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[H] Enthusiast Archives: April 2001Archive Listing

Monday April 30, 2001

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

On the MaxPC thing mentioned below, keep in mind that MANY of the websites listed there simply run MaxPC ads, much like we run UGO's. Some will be going away for sure, but others will bite the bullet like ourselves and make things happen even though the checks don't seem to come with the frequency they used to.

I called my guys at AZZO and told them I needed a case so I could put another Folding box together and they sent me this. Less than US$100 with a 300 watt PSU. Pretty spiffy if you are looking for something other than that normal beige job. This is not a modders case but has some great features like USB and sound jacks up front. They even sold me a DVD that matched the bezel and the keyboard and mouse matched too. Nifty stuffs.

News Image   News Image   News Image

News Image   News Image   News Image   News Image

Dammit, you forgot your password again? What a maroon, I hope you have it written down. Now to just highlight and copy that eighteen page Word doc. And who said NT was not secure? Thanks Michael Brown.

It is not only super, it's SuperMicro! Able to leap piles of 3dfx Vid Cards in a single bound...over at 2CPU.

I'd just found a DFI P2XBL/D motherboard for very, very cheap and I needed a few bits and pieces to get a full system together to run at work instead of the Duron 700 I was using. As many can attest, in a workstation environment, you get used to the speed and feel of SMP. Using a uniprocessor machine feels sluggish when you go home to a dual Gigahertz box.

I love mine and now Rizenet shows you theirs. Yeppers, one of the biggest and baddest around. I paid almost US$300 for mine way back when they first debuted. Man, I got ripped for some green, but I still love my box.

For you mod gawds out there, I have been working on mods for this case for the last two days, and if windows, blowholes, case handles and such are your thing, the 7896A is great! The side panels easily handle the Server Size Windows (review coming soon, BTW..), and the large amount of space also would accommodate numerous blowholes. The only issue I have is that the tray that separates the top and bottom compartments makes it impossible to vertically mount at 15" neon without modifying the tray. Of course, that's just more dremel fun for us all.

How bout even some more case biz, this time from G3D and Lian Li. You gotta love these all aluminum cases, but they are expensive. Here the shots of the box I did for my wife that I dressed up just a bit.

Have you ever had something that holds its appeal? Something you still look longingly at even after it's yours? The case is one of those items for me.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition - Bummer

I just got word from several folks that everyone at Imagine Media just got the boot. That means MaxPC and those folks are on the skids. Of course, all of the following guys are part of their advertising network and many of these guys are key parts to the hardware community you probably rely on from time to time. Dunno, but this is not good. UPDATE: Just got word from an insider that these pink slips will only be taking its toll on their online presence and we are not sure what will happen to their ad network sites. Check out Stomped for some more details.

3D GameForce, 3D Sound Surge, 3D Spotlight, Ars Technica, Beta Bites, Got|Apex?, Karbosguide, Maximum PDA, Neoseeker, PC 911, The Storage Review,,, Tech Extreme, The Tech Zone, Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

Hot off the new car spy wire, we get a glimpse of the NEW eco-friendly SUV. This is of course a picture of a prototype seen at a secret testing ground overseas. What we do hear is that it will have a location system but not of a GPS nature. It seems as though you simply follow the dung trail. Thanks Dr. Chris Rose.

News Image

We have hear about this through several channels but this page sums it up quite well. Just you resellers had better take not that Microsoft wants to know if you sell a system WITHOUT an OS on it. But if you squeal, you could get FREE STUFF! Thanks to Scott!

Microsoft has started a pilot program rewarding computer system builders for turning their customers over to Microsoft's license enforcement department. If the builder or reseller receives an RFQ (Request For Quote) that includes computers to be shipped without Windows installed, Microsoft wants a copy of the RFQ sent to them, and, if you are the first to submit that particular RFQ, you'll be awarded points toward winning prizes. Full text is included below.

FrostyTech takes a look at a Global Win OEM heatsink that we have not used for quite a while. I do have a couple up on the shelf from years gone by though. I remember when this badboy was just that, THE badboy.

Choosing an OEM class heatsink means you get an inexpensive heatsink with questionable performance characteristics. In this case Globalwin have developed a heatsink with some standard features, an extra sized fan, and an easy to use clip design. The heatsink is large, and the fins are plentiful, so this cooler looks like it could be a good choice for the budget minded consumer.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

THG has got a 10-Intel-DDR-board round up. I will let you know what we think about them by not spending our time reviewing any more of them. : Yes, DDR does give a tremendous bump to the memory bandwidth available, but it seems to me that the aged PentiumIII simply does not know what to do with it. Kinda like dropping a successful recovering alcoholic off at a bar with $100. You got all the tools, but odds are, there is not going to be a party.

This test of 10 boards with Apollo Pro 266 chipsets has proven that for your day-to-day business, using DDR SDRAM memory with the Pentium III doesn't offer any discernible advantages over using SDRAM memory (in combination with the Intel 815).

Ever wondered what all that "trash" in the Detonator Driver Control Panel actually meant? Me too.

Often many people dare to venture into the driver settings in hope of coming out with improved performance/image quality and often they may get a little increase but not as much as they could have because they had no idea what "antialiasing" ,"anisotropic filtering", "mipmap level of detail", "fast linear-mipmap-linear filtering" and many other things are. Fear not , after you have finished reading this article , your next venture into those drivers will bring you options that you understand and can tweak.

ActiveHardware bangs on the P4 1.4 and 1.7GHz CPUs while they are strapped onto an Intel mainboard. Not something you see around here very often! I seriously doubt this will interest you unless you have a say in purchasing corporate workstations. This is the same board we used for a our P4 technology preview back in November of last year.

During the course of our analysis, not only we won't be content with simply comparing performance figures relative to the 1GHz & 1.2GHz CPUs from AMD, but we'll also be taking a look at the new Intel D850GB reference board, which uses the i850 chipset from Intel of course.

The ThermoEngine gets some more press over at OverWear. Keep in mind their testing was done with STOCK fans.

Chefboy and some buddies of his point out in a streaming-kind-of-way that Every OS Sucks.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

If you are one of those untrusting souls out there that would rather make a trip to a gay bathhouse with the lead singer from Tool than put an AMD CPU in your case, here is something for you. DW3D looks into the ever-popular Pro266 VIA chipset perched on a MSI mainboard. Although you will limited to the GHz you can get behind it, I am sure you will be getting enough from behind on the gay bathhouse trip.

So how about some DDR action for Intel users you ask? Is it worth upgrading the current i815/Apollo Pro133A + PC133 SDRAM based systems? With VIA Apollo Pro 266 chipset already here and price competitve DDR memory, it might worth a shoot. To get right to the bottom and bring up some numbers, we have a MicroStar's new Apollo Pro 266 based motherboard, the Pro266 Master-R, and stick of high quality Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM.

Ryan Romaine drops us a heads up on "text quality E Ink".

E Ink Corporation, the leading developer and marketer of electronic ink technology, today announced that it has demonstrated the world's first active matrix electronic ink display capable of producing high resolution illustrations and text.

One day you are on top of the world and the next, they have got you by the TacoNuts. Our fave site with "Nuts" in the domain chimes in on a heatsink roundup fit for a...well...nut. Actually this article discusses their new testing station which I find to be a total flawed. Read it and decided for yourself. I will be fun to see how our numbers and their numbers compare on scale.

Wow, you can get this new Mercedes for a mere US$415,000. And it does not even have a top of the line CPU in it. What a gyp. Thanks Brad Dangerfield.

We posted a link this weekend pointing to an article that discussed the British Defense Ministry paying for tit-jobs for their female soldiers. After posting that, I had an American soldier/doctor write in telling me about all the cosmetic surgery our military doctors perform, include boobie enlargements. The reason was given that these doctors NEED some sort of practice to keep their mad skills honed while the military is not blowing each other up. Makes sense. I don't know about this one though.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

It is a new day, so you know what they means! A new version of version of Electron Microscope is out to give you something to do with all those Folding Boxes.

This version will allow you to select how you want to count the frames... text file or real count...Since I'm a fan of accuracy the "Alternate Method" is the text method...I also added a zero place holder for the percent count on the proteins.

TheTechZone reviews the Global Win HSF that is no doubt one of the best coolers on the market for that hot Bird. And I ain't talking bout fried chicken.

Not only did the CAK38 outperform the Kane Hedge Hog, it managed to edge out the Super Hog. An amazing feet considering the Super Hog has a 50CFM fan attached to it. The fan mounting system Global Win made seem to really help performance.

I am not really sure of what a SuperHog is, but I think I met her cousin one night while I was really drunk...

Mark Pells brought it to our attention that Dell is selling P3-1500s. Hehe, yeah right. Intel cannot even do that themselves.

News Image

Sunday April 29, 2001

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - AMD Pricing

I was just cruising around checking out some TBird pricing and it the prices are indeed coming down for sales on Monday. I just checked out a 1.33GHz Bird is now what a 1GHz bird cost last week. Guess it is pretty well known now that AMD is NOT going to let Intel even sneak up to them price-wise.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

If you have a little extra reading time on your hands, you might check out Rojack's 12-page review of a Burn Proof CD Burner. If you are not familiar with the Burn Proof technology, it is pretty interesting. Pretty simple too.

I was thinking about dropping a little bit of AcidHardware then heading over to look at all the colors on the said of the Skyhawk all aluminum case. Pretty colors.

One feature that Lian-Li cases don't have are front ports. We first saw the idea of redirecting PC ports to the front of the case put in action by a company called FrontX. This was an innovative product but it took up a whole 5 1/4" drive bay which alot of people didn't have to spare. Skyhawk have intelligently included front ports in the 4378C, but have put them at the bottom of the front panel rather than in a drivebay. There are a whole range of front ports that include, 2 USB, PS/2, microphone in, line in, speaker out, volume dial and even a game port for joysticks, gamepads etc.

IANAG is running a big contest this weekend that looks as if you get over there and participate, you might have a good chance at bagging some schwag.

Frank Ing was our last winner, he won a GlobalWin FOP 32 provided by Hot Box Computers. If you want to be our next winner be the 25th unique person to email Also include your name and address. Update: oops I forgot the confirmation code, it is "0a00". Include this in the subject line.

Although I am not a big fan of Pricewatch, I DO use their boards to keep a pulse of pricing that is out there. Eileen sent me a heads up that they were showing a 512Meg stick of PC133 for less than US$100. WOW. It is generic, but that still just shows you how bad off the memory makers are right now.

Got broadband or some extra dial up time today? Check out the ExtemeOCing Matrix Orbital 2041 LCD How-To. You will need Real for this.

Many people think the LCD mods are really cool but way too complicated for the average person. But the truth is just about any person can have one of these really cool LCD's for their computer. Mark explains it all in his video How-To, then we have a written supplement explaining it in more detail, along with some pre-written code to get you started out.

BlargOC exposes the truth behind the AXIA TBirds. Shocking new footage of the CPU in its native environment is revealed.

So there you have it...... 1GHz T-Bird AXIA is one of the best value cpu's available today, and even I can get a 40% overclock out of it with not too much effort!

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Here is another website that takes an Elsa GeForce3 and shows you how well it runs on Quake3. Oooo, ahhhhh. Gimme a break. They did run 3DMark2001 though.

IANAG reviews the Thermaltake Mini-Copper Orb. In our tests we found it to be equal to a Super Orb in performance.

Thermaltake's previous orb the Mini Super Orb is no longer competitive with the newest coolers around. You can get coolers for much cheaper then the Mini Super Orb that cool much better, even Thermaltake's Volcano II is cheaper and cool's better. Thermal takes latest Orb looks exactly like the Chrome Orb from the side the difference is the copper base. Unlike some heatsinks that just have small copper insert on the bottom the Mini Copper Orb has a considerable amount of copper in there.

Speaking of the VolcanoII, OCTools belts out a review of that little jewel. Great budget cooler with a 7K RPM fan.

Unlike the orbs, this new heatsink from Thermaltake can have their fans upgraded. In fact some stores are selling them in Turbo mode, meaning they have Delta Black label 7K fans fitted instead of the stock one. But if you value peace more, the stock version is very good in maintaining that. This fan's noise is almost unnoticeable. Selling at US$12 here with the fan included, this is the best bang for your buck at the moment.

The crew over at ClubOC has a look at Iwill's Dually PIII board. With AMD saying their 760MP chipset will not be aimed at the retail market now, this may be your best bet for dually action.

So what does the DVD266-R bring to the table that we haven't seen before? Basically, this dual PIII motherboard exists because of one reason, VIA's Apollo Pro266 chipset. The VIA Apollo Pro266 chipset promises us higher performance by taking advantage of what Double Data Rate SDRAM has to offer. Yes, that's the new stuff and we have a half gig of it from Memory Man sitting here waiting to go! Overkill? I think not! Anyway, the Apollo Pro266 chipset is here to breathe life and performance back into the Pentium III. As we all know, the Socket-A motherboards stomps the Socket 370 motherboards in memory performance so the VIA Apollo Pro266 is here to help Intel fight back.

Saturday April 28, 2001

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

No wonder gas costs so much. Thanks Rosewood.

DALLAS (AP) -- High prices for oil and natural gas propelled Exxon Mobil Corp. to a $5 billion first-quarter profit, up nearly 44 percent from a year ago.

News Image

Larry has blessed you [H]ardFolders with yet another edition of Electron Microscope with a few added goodies and a fix or two! w00t!!!1

This update is in response to someone requesting that the Multi-Progress bar option for those that watch more than 1 CPU / Instance of FAH, resize itself according to how many are being monitored. Added new pic to Protein display. Fixed the "Total" problem that showed up when the new protein was added.

VYW has some free stuff for you guys or gals out there that have some mad Photoshop skillz.

We have decided that VyW needs to have official case badges. Rather than making a design ourselves, we are going to give our readers a chance to win a prize by designing the best case badge. The prize is a CPC 30370 heatsink donated by KD Computers. Contest ends May 11, 2001. [ Submit your entry! ]

It is a bus that fits in a bay from PCMods and Speedy3D tells you all about it.

Everybody should have a Baybus. These wonderful pieces of technology are finally becoming mainstream enough where this is a possibility. A Baybus is a simple little device that allows you to manually control your case's fans, and other components. For years we hardcore computer users have been making their own alliteration of the Baybus as no store ever dared sell these units in pre-made configurations that we see before us today.

There are price drops all over the place on all flavors of GeForce2 chipset cards. Check it out at

Our buddies over at OCers Online have the lowdown on the new Elsa GeForce3 and do they OC it? Hell yes.

After some crashes during gaming and benchmarking, I managed to achieve a 225MHz core clock and 485MHz memory speed. This setting ran along just fine but as soon as I got the core clock and/or memory speed up by 5MHz, I again experienced random crashes during my Quake3 Arena gaming and sometimes 3DMark2k1 wouldn't even startup properly. I know 225MHz/485MHz cannot be called a wild overclock, because we only gain a few MHz as the Elsa Gladiac 920 is clocked at 200MHz/460MHz by default. However, you'll be surpised what these few extra MHz can do to your framerate!

Friday April 27, 2001

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Congrats to Joe Kushner of Jefferson Hills, PA. He won the used [H]ooters shirt and has a chance at the other four prizes if he does not let us down. For gawds sake Joe, don't put no skank in our shirt please!!! Oh, the horror. What really scares me is that over 1000 of you signed up for this. Ok, I even put my name in the hat too.

Leave it to our readers to come up with the most badass boxes on the planet. In the immortal words of my hero, Michael Jackson, "Who's bad?" "qwertyuiop" is for sure. Thanks to Xtreme for the heads up.

Man, I dunno what is up with this, but we are apparently paying Steve WAY TOO MUCH to be doing stuff like this. Or maybe his wife got that third job she had been complaining about taking?

I have reached a point where I have enough prize stuff. . . but I have NO IDEA what to offer up next. So I am gonna try out a little idea. . . letting you guys decide what should be next. It's pretty simple, follow the link and click on what you'd like to see given away next. You can vote as many times as you'd like. . . so give it hell.

Blair Myers pointed out that you don't need no stickin' Thermister header to take temps on your board, all you need is a gameport!. Get a load of this stuff. The guy over at is my freaking hero publishing how tos like this!!

gp_Temp4 will allow you to read four - 10 k to 200 k thermistors from the gameport connector of your computer or soundcard. The resolution is 1° on either Celsius or Fahrenheit scales. The accuracy is within a degree in the center of the range and within 2 to 3 at the extreme ends of the range, depending on thermistor type and resistance value. The range for different values of thermistors are as follows:

The girls over at Mikailtech give Global Win some good coverage on the WBK38. A nice cooler for sure that can be seen in our latest roundup.

I would easily put those coolers everywhere there is a Super Orb, if it wasn’t too dangerous to uninstall a Super Orb to install a new HSF.

I hear that permits are not required for the dangerous ones... ;)

Here is an ATi Radeon SE review in Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees...see these? Sorry, I just could not stop myself. Thanks Adam Miller!

News Image

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Check the Ed. One below, just in case you missed the AMD SiMPy news.

We installed a new version of the [H]ardForum software that has lots of new features. Of course some of them are pretty gay, but don't worry, we will be weeding that stuff out. Anyways, see if you guys can go over there and get so many people on it at one time that you break it. I dare you pansy-boy. You ain't got the nads on you. I know, your gf told me so.

Does Intel have a new 1.26GHz PIII coming out that might be based on a .13 micron architecture that will require a new chipset? Hell, I don't know, just something that fell off on the floor while I was cleaning up the rumor mill. Funny, there was a DDR chip lying next to it also. Almost like they were meant to go together.

DigitalSilence is mouthing off about Nanotube Carbon Transistor Technology. I knew they could not keep it a secret.

"This is a major step forward in our pursuit to build molecular-scale electronic devices," said Phaedon Avouris, lead researcher on the project and manager of IBM's Nanoscale Science Research Department. "Our studies prove that carbon nanotubes can compete with silicon in terms of performance, and since they may allow transistors to be made much smaller, they are promising candidates for a future nanoelectronic technology. This new process gives us a practical way of making nanotube transistors, which is essential for future mass production."

Also, just a warning. If this gave you a chubby, you are a true geek.

Speaking of Geeks, Mike Magee of The Reg fame (now of The Inq fame) is interviewed at IANAG. Kinda ironic eh? Mike not only talks about the biz but also discusses the first time he made it with "Ella the love sheep"...

Q: (Brett DeHaan) : Outside of The Inquirer what do you like to do?

A: (Mike Magee) : I have an interest in Asian culture and in languages, and also like walking, music and a heap of other things.

We have learned that "Ella the love sheep" is from Taipei.