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[H] Enthusiast Archives: June 2005Archive Listing

Thursday June 30, 2005

[H]ardNews 11th Edition

Mushkin HP3200 Redline PC3200 DDR:

If you need some quality high speed memory for your PC, the crew at PCStats says that Mushkin’s HP3200 Redline PC3200 DDR should be high on your list.

The Mushkin HP3200 Redline does extremely well for itself in the maximum overclocking tests especially where low latencies are considered. It's the second fastest set of DDR memory we've ever tested.

Vote & Win At Shuttle:

Head on over to Shuttle and vote for your favorite wallpaper out of the 143 submissions. You can win a Shuttle XP17 Lite TFT just for your troubles.

Have a look at the wallpapers, vote for your favorite and have a chance to win a Shuttle XP17 Lite TFT worth nearly 600 Euros! Vote until July 27, 2005 – and you will have a chance to win an attractive TFT in stylish Shuttle XPC design.

[H]ardNews 10th Edition

R520 Delay Boost NVIDIA 4Q Sales:

DigiTimes says that ATi’s delay of the 520 will boost NVIDIA’s 4Q sales. It is somewhat stating the obvious that if one of the two top video card makers is late to market the other card maker will benefit. According to the same anonymous sources, ATi’s mainstream products are actually ahead of schedule.

ATI is currently revamping the chip design of its R520, said the makers, adding that the company is facing leakage issues, as it attempts to migrates its manufacturing to a 90nm process. The situation is similar to when Nvidia postponed the availability of its 0.13-micron NV30 high-end chip in 2002 due to production issues, the makers pointed out. Despite the delay of the R520, ATI may launch its mainstream R530 and entry-level RV515 GPUs ahead of schedule, with both parts being manufactured at 90nm, according to sources.

[H]ardNews 9th Edition - Blair's Tech Ed

MS Might License Xbox Software?

Bill Gates is saying that he “might” license the Xbox software to other companies. What this means isn’t clear but imagine the possibilities.

The U.S. software company is considering offering "the basic software" for Xbox, although no decision has been made, Microsoft Japan spokesman Kazushi Okabe said Thursday, confirming the Gates' comments reported in Thursday's editions of Japan's top business daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Judge Won’t Toss SCO Suit Out…Yet:

The judge in the SCO versus Novell case says that it is too early to toss the case. Hell, I didn’t think it was ever to early to toss a SCO lawsuit.

In his ruling Monday, Kimball refused to let Novell off the hook despite having previously raised doubts about whether any copyrights were transferred and finding merit in the competing ownership claims of both companies. Given that, Novell argued it couldn't have acted with malice in making its ownership claim.

Self Driving Cars…Again:

On one hand we have VW trying to design a self driving car. On the other hand, we have the searing memory of the driverless race DARPA, where not one single car even finished the race, burned into our brains. I’ll stick to my trusty human driven car for now.

By designing a vehicle that can drive itself, it may look like the engineers at Volkswagen are going off on some strange but entertaining tangent.

[H]ardNews 8th Edition

11 Nation Raid On Pirates:

Bad boys, bad boys…whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the come for you? Operation Site Down has just raided pirates all over the world including Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., San Francisco, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The government announced an 11-nation crackdown Thursday on Internet piracy organizations responsible for stealing copies of the latest Star Wars film and other movies, games and software programs worth at least $50 million.

[H]ardNews 7th Edition

Western Digital Caviar SE16:

If you are out shopping for a new hard drive, our friends at The Tech Report have a review of the Western Digital Caviar SE16 posted that you should check out. Not the most favorable review, price being one of the biggest issues they had with the drive.

I suppose it's impressive that the Caviar SE16 performs as well as it does; after all, it's little more than a new logic board strapped to old drive technology. Still, it's not nearly fast enough to be that much more expensive than the competition.

Intel 945P Mobo Shootout:

HotHardware has pit the Foxconn 945P7AA-8EKRS2 against Gigabyte's GA-8I945P-G in a little head to head review action. I’m not going to give it away and tell you who “won” the shoot-out but both boards seemed to score very well.

Today, we are going to take a look at two new Intel 945P motherboards designed for the Pentium D series of processors from Foxconn and Gigabyte. Both Foxconn and Gigabyte have delivered interesting 945P series options with a lot of features.

HIS Radeon X850XT IceQ II iTurbo:

The crew at Bit-Tech are saying that if you don’t have the money to plop down on a new GF 7800GTX then the HIS Radeon X850XT IceQ II iTurbo is a great video card to go with.

The first thing that immediately stands out is the massive cooling solution on HighTech’s Radeon X850 XT iTurbo. The cooler is a familiar design, in that we’ve seen it many times before on previous HighTech cards. It is based on Arctic Cooling’s Arctic Silencer series of coolers, and it is in fact the ATI Silencer 5.

Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX:

Speaking of plopping down cash and the GF 7800GTX, those of you who can afford a new high-end video card will no doubt be interested in the Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX review at Legion Hardware. You can see our GF 7800GTX preview here for comparison purposes.

The performance of the Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX is impressive to say the least. The ability to deliver an extremely playable gaming experience at 1600x1200 with 4xAA/8xAF enabled in the latest gaming titles is simply amazing.

[H]ardNews 6th Edition

RIAA Suing Again:

After the Supreme Court ruling the other day, we knew it was just a matter of time before the RIAA legal team reared its ugly head. The RIAA has filed 784 new lawsuits against people sharing music over P2P networks. With that many lawsuits filed at once, the RIAA must’ve been preparing way ahead of time for these rulings. Thanks to Blair for the link.

The suits cite the individuals for illegally distributing copyrighted music online using peer-to-peer services like Grokster, KaZaa and LimeWire. The litigations were filed in federal district courts in several states, including California, New York and Virginia.

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

[H]ardForum [H]appenings:

[H]ardForum [H]appenings is here! [H]ardForum [H]appenings is here! Our new Full Computer Systems (OEM) forum is a great place for OEM PC owners to hang out. You can even discuss laptop experiences in there, your favorite laptop, least favorite and everything in between. We haven’t stopped in the case modding forum in a while. Check out the beginning of a crazy cool custom dual processor system. Dig those heat sinks. Deal of the Day is this 200GB hard drive for under$70, no rebates. Runner up in the DotD department is this deal on Radeon X800XLs for cheap. As always, there are a lot of people in the forums having fun right now…the only thing missing is YOU! We’ll see you in there.

[H]ardNews 4th Edition

PS3 To Sell For $399:

So the bean counters in Japan have calculated that Sony’s PS3 will cost $494 just to make and sell for $399 a full $100 more than the Xbox360. Ouch.

Given that Sony's PS3 will face stiff competition from Microsoft's Xbox 360, the chances that Sony will release its console at its production cost is slim. Under the assumption that the Xbox 360 is expected to sell at around $299, Merrill Lynch Japan predicts that Sony will sell each PS3 at the price of 44,800 yen ($410) in Japan and $399 in America. That would mean Sony would suffer a loss of more than 130 billion yen ($1.18 billion) during the first year of the PS3's release.

Google Sued Over Click Fraud:

It seems that some people are upset enough with Google to file a lawsuit over “click fraud” saying the company could have done more to prevent it.

A seller of online marketing tools said on Wednesday it sued Google Inc., charging that the Web search giant has failed to protect users of its advertising program from "click fraud," costing them at least $5 million.

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition - Mods & Ends


Cooler Master Hyper 6+ Heatsink Fan @ PCPerspective - Ultra Products Ultra Fire @ Overclockers Online


Crystal Fontz 635 LCD @ Tech Islands - Razer Diamondback Professional Gaming Mouse @ Adrian's Rojak Pot - Gaming Graphics Glossary @ BigBruin - A4 Tech Anti-RSI Deskset @ PC Review - Seagate 5GB Pocket Hard Drive @ Viper Lair

Cases & Modding:

SilverStone Sneak Peak: New Cases at C3 @t XYZ Computing

[H]ardNews 2nd Edition

Intel CEO Addresses AMD Lawsuit:

Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, responds to AMD’s lawsuit today. Nothing real juicy though, his comments were short, sweet and to the point.

“Intel has always respected the laws of the countries in which we operate,” Otellini said. “We compete aggressively and fairly to deliver the best value to consumers. This will not change. “Over the years, Intel has been involved in other antitrust suits and faced similar issues. Every one of those matters has been resolved to our satisfaction. We unequivocally disagree with AMD’s claims and firmly believe this latest suit will be resolved favorably, like the others.”

[H]ardNews 1st Edition - Press Releases

AMD Japan Files Claim for Damages:

AMD Japan today filed two claims against Intel Corporation’s Japanese subsidiary, Intel K.K., in the Tokyo High Court and the Tokyo District Court for damages arising from violations of Japan’s Antimonopoly Act. The suit in the Tokyo High Court seeks US$50 million (approx. 5.5 billion yen) in damages, following on the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC)’s findings in its March 8, 2005 Recommendation that Intel K.K. committed violations of the Antimonopoly Act. The JFTC Recommendation concluded that Intel K.K. interfered with AMD Japan’s business activities by providing large amounts of funds to five Japanese PC manufacturers (NEC, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony, and Hitachi) on the condition that they refuse to purchase AMD processors.

MS Teams With Japanese Police:

Microsoft Corp. today announced it has signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the High-Tech Crime Technology Division, Info-Communications Bureau of the National Police Agency (NPA) of Japan. Under this agreement, Microsoft will help support the division’s cybercrime-fighting efforts by providing security training and a hot line for sharing technical information. “It is vital for public and private sectors to work together to defeat the increasingly malicious and sophisticated methods used by cybercriminals,” said Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect at Microsoft. “This Technical Cooperation Agreement with the NPA represents a significant step in the fight against cybercrime.”

Wednesday June 29, 2005

[H]ardNews 10th Edition

ASUS P5WD2 Premium:

For those of you who might have missed it, we have posted a review of the ASUS P5WD2 Premium LGA775 motherboard for your viewing pleasure. If you are in the market for a new Intel based motherboard you should give this review a look.

This board definitely seems to keep with the ASUS tradition of quality and performance. Not only did the board manage stellar performance in comparison with the other Intel solutions, but it is also jam packed with integrated peripherals and onboard features.

iMac G5 Memory Install Guide:

If you are the owner of an iMac G5 system and you need to upgrade your system memory, this upgrade guide at Legit Reviews should help.

Additional memory you will be able to enjoy OS X and the iLife applications that come with it—iTunes, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, and iDVD without having to suffer from low memory issues.

Enter The Acurabot:

As you check out these pictures of Acurabot, I want you to pay close attention to the mods done in the rear hatch area…there is “more than meets the eye™”. Thanks to Wayne Soong for the linkage.

News Image

The Acurabot, the newest showcar in Blaupunkt's sponsorship stable, was unveiled in its new form at this years CES in Las Vegas. This highly modified 1994 Acura Integra LS was completely rebuilt over a seven week period between November's SEMA show and the January 7th start of CES.