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[H] Enthusiast Archives: September 2001Archive Listing

Sunday September 30, 2001

[H]ardNews 4th Edition down under take a look at the now aging ThermoEngine. They look at not only one, but rather an entire field of them. We don't suggest using this heatsink for any 1.33+ AMD OCs.

As part of the original Cooler Roundup, we received two ThermoEngines from EYO - Black and Silver hollow core models. However, some time ago ThermoSonic changed the manufacture of their ThermoEngines and the newer models ship with a solid core. So I was able to pick up a Solid core Silver model, from a Sydney based retailer (who shall remain Secret) who was selling out of them at the time. A quick email to Below-0 and they were able to complete our collection and supply us with a new Black Solid Core ThermoEngine fitted with a high speed YS-Tech fan.

We have seen different variations of this over the last few months, but this has to be the easiest and cheapest way I have seen it done. Thanks David Denmark.

Using a Blacklight UV Tube can cause illnesses if incorrectly handled. Although the output of Blacklight UV Tubes are a source of UV-A (less harmful compared to UV-B) they still output UV light which can cause fluorescence of the eyeball. This would result in lowering the ability of the user to detect the fluorescent response. If you are installing this mod permanently then please cover the light source up so that you cannot see it!

We suggest you not stare directly at the Sun or eat the glass tube from a blacklight. Just FYI.

The guys over at 8Balls take a look at the Fortis cooler line. I have all these coolers here and I won't even give them away to Athlon owners over 1.2GHz.

Some of you might think that the temperature readings are high. Well that is the whole point. The room which I did the testing has no air-conditioned or fans. This is to provide you with the lowest temperature these CPU coolers could provide at one of the hottest environment (Malaysia).

This German page has up a bit of Radeon 7500 / 8500 VS. GeForce3 Titanium 500 information.

We will experience a similar duel in the HighEnd Segement - there the announcement ATi " Radeon 8500 approximately nVidia GeForce3 Ti 500 reads ". After status momentary of the things thereby ATi has however in two different regard the nose in front - both in the performance (minimum) and with the price. The ATi card will be more favorable to have after current status of information around 200 DM than the nVidia card, if nVidia still does not correct its price conceptions for the GeForce3 Ti 500 here.

Thanks to for the translation.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Even more secret spy stuff popping up all over the Web just posted out there for all to see. Guess it really ain't secret spy stuff then eh? Anyway, Asus is shown here at building a new Radeon 8500 VidCard. Quite honestly, I would say off-the-cuff, that I would rather buy one from Asus than ATi any day. Thanks Rapha.

Sometimes you just have to cut a big hole in the side of your computer, install a window, etch the glass with an AMD logo, and install custom lighting. Gawd, we really have gone off the deep end haven't we? Or at least the guys over at OCerCafe have. Be sure to check out our Cool Cases forum for all the up to the minute scoopage on tricking out your ride box.

FrostyTech cooks the Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu+. Does not seem to be hard to do.

From a list of 8 reference heatsinks the Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu+ managed to come in at position 6 - not the best, but by no means out of scale.

Translation: "Easy to find better."

Alan Phillips a [H]ardOCPer, once again shows off our 1337 gaming skillz. Even if it is just throwing a Penguin around the universe. FYI "1337" means "leet" which is in turn a take off of "elite". Just another sign that crack and gaming don't mix. Thanks Josh!

News Image

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

The new Creative Labs Audigy sound card gets a once-over at T-Break. You will be happy to read about them putting it through its paces. I know the SoundBlaster name has scared many of us with VIA chipset motherboards.

SB Live! proved to be of a big inconvenience for quite a few people with the VIA chipset motherboards- especially running Windows 2000. Thus, we decided to install the card with three different chipsets and Operating Systems. We used Gigabyte’s GA-7DXR motherboard with the AMD 761 chipset, MSI’s KT266 with the VIA KT266 chipset and finally Iwill’s KK266+ with the VIA KT133A chipset. We tried all three chipsets with Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional. Every O/S was used for about a day and we tried playing different games, hearing MP3 and audio CDs and voice-chatting over the internet.

The crew at SerialAddiction has put together their Dream System Component List. I gave it a quickie read and I have to say I think they did a good job of building a very solid virtual box.

We have some of the best components inside this rig, why would we skimp on the outside components? We wouldn't! We went for the best PC Speakers known to man: the Klipsch "Promedia" 5.1 THX certified system. This speaker set puts out the deepest of lows and the crispest of highs.

This site called AMD3D claims to be "first in the WORLD" to bring you a MSI KT266A motherboard review. Thanks Scott Casper. You can check out another "first" over at TechHard on the same board. Be warned that TechHard has more popup ads than you will find at most pr0n sites...or that is what I am told anyway.

Although I wasn't able to overclock via FSB due to BIOS limitations, I was however able to overclock my Athlon 1 GHz AXIA to 1533Mhz using 11.5x133 ... I'm sure MSI will be releasing a newer BIOS to fix this minor bug as you read.

Buy a new VISIONTEK XTASY T-500 AGP over at EB before even NVIDIA announces the new card. Thanks Stelman.

News Image

[H]ardNews 1st Edition - LAN

We have some hard and fast rules at our LAN parties and we would like to share them with you in hopes that your next LAN party is a success with a minimal amount of chaos.

First, absolutely NO DRINKING of alcoholic beverages.

News Image

Second, there will be NO SMOKING of any deadly tobacco or any other green leafy substances.

News Image

Third, don't use our LAN party for a place to work on your own box looking for tips how to fix your shortcomings. And surely don't ask for someone to actually help pulling them away from their fragging time.

News Image

Forth, just because you have shiny new hardware, there is no reason to run up to the guy gaming on the P166 and say to him, "NA-NA-NA-NA-BOO-BOO!" repeatedly while shoving the box in his face.

News Image

Finally, other gamers do not appreciate you waving your ass in the air showing off your new tattoos.

News Image

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. More pics are located over in the [H]ardForum if you are so inclined to give them a look see. Thanks go to Brian "Duckman" Holmes and his wife Nicole for letting us trash their porch.

Saturday September 29, 2001

[H]ardNews 5th Edition - HBO (Helpa Brudda Out)

Our bud Alex, the very righteous dude that whips out Motherboard Monitor for all of us to enjoy FREE, needs our help for a change. He has a beta version up on his main page that is open for download. Head over and grab a copy and see if there are any issues with the beta and your hardware and send Alex feedback with your system specs. All feedback is needed, good or bad. This is your chance to give back to Alex for all the help he has given to us over the years. So don't be a pinhead and help the man out alright? Don't make us get ugly....well uglier.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition - Blair

Blair even does not work on the weekends! All of this news is courtesy of Blair Myers.

If you are looking around as to what you can do to combat the SSSCA legislation, this page is a great place to start.

Widespread public outcry has resulted from the circulation of draft legislation titled "Security Systems Standards and Certification Act" (SSSCA) that would require that all future digital technologies include federally-mandated "digital rights management" (DRM) technologies that will enable Hollywood to restrict how consumers can use digital content. The EFF opposes this proposed legislation and urges its members to send their concerns to the sponsoring Senators.

Whodathunkit? Piss can help our planet. No, this does not mean you will get those charges dropped for whizzing in the alley next to that nightclub.

A chemical originally obtained from urine might be able to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides from diesel engines by up to 80 per cent.

AT&T; is getting all the Excite stuff at bargain basement prices.

The bankruptcy filing, expected late Friday in San Francisco, will not result in any service disruptions to ExciteAtHome's 3.7 million subscribers, the companies said.

To all you Excite service subscribers....welcome to your own private hell. That is what we hear anyway.

Very cool DIY "console".

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

While I respect both sides of the MP3/Copyright argument, I damn well want to be able to rip my CD music to MP3 as it allows much easier access to music. Actually, I think MP3s have spoiled me to the point of where I would not even use CD music on a daily basis anymore. That point and click to 20GB of MP3s is just too easy. Anyway, here is a "happy medium" maybe? Thanks NOKIA.

I think this is a glimpse of the future," said P.J. McNealy, a digital-entertainment analyst with GartnerG2, a division of research company Gartner. "This meets both sides' needs. It gives people the compressed audio (to play on computers), and it protects copyrights."

More coolness for your GeForce owners.

The Guru of 3D just released version 1.4 of their GeForceAASet Utility. This piece of software installs itself in the Windows Taskbar as a couple Tray icons, and gives you fast access GeForce1/2/3 antialiasing settings.

Chris over at *MDZone let us know that *MD has a new IDE driver out for WinXP. (You Zone readers will get the joke. We are just teh funnay eh?)

Neevo passed along the rumor that Intel was handing out some 1.2GHz Celerons as "gifts" to vendors. Mmm, Celelicious.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

FrostyTech, the only tech site with a snowman on it, has covered the cooling capacity of the Akasa Silver Mountain HSF.

Take one solid copper heatsink and plate it entirely with silver and you have the Akasa Silver Mountain. Strap on a powerful Delta AFBO612EH fan and you have the potential for a wickedly adaptable cooling solution.

The guy over at TechHard looks at the Pentium4 and the difference in performance between the various platforms.

Now comes the final verdict VIA P4X266 chipset motherboard although I have got very few boards with us this time but among them none other but Shuttle AV40R is the only choice for the P4X266 chipset. With a very good layout and overclocking features it`s damm good choice for and home box.

You might want to take your PopUp Killer software with you for sure for a trip to TechHard. There is more popping up over there than what I saw at the nudie bar last night.

Linux in the palm of your hand, or rather in you iPaq.

Everything you wanted to know about the new Palomino CPUs coming out of AMD. Well not everything but when and what is covered.

The clock speeds of the chips are:

XP 1500 - 1.33GHz

XP 1600 - 1.4GHz

XP 1700 - 1.47GHz

XP 1800 - 1.53GHz

Yes, the CPUs are marked as "rated". Take my advice...get over it, but remember that "AMD" is just "MAD" spelled different. Know what I mean? Because I sure the hell don't.

[H]ardNews 1st Edition

Wanna LAN? Never done it before? It's easy with the right equipment and the right folks. Let OnePC show you the basics of getting rolling with some gaming that will allow you to frag some ass then talk smack right to his face. That is what LANning is all about, right?

There's a surprising amount of equipment needed to host a LAN party, and one of the best things you can do is to create a list of that equipment. I know it sounds simple, but by creating a list, you will always have something to refer to, ensuring that you don't leave out any critical components. Believe it or not, some of the most important things are not routers and network cable, but tables and chairs. After all, nobody likes to play games sitting on the floor. If you are hosting a larger event, you may well have to rent tables and chairs from your local party supplies dealer. If you do, remember to factor in these costs into your entrance fee. You will also need extension cords for people to plug their power bars into.

Change the bootup splash screen in your pirated copy of WinXP.

It is a HSF showdown of epic proportions over at ClubOC. OK, maybe not epic but they do have two good cooling solutions going head to head.

Both coolers are of very high quality and workmanship but I prefer the Golden Gate 40's spring clip. Basically, what we have here is a tie. So the determining factor is going to be the price.

Always with air cooling comes noise. Or does it? PCPowerRangers morph into incredible giant battling robots defending the Earth from all that is evil in Japan. I could be confused on that though. Seriously, too bad the first half of the review just shows you how to put it together. In a rush guys?

Friday September 28, 2001

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

If you are like me, I have been paying close attention to CNN to keep abreast ( mmm, breast ) of the situation brewing in this whole Terrorism War. Apparently I haven't been paying CLOSE enough attention...but neither has CNN whom is rearranging the world without even telling anyone else Look where CNN has put Switzerland...

News Image

O.K. I'm cutting the Rojak's Pot guys a break and not doing any Cheech and Chong jokes about their name. The news today is that Adrian's Rojak Pot just posted the revision 6.50 of the definitive BIOS Optimization Guide...good stuff.

As long as I have been around, the word [H]ard in our name has attracted more than a few "unsuspecting" pr0n searchers that are more than a little disgusted that the only thing "Hot and Tight" around here has to do with heatsinks... Well, after reading this article...I wonder if the pr0n guys can come after us for the opposite of what they are complaining of... hmmm.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is poised to take legal action against hundreds of Web site owners accused of "mousetrapping," the all-too-familiar ploy that can turn a spelling error into a protracted battle with pop-up ads for porn and gambling sites.

While we all wait for the real thing to hang from our tree and beat on... some industrious Texans have some up with a cool interim solution for getting your aggression out.

Piñata makers near the Texas-Mexico border have started making piñatas of Osama bin Laden’s head. The U.S. Government has put a multi-million dollar bounty on his head. But you can have him for $29.99.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

More Microsoft stuff.... what would be totally bizarre is if MS didn't somehow do something like this with a new product launch. WinXP is looking to be a pretty damn good OS ( **cough**activationsucks**cough** ) but stuff like this sure is counter productive.

The Tech Report has an analysis up about Microsoft's new tactics to push its customers toward upgrading their software products. They've always encouraged upgrades in the past, but a newfound urgency risks alienating customers. The company is employing a range of tactics, from burying patches in obscure places to fudging with their licensing schemes, in order to induce customers to buy software upgrades

Wanna read the whole article?? Hit the Tech Report...

FREE STUFF alert... and it ain't none of that lame "post 50 posts" or "become a member" stuff's pure and simple CONTEST stuff. Overclocker Cafe says that if you come by and enter your e-mail address you have the chance to win a KT7A-RAID board...schweet!!

Damn squirrels... next time something happens around here...I know who to blame did it. Heh, I can't believe the whole place caught on fire...ouch.

The fire was apparently started by a squirrel, which got into the power substation located on TI's property. A number of other businesses and homes in the area were also without electrical power after the blaze.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Got an old AT case and some spraypaint??? If so.. you too can take ProCooling's advice here and crank out a decently modded case made from scraps.

As you can tell by the floppy drive, this case is ancient. In the second picture, you'll see that it's not even ATX, but rather an extended AT. It was a server case, and was designed for motherboards with an extended number of expansion slots. Why did I choose this case rather than just finding a case that was already ATX? Well, number one, the size of this case; it's very large.

I always love it when certain videocards are "never going to be produced" then they pop up everywhere, making it impossible to deny. The New GF3 Ti 200 just happens to fall into that category...since you can order one for your home system at Dell's Website.

I am not too sure I want to take ANY cooling advice from a site named Blue Screen of Deth...heh, get it?? Nevermind. But check out the big old monster heat exchanger built out of what looks to be the guts of an old refrigerator. Take a look.

As I was reading all the reviews I come to one conclusion. Nothing beats airflow. A lot of the designs are very sophisticated but all the winners have one thing in common a good blower. But this comes at a price, to get a lot of airflow out of a tiny blower it has to rotate very fast en generates a lot of noise.

Quake3 1.30 is out!!! Quake3 1.30 is out!!! Quake3 1.30 is out!!! Quake3 1.30 is out!!! Get it if you need it...a bunch of mirrors here, so pic a sever...and then get busy!!! Thanks Blue!!