN get first shot. Good luck to our German buds, I will see you guys at CeBit!!

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

I must have missed this over at Ace's Hardware last week, but they take a look at the NVIDIA GF2 and also a harder look into T&L.; Some interesting stuff for sure!

When we disable T&L; acceleration, the GeForce was able to reach 74-75 fps at 1024x768x32. We will investigate this further as we experienced some problems after a week of benchmarking. What the heck? Isn't T&L; supposed to improve performance? Yes, but you must remember that the T&L; unit uses a small piece of the local RAM as a vertex cache. This means that that geometry data can be accessed much faster, but also that the T&L; units eats a part of the available memory bandwidth. In this case, T&L; acceleration consumes bandwidth, creating a bottleneck.

AthlonMB.Com takes a close look at the Asus A7V mainboard.

With all this goodness, there is still more that has created this shroud of excitement for the A7V, frequency multiple settings. Many websites have reported that Asus, in the eleventh hour, decided to remove this option to further prevent overclocking of AMD processors. Frequency Multiple settings are not available here because AMD Athlon processors have locked Frequency Multipliers. According to Asus, they will soon be releasing an A7V WITH said options to provide overclocking.

All you have to do is go to this page and drop the guys and email for a chance at winning your OWN Little White Dog TShirt. Just make sure they send you one that the dog itself has not been using...

It is a Slocket and these guys tell you all about it! Dunno if they were drunk or not, but I like anyone that has a picture of beer on their page.

Meshmar tells us about Bill Gates giving up fifty times a day, seven days a week. You think with him giving so much of it away, they would not be upset with all the pirating eh? I bet Stuart is gonna be pissed when he finds out he missed this.

It seems as though the dude with the big wooden case on wheels is just about done!

More soon...

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Not as exciting as Celebrity Deathmatch, but it is Sunday. Our buds over at Insane Hardware have put together a look at the FIC manufacturing facility in Taiwan. If you have not seen one of these before, it is pretty interesting. Here is our Virtual Tour of the ABIT plant in Taiwan as well as a look at the Soyo facility in Taiwan. Remember that most of these guys keep their main fabrication facilities in Mainland China.

I have not read this yet this morning, but I really don't need to. The Soyo 7VCA has become one of our favorite 133A mainboards since they spent time working the BIOS tweaks to give us some killer memory numbers. I suggest you consider this board for a socketed solution running Intel. PC Review in the UK has gots the coverage.

We do not usually post mouse reviews but OC Addiction shows off the unit that we are smitten with at the moment. It is the newer smaller optic mouse from MS. I traded in my Razer Mouse for it and am happy I did. (i did not even know "smitten" was in my vocab. i am scared now)

This is pretty funny. Thanks Daniel Voisard.

3D GameForce has the answers to Common PC Questions. This happens to be part two, so make sure you check out Part One also. The one question I really wanted answered that they skipped over is, "Why is my PC on fire?"

The Boi Wunder tackles the ABIT BX133 RAID mainboard. Does he bust a chubby? You will have to read to find out, but here is a snip:

While the BE6-2 and BF6 were evolutionary designs, based closely off their predecessor, the BX6, BH6, BX6 Revision 2.0, the BX133-RAID is definitely a bit of a departure for ABIT. Thanks to Intel's push towards the more cost conscious socketed CPU interface, ABIT's biggest departure from their old design is the inclusion of the Socket-370 in place of the Slot-1 interface all those previous ABIT BX boards have had. ABIT has actually done 2 previous BX Socket-370 boards, the BM6 and the BP6, but both of those boards are considerably different.


[H]ardNews 1st Edition

A good Sunday to you all. Not a whole hell of a lot going on, but we will put something together for your clicking fingers for sure. How bout a UPS review at Damage Hardware. You may not NEED a UPS in your house, but if you are a Hard|OCPer, I highly suggest a GOOD QUALITY surge protector at the least. You could be experiencing voltage changes that jack with your box and you not even know it....

We have shown you folks setting components on fire. We have shown you components being smashed. We now show you flaming components being smashed. Blame Vorpal for this one, and he did not include a full size pic either. What a teaze.

A new issue of ZZZ is online. Always some neat stuff to check out over there. Check out the freaks with the car that looks like a lima bean.

Ok, this will be the "Bargain Section" of today's news postage. You can tell we are bored right?

Curtis alerts us to a $239 GF2 32 Megger from Hercules. Not bad at all!!

Raj lets us know that the GF2 MX can be found HERE for $124.

Dustin turns us onto an old advertiser of ours that has the Visiontek GF2 MX for $125. Shipping is actually a couple bucks cheaper on this one.

Much more...

Saturday July 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Gamers Depot has a GeForce Blowout. They have gotten down on their knees and blown six GF2 cards through the testing process and have lived to tell you the outcome. These are all 32 meg cards, guess they could not swallow a full 64....

Is there really that much of a difference in the GeForce2 cards we tested? If you’ve read any of the reviews we’ve done on these cards, the basic specs are all the same. We wanted to find out once and for all if manufacturer and price really make a difference in these cards. All use the same GPU, but the individual components and design are up to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers stick very closely to the nVIDIA reference design, and others change the design and add features to make them stand out from the rest of the pack.

I tell you what, there are a LOT OF YOU excited about the 1st Service Pack release for Win2K. If you do the 2K , I suggest you grab the

FragMagnet gave us a heads up on this.

Intel, AMD battle for chip speed crown

By Michael Kanellos

Staff Writer, CNET

July 28, 2000, 6:05 a.m. PT

Intel will hurdle past another speed barrier Monday when it releases a 1.13-GHz Pentium III, but rival Advanced Micro Devices won't be far behind with a 1.1-GHz Athlon on Aug. 28.

AMD is also busy preparing Athlon chips for the notebook market. In the fourth quarter, the company will come out with Corvette, a low-power version of Athlon for deluxe notebooks and desktops, and Camaro, a similar chip for budget portables.

It is only supposed to be around $900, but this will push down the costs of the higher end competitors! Damn 1.13GHz is FAST.


Thursday July 27, 2000

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

Well the day ended on a down right damn skippy note! We are through five of a seven card GF2 roundup and card six showed up today. This one is from ABIT and has a honking 64 megs of DDR on it. Bad thing is, NO MORE eyeballs rolling around on the box. You know folks actually complained about those eyeballs? So instead we have Soft Jumpy and Gentus the Linux Penguin walking along holding hands while wearing some space suits. I think this is the "Alternative Lifestyles Limited Edition Box". I will not even make reference to the wedge shape of the box. :)



And the Vid Card too! Nice looking card loaded up and is working fine. Has the HDTV and DVD output. I have not had a bunch of these but ABIT was nice enough to even include a cable in the box!

G3D proves that they can blow harder than they used to. With the use of a bigger Card Cooler of course...

Boom Games also gets to blowing, this time with a budget HSF unit made by a company called SkyLine. They show this inexpensive unit beating up on the Alpha, but this is another of those HSFs with a 7000 RPM fan.

Our buddies over at Active Hardware pull off another review in 24 hours. This time they look at an i815 board from Azza.

A new motherboard recently arrived on our doorstep, hailing from a manufacturer that is generally unknown to the public. The board, known as the PT-815TX, and is made by Azza, a manufacturer essentially making its first appearance in our lab.

Man I know that name, it is so familiar.

Oops sorry. I was confused again. The whole Gentus Jumpy deal got me messed up in the head...more than usual too.