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[H] Enthusiast Archives: March 2004Archive Listing

Monday March 29, 2004

[H]ardNews - Mods & Ends II


Zalman CPU Cooler @ NeoSeeker - Bay Mount Info Panel @ PCTechZone - Polo Extreme Cooler @ Crucible - Titan HD Cooler @ GuruReview


NV 8X DVD @ R&B;


Black Knight Case @ OcPrices - DIY Glowing Rheobus - Real Window Etching @ 1SweetPC - UV Molex Plug Kit @ Insanity - Cobra Premodded Case @ ModdersHQ - SilverStone Case @ FastLane - GlobaWin Premodded Case @ Shrimp

[H]ardNews 9th Edition

Intel Merom:

Intel decides that Instructions Per Clock (IPC) and manageable heat loads are the way of their future. Much like some other folks we know.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant will adopt a common processor core, code-named Merom, for its notebook and desktop lines of chips in 2007, according to sources, a shift calculated to bring greater energy efficiency to desktops and one that underscores that Intel is taking noticeable steps to move away from getting more performance through megahertz.

Free Songs with Soda:

Marketing guys are now figuring out how to sell you in new and inventive ways. Thanks WickerBill.

About 16 months ago, Mr. Arnold, a co-founder and former chief executive of the WebMD Corporation, was visiting Los Angeles when a colleague showed him a lid for a 34-ounce plastic soda cup. Tucked inside a transparent pocket were several coupons offered to customers at a convenience store.

Hey, Nice Hat:

If you are a Linux guy that is. If you are specifically a Fedora guy or want to be, Fedora 2 Core is now up for the taking. Thanks Simon Mansfield.

Intel Desktop Speedstep?

Kind of like the way AMD scales their CPU core speeds when the extra MHz are not needed, but a little different. Anyway, Abbas of TBreak says that it is its way.

Intel will integrate new technology similar to Speedstep technology on laptop notebook. The same methodology applied to former BuzzFree and PowerPro technology which protect your processor from overheating.

[H]ardNews - Blair's Tech

Flash Mob SuperComputing:

On Saturday 3 April, over 1000 laptop owners will converge on the university gym in an attempt to build a "flash mob" supercomputer. The project's organisers hope that FlashMob will run fast enough to beat supercomputers in the list of the world's top 500 supercomputers.

Nano Nano:

Researchers from Hewlett-Packard Laboratories and have grown nanowires between electrodes that were made using common patterning techniques. Because the nanowires grow and connect automatically, the method promises to provide a relatively inexpensive way to mass-produce nanoelectronics.

More Lawsuits:

MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc has recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Dell, Inc and Intel Corp in the United States District Court in Marshall, Texas.

Cybersecurity Liability:

WASHINGTON -- Hackers, viruses, and other online threats don't just create headaches for Internet users -- they could also create prison sentences for corporate executives, experts say.

Good Gaming Press:

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Games aren't just child's play anymore. Advances in computer graphics and communications have given rise to a growing market for "serious games" — nonentertainment applications developed by public-policy advocates, educators, corporate management, the health care industry and nonprofit foundations.

[H]ardNews 7th Edition

Netizens In Wild:

Some of you will find this entertaining. It is one of those moments when you find the Net pouring over into the "real world." No photoshopping here, I took this picture myself.

News Image

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

NV40 Glimpse:

Gamespot has their report on what they saw the NV40 pull off using the Unreal Engine 3.0 at GDC last week in San Jose. You have to read what exactly they saw to put this quote into perspective, but no doubt that the level of immersion created by this years upcoming games will raise the gaming experience to a new level (pun intended).'s clear that this technology will be used to power the next generation of PC games, as well as games for the upcoming generation of video game consoles. And if these games can look anywhere near as good as what we saw in today's demonstration, the future could look stunning, indeed.

BFG OCs 4 U:

Lake Bluff, IL – (March 28, 2004) – BFG Technologies, Inc., a leading U.S.-based supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards and other PC enthusiast products, announced today that their two newest cards, BFG GeForce™ FX 5900XT OC™ and BFG GeForce™ FX 5500 OC™ will be faster than standard cards with the same chipset due to BFG’s custom "out-of-the-box" overclocking.

You can check out the specs at BFG's site here, and we do have a review working on the 5900XT OC™.

Gamers for a Cure!

Here is a great story over at NeenerNeener that shows how we can all do something to help out and just how gamers are not living up to the stereotypes that are applied to us.

We are thought of as aggressive, angry and dark kids being trained to kill in our "burgeoning culture of violence," - I could link to many more articles characterizing that, but you get the point. The fact of the matter is that the stereotype is far from the truth and I wanted to share some experiences that highlight what our community is all about.

Our best to Becky.

New Mobile Windows:

A new beta drop of Windows CE is out. If you have never used it, here is a quickie look at hand held computers we were looking at in 1999. update to its Windows CE operating system for handheld devices, set-top boxes and other limited-function computing devices.

32-bit Vs 64-bit:

FlickerDown's Jeff Mills tackles the 32/64 question with just a couple of basic PCs...the same way it would look to most end users. And take it easy on him about his graphs, we know how rabid you guys get when they do not scale from a 0 value.

It's fairly obvious that the A64 is easily the victor here in pretty much every benchmark. I was a little disappointed that the gap wasn't a lot wider, especially after the rapid fire OS installation. For that alone I think I will be recommending A64 systems to all my customers in the future.

[H]ardNews - In The News

Intel LGA775 Delayed?

Digitimes is reporting that we may not see the new packaging for the Pentium 4 until some of the older stock is moved through the channel as 90nm ramps up over 130nm production, which of course makes perfect sense.

Despite the appearance at CeBIT of motherboards supporting the LGA775 socket T Pentium 4 processors, sources at Taiwan’s PC makers are claiming that the new 90nm chips will be generally available in June, rather than as originally scheduled in May.

The delay will give Intel more time to migrate its 0.13-micron process technology to 90nm and enable the launch to coincide with the chipmaker’s plans to employ a new numbering scheme for its processors beginning at the end of the second quarter, said the sources.

EVoting Bad:

E-Voting has been in a lot of headlines lately and Wired has taken a good overall look at how exactly it could impact the world we live in.

Harris posted the information about Hagel to her publicity website, and ES&S; sent her a cease-and-desist letter, the first of three that she would receive from voting companies over the next year. The letter, hand-delivered by a courier, warned Harris to retract statements on her website that implicated Hagel in wrongdoing or face a lawsuit.

Google /.ed:

Google is different today, see what /.ers think.

ATI 9550 & 9550SE:

TheReg has their take on some new parts from ATI that will fill in between the 9200 and 9600 series. This will bring ATI top to bottom DX9 coverage I would assume. And there is always the chance that these could be some great enthusiast parts as well.

HardSpell offers a series of snaps of the chip mounted on an add-in card. According to the site, the 9550 is an under-clocked version of the Radeon 9600, running at 250MHz rather than 325MHz.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

AthlonFX Motherboard:

Asus has taken the spotlight when it comes to AthlonFX 940-pin CPU motherboards, but there is another player in the market, and that is the Gigabyte K8NNXP as shown to us by ShortMedia.

It does so simply because it comes with more on the motherboard and in the box than the ASUS SK8N. It also runs neck in neck with the SK8N in benchmarks.

Kernel Vs Kernel:

Our buddies over at 2CPU have faced off two Linux kernels, v2.6 and v2.4. You true geeks will be digging into this to see which one is best.

The considerable gains shown in MySQL read and write performance certainly have my head spinning as we do have busy forums which rely on MySQL's affection. If you just looked at those numbers, you'd probably think I'd be crazy not to make the jump to kernel 2.6 on our web server.

9600XT AIW:

Some of the best mainstream gaming performance you can have now comes bundled with a TV tuner and all sort of other great stuff. Rodney has the video review.

Watching TV, listening to the radio and dual display support is all possible.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Kingston HyperX PC4300:

Stable memory is a must for computer hardware enthusiast and IntelForums visits a product that we have come to know and love over the past year, Kingston HyperX Ram.

Overall, we very were satisfied with the results we obtained through our battery of tests and trials, with the Kingston PC4300 able to perform at advertised levels with solid stability throughout.


Gruntville covers the Chaintech Apogee video card powered by NVIDIA's 5700Ultra GPU. It looks they have done a great job at giving the card a more efficient cooling solution.

The Chaintech 5700 Ultra will run well on any game out now and it should keep you competitive with all the new releases. In fact, I predict that in a couple of years I will be trying to tell you that you probably need to upgrade that old Chaintech 5700 Ultra.

Safer Computing:

I know there are many of you that have wondered what happens when you take the airbag out of a BMW and install it in your PC. Now you know.

AOpen Motherboards:

OCerCafe shares with us a duet AOpen motherboard review this morning. Both support the Athlon64 CPU, one using the nForce3 and the other based on the VIA K8T800. Our review of the VIA K8T800 board is here for comparison. We had issues with our nForce3 board that were never resolved so the review was never published.

3.4Ghz Prescott & Northwood:

MBReview covers the latest in the Intel arsenal. Overlapping GHz technologies are reviewed here.

With all of the build-up of bad karma following “Prescott” before launch with rumors of delays due to heat output, outrageous TDP numbers, and more, it came as no surprise that Intel would attempt to launch the “Prescott” core quietly, and this fact can be seen by the fact it was launched early, on a Sunday, on Super Bowl Sunday.

[H]ardNews - Mods & Ends


Card Cooler Fans @ PCUnleash - Zalman Northbridge Cooler @ GuruReview - Fab Roundup @ ExtremeReviews - Scythe HSF @ OCAU - Hard Drive Cooler @ A1Electronics


Plextor DVD Burner @HardExtreme - Audigy 2 Patch @ OnlyNewz - StreamZap PC Remote @ ExtremeReviews - Logitech 4.1 Speakers @ XYZ - 400watt PSU @ ViperLair - Cobind Desktop @ FlexBeta - 802.11G @ EnvyNews - 7 in 1 Card Reader @ TweakNews


DIY Case Panel Cutting @ ComputerSphere - Dual CCFLs @ ExtremeReviews - Pretty Lights @ ViperLair - V Damier Case Review @ FastLane - V Damier Case Review @ 3DXtreme - Dually PSU Mod @ IANAG

Sunday March 28, 2004

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Unreal 3 On NV40:

The gang at Pop Culture Shock confirmed the Unreal 3 demo was running on the NV40 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). This is certainly of interest to those people planning on upgrading to the NV40 when it is released. I am surprised that no shaky-cam video of the Unreal 3.0 demo has hit the net yet.

Naturally, a current generation card wouldn't be able to show the effects of such an engine, and for that task, the NV40 was used. Upon entering the room of the showing, you couldn't help but see the sign nVidia had boasting that the technology being demoed was running on future generation nVidia technology. We have confirmed with nVidia that Unreal 3 was indeed running on the NV40 to be launched April 13.

NV Partners Upset?

Fuad Abazovic over at the InqWell says that NVIDIA partners are mad that they will have to spend an extra $5 USD on a two chip solution for PCI Express while ATi uses a one.

No matter what ATI does inside of its PCI Express chip it won't add any additional costs to its RV380, RV370 cards since you will still have to buy only one chip while Nvidia partners have to get two of them, the GPU itself and the PCI Express bridge HIS chip.

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Asus P4R800-V Deluxe:

What’s that you say? You want an Intel mainboard without an Intel chipset? VIA not your bag and SiS doesn’t cut it for you? Then check out this Asus P4R800-V Deluxe Radeon IGP based mainboard review at Sudhian. That’ll fix you up.

The bottom line is the P4R800V Deluxe is an excellent board whether you want to build a new rig or want an HTPC. With a price tag in the $125 area, the P4R800V Deluxe is an excellent value and is definitely a viable competitor Intel 865G solutions.

WinXP Boxed Mod:

Check out guy’s computer mod, he shoehorned everything into a retail Windows XP Professional box. As odd as this may sound, I have a feeling this will actually be a retail product available from Microsoft someday…a computer bundled with their OS. Go check out all the pictures. Thanks to B. Shek for he linkage.

There is even a little Linux love at the end of the how-to article.

Patenting The iPod UI?

Here is a strange one. It looks as though Apple is trying to patent the iPod user interface. What make this strange is the fact that many of these features are already in use by someone else in other products like DVD players, PVR’s and the Archos.

The invention described herein pertains to a user interface that provides for a user friendly and efficient retrieval of stored multimedia asset files. In one embodiment, a method of assisting user interaction with a multimedia asset player by way of a hierarchically ordered user interface is described. A first order user interface having a first list of user selectable items is displayed and a user selection of one of the user selectable items is received. Based upon the user selection, automatically transitioning to and displaying a second order user interface.

Free Stuff:

I have a handful of $100 gift certificates from Best Buy to give away at Hypothermia. I also have 14 copies of Ninja Gaiden up for grabs too. Hit the link and get in it to win some free stuff.

Our local BestBuy has come up with five $100.00 gift certificates for another weekly contest. I will open this contest today and run it through next week to give everyone a chance to win a free hundred bucks to spend at your local BestBuy. Gift certificates are good at any Best Buy location.

Die Spammer, Die!

This article is more about ”we can be doing more against spam” but the generally message is the same…spammers must die a horrible, horrible death.

Lawsuits filed by some of the Web's biggest players against junk e-mailers have portrayed an industry united in the war against spam--but there are few signs of collaboration in developing technology standards that could be more effective in slowing the deluge.


Shame on P2P:

The government and the old men in charge seemingly once again get it wrong when it comes to technology.

A draft bill recently circulated among members of the House judiciary committee would make it much easier for the Justice Department to pursue criminal prosecutions against file sharers by lowering the burden of proof. The bill, obtained Thursday by Wired News, also would seek penalties of fines and prison time of up to ten years for file sharing.

I think the laws are already in place for people stealing copyrighted material. And while this looks fairly innocuous on the surface, I just tend to believe it is one of those things that can be bastardized and used for purposes never thought of. Hmm, DMCA comes to mind.

If the draft becomes law, anyone sharing 2,500 or more pieces of content, such as songs or movies, could be fined or thrown in jail. In addition, anyone who distributes content that hasn't been released in wide distribution (for example, pre-release copies of an upcoming movie) also would face the penalties. Even a single file, determined by a judge to be worth more than $10,000, would land the file sharer in prison.


LAN Party fun is covered over at Pimprig.

Government Mods:

Fredrik Elmqvist lets us know about a government sponsored mod exhibition in Europe.

Tekniska Museet in Stockholm / Sweden is hosting an exhibition of modded computers and cases. According to the homepage they want to shine a light over a fenomena that can be compared to what is done to cars i.e. HotRods and LowRiders. The focus is kept on modifications done with big artistic and creative skills. This is probably the first of it's kind in the world where a goverment funded museum goes in and runs an exhibition about modding computers.

HD Tech:

Yahoo News discusses the thought of Intel getting into the HDTV biz and making it affordable for the masses. I am sure NVIDIA and ATI are going to love to hear that.

SpatiaLight says it's a year or more ahead of Intel. But so far, it has made only enough chips for TV makers' test products.

The Dark Arts:

An interesting read in the forums at Pimprig.