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[H] Enthusiast Archives: December 2006Archive Listing

Tuesday December 26, 2006

95% Of AMD 1Q Shipments Will Be AM2

According to DigiTimes, socket AM2 processors will account for 95% of AMD's CPU shipments in the first quarter of 2007. Socket 939 processors will be discontinued at the end of this year and socket 1207 will account for only 5% of AMD’s processor shipments.

Socket AM2 will account for 95% of AMD's CPU shipments in the first quarter of 2007, but the chip supplier will begin shifting its focus to AM2+ in the third quarter, according to AMD's product roadmap.


Monday December 25, 2006

Measure Twice - Cut Once

Tech Nibble outlines their thoughts on planning your next computer configuration and having the right tools for the task.

In this issue we will discuss tailoring a computer configuration to a specific task, currently available components, and, of course, the depth of the client’s pocket. By doing a bit of planning you can ensure you know exactly what kind of workplace needs what kind of machine.

Make sure to check out [H]'s Holiday System Building Guide that hits two different budgets.

Open Source NVIDIA Drivers

To be totally honest, I am not sure of what exactly their goal is with this project, as NVIDIA's Linux drivers are some of the best in the industry, but Phoronix is headlining the Nouveau a community product that is working on kicking out open-source 3D drivers for NVIDIA cards. Interesting at least.

Nouveau is not affiliated with NVIDIA Corporation and is an X.Org Foundation project. While this project is still far from being completed, for this holiday special we are sharing some of our first thoughts on this project from our experience thus far. We would like to make it very clear, however, that the Nouveau driver is no where near completed and still has a great deal of work ahead for the 3D component. This article today will also hopefully shed some light on the advancements of this project so far.

Hot & Heavy

The crew over at has a selection of three new heatsink and & fan unit specs with benchmarks. Both the Zerotherm CF900 and CF800 HSFs are documented as well as the Zerotherm BTF95.

New CDRInfo Reviews

Three out of three of these have not a damn thing to do with CDRInfo, but if the name of the website actually had to mean anything, we would have been out of business a long time ago. Today CDRInfo covers the GP2X Portable Console, the LiteOnLH-2B1S Blu-Ray Drive, and finally SuperTalent's PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory.

Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to all of our readers.

Sunday December 24, 2006

Sued for $1.65T

We missed this one from a couple of days ago, but is certainly worth mention. CyberNet is reporting that is being sued for $1,650,000,000,000 by the RIAA.. Yeah, that is right. $1.65 Trillion. Hehe. Guess getting sued for $20 Million is small fry stuff now days. Some lawyers are going to have a very happy holiday. Thanks to Brian Grazer for the linkage.

The RIAA is suing the website on behalf of EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music, and Warner Music in the amount of $150,000 for each of the 11 million songs that were downloaded from June to October of 2006.

Rosy Stormtroopers

My photog buddy Daylon pointed this out to me over at EOline. It is a story that outlines just how Stormtroopers and Imperial Guards ended up at this year's Rose Bowl Parade. Guess a few more geeks will be tuning in this year eh? But I will gloss over the question as to why Daylon was reading EOnline. Guess it is his feminine side coming out.

Mods & Ends I

Video Cards:

Sapphire X1950 Pro 512Mb AGP Video Card @ DriverHeaven


Fedora Core 6 Zod LiveCD @ Phoronix - NGO ATI Optimized Driver @ NGOHQ - LapWorks - Laptop Desk 2.0 @ DSM - Letters @ Dan's

Saturday December 23, 2006

[H]ardware Round-Up II


EVGA 680i SLI @ ClubOC


Noctua NC-U6 Heatpipe Chipset Cooler @ Bigbruin

Zalman VF-700AlCu VGA Cooler @ TechDomain

Hard Drives

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB @ TweakTown

[H]ardware Round-Up


ASUS EAX1950PRO CROSSFIRE 256MB @ Virtual-Hideout

Power Supplies

Etasis ET-850 850w Power Supply @ OCIA

Mushkin HP-580AP Modular 580W @ Bjorn3D


Super Talent 2GB Mega Screen MP3 Player @ Legit Reviews

SteelSeries 3H Gaming Headset @ ThinkComputers

Setting up HDMI on your HDTV

TweakTown has this head-to-head comparison of Nvidia and ATI cards to give you their take on which card will serve you best when considering an HDMI setup for some high resolution viewing.

Recently I had a look at some HDMI graphics cards, and discovered that getting your computer to display a proper HDTV signal isn’t simply a question of having a card with the right connectors.