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[H] Enthusiast Archives: December 2000Archive Listing

Sunday December 31, 2000

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

I have been told we will see the re-release of the PIII 1.13GHz CPU soon. I am not sure if it is going to be in a Socketed or a Slotted package, or both. If you are still a big Pentium fan and are looking for Flip Chip boards to stick them on, FlipChip has the mother of all FCPGA mainboards lists. I had no idea that many were even made and here is an example of one you probably have not heard of either. The last I heard, there were over FORTY mainboard manufacturers in Taiwan alone.

Speedy3D takes a look at the Athlon and the stability issues associated with it. This is an EDITORIAL, so all you AMD fans keep that in mind when you are reading it. AGP 4X is bagged on by them and while what they say is true, it is absolutely not needed by any gamers that I know of at this point. But that is why you do OpEd pieces, you get to bitch and use opinions, not facts. Not that we would EVER do that around here.

This is strange when you consider that under Windows98SE, AMD's original K7 line was actually less 'Application' crash prone than Intels. In fact the later K7 based motherboards were really quite stable, all you had to do was live with AGPx2, fine for current games. However the KT133 Chipset for a new generation of SocketA CPUs soon reverted all this back to the old problems.

PCStats has the line up of the new MSI mainboards laid out for us. I tell you what, there are just getting to be a TON of add on stuff on the new boards. Also a note, the MSI board that will be based on the VIA Apollo Pro 266 DDR Chipset will include DDR Ram slots as well as SDRam slots. This should make for an easier upgrade for all you folks that have a ton of ram installed now.

MSI has a solid line up of motherboards for the first quarter of 2001. While boards like the MS-6332, MS-6364, and PM133M Pro have not yet been officially announced boards like the 694D Master-S, K7 Master-S, 815E Master-S and K7T Master-SI are the newest variations on current standards. Don't let that fool you, the dash-S boards have one really cool feature in common, on board SCSI!

Rojack's been into the pot again and sent over a PDA Landscape Article that tells you about things you are not going to get. Dunno. I still have one of these Compaqs and I am JUST WAITING to get me a wireless LAN setup here in the case that is worth a damn so I can get mobile and still be connected...

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

I cruised into the [H]ard|Forum a little earlier and there were over 320 folks in there at that time. Don't you people have anything to do on Saturday night. Oh wait, I guess I was there too.... DOH!

Damn. Even Microsoft thinks that Win98 sucks. Thanks to Sean from Trinidad, and possibly Tobago.

It's simple. If you want your people to get more done in less time, they need an operating system that works all the time. Windows 2000 Professional is the most reliable Windows ever. It is up to 30 percent faster and, according to NSTL tests, 13 times more reliable than Windows 98.

There are new BETA Radeon Drivers as well as new Matrox drivers out... Thanks Troy.

Paul Harmon hooks us up with an interesting article about the entire AMD Vs. Intel dealie. I did not realize that AMD would have enough production capabilities in place to handle 30% of the market demand forecasted for next year. That is a whole hell of a lot of CPUs.

The issue of volume is especially important in the corporate market, where 61 million units are sold each year. “The biggest challenge [for AMD] is volume,” Mr. Kay says. AMD will ship about 25 million processors this year, almost all of which will go into the consumer market. The company says it is ramping up production and expects to have enough capacity to handle a 30% world-wide market share.

This has nothing to do with computers, but the guys at the TechZone show off a guy hacking holes in a new Vette. Does a really nice job of it too. Just for the record, this is NOT a chick car.

One of the modifications I did was to put 12" wide wheels to the back of the C5. Problem was 12" wide wheels don't fit back there. How did I overcame this problem? You're going to find out. If you think cutting a blow hole into a computer case is hard, wait till you see this. :)

More BLORB! Has anyone got a mop?

It managed to get me another 15MHz of core speed and it also cools down the chip better. This is a good thing since heat is your hardware's worst enemy.

Earlier yesterday, HardwareOC showed you how to build a mid-budget system, now they come back with a Budget System Guide that will get you the whole enchilada for $1K.

This is merely a demonstration that a nice setup can be had for very little money. In the beginning our goal was to make it in under the $1000 bar, and we accomplished that feat by an amazing $7. Go buy yourself something nice. Thanks for your attention, coffee and doughnuts will be served in the back…

Saturday December 30, 2000

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

We showed you a picture of Steve's Modded out Hercules GeForce2 card the other day and now he has a full write up over at Hypothermia. One thing is for SURE, if you have a clear case or one with a window, this would certainly spice up the looks you would get.

What you have when you're finished is a totally custom, watercooled videocard, that I can guarantee you, NO ONE else has. As for the effectiveness of the watercooling on the RAM, the temperature is a whopping ( insert sarcasm here ) 7 degrees cooler than the stock heatsinks, and 2 degrees cooler than the new RAM sinks alone.

HEY! I thought the Chipset was supposed to STAY ON THE PCB when you removed the heatsink. Thanks Billy Rosewood.

The Duron 600 Vs the Celeron 600. Read this and be witness to the awesome power of AMD!

With the Duron 600 at a lower cost than the Celeron 600, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the Duron is a better deal if you are planning on building a new system. However if you are looking for a cheap upgrade for your old Intel, say a Celeron 300A system, then a newer Celeron might fit your needs better till you can spend the dough for a whole new system.

I have NOT used this personally but it might interest you NVIDIA card owners out there. RivaTuner at Guru3D. This will NOT work for NT or WIn2K....or so it says.

RivaTuner is a powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA based cards. All series of Detonator drivers have a lot of undocumented registry entries. Some of them don't affect anything, but some are very useful. In general they cannot give you big performance boots but they can improve image quality and solve some compatibility problems. This utility will help you to change all undocumented registry entries.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Damn my wife! She put the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack in the master playlist....and I think I like it.

Somehow the guys at AcidHardware think that "Burning In a CPU" will actually decrease the operating temperature. This is a NEW ONE ON ME for sure and most likely their proof points towards a fouled temperature taking method. Now the argument that burning in works and will sometimes allow you to OC higher is certainly there, but them stating that burning in lowers the CPU temp is a new one on me. Let me know if I am off on this one. I always thought that reduced temps came from utilizing less voltage or better cooling.

Burning in your AMD Thunderbird processor is almost fundamental as the first step in the overclocking process. Decreased tempuratures can bring about better overclocking possibilities. This is why burning in works, and now is proven.

HardwareOC covers their suggested component list for building a "Mid-Budget Box". I have to admit I don't see any glaring holes in their article and it seems to be some pretty solid suggestions.

This system won't fail to satisfy even the most demanding hardware enthusiast. It offers speed and reliability. It effectively eliminates many bottlenecks that can be found in any prebuilt system by choosing each component specifically and not cutting corners. Overclocking is a trusted methodology and that is why we chose to include it in our system.

This was sent in by Lightning and I gotta say it is a pretty good place to practice your mousing skill and just basic hand/eye coordination. I scored a 92% on my second try and decided that was most likely as good as I would get without spending a couple days at it.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

The HardwarePub has been boozing it up and doing more mainboard reviews. This time they look at the MSI K7T Pro2. Did they have the same problems as we did? Hell I don't know, I am so far behind I did not have time to read. Here is the Biz's view of the board if you want a comparo.

The Pro2-A motherboard from MicroStar ( is one of most stable and fast Socket A motherboards to date. This motherboard is equipped with many useful features that set it apart from other motherboards, including but not limited too the handy PC Health Status monitor, Frequency/Voltage BIOS option, nearly jumperless design, and ATA/100 support.

Also if you read the review on the MSI K7T Pro2 by Biz, you will note he did have problems with the multiplier settings. Now we have seen some idiots post some pretty dumbass solutions, but that should be expected since they are dumbasses. Here is a solution from a reader that follows some logic and does not require you to hold the board by the left side and boot three times then spin it around twice. Duh.

I read your review of the K7T Pro2 motherboard, and have found it to be very accurate. Not only does it state all the good things about the board, but also the bad things I've found. I personally have the -A model, with ATA100 but that doesn't make a difference in what I am trying to tell.

I was in the same position as you (overclocking-wise) until just a few hours after I read the review. My computer would not boot at any multiplier above 9x. I got it to work, however, by writing over the L7 bridges, therefore setting the default voltage to 1.85v instead of 1.65. This is my theory about the problem:

When the motherboard starts up, it sets the multiplier, then the voltage, then the FSB frequency. That way, if I use multiplier to overclock, it doesn't have enough voltage to get the CPU going and crashes. However, if I use FSB to overclock, it has already set the new voltage and will work. By making the CPU start out at high voltage (1.85v) it will always have enough voltage to start, unless I try for something ridiculous like 1.25GHZ :-)

Also, the default voltage max is set to 1.7. There are a few BIOS upgrades available though. The official update 1.9 adds up to 1.8, but 1.825 and 1.85 are added when I pencil the L7. There is also a "beta overclocker's bios" 1.0b14 that adds all OC'ing options (timings, CAS, etc.) to the board.

Though it's not much of a hassle to pencil the L7 bridges, MSI really should change the voltage first, THEN the multiplier. I don't mean to dis your review, I just want to inform people why this problem happens, as it seems to happen to MANY overclockers.

Thanks a lot!

Kyle (not FrgMstr)

You are certainly not dissin' anyone bro, we are glad you sent in the help and this does seem to work. Just remember that kicking up the voltage will require you to cool a bit better. Good luck!

This might actually come in handy for a few of you guys out there. Turn a Cat5 cable into a Crossover Cable, simple, yet must be done exactly right at Hexus.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

It seems as though as soon as I gave up waiting around for and searching out news it all of a sudden happened. I have a ton of stuff for you this morning that will span a few editions most likely. Also, Thanks to Qtip42 for the new title banner. I think it really hits the holiday dead on. :) And remember kids, don't drink and drive unless you are on a bumper car track or your dad is a high ranking political official that can get you out of a bad situation.

In the little too little too late category is the KYRO chipset from STMicro. If they would have had this out on the market before the "surprise landing" of the GeForce2 MX they would have sold some cards. Guru3D has a look at the Videologic Vivid Vid Card using the KYRO chipset. Here is our original KYRO PREview from back in June for your comparison. If you read it, you will see we were pretty excited about it, then of course came the MX.

Tile based rendering is nothing new though, for over three years now Imagination technologies has been implementing it in their graphics chips and since then they have been hollering about it's miraculous memory bandwidth saving solutions. But two or three years ago gamers couldn't be bothered, and for very good reasons too. We were happy with how our old cards rendered games, and memory bandwidth limitations weren't a huge deal. More importantly, the video cards that offered the technology didn't really do it for the average gamer in terms of performance.

Weal dropped me a heads up that Mushkin is giving free shipping and handling for the next couple of days... Thought you guys wanting to populate the rest of those ram slots would be interested. On a side note, I had 768Megs installed in my Win2K box and it did not like it AT ALL. BSODs and all sorts of stuff. Went back to 256 and actually saw a performance increase as well as less problems. Just one instance that More does NOT always mean Better. This is not to be confused with sex, drugs, or rock n' roll....just fyi.

Hehe, this is a pretty funny mail from GlideUnderground.

Seems like someone sent an eMail to the wrong person: According to what was supposed to be a Microsoft-internal eMail, which somehow got in the hands of the online magazine Computerworld Switzerland, the XBox will be presented on January the 6th 2001 on the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Dave Smith aka Whiteboy asks if he is a GEEK? Well duh! Hell yes you are a geek Dave. At least you don't drive a Yugo. Ok, I gotta admit the only reason I don't have "HardOCP" on my plate is because Texas DOT will only let us have six letters.

I am listening to 311, are you?

Friday December 29, 2000

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Hey. . . . did someone say dick???

I was talking to my buddy Billy Bob over at OCers Intelligence Agency and the conversation got around to "old skewl" and he sent me this. And I thought having my original Win3.1 floppies was [H]ard.

Chopsticks and hardware? There are just some things you can never see coming. What will those damn Asians think of next? Forks? ;)

I'm pretty sure you're all wondering about my sanity about now, but I assure you that I haven't [totally] lost my mind [yet]. Basically this is a little trick that me and my dad though up while installing/removing the all the HSF's from my previous Socket A Roundup article...

Thanks to Atomic for showing me this link again. I get asked for it all the time but I always seem to lose it. This week the Geocities guy shows us how to turn our GeForce2 MX into a Quadro GF2 MXR. Hell, I did not even know they made those. The full menu of other mods is on this main page.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Kinda slow this morning. Of course then again, I only slept like four hours so maybe I am thinking that more should have happened between 5:30 and 9:30. Maybe my expectation are too high? I don't know what I am griping about because we did not post any new content either...lazy bastards. Oh yeah, TGIAFMGD! w00t! If you can figure that one out, you will be hailed as "King of the Puzzle" and will get a free Ratpadz MS. Send your guesses to

Hehe, Brian Crouch sent me these two shots of William Shatner pimping out the Commodore line of computers back in the 80's. And for some reason I thought it was Al Gore that did it all along.


I am pretty sure that this one slipped me by, but Thomas Gires was polite enough to slap me back to reality. The guys over a Simmtester have an article posted that compares DDR on a Socket 370 board Vs. i820 Vs. SDRam on an i815 chipset board. VERY interesting reading. You may have seen this over at Inquest Market Research as it has their name on it.

This leaves a huge window of opportunity for VIA’s customers to open the market, take the performance lead, build momentum and cost reduce DDR platforms for the mainstream, perhaps before Intel even samples a DDR chip set.

Just for the record, it is 33°F at my house and all I have to do to find that out is to glance at the System Tray... Remember, it is the simple things in life.

Man, I guess you have to go out of business before anyone actually utilizes the technology you have been pimping for two years! CAD takes a look at an actual demo made with the TBuffer effects. I have not seen it yet, but they are talking it up pretty good. Some screens getting up to 100FPS, not 5FPS like we saw out of the yahoos down under the other day. Well, I just looked at the demo and you can't really see anything, but if you would like to do it yourself, head over to the Rev'sPulp, where there is nothing written about orange juice. Hehe, certainly looks blurry if you stop it though. The download is not that big either.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Hotter than Hell Hardware rides another Leadtek Vid Card into the ground. This time it is enhanced! I guess that means it actually works right? You will have to read to find out. Does it get an "8" on the HottaMeter? Inquiring minds want to know!

Unfortunately, this unique design doesn’t provide much of any direct cooling of the onboard RAM. What you can’t see is the back of the fan is sealed, so the air is directed through the heat sink. Directly under the fan lie two of the 8 RAM chips that get no airflow at all. In other model cards, we’ve seen manufacturers of similar cards put heat sinks even on the RAM.

I have not seen one of these reviewed in a while so I thought I would give it a go for all the experimental newbies out there. HardwareOne looks at the Senfu Overclocking DIY House kit.

...which is a simple "metal rack" meant to house your PC system. The 'open' concept allows a quick and convenient swap of components within and is ideal for use as testbenches in our labs.

All you need now is a little free time, a domain, and a really bad attitude towards life. Hey, it works for us.

How fast is 1GHz? Well, if you mosey on over to PCStats, they will try to fill you in on the whole deal.

The AMD Athlon processor is among the world's most powerful engines for PC computing, and represents the industry's first seventh-generation x86 microarchitecture. The AMD Athlon processor family is designed to power the next generation in x86 computing platforms. It meets the computation-intensive requirements of cutting-edge software applications running on high-end desktop systems, workstations, and servers. All AMD Athlon processors are now produced using 0.18-micron process technology. The AMD Athlon processor provides exceptional processing power on real-world, mainstream Microsoft® Windows® compatible software, as well as computation-intensive applications for high-end desktops. These high-end workstation applications include digital photo editing, digital video, commercial 3D modeling, image compression, soft DVD, CAD, and speech recognition .

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

When I saw the title, "3-Way Round Up", I immediately thought of Socketed HSF units.

This article has to be the most expensive I have ever written. Don’t get me wrong, the Super Orb and FOP-32 were very generously supplied by Coolerguys and Thermaltake, but I’ve just had to fork out AU$310 for a new Processor (an Athlon to replace my Duron). Yes, I managed to kill my poor Duron 600, but we’ll get into that later.

See, we are not the only ones to do that...

Still even more Cable Rounding How-Tos are making it to the limelight. This one from Down Under. Here is our original article from way back in the 1900s. Yeah, we remember getting laughed at when we first posted it.

While the rounded cables will have lost some of their flexibility, they are still easy to manage. Some adjustments near the connectors may be needed to get them fitted snugly to your hard drives or the motherboard connectors. But the end result should be a much neater and compact cables leaving your case with much improved airflow.

It is the PowerGene by PowerColor. Sounds like some damn Nazi is working in those guys' PR department. Another GeForce2 MX card for us to play with.

The TwinView technology make for a wonderful workspace (provided you have the real estate for two monitors) and would be a wonderful choice for workstations in some CAD offices. I personally found that it was quite sufficient to power my AutoCAD 14 and AutoCAD 2000 sessions. With the S-VHS output and the DVD acceleration capabilities, the PowerGene is also a nice stepping stone to a stand alone DVD player and Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament both run larget than life at 800x600 on a nice 32" television.

These things are pretty cool and some folks find them useful. BurningIssues covers the BIOS Savior. This might help you out if you hose your current BIOS chip.

While testing the BIOS-saviour, we ignored the normal precautions for making this critical process less dangerous: as I'm sure you all know, these are:

Blame w00zy.

Thursday December 28, 2000

[H]ardNews 7th Edition

I got a twenty that Andy One-Armed-Bandit Drake gets twisted enough to fall off his bike again. DAMN THIEVES!

While I'm on the subject of half-arsed sites a reader (thanks Peanut of just pointed out that these guys are ripping off my old design, jeez we've only had this new look two minutes and already we're being ripped off... :( Sorry if I'm in rant mode, but I've just been out for a few beers, and I come back home and find this! ARSE!

I KNEW he was drunk when he used ass (even though he spelled it wrong) twice in the same post. Just FELL off his bike...sure.

AthlonMB has news and an update of a new ABIT KT7 BIOS. Get you sum.

Quite simply put, just a dude and his PIII 700 of the cB0 stepping. 927MHz ain't bad at all. Yes, the blatant Ratpad logo also pushed my decision to link this. What can I say, when you gotta ho, you gotta ho.

Now in a race between effectively a P!!! 927 and a Celeron II 952 the Celeron flat gets it's ass kicked big time.

AthlonOC is branching out into the dangerous water-cooling territory. They are not jacking around either. Amazing what you can do with ten peltiers, one gallon of silicone sealant, four jugs of cheap wine, and five bottles of Prestone antifreeze. Of course they don't do it but they could.

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

I mentioned this thing from Radio Shack earlier and asked if any of you knew anything about it. From the picture, it looked pretty swanky for US$100. I was thinking the flat panel display was worth at least that. I guess the mail that caught my eye had a subject line that said, "You're a DUMBASS". This explanation is not from THAT mail but will give you a clearer picture of RS trying to pull a CPVue on us again..

In the picture, it makes it look like it has a huge color LCD... in reality, the colorful part is just a big sticker. It is the small blue looking LCD thing in the middle of the screen that you see in the picture.

There goes reality screwing with us again...what a bitch. Thanks to Bryan Crisp for the heads up.

I am not really sure whether this counts as a mod or not, but if you have a roll of duct tape and some tin snips you can do it the SavageZone way.

SAR-6? Wasn't that some really really really fast airplane that looked like a big black....rocket? Sorry, I am a bit confused. This is the i815E mainboard from ABIT. OverclockersOnline is doing things to it that should not be suggest you get one.

This means that the ABIT board gave me 40MHz more then the Asus one, which is a very nice achievement!