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[H] Enthusiast Archives: September 2000Archive Listing

Saturday September 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

If you somehow missed out on this past month, Digit-Life has you covered with its September 2000 Hardware Digest.

Meanwhile, the Trainwrecker crew has spent way too much time benchmarking the latest NEDs, Detonator 6.31. If you're wondering about a 0.3 fps increase here or decrease there, uhhh, read up.

G3D has the dirt on a sweet-looking water block cooler, but I have to object. This thing is called the Danger Den Water Block.

The what?

Here's a snippet from the review....

So where does one get a water cooled heatsink? Some people tend to be creative and make their own "homie" water blocks, or some may have access (and the skills) to design and cut their own professional looking blocks. Or, if you're like me, and lack the creativity, skills, and access to metal working machinery, you look online for companies that specialize in CPU water blocks. Enter Danger Den.


Stuck an ATI Radeon in the DamageBox tonight for some real-world testing. I'm running Win2K, and the install went very smoothly until the ATI DVD thingy told me the DVD drive wasn't in DMA mode. Pretty observant, that ATI DVD program. But why no DMA? I had no idea. So I moved everything around on to another IDE channel and rebooted a bunch of times, until I got Ultra DMA back on my DVD drive.

I'd blame the Radeon, but I have no idea why that happened.

Anyhow, this card works great in Win2K for the most part. OpenGL is purtier than the GeForce or the Voodoo 5, IMHO. DVD playback is gorgeous, and it only uses 20% of my Athlon 800 doing it.

I was getting pretty pumped about this Radeon until Blue Screen o' Death visited the DamageBox for the first time in months. Ugh.

Wonka Nerds are the working man's crack rocks. Discuss.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - College Football

More action from FRAG4, where Fatality and the gang opened up a 50-gallon drum o' their best whupass on some poor team:

One reason for Fatality's appeal is that he is the Michael Jordan of Quake 3 Arena. When he runs through a map, cherry-picking opponents out of mid-air with the rail gun, it look like you could do it, too, as well as he can. But you couldn't; there's a lot of craftsmanship buried in his deceptively simple flicks of the wrist. It comes as no surprise, then, that his team, Clan Kapitol, won their round match against 32nd seeded Dead Wrong with the sort of gaping scores that make people go "Ouch!": 341-11 and 337 to -8. Ouch. Clan Kapitol's goal was to reach 400 frags and set a new historical watermark for team games, but they had to settle for simply sending Dead Wrong packing.

Heheh. Imagine my surprise when I first played this guy a LAN DM session. All I knew was he was some kid that worked the phones at my day job. I was owned in the worst way on my map, Q1 DM4. I feel a little bit better every time he whups someone else.

Check out the bike he won at E3.

Wanna go faster? Need more cooling fer those next few MHz? Just dial 'er up! Check out the rheostat mod action at CaseETC:

News Image

Very nice work. [H]ard work, even.

Warezin' hax0rs at ZDNet! I think Kyle's up there being a bad influence...

Just thought this was kinda interesting while reading an article on ZDNet about Windows Whistler. If you click on the little blue Windows Logo in about the middle of the article where it says "SEE SCREEN SHOTS", pay particular attention to the name of the person who registered this version of Windows Whistler. It says "w00t Killa" and under that "Anti-Netscape". I saw that and I'm like "what the hell?". That just kinda got my attention and would just like to share that with the rest of the TR-HardOCP crew. L8rz man, |D3 R@|D.

He's right! Somebody call the MS lawyers. Oh, wait. They're probably busy.

A new mobo monitor is out! Grab it here. This is MBM 5, ver. PB 2.6.

Problems Fixed

- RAS problem

- E-mail test button will work even if you don't check the checkbox

- fixed a very uncommen bug with the ini file, which means that dashboard info (size, location etc. etc.) are stored in a seperate ini file to avoid file conflict with the settings form. THIS MEANS THAT 1st TIME YOU RUN MBM 5 PB 2.6 YOUR DASHBOARD WILL BE RESET, sorry about that

- When sending E-mail the program will go into pause mode, this is to fix problem with low interval, where a next alarm could appear before mailing is done

- FIC SD-11 support

- You can turn of the fact that the Smbus is detected before the Sensor chip, this is for those few users who need this option, check advanced tab, normaly it should always be checked

There's more new stuff, too, so go have a look.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - Morning nap

Some of you might think that when Kyle asked me to help out this weekend, I was thinking about something other than just helping out a bud. But you're wrong. I would never think of gratuitously linking my own site in an act of shameless self-promotion. And linking up my amazing Voodoo 5 5500 AGP review is the furthest thing from my mind. Even though it has a killer section on mip mapping, a great discussion of texture compression, and a totally enlightening look at FSAA, I would never dream of exploiting Kyle's site like that. Even if I did post a follow-up look at the latest V5 drivers and end up having to throw down with the 3dfx fanboys, taking 'em all on at once, Andre The Giant-style. It just wouldn't be appropriate.

And I would never link something as borderline off-topic as the web's first review of Aiwa's in-dash CD-R/RW MP3 player. Or, heck, for that matter, I wouldn't link up our review of the sweet Antec SX-830 case, even if it is an incredibly good choice for building an OCer's box. Even something more relevant, like my supremely in-depth Abit KA7-100 mobo review or our Classic Athlon Overclocking FAQ, well, the thought wouldn't cross my mind. No matter how much I thought y'all might enjoy reading it.

So let's just put that notion to rest right now. I'm here to do news, not to promote my own entertaining and tech-literate web site. Period.

The limeys at Hexus have a case review worth checking out. It's the brand-new, world exclusive Coolercase Extreme -XS review....

How about a case which has 4 x YS-TECH FD1225 120mm and 2 x YS-TECH FD8125 80mm fans pushing a skirt-lifting 514CFM! Oh yeah and the 431W PSU

You know, I've seen 430W power supplies that just can't quite cut it, but that extra 1W is surely gonna make the difference.

Chick's Hardware is vibrating at 1GHz today, as they throw AMD and Intel into the ring for a catfight:

AMD wasn't slacking off though, they released their 1Ghz Athlon Thunderbird CPU, which is a variant of the original Athlon CPU. What's the difference? Well, the Thunderbird sports 256k of full speed on die cache. This also allowed the packaging to be moved away from the Slot A format and into the more economic and compact Socket A format, which cuts down prices and reduces heat production. Did the performance improve enough to let the Athlon edge out Intel? Let's find out.

Indeed. Let's.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition - Hangover

The FRAG4 clan Quake III tourney is rolling along in Dallas, and I can't wait to report the inevitable victory of my bud Fatality's Clan Kapitol. They laid down a 20-gallon drum o' smack in one of their early matches. From the Avault coverage:

Although this is no surprise, the outcome of the first qualifier division is notable for the outrageous scores with which top-notch teams defeated the lower ranked teams: No. 2 seeded The Stickmen defeated Clan [er33t] 283-40, while top-seeded Clan Kapitol took out their opponents, Deep Penetration, 318-3. In that match, Clan Kapitol star Jonathan "Fatality" Wendel scored over 100 frags, with his team and the audience in the spectator area erupting in applause when he reached triple digits.

Think you could beat him? You can't.

Rob Biggs (heh) at 3DPower has thrown together a look at the copper HedgeHawg 238A cooler. Mr. Biggs does a little lapping on the 'Hawg.

I've always wanted to say that.

TargetPC has posted a Saturday special, a review of Soyo's S730 mobo, the 7VBA133. This thing comes with that very sweet looking new Phoenix BIOS, and they've got pictures.

More when Jr. Damage naps....

[H]ardNews 1st Edition - Total Coup

People of the [H]ard|OCP, do not be afraid. Dr. Damage has assumed control.

The FrgMstr is alive and well, and being held safely inside of a small screen in a million living rooms scattered across the nation. You may see a video feed of him overclocking a GeForce card right here. He will be returned to you once my conditions are met.

There really shouldn't be any news at this time of the weekend, but you may wanna check out this page. Remember that cool Halo movie/NVIDIA advertisement that just made the rounds? Yeah, uh, the guy who hosted it on his web site is getting slapped with mondo bandwidth charges by his ISP:

Well, my ISP wasn't feeling as charitable as I was. On Wednesday, September 27th, I was charged $5,800 for excess usage fees. No warning, just a nearly six grand bill. I called them to find out what the deal was, and they said that I had had something on the order of 62 gigs worth of traffic for the month of July, hence the huge bill. Now, it gets worse, they calculated the traffic for September, and they say my grand total for this month is running somewhere near $23,600. About an hour later after I came out of my coma, I asked if there was any way to defray the cost. They said I could if I paid them $4,500 dollars by today.

This is a bro in need of a little bit of help from a whole lotta folks. Well, that or he's scamming us all. :)

OK, so I'm helping with news for the weekend. Big whoop.

If you don't know who the heck I am, you can visit my web site, TR, and get edjumacated. Or if you want to send some news, drop me a line at And remember, friends don't let friends use MS FrontPage.

Friday September 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 7th Edition

Coming through like a MoFo is our friend Joe at ProCooling. . . . if you want to see the video of our fearless leader Kyle on the TechTV show, Screensavers, you can get it here. A big fat thanks to Joe for the speed and quickness in getting this out for me!!

What does it look like when you get a shotgun and shoot that old dead monitor you have laying around?? Probably something along the lines of this. ( direct video link ).

More FREE STUFF. If you haven't tried out the game F.A.K.K.2 by Ritual Entertainment, you owe it to yourself to try it out. Beautiful game. . . and fun for sure. What makes this game even better is that Hypothermia is giving away a couple FREE autographed copies of the game. That's right, signed by the whole crew.

I am working feverishly on this AMD Duron 800 review. . . and I'll tell you what, it's a smoker. . . then again, with all the Socket A boards being top quality stuff now, these things are really coming into their own. Kudos to AMD on the whole Duron line. . except for that GOOFY ASS NAME;^)

back in a bit . . . .

[H]ardNews 6th Edition - Stuart

Holy Crap, He's back. It's Friday again and you know what that means . . . . Stuart is back and he's been camping. Um, if I were you . . . . I wouldn't mention the whole Roman Numeral thing to him again... **shhhh**

Trying to give you a little insight into the whole Pentium 4 deal / delay, and basically how they tick, PCMechanic has thrown up an editorial on the P4, this sums up the article:

The older P6 x86 core from Intel used a 10 stage fully pipelined process to keep the CPU chugging on all cylinders when it's needed. This process would take the individual instructions of a program, break them up, and let the CPU execute them when ready, if they are out of order or not. This is of course one other main reasons the chips of today are so powerful as opposed to the 80x86 generations, because short instructions in the end of the program didn't have to wait for the complex ones at the beginning

FREE STUFF!!! and it's hella good free stuff too!!! The PCHardware guys are giving away an ABIT KT7-RAID over there. . . pretty damn spiffy deal. Is "pretty damn spiffy" even a term??

Heh. . . we don't feel so bad, sent me a little blurb they have running over there of a guy that literally burnt up his Duron. Scorched marks and all. . . OUCH. Heh, check out the guys name too. . . just shows you even l33t HaX0rz can burn up a perfectly good processor too ;^).

more as it comes. . . .

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Techphiles ( no relation to Pedo ) has themselves an interview with Abit PR Specialist, Scott Thirlwell. The interview focuses on the recently announced VP6 Dual CPU MoBo.

ME: What role do you see the VP6 playing in the mainboard field? (IE: Server based? Power user based? Hardcore Gamer based?)

ST: The VP6 plays to the SMP crowd. And a growing crowd it is. For those burning a CD and not happy that they can't do anything else on their computer, they are discovering what many already know. If you are running CPU-intensive tasks and want to multi-task, SMP is for you. Dual-CPU boards are for you. The SMP crowd covers all of the ranges you mention, be it for servers, for power users or gamers. The VP6 should satisfy across the board.

Active Hardware, as opposed to the lazy ass hardware we have around here, has the DFI AK74-SC VIA KT133 on the grill. Is the board worth your time and effort?? Is it the next be-all, end-all board? you'll have to read the review. . but here's a taste

Configuration of the AK74-SC is accomplished from within the BIOS. To adjust the operating frequency of the CPU, simply jump to the "Frequency/Voltage Control" menu in the BIOS. In fact, when we did just that, we were surprised to learn that the AK74-SC presented us with the ability to set a frequency ranging from 100MHz-133MHz in 1MHz increments. Of course, there is no option provided for changing the clock multiplier, but such a feature is useless without an "unlocked" processor in any case. Within the "Chipset Features Setup" menu, there also lies an option permitting the memory bus to be set to an independent frequency of 100MHz, or 133MHz.

Whole buncha FRAG4 action going on all over the net, but the best pictures and such are over at the ShugaShack. With Kyle away doing the Screensavers show, we don't have anybody at the event. . . so we'll just look at sCary's pictures and pretend we were there too. . They got a bunch the Female Q3 Tournament players pictures posted too. Mmm, chicks.

3DChipset has the attack of the killer NED's. They have the BETA 6.31 Detonators available for download over there. I am using these drivers right now, with no big improvement over the 6.18's but they have a lot of the little problems hammer out with this round of drivers. As always. . . . download em' if ya need them. Don't blame me if ya fry em'.

More news from Intel. . . and yes, it's another cancellation. This time CNET is reporting that the Timna has bitten the dust. I originally received this story through AkibaPC but the site being all Japanese, I couldn't quote it. . . or read it for that matter.

The news follows reports from PC makers yesterday that the Pentium 4 won't come out until November, and possibly later. Last week, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company stunned the investment world by stating that revenue for the third quarter will be substantially below expectations because of slow sales in Europe

still really slow...

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Why is it that a waterbed covered in baby oil is NOT considered a "Premium Gaming Surface"?? it's a damn crime I tell you. Well the other cool "Gaming Surfaces" did get reviewed at GA-Hardware, you'll never guess who stomped ass again as usual. heh. . . .

It took a while for me to decide on which pad would be the "winner," but after much contemplation, and considering the title of this article is "Gaming Surface Roundup" the Ratpad takes the crown, as it offers the best gaming performance of all the pads tested.

I still woulda picked the waterbed though. . .

RatPadz are all over the news. . . GeekExtreme has themselves a roundup as well. See how the RatPadz did in this review.

Someone sent me a link awhile back to one of them "WebCam" girls ( not like that ya pervs....) I think we need to recruit one or more of these girls to become our official [H]ardOCP Cam Girls. Heh. . . . Chicks that let you watch kick ass.

News Image

I have always been a fan of Intel's products, and I have always been a big supporter of Intel's CPU's, but they sure are having probably the crappiest run of luck in the history of CPU's right now. The latest is the delay of the Pentium 4. PC World news has an article on the announcement.

Intel was widely expected to launch its next-generation processor by the end of October, although the company never announced an official release date. Now it looks as if the Pentium 4--and the new PCs that will use it--are being delayed until late November, according to a source at a major direct-PC vendor.

Details about the problem are scarce, but it appears to be an issue with the 850 chip set and not the processor itself, the source says. Intel notified the vendor about the problem on Thursday.

Since it's slower than hell all the sudden, I'll share this from a reader of ours, Charon, who sent a picture of his processor collection in. . .pretty damn cool stuff to look at. He's got a little of everything in there. That Xeon is pretty freaky looking too.

News Image


[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - ScreenSavers. . . with Kyle

O.K. anyone who caught that whole ZDTV Screensavers show with Kyle on it now knows why I am doing the news on Thu - Fri, instead of my regular days. Got to cover for Kyle while he's away making us famous!!! Here's the link to the print article. . . I'll link the video feed if / when I get it...

The FrgMstr is a TV Star now. . .

Good GOD!!! He's at it again. . . . it's that crazy bastard Humphry "Da HeadNut" Chen at PCNut. . . he's doing that cool MoFo combo again... CHECK IT:


If you order one of our hot selling Thunderbird combo ONLINE between 5AM and 5PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday 09/29, and type in "RatShirt Offer" in the comment section of the order form; we will give you not only a cool RATPADZ, also an awesome PCNUT t-shirt! Offer apply to online orders rec'd during this 12 hour window only; so order one now!

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

A little [H]ARD|FORUM news. . . . they can be reached here temporarily while we do a little maintenance on em' cool?

I am glad that AMD did the right thing and decided on the "on-die" L2 cache with the Thunderbirds, but what if you're one of the people that have that Athlon classic and you want better L2 cache performance?? Well, this is the guide of all guides to getting better L2 cache performance, heh. . . How? By CHOPPING OFF your L2 and solder on whatever you feel like. . . heh...I'm not joking:

News Image

Hey. . . while you have the soldering iron out ( after that last article ;^) why not hop over to Dr. Toms and try out his Asus A7V ExtremeTuning guide. Extreme Tuning never involved the use of a soldering iron before. . . that was then, baby. . this is now.

Failing Prematurely?? Look. . . . I'm just under a lot of stress lately Honey and...oops, not me...nevermind. Apparently there is a tad bit of excitement about some Maxtor hard drives failing prematurely ( maybe if MRS. Maxtor wasn't bitchin' all the time, there wouldn't BE a problem now would there ). . . anyhow, read it here.

Dan "My Man" Kennedy has another "tweak guide" up. . . this time it's tweaking WinMe. How the hell do you tweak ME?? heh. . . easy:

And unlike some of the previous WinMe guides that I did based off of some of the earlier betas, these guides will cover the features that I previously "overlooked" to make the guides backwards compatible with Win98. Luckily for you guys, there are a lot of new "tweakable" options, plus some safety options that will make tweaking easier and safer as well (of course, disabling the safety options is one of the performance tweaks, but we'll go into the pro's and con's of that a bit later). Now, to start the tweaking!

I'll tell you what. . . is opening back up their favorite Hardware Site Poll again, and though HardOCP is on the list. . . we are losing, and Hypothermia isn't even ON THE list. . . Get over there and vote dammit!!! These guys are affiliates with that crazy bastard UncaMilty, so they can't be all bad ;^)

Still jazzed about the Durons ;^). . . more news as it happens.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition - SCOOP BABY!!!

I have a scoop. . . . finally Steve gets the scoop. . . I even scooped that JeffK!! Hardware Site. I happen to be hammering away on a new 800MHz AMD Duron as we speak. Do I have benchmarks? Soon. . . soon. Do I have an anonymous picture sent to me from a faraway secret lab?? Yup:

News Image

I might even have confirmation that these badboys have all their pins intact too. . . so the new ones do NOT have the multiplier pins removed either. Proof?? heh. .

News Image

How's that for some scoopage from the Steve-ster!!! I like it. . . . daddy Kyle would be proud.

Many of you have been reporting that you saw Kyle tonight on TV explaining how to overclock a GeForce 2. . . this has not yet been confirmed ;^) . . .

Coincidentally, Kyle will be unable to answer his mail for the next few days, due to access ( or lack of ) and time constraints. Heh. . . The Fragsta in restraints. . . er... constraints. Uhhh, nevermind. So bug me, not him. . . and save what you're wanting to send, and bombard his ass in a few days.

more. . . .