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Wednesday June 28, 2006

Spiderman 3 Trailer

While not directly technology related, the Spiderman 3 trailer is something you will want to surely catch. Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin (2), all kinds of good stuff and IGN has an analysis. No, really they do.

News Image News Image News Image

News Image News Image

Desktop of the Future

Watch this video at I Am Bored to see the desktop of the future. This is either so genius it eludes me or just the dumbest damn thing I have seen today...and I have seen a lot today. Any way you look at it, it was entertaining to see physical properties applied to a GUI desktop. The video is accredited to the Dynamic Graphics Project in Toronto.

Girls on the Intarweb? Na.

Statistics show that this is the only female on the Web. Well her and Jennifer Mackey that writes for us at [H] Consumer.

I am a girl on the internet. Yes, I said it. A girl on the internet. There really are quite a few of us. I can type. I can play games with the best of you. And you, my friend, are about to get owned by a girl.

Windows Vista = Suckage?

Matt Hartley at OS Weekly has an editorial posted about Windows Vista and some of the competition it will find in the market place, namely Windows XP. I think Matt has hit the nail on the head. I have yet to see any compelling reasons to leave Windows XP. While Windows XP suffers many slings and arrows from the elitist press, there is no doubting that it is Microsoft’s best operating system to date.

I believe Microsoft is just now coming to grips with the fact that their biggest competitor is their own Windows XP. Those people who are using Windows XP right now have no real motivating reason to upgrade; short of being able to play with "Gadgets" and other frivolous crap. If they wanted this sort of thing, they more than likely would have gone with OS X on the Mac.

Windows Vista looks to be a whole lot of fluff to me with little substance. Chris Morley is working on a Vista article of our own and seeing just how “Vista Ready” some of our recently evaluated PCs are. On that note, Chris has not had a bad thing to say about his trials with Vista, but then again, nobody asked him to pony up $250 of his hard earned dollars to pay for it either.

In the same vein, Redhat's CEO still think they have a fighting chance to be the standard in the USA. Then again, what is he supposed to say?

Google Account Authorization API

Google has now released an API that will allow Web and desktop applications to use Google services that previously required somewhat difficult Google account logins. You can find the files you will need here. Now get to programming!

The Rustic PC

A dressed up Small Form Factor PC fit for any living room...or rodeo. This PC belongs to ZapWizard with Austin Modders.

News Image

Western Digital Settles

WD settles their class action lawsuit that addresses how capacity is referred to on hard drive labels. This is obviously not a bad thing so now when you buy a 200GB hard drive, you actually get a 200GB hard drive.

Or hopefully that is what happens considering the disparity is now over 7% on these large drives.

SAN FRANCISCO - Western Digital Corp. is offering free software to about 1 million consumers to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that its computer hard drives stored less material than promised - a discrepancy stemming from high-tech's different standards for sizing up digital data.

GPS for Criminals

Popular Science is showing off a new technology that the Los Angeles Police Department will be trying out. It is actually a very simple system that delivers an adhesive GPS tracking device in the form of a dart that sticks to the offending car.

Los Angeles, car capital of the country, is notorious for its epic police chases. O.J.-style pursuits may make for exciting TV, but the fatality statistics are sobering: Police chases kill, on average, one Californian every week. Now the Virginia-based company StarChase has proposed a safer way to catch fast- moving crooks—shoot GPS homing devices like darts and stick them to the back of fleeing vehicles.

Piracy 101

The crew at FastSilicon wax poetic about copyright law and come to some very interesting conclusions while highlighting some funny examples along the way.

It's situations like these that bring to me the realization that copyright has become something intended to protect asset's more so than an artist’s work. In effect, copyright has become a tool to make the wealthy even wealthier by riding on the coattails of someone else’s accomplishments.

Hope I don’t get taken to court over stealing the quote above. This read did make me remember this Stolen Content article we published 3 years ago. It is worth another read as it still rings true.

Destroying Data

While most of us do not need this type of security at home, it is good to know the US government is taking data loss via hard drives seriously.

The [National Security Agency] has to destroy about 30,000 hard drives a year,” Knotts says. “Presently they do it by grinding them into powder or magnetically degaussing them” with a large electromagnet. These methods don’t work when there’s little time, power, and space.


Have any of you noticed the “RoHS” tag or screen on any of you motherboards lately? It stands for Europe’s “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” directive that is making your electronics more expensive in the interest of a greener planet. Of course The Land of Fruits and Nuts is next. You can read the full text of the RoHS directive here.

Although the driver for "environmentally friendly" products has been prevalent for some time, it has only been in the last few years that the need to produce such products has moved from being consumer-led to a legal requirement. With more and more electrical and electronic items becoming affordable, coupled with the shorter life cycle of these products, it was becoming critical that the problem be recognised in legislation.

Windows Non Genuine Warning Hacks

Let’s just get down to brass tacks. Have you ripped off Microsoft’s operating system? Are you a thief? And now you are pissed off because Microsoft keeps reminding you that you stole from them? If so, this site will show you how to further thwart Microsoft’s efforts to get you to pay for what you are using. You did not think they would let you steal from them forever did you?

Windows XP Pirates have again found workaround methods to bypass the new Microsoft Anti-Piracy effort - Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications that notifies you through annonying pop-up messages if your copy of Windows is not genuine.